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  • Jana Morrison
    Jana Morrison 7 seconds ago

    Seth is so cute 💖💖

    TEAM REMIX 10 seconds ago


  • Cesar Ruiz
    Cesar Ruiz 15 seconds ago

    Dolph god plays👏👏

  • Jennifer Rigler
    Jennifer Rigler 16 seconds ago

    Cheese man

  • Jennifer Rigler
    Jennifer Rigler 38 seconds ago

    Lol spierman fat

    MONSTER 2 GAMING 52 seconds ago

    # BalorvsOwens

    TEAM REMIX 53 seconds ago

    love wwe

  • zeraxu
    zeraxu Minute ago

    And Now Finn Balor Is Back Home(NXT)

    TEAM REMIX Minute ago

    I love you

  • Rutvik Shinde
    Rutvik Shinde Minute ago

    Son papadi🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gustavo Aguirre
    Gustavo Aguirre 2 minutes ago

    The mini A.J Styles xDDD

  • K aweso
    K aweso 2 minutes ago

    This is awesome

  • 赤サンピン
    赤サンピン 2 minutes ago

    最近のNXTのメンバーは豪華すぎるw 完全にWWEはNXTのプロモーションに成功したね 3ブランドが完全に肩を並べる格好になりそうだ

  • Steve Spears
    Steve Spears 2 minutes ago

    Trinity i thought she farted the way Natalia was acting

  • Deano Mac
    Deano Mac 2 minutes ago

    The next 24/7 champion

  • thebullman
    thebullman 2 minutes ago

    I don't this Ambros face was to much I mean, you must see my face when I saw it, My eyes were practically out of orbit.

  • Brayan Mejía
    Brayan Mejía 2 minutes ago


  • ELITE 1
    ELITE 1 3 minutes ago

    Adam Cole- 1st ever nxt North American Champion

  • Ancap Otaku
    Ancap Otaku 3 minutes ago

    can you please stop burring the ascension

  • Vivek Singh Rajawat
    Vivek Singh Rajawat 3 minutes ago

    Same as chilly nation

  • Brodi Wheeler
    Brodi Wheeler 3 minutes ago

    The Cocaine was apparently the cream of the crop back then... 😂

  • puppetmaster 274
    puppetmaster 274 3 minutes ago

    The Monster omung Goddesses

  • Ronak Halpati
    Ronak Halpati 3 minutes ago

    Where is kaju katli ?

  • Juwan Hammock
    Juwan Hammock 4 minutes ago

    Finn was incredible as the demon in NXT and a incredible talent can't wait to see how he does More and more in NXT and Kevin Owens is amazing to when u look at his career and accomplishments

  • Marissa Rainey
    Marissa Rainey 4 minutes ago

    Sasha I'm so happy for you and your amazing

  • Hairy Octopus
    Hairy Octopus 4 minutes ago

    Drew went from a midcard to a jobber and trained himself up to be the top guy. Huge respect for the Scottish Psychopath Drew Mcintyre

  • Rocky El Chocolatero
    Rocky El Chocolatero 5 minutes ago

    JODER los gordos o con sobre peso lo tienen más movilidad y velocidad (velocidad o aguante no se jeje) que algunos XD

  • Anthony Alford/ Glacier the Lion

    Poor Roman Reign , I hope he get revenge at TLC. P.S., Corbin is no king, he's a total jerk, him and Dolph Ziggler 😡😡😡😡😡

  • puppetmaster 274
    puppetmaster 274 5 minutes ago

    The Goddess and The Juggernaut Connection

  • Alexander Suarez
    Alexander Suarez 5 minutes ago

    Who would’ve thought... The Rock and Sock connection!? Lmao wtf bro

  • Isaac Melin
    Isaac Melin 5 minutes ago

    Que a rey misterio sele vea la cara

  • Dylan Quinn-_-
    Dylan Quinn-_- 6 minutes ago

    As Bret hart said about the foundation-"I'd take these guys with me to fight the devil himself"

  • Legendary Angel
    Legendary Angel 6 minutes ago

    The AEW female ref is the best female ref in the business

  • Tomas Flores
    Tomas Flores 6 minutes ago

    Not bad 👍...

  • Dirty Kool Aid
    Dirty Kool Aid 6 minutes ago

    Ok WWE listen good when he returns Please give him his original theme song

  • jason willis
    jason willis 6 minutes ago

    I was there!

  • Hector's Skits
    Hector's Skits 6 minutes ago

    Maybe he is going to do this since his character just died on infinite Earth's crisis

  • rockstar Aamir
    rockstar Aamir 7 minutes ago

    Old match hai...

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor 7 minutes ago


  • k- Series
    k- Series 8 minutes ago

    Who is the best Ronda fan

  • Star Hall Gallimore
    Star Hall Gallimore 8 minutes ago

    4:27 Someone is already out there Corey

  • Gabriel Moura Martins Gomes

    Brasil ?

  • Francisco Delasancha
    Francisco Delasancha 9 minutes ago


  • redkid 221
    redkid 221 9 minutes ago

    You can tell it's fake 0:20

  • ReR3i
    ReR3i 9 minutes ago

    Pls wwe dont make him as a jobber pls make him a push a main eventer and a championship contender

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage 10 minutes ago

    Dude, this man and Cena lit the place on fire with their rivalry, then the YOU SUCK! chants made it great!

  • K aweso
    K aweso 10 minutes ago

    Great match

  • Elijah Graham
    Elijah Graham 11 minutes ago

    The the ref should fight instead he jacked

  • Paul Hampton
    Paul Hampton 11 minutes ago

    The bottom of his wrestling attire looks so silly and starship pain doesn't look that great but he is underrated I'll admit that

  • Alex Hidalgo
    Alex Hidalgo 12 minutes ago

    They’re married

  • Rocky El Chocolatero
    Rocky El Chocolatero 12 minutes ago

    Minuto 2:45 A Dormir 2019 tipo CM Punk pero más heavy

  • artisan06
    artisan06 12 minutes ago

    Christian started it; CM Punk finished it! Give it to him, CM Punk!

  • Veeta Khosa
    Veeta Khosa 13 minutes ago

    Feud for us title

  • É Caixa!
    É Caixa! 13 minutes ago

    J.J vs Undertaker confirmed!!!

  • Jason Orlick
    Jason Orlick 14 minutes ago

    Say what you want about dolph, but he sells out the spear the best out of anyone, including against goldberg

  • Malik Hamza
    Malik Hamza 14 minutes ago

    Yaar Bhai meri picture per click ker ke mera channel subscribe ker de please yaar kuch nahi jaye ga ap ka please yaar ker de subscribe ker de please yaar

  • Otto Buck
    Otto Buck 14 minutes ago

    They set this up so when john Morrison comes back he will go after the 24/7 championship they made sure to put the parkour video in it cause he will do the same stuff to run away from the crowd of superstars chasing him for the 24/7 championship

  • Ruhul Islam
    Ruhul Islam 14 minutes ago

    who would’ve ever predicted at this time that jinder would become wwe champion

  • anthony yauri
    anthony yauri 15 minutes ago

    2:54 thumbnail

  • Aye Meee
    Aye Meee 15 minutes ago

    Dolph ziggler be doing the most 4:17

  • FirmanGaming
    FirmanGaming 15 minutes ago


  • 619 575
    619 575 15 minutes ago

    God the writting is awful

  • max 21
    max 21 16 minutes ago

    Best rivalry of the decade!!!! Wish they made storylines like this not like rusev and Bobby lashley

  • GrimReapaXx Deadman
    GrimReapaXx Deadman 16 minutes ago

    The rivalry that lasted since 2002 until the year, 2015 It’s the fourteenth year rivalry to be exact.

  • Semana Santa Huelva
    Semana Santa Huelva 17 minutes ago

    Sin cara🔥🔥🔥

    DEVIL GAMER 18 minutes ago


  • The Destroyer Of All
    The Destroyer Of All 18 minutes ago

    Dana Brooke sucks.

  • Lil Ben
    Lil Ben 18 minutes ago

    Wwe aint shi for this😂 even had a midget ref

  • Suraj Suraj Kumar
    Suraj Suraj Kumar 18 minutes ago

    I am biggest fan Roman riengs

  • Cali 661
    Cali 661 19 minutes ago

    Have him fued with nakamura on smackdown

  • Robin Baro
    Robin Baro 19 minutes ago

    I love Roman Reigns

  • ur bonzo485
    ur bonzo485 19 minutes ago

    wwe is vomit

  • Sithi Zareena
    Sithi Zareena 19 minutes ago

    I hope he will not run after the 24-7 belt

  • Jordan Dill
    Jordan Dill 19 minutes ago

    i want to see more of Lee & Dijakovic as tag team partners

    Goku SSJBKAIOKENX100 19 minutes ago

    Sheamus old hairs return is the best return of 2019 for me

  • md sameer
    md sameer 19 minutes ago

    Sb kuch nkli h

    GAMING PLAYER TAMIL 20 minutes ago

    But dolp and boran eat poop

  • ACK Preacher
    ACK Preacher 20 minutes ago

    Has anyone notice Brock looks like Sloth on the Goonies -- Same head shape --

  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop 20 minutes ago

    I think chucky wants to play with nikki cross

  • Nikhil Gs
    Nikhil Gs 21 minute ago

    Jinder Mahal title reign 10 x better than Brock's current title reign Do you agree guys?

  • Sri Saamnath
    Sri Saamnath 21 minute ago

    Spider man.......😃

  • k- Series
    k- Series 21 minute ago

    Who is the best All fan like

  • Ana Aspazia
    Ana Aspazia 21 minute ago

    Hahahaha hihihihi shayna sei stupida

  • Sangeet Singh
    Sangeet Singh 21 minute ago

    Great match

  • Jason Orlick
    Jason Orlick 22 minutes ago

    He is and was always awesome... but that mans intro SUCKED😤

  • Semana Santa Huelva
    Semana Santa Huelva 22 minutes ago

    Mi ídolo sin cara

  • BattedMrLaser Name
    BattedMrLaser Name 22 minutes ago

    Haha I get because big dog dog food Hahaha 😑

  • Jakerrion Horton
    Jakerrion Horton 22 minutes ago

    Fake wwe

  • Jon Oskovich
    Jon Oskovich 22 minutes ago


  • Jaydn Hay
    Jaydn Hay 23 minutes ago

    Honestly my top ten favorite matches

  • Malco 406
    Malco 406 23 minutes ago

    This might be my best match on DEC2019

  • Assistência Master Cell Consertos em Geral

    Sou Único BR aqui?

  • Azul Ajtzalam
    Azul Ajtzalam 23 minutes ago


  • The Destroyer Of All
    The Destroyer Of All 23 minutes ago

    Dana Brooke is stupid.

  • Mac Is underrated
    Mac Is underrated 23 minutes ago

    Fear the spears? More like fear the gentle hug ‘n’ put down

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 23 minutes ago

    i hate stephanie booo booo

  • David Chandra
    David Chandra 23 minutes ago

    1:07 wait, 350pound human meat flying by itself? How?!

  • DutchWestwood
    DutchWestwood 24 minutes ago

    Corey Graves pops wood: “NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS!”