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Dancing With The Stars
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Finale Opening - DWTS Juniors
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  • Don't stop the Dance

    This video is descendlovely!!

  • Ruby dub dub
    Ruby dub dub 2 hours ago

    Wow yall really care that much that a kid got to compete in a dance show because she has experience? Does it really matter that much to you? The producers of this show wanted good, entertaining dancers and that's what she is. Get over yourselves, honestly

  • Tajra Omerhodzic
    Tajra Omerhodzic 2 hours ago

    I love how they mixed all children with different talents, like acting, spelling, cooking, skateboarding

  • Abdullah AAA
    Abdullah AAA 2 hours ago

    Elsa is one of the greatest Disney Princesses for all of the time 😍❄👑 Note : I know she became a queen but she started as a princess and she has all official princess. Mulan isn't a princess not even royalty, she is a warrior and Moana became the chief as a queen and both of them are official members of the Disney Princess franchise.

  • Sarina Frohn
    Sarina Frohn 3 hours ago

    Not very mutch jazz movez

  • Trish Radloff
    Trish Radloff 3 hours ago

    Brilliant Gymnast. Beautiful young lady, but the dance was rather boring.

  • brandnewday
    brandnewday 4 hours ago

    Perfect blend...perfect execution...and perfect art....

  • Gymnastics_forever
    Gymnastics_forever 5 hours ago

    She is the goat.

  • Tae Sung Park
    Tae Sung Park 5 hours ago

    Where could I find the song??? Like this voice? Pleasee

  • ved More
    ved More 6 hours ago

    the last twirl when she jumps into his arms was so fucking cute 💖😭

  • PalmerEldritch666
    PalmerEldritch666 6 hours ago

    I've seen Bulls with more grace running through the streets of Pamplona. They must realy hate that poor girl for coupling her with that lump of lying putty.

  • Sandra Iessa
    Sandra Iessa 6 hours ago

    So proud of you mama 😭😭

  • PalmerEldritch666
    PalmerEldritch666 6 hours ago

    When the camera takes over the dancing from the ....uhm....moving object?

  • aj
    aj 6 hours ago

    Disneyland looks so beautiful wow

  • aj
    aj 6 hours ago

    No one can take that away from me! Say it louder for Normani at home. Fuck you lmao

  • Taylor Saucedo
    Taylor Saucedo 7 hours ago

    Who is singing? It’s definitely not Ari and John Legend like the description says...

  • Hyraladen T
    Hyraladen T 7 hours ago

    Codycross brought me here 😂 Was wondering what the hell a Foxtrot dance was

  • arabella provido
    arabella provido 8 hours ago

    I'm proud of her i wanna cry😭I've seen her struggle

  • Karli Aki
    Karli Aki 8 hours ago

    There should definitely be a season of all runner ups. We need Riker, Zendaya, Milo, James, Paige, Von, Frankie. Some fan favs. With the original pros or the favorite pros!! His would be epic

  • Laura Brooks
    Laura Brooks 8 hours ago

    Unbelievably Amazing

  • Jesse Jumps
    Jesse Jumps 9 hours ago

    R.I.P. Camron❤️💙💛💚 You'll always keep dancing in are hearts

  • BigDawg1990
    BigDawg1990 9 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that was Travis Garland singing?!?

  • Salty Productions
    Salty Productions 9 hours ago


  • Sheriff of Rock Ridge

    Better do something to work off those Big Macs

  • A Robertello
    A Robertello 10 hours ago

    anyone know what this song is called

  • Melvin Sally
    Melvin Sally 10 hours ago

    Song starts at 0:21

  • Teresa Jamison
    Teresa Jamison 10 hours ago

    You guys roked it 🏆🏆🏆

  • Harvestnoel Crawford
    Harvestnoel Crawford 10 hours ago

    Negative, ur jealous period!!!

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 10 hours ago

    And James continues to kill it!

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 10 hours ago

    Well, nobody's going to mistake him for Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, that's for sure, but he does give it his all, and he really seems to enjoy being there, so I just don't have the heart to criticize him too harshly (but yeah, that Quickstep had a LOT of issues -- it really merited a 4 at best!).

  • Laura Larrabee
    Laura Larrabee 10 hours ago

    Bobby Brown would be proud. Bet he never thought his music would be used for the Samba.

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 10 hours ago

    I loved this. Pasha is definitely a keeper. That choreography that started with a bit of Quickstep was inspired, and I can tell that Kate is definitely having a ball. She's far from being the joke contestant!

  • Laura Larrabee
    Laura Larrabee 10 hours ago

    That was beautiful. Had to hold back tears

  • Portgas D Ca
    Portgas D Ca 10 hours ago

    AURORA VOICE IS SOOOO BLESSING AND IT'S SOOOO GOOD :'))))))))) those high notes are just PERFECT 😭

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 10 hours ago

    That was absolutely beautiful, and Sailor really shows that she's her mother's daughter. She's really a natural, and I thought her dancing and her expression were breathtaking. And her hair and dress? She was Cinderella indeed!

  • Kariana Leija
    Kariana Leija 11 hours ago

    Ryker and allison did the exact same thing!!! Wth???

  • Mimi ToFour
    Mimi ToFour 11 hours ago

    Jenna who?

  • Marsha Steeds
    Marsha Steeds 11 hours ago

    Why would he do this!?

  • Ilsah Ahmed
    Ilsah Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Omg this whole song sounds way much better than let it go! So DON’T compare it to let it go..it will be stuck in our heads tho. 💜🙏🏻

  • Rosalia Montenegro
    Rosalia Montenegro 12 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what was her score for this pls

    • Colleen N
      Colleen N 11 hours ago

      Rosalia Montenegro three 9’s!! 27/30

  • Erin Timmerman
    Erin Timmerman 12 hours ago

    He might be done hiding in the bushes, but his days of publicly humiliating himself are far from over I see.

  • Shane Beard
    Shane Beard 12 hours ago

    I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan ever cool

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff 12 hours ago

    Milo was a better partner

  • Athena Reyes
    Athena Reyes 12 hours ago

    If they don't win im suing DWTS

  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    I wish Len gave her a 9 and not a 7. He promised to be nice that night. "To many swirls" Bah To many good complex swirls that look really hard to do, done properly (That's in a good way)

  • Lizzie A.
    Lizzie A. 13 hours ago

    If anyone wanted to know the two kids are Ruby Rose Turner (known from Coop & Cami) and Brady Farrar from dance moms.

  • Ketina Renea
    Ketina Renea 13 hours ago

    Dang Kel can freaking dance!!!

  • Alex _ph_2
    Alex _ph_2 13 hours ago

    How- i watch this idk how many times since 1995 :0

  • Camila Romero
    Camila Romero 14 hours ago

    I don't get tired of seeing this <3

  • Paula P
    Paula P 14 hours ago

    Awful...entire episode just awful!! Bunch of stupid stuff and ugly costumes.

  • nltcraze
    nltcraze 14 hours ago

    I had to watch the whole dance in slow motion

  • マシュマロォ
    マシュマロォ 14 hours ago


  • Patrycja Bakalarska
    Patrycja Bakalarska 14 hours ago


  • João Pereira
    João Pereira 14 hours ago

    Not good as let it go, its ok .. not catchy enouph

  • mr.clean_
    mr.clean_ 15 hours ago

    She’s 9 ?!

  • youmustbeoutta yourmind43

    Is this real life? She's like mentally disabled. Hopefully she gets kicked off

    • Donnaree Weeks
      Donnaree Weeks 10 hours ago

      Her mother raised her like that . In your face what you see is what you get . Her other daughters are crude and vulgar too .

  • Mario Alvarado
    Mario Alvarado 15 hours ago

    En que momento balian xq lo único que hicieron fue manosearse estuvieron al borde del orgasmo. ..

  • Concepcion30
    Concepcion30 16 hours ago

    Is there a really tall new female pro now? See they could have paired Lamar with someone more his height.

  • Elizabeth Amenell
    Elizabeth Amenell 16 hours ago

    Val need to push her more by giving her harder choreo and technique. She is very capable of winning this !

  • carlos jopet
    carlos jopet 16 hours ago

    Los amo desendientes

  • A J
    A J 17 hours ago

    That was amazinggggg

  • Chi Javier
    Chi Javier 17 hours ago

    This for me is the best dance EVER on any seasons of DWTS!!!!

  • Leah Loo
    Leah Loo 18 hours ago

    I'm going too Disney land soon

  • Kordei Nation
    Kordei Nation 19 hours ago

    Proud of her❤️

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez 19 hours ago

    like music

  • Mar Sale
    Mar Sale 19 hours ago

    She's simply amaaaaazing!! I love her!!

  • unknown user
    unknown user 19 hours ago

    GET IT

  • Brittani P
    Brittani P 19 hours ago

    Why is the quality so low???

  • Maegan Byerley
    Maegan Byerley 20 hours ago

    If any of you actually took the time to watch the series you will understand why she got voted off. This dance and all her other dances are similar. Posing, putting her hand on her hip and doing that one movement..

  • Marissa Villalobos
    Marissa Villalobos 20 hours ago

    Peta has amazing lines😍 .. and have a baby .. WOWWWWW

  • Bibi B. und Tina Fan #Strahler

    Not funny

  • Erica A. Del Rosario DDS

    its so sad that Cameron Boyce died so young. This gives memories of when he was alive. We love cameron as much we love descendants. We love you cameron❤️ Rest in peace

  • Maloza YT xd
    Maloza YT xd 20 hours ago

    Que lindooo!!

  • Carolina Carrión Ottomano

    I'm 100% sure: if Karamo would have been with any other pro, he would be an 8/9 dancer by now

  • euantonioc
    euantonioc 21 hour ago


  • boneless books
    boneless books 21 hour ago

    here just for aurora. also aint that the guy from afv?

  • thansi konda
    thansi konda 21 hour ago

    omd the judges at 1:27😂😂😂

  • Leyla Aydın
    Leyla Aydın 21 hour ago

    1:55 TikTok has entered the chat

  • Cake 101
    Cake 101 21 hour ago

    1:23 I got chills

  • David Fake
    David Fake 21 hour ago

    Kristin ft. Ariana Grande 2019

  • Constellations
    Constellations 22 hours ago

    Wtf. This is so good!!

  • Skyelyte
    Skyelyte 22 hours ago

    It's not a she though. LOL

  • Ajeng S
    Ajeng S 22 hours ago

    😱😱😍😍 love it ..

  • perfect velvet
    perfect velvet 22 hours ago

    She spins so fast on heels it gives me anxiety

  • azz6594
    azz6594 23 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Migliaro
    Elizabeth Migliaro 23 hours ago


    • K H
      K H 14 hours ago

      Elizabeth Migliaro 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Stephen Sico
    Stephen Sico 23 hours ago

    Me to

  • Анастасия Маевская

    Абажаю наследников

  • Bethelehem Matio
    Bethelehem Matio 23 hours ago

    I love you shows and I like and I Watch on my TV

  • Sam Xd
    Sam Xd Day ago

    Randy bitch sexy bitch Nikki bella

  • Christell Angeline Reynoso Ramírez

    Evie y Mal son mis favoritas :3 🥰

  • Wanda Corley
    Wanda Corley Day ago

    Hi, God blessed us all with a talent, what you do with it is up to your leaders to guide you. I'm talking about parent(s). I'm proud of myself, I was a foster me too n it was a great experience. Some of the journeys were long n a struggle, the child n I made it. Special need kid(s)need tender loving care. Some of my kids still come n visit sometime spend the night.

  • Carlos Joseph Abardo

    Ally is good though lol

  • Kelvin Konate
    Kelvin Konate Day ago

    She must win Dancing with the Stars ❤❤❤❤

  • Hasnath Kabir
    Hasnath Kabir Day ago

    I really hope she makes it to finals!!

  • Emilie Emilie
    Emilie Emilie Day ago

    Wow, juste magique *-*

  • mi so
    mi so Day ago

    0:31 favourite part of this choreo

  • Clara Madec
    Clara Madec Day ago

    someone can give me the song if the dance please ?

  • Connie B
    Connie B Day ago

    Stumble around 1:07 mark after spin.

  • B1-66ER
    B1-66ER Day ago