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Should You Watch Porn?
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Do All Men Think the Same?
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Do All Teens Think the Same?
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  • Entroxx
    Entroxx 31 second ago

    Oh, so Karen has PTSD and Wendell is a racist religious fanatic. What's Dan's excuse?

  • Eraiyanbu Vetrivel
    Eraiyanbu Vetrivel Minute ago

    At 4:55 she said lot of religion are flat earth, no Hindu mythology said the earth is globe.

  • Jeffrey Bergeron
    Jeffrey Bergeron Minute ago

    Wendell is a plant btw, this guy does not believe what he is saying

  • Marla Mcleod
    Marla Mcleod Minute ago

    Neither side proved anything. Always stopping short of answering other sides questions. It’s the same in every debate I’ve watched. Why no real pics of planet etc.. whether it’s flat, round, sphere, or triangle doesn’t matter to me, just follow thru on answering other sides questions for once.

  • Michalll dobrovolnz

    i feel like if these “flat earthers” studied physics and maths from the very beginning starting with the basics, they would definetily change their minds.

  • LionheartedDan
    LionheartedDan Minute ago

    It was Winston Churchill who said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”. I wonder what the flat earth theory could be attending....

  • Lio Ronan
    Lio Ronan Minute ago

    Sometimes Those people says things doesn’t make sense like most of religions says that earth is flat 😂

  • timmy boopy
    timmy boopy Minute ago

    watching sheep talk to each other

  • TheTheBest
    TheTheBest Minute ago

    Do “do all jewish people think the same?”

  • azrul nizam
    azrul nizam 2 minutes ago

    Let’s set a bigger war on the next episode: Android vs iOS.

  • Basil Ahmed Sherwani
    Basil Ahmed Sherwani 2 minutes ago

    I don't understand how come people in the early ages were smarter than people in this era I fear no man But this thing... FLAT EARTHERS It Scares me

  • AustinDarkFire
    AustinDarkFire 3 minutes ago

    This really hurts to watch

  • Greatest in the GalaxZ
    Greatest in the GalaxZ 3 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but josh’s nose and voice is killing me

  • Jovan's Yeo
    Jovan's Yeo 3 minutes ago

    My brain is dying the brain cell is dying by the second

  • I.a.m. G.
    I.a.m. G. 3 minutes ago

    I am wondering why they call this an conversation about race and gender, while there is only one female and one trans person in the conversation with 4 males on the other side. I also feel like there was barely anythin said related to gender, but maybe that is just me.

  • Mr. Charan
    Mr. Charan 3 minutes ago

    the earth is not round, it's a sphere

  • StainSquad
    StainSquad 3 minutes ago

    Lmao , I bet you dude who was 18 and just working was the most interesting out of all of them .🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • my name
    my name 3 minutes ago

    The 3.3k likes are obviously from flat earthers

  • bananieXD
    bananieXD 3 minutes ago

    I’m like honestly amazed how the flat earthers think the scientist are uneducated, when they are the ones who base things off of information they find on the internet wether that be credible or not Like some of them aren’t even willing to hear the scientist ..

  • M A G C
    M A G C 4 minutes ago

    spencer looks like elder ed helms

  • Shakira Effendi
    Shakira Effendi 4 minutes ago

    This should have included all religions becouse even between each other they still have different points of views.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 minutes ago

    Why would NASA hide the SHAPE of earth?

  • LOL you
    LOL you 5 minutes ago

    Let flat earthers play Minecraft flat world lol

  • Florian Sengstock
    Florian Sengstock 6 minutes ago

    Maybe the things we think, we or science have proven, are just wrong in the whole context in our universe and there are other rulea out there, i personally think the earth is a globe, but it might also be a globe but we are living not on the outside but on the inside and space is basically towards the middle of our globe, so its basically a giant prison with endless space towards the middle point, a picture from space might show the earth as globe because things are visualised differently in space or in general

  • pLaxton
    pLaxton 6 minutes ago

    When you have to stage a debate to favour one side and still call it a debate

  • poppyyy jjj
    poppyyy jjj 6 minutes ago

    “I am logical” - wendall 2k19😂

  • Jasper Sharp
    Jasper Sharp 6 minutes ago

    The flat earthers sound crazy

  • ツGaboinki
    ツGaboinki 7 minutes ago

    But my holy book

  • Parjo Kurosai
    Parjo Kurosai 7 minutes ago

    19's peoples: in the future, we will have better education, better technology, and flyin cars... 2019 peoples: *Is e. aRth Fla. T!?!?*

  • Nicholas Kurniawan
    Nicholas Kurniawan 7 minutes ago

    Moderator: the internet has played an important role in confirming my view of this topic Flat earthers: *step forward* Scientist: ... 🙂

  • Gravcon
    Gravcon 7 minutes ago

    The problem with this video is that the flat earth’s just yell “that’s not true” when they can’t debunk it. Give them computers or let them print out evidence.

  • Shubham Pawar
    Shubham Pawar 7 minutes ago

    Let's remove all the makeup and then let's see who looks good.

  • poppyyy jjj
    poppyyy jjj 7 minutes ago

    scientists: give actual evidence and many other things Flat earthers: I’ve jumped out of a plane...

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth 8 minutes ago

    They’re both fools. Earth is nothing more than three emojis 🌍 🌎🌏

  • Filbert Federico
    Filbert Federico 8 minutes ago

    What about hollow earth? 😆

  • Barry Clark
    Barry Clark 8 minutes ago

    Actual debate starts..Host resets. Flat questions scientists...Host rests. Let's them talk instead of exercising back and forth to their seats

  • skippy whipped cream
    skippy whipped cream 8 minutes ago

    Bro.. the Bible literally doesnt say the earth is flat. They be twisting the scriptures istg- like sIS, tbh my head hurts watching this video AHHAHAHA 😂

  • Not 6ix9ine
    Not 6ix9ine 8 minutes ago

    If the earth is flat, i’m not a snitch

  • The Eclipse
    The Eclipse 8 minutes ago

    Where did this idea that the earth is flat even come from?

  • Elliot Ikilei
    Elliot Ikilei 8 minutes ago

    The great scientific advancements are from those who are Christian or from within societies built with judeo-Christian principles. Oh, and the Rabbi is not a mainstream adherent so a little off there...

  • Susan Kemunto
    Susan Kemunto 9 minutes ago

    The trump supporters side sounds like. Am not racist but.....

  • Wennie
    Wennie 9 minutes ago

    I lost braincells watching this

  • Starlover vii
    Starlover vii 9 minutes ago

    I believe the scientists have wasted their time.. it’s 2019 and they still exist

  • Abby Miracle
    Abby Miracle 9 minutes ago

    “Do you wanna be the small spoon?” We stan making sure both are equally loved on in a relationship 👏🏻

  • Robert Kaighn
    Robert Kaighn 10 minutes ago

    these are just growing pains of the interest

  • Rodrick La Rosa
    Rodrick La Rosa 10 minutes ago

    I dont agree with flat earthers but there is a problem with the large scale dishonest information but also I like to entertain ideas. The scientists on the other hand seem very close minded and an "I know everything attitude", but I do disagree with the full on religious side of flat earthers.

  • Detham
    Detham 10 minutes ago

    Literally prisoner dilemma the show.

  • Lazerpro321 Roblox-Tutorials And More

    Flat earthers think the government is hiding this shape of the earth but why would the government hide the shape of the earth its the most stupidest thing i want the the flat earthers to be sent to space and get PROPERLY educated.

  • Sherry Burns
    Sherry Burns 10 minutes ago

    "flat Earth came from a pre-scientific age" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ancient people had pryramids, could create megaliths, even had surgery and even plastic surgery! All done by Scientists ! None can make pryramids today! Completely in line with Orion !! Try it! All those knew that the earth was a disc!

  • K4nzler 1871
    K4nzler 1871 10 minutes ago

    Do they know that nasa isn´t the only space programm?

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space 11 minutes ago

    I wouldnt be surprised if the girl In orange was a serial killer. She has NO SOUL in her cold dead snake eyes.🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • cutelilmochi
    cutelilmochi 11 minutes ago

    i clicked on this just to see how stupidity looks like

  • Cheezy YT
    Cheezy YT 11 minutes ago

    Everybody gangsta till' the Cube Earthers are here.

  • Per Gammerath
    Per Gammerath 11 minutes ago

    My brain hurts from listening to those flat earth idiots.

  • OverMan
    OverMan 11 minutes ago

    You keep talking about nasa and your own gouvernement but if the earth its flat it wouldn’t only be flat in the US so why every countries agree on this topic precisely if its a conspiracion ? I mean why this and not anything else?

  • 「オレオ」— Oreo
    「オレオ」— Oreo 11 minutes ago

    This isnt Jolibee Edit - Filipinos will understand

  • Avanish Srivats
    Avanish Srivats 11 minutes ago

    And noone ever thought of eclipses

  • Itchy Diddle
    Itchy Diddle 12 minutes ago

    We already know there Christians but they say it again for no reason

  • Flame
    Flame 12 minutes ago

    They should've just got an astronaut in there to debunk these flatters

  • No Names
    No Names 12 minutes ago

    I just called someone in Italy and asked if the sun was out. They confirmed it was. It dark outside where I’m at. shouldn’t the whole world be in darkness if it was flat?

  • akin romanowitsch
    akin romanowitsch 12 minutes ago

    The real issue here is that most people click on this video to confirm there own view. This video doesn't inform you of either side really. What's important to whiteness here is the way of reasoning and the motive behind their view.

  • Cassi Lambert
    Cassi Lambert 12 minutes ago

    I’m open to hear both sides, yet I believe the earth is a globe. I also think that science can be unfair because when they study a theory, they only acknowledge the things that help their theory.

  • Brodie G
    Brodie G 12 minutes ago

    pretty interesting how the scientists will sit patiently and listen to the flat earthers put forth their ideas but when the scientists start to refute their claims/bring up other evidence the flat earthers will interrupt and just be plain rude..... seems like they subconsciously know they’re talking bollocks

  • Liam Little
    Liam Little 13 minutes ago

    They all getting on at NASA for "faking photos" but when have they ever gotten a picture of flat earth. They all have just made sketches.

  • mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine

    The problem is the anger. There are reasons do disbelieve the words of NASA and mainstream popular science. Or just being sceptical. Scepticism shouldn’t be ridiculed. It should be praised/encouraged. Same like 9/11. Same as cancer cures. The ‘ridiculed for being inquisitive’ aspect.

  • Mike Heinicke
    Mike Heinicke 13 minutes ago

    Next time, please mic the guy asking questions.... can barely hear him, and his subtitles are also so dark, they are almost unreadable.

  • Sloop
    Sloop 13 minutes ago

    can’t believe the scientists don’t think there’s a higher power. everything in the world is created by someone/something. Imagine thinking the earth created itself. Extremly disappointing

  • Nay Say
    Nay Say 14 minutes ago

    Not allowed to hurt prisoners? Slavery and sex slavery is a part of Islam. Is taking someones freedom and raping them after killing their family members not hurting someone? Isis targets muslims, because those muslims do not follow the teachings of mohammed, the Quran the hadiths and Sirah like Isis does. Isis pretty much went by the book.. How is submitting your will to god violent? Well if you follow a violent god and his pedophile, sex slaving, murdering war prophet.. then it is violent. There are plenty of violent verses in the Quran. Just because you do not read them do not mean they are not there. Hijab is sexualisation of women.. and children. It is also a symbol of hate towards non muslims. You had a beer bottle thrown at you? Well guess what happens to women who walk around in a bikini in a muslim country.. Women are equal to men? Well not according to the Quran. "I read the Quran so you cant tell me.. yada yaday".. Well people read plenty of stuff that someone else is more of an expert on because they read more or understood it better. "Islam is about progression of the human race" No it is not. It is a totalitarion political system with some religious beliefs baked into it.. a very violent system at that.. "Your best friend is gay? Well he should be killed then.. according to Islam.

  • The Guitarist Person
    The Guitarist Person 14 minutes ago

    Let's go RHCP

  • juana gariboldi
    juana gariboldi 15 minutes ago

    What I'm surprised is that one flat earther wasn't in the "god said it was a disk and we know the bible is never wrong" group

  • Dan Chuck
    Dan Chuck 15 minutes ago

    Americans? No. Radical Democrats? Yes. Given the radicals are also Americans, they're not all. Just a bunch of radicals.

  • Grapes Are good 4 u
    Grapes Are good 4 u 15 minutes ago

    The references from the bible are metaphors not a direct thing, such as the story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor for humanity sinning.

  • mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine

    I think that earth could be a perfect sphere or like a Rugby ball or maybe something near-spherical like a pentadodecahedron. Or some irregular lump. Maybe Earth changes shape all the time...or thru time? I think the Earth ‘could’ be like a disc. The problem is we can’t ‘go up there’ and look down. Can’t they use miniature models and test the theory? Like a globe the size of a beachball.

  • Sir Hyperion
    Sir Hyperion 16 minutes ago

    This is so fucked up in many ways.

  • Darren Taylor
    Darren Taylor 16 minutes ago

    I wish Karen became an astronaut instead of going crazy.

  • Stefan Solagratio Simanjuntak

    Flat earthers : “They believe in scientism, which is a believe that is based on what’s written” Flat earthers: proceed to quote from the bible

  • Xiawi
    Xiawi 16 minutes ago

    The conversation is starting to get good, this might go somewhere. "This is a good time to stop, let's cool off and reset."

    • talkpls
      talkpls 12 minutes ago

      the scientists would've explain that crazy woman what gravity is but she would've denied it

  • Pete Yuktadatta
    Pete Yuktadatta 17 minutes ago

    These Flat Earthers probably support Trump too

    • talkpls
      talkpls 12 minutes ago

      and Anti Vaxxers too

  • bebo debo
    bebo debo 17 minutes ago

    love this

  • Coastal Fishing Australia

    Erin can just stfu

  • blue lasagna
    blue lasagna 17 minutes ago

    Jubilee: "I view the other side as uneducated." Flat-Earthers: *confidently walks towards the chairs while chuckling* Scientist: "...They think WE are uneducated?"

  • SiberianDragon [MW]
    SiberianDragon [MW] 18 minutes ago

    Omg yass my recommendation has come to reality 😂

  • Rogerina
    Rogerina 18 minutes ago

    mr beast confirmed it. the earth is flat.

  • The spoken writer877
    The spoken writer877 18 minutes ago

    the only reason China and India have more emissions is because of America outsources the jobs to China and India because of its cheap labor and per capita, America had almost double the emissions as India and China and not to mention they both have a billion more people than America

  • Devesh Gupta
    Devesh Gupta 19 minutes ago

    For me if you are a guy and kissed a guy. You are gay. Lockers room thing in America is totally cringe.

  • Atrm1353
    Atrm1353 19 minutes ago

    Comment section quest: Find people making fun of the Flat Earthers - Difficultly: Easy Find people praising the scientists - Difficulty: Medium Find a flat Earther - Difficulty: Hard

  • Don B
    Don B 19 minutes ago

    I feel sorry for people who believe in flat earth, because whenever you talk to them it becomes obvious that they don’t know how to form an arguement

  • Koghnooz Music
    Koghnooz Music 20 minutes ago

    16:28 Faulty Logic!! Moron

  • Kostasolol rockie
    Kostasolol rockie 20 minutes ago

    Can someone turn this into a crub your education video?

  • MDLeeEnIxx v
    MDLeeEnIxx v 20 minutes ago

    "A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face."

  • GeoBBB123
    GeoBBB123 20 minutes ago

    Purple head is either ignorant (likely) or lying

  • Teeny Anderson
    Teeny Anderson 20 minutes ago

    The bible refers it as sphere that floats in space. It Does not say its flat. It was the only religion of it's time that accurately describes it. Uuuuugggghhhh I hate when they use the bible and they still get it wrong....

  • ThiccRiceBoii
    ThiccRiceBoii 20 minutes ago

    I think it’s mean that they are making mentally disabled people debate about the earth being flat or a globe.

  • Johnpaul Pepito
    Johnpaul Pepito 20 minutes ago

    Someone: earth is flat! : source? ;Flash-Player 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space 20 minutes ago

    Dont compare friends to an open relationship. You dont sexually share your body with ur friends.🤨stop cheapening intimacy.

  • I Am Someone
    I Am Someone 21 minute ago

    Ask them: "Does your mom know you're gay?"

  • im just here to laugh
    im just here to laugh 21 minute ago

    i have a question, if the flat earthers is right about the earth being flat, why NASA hide it from us? what benefits do they have on hiding it? thanks.

  • kristances
    kristances 21 minute ago

    Why....is this... even a discussion?

  • usedtobereign
    usedtobereign 22 minutes ago

    "Science has been trying so hard to divorce itselves from the idea of a creator, when God's intend was to create science to lead you to him." - Blue Shirt Flatearther

  • Lucid Vision
    Lucid Vision 22 minutes ago

    Just because the Bible says the circle of the earth doesn't mean it's flat, the word sphere didn't even exist in human vocabulary until the 1500s and when you look at Earth from space from a 2d perspective it has a circular View even though it's spherical.