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  • Matt Patch
    Matt Patch 7 seconds ago

    Harper doesn't wanna resign with WWE. This has to be conflicting when everyone started cheering him.

  • Painmaker Chris Jericho

    My Bludgeon Bros Figs Are Gonna Work Out

  • Ashwani Tiwari
    Ashwani Tiwari 11 seconds ago

    I hate the way they make braun jobber for Rollins,brock and Roman

  • Jive Villodres
    Jive Villodres 29 seconds ago

    When Miz grabs the mic he was like.. YEET!!😂

    TYLER BATOR 32 seconds ago

    WWE messed up the title its supposed to be "Watch WWE Clash of Champions with your favorite Mid Card, not used, terribly booked Superstars!

  • Yarrick Huang
    Yarrick Huang 34 seconds ago

    Awesome time.

    JERWIN RICHARD 36 seconds ago

    For 1 sec I thought the punt kick is back and another sec it wasn't

  • ASMR Kontex
    ASMR Kontex 48 seconds ago


  • Rodney Sinegal
    Rodney Sinegal 53 seconds ago

    That was better than mortal kombat lol

  • Mohammad Fahad
    Mohammad Fahad Minute ago

    Amazing match! But unfortunately you'll see next time ic championship defended is gonna RR 2020.

  • Amneet Singh
    Amneet Singh Minute ago

    WWE now days surviving on old videos....

  • Rachel's Town
    Rachel's Town Minute ago

    Bruh how come they didn’t show the fiend attack Seth why didn’t they upload the video

  • Givejordr
    Givejordr Minute ago

    If this was new japan or nxt, Robert Roode earned a future storyline for the Universal title.

  • Nana 22
    Nana 22 2 minutes ago


  • Maxamed Axmed
    Maxamed Axmed 2 minutes ago

    Why this man always shooting doesn't his thraw pains

  • مهند العواجي


  • ธณัฐชา เร่งรีรา

    I Love Sasha Banks

  • Resive Ondria
    Resive Ondria 3 minutes ago

    This is real fighting

  • مهند العواجي


  • إبتسام احمد
    إبتسام احمد 3 minutes ago

    The only move Austin did was a stunner

  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage 3 minutes ago

    Awesome Clash Of Champions PPV Last Night WWE!!🔥🔥🐐🐐💪😎🙏🙏🤗🙌

  • Jason Bryant
    Jason Bryant 4 minutes ago

    He's still better than that overrated AJ Styles. Congrats Cedric.

  • nun ya
    nun ya 4 minutes ago

    why did bailey run? Looks like trash running away. Stand your ground, like a champ. Oh well, keep being a role model lol

  • 《Đăřķ Wøłf》
    《Đăřķ Wøłf》 4 minutes ago


  • Jeff McGraw
    Jeff McGraw 4 minutes ago


  • za nazar
    za nazar 4 minutes ago


  • TECH A 2 Z
    TECH A 2 Z 4 minutes ago

    That's a lot like a child fight! You go and then I do!!

  • PAUL Antoine
    PAUL Antoine 5 minutes ago

    All championships are supposed to be defended at clash of champions right so y wasnt the 24/7 championship defended care to explain to me

  • DayFul
    DayFul 5 minutes ago

    Shinsuke is one of the biggest trolls around if the Kabuki Warriors win the tag titles he'll be there messing up Kairi's shots.

  • Bidhya Gurung
    Bidhya Gurung 5 minutes ago

    WWE why the Hell. Are you treating Sasha sooooo low.... SHE IS THE Boss and I Mean She can be the very Boss for the Man, Lol!!!!

  • Zheann Paula Mayugba
    Zheann Paula Mayugba 5 minutes ago

    Your butch sasha

  • Sahil Wadhwani
    Sahil Wadhwani 6 minutes ago

    It dosen't matter what Bayley does she Ain't getting booed mate! Just look at her.....I mean she reminds me of my little sister no sir! You can't pay me to hate Bayley

  • Illuminatiam One
    Illuminatiam One 6 minutes ago

    Take it easy.... fiend will form a tag with nachooooooooooooooo

  • duras200
    duras200 6 minutes ago

    Sasha should win the title at Hell in a Cell, and should have a long title reign.. anyone who watched the Chronicle with Sasha Banks saw how sad and depressed she was. She didn't clearly stated the reasons but we all know why: she was always used just to put over others, she lost all her major matches, her titles reigns were a joke, she never had a successful title defence.. no wonder why she just wanted to retire, and if she does that i won't blame her.

  • Sans
    Sans 6 minutes ago

    Man Luke has lost SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much weight since his prime times in the Wyatts, he looks so good in this body shape

  • Kevin Ramos
    Kevin Ramos 7 minutes ago

    Could not hide my smile! They are still gold!

  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage 7 minutes ago

    Awesome Match Tonight!!🔥😎🙏🙏

  • Angel King
    Angel King 7 minutes ago

    Funny how Bayley never had to cheat to win before, now she suddenly does because she's heel.

  • Devon Hector
    Devon Hector 7 minutes ago

    where is the confession of Triple H attacking HBK .... I thought that was on no. 1 spot

  • The Shield
    The Shield 7 minutes ago

    If Brock will attack Kofi, then i hope that he attacks him during Kofi's feud with Orton. So we can see s Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match.

  • Raj upadhyay
    Raj upadhyay 7 minutes ago

    Stupid wwe company. Randy orten is all ways better than kofi totally waste time match. We all know that wwe companies is randy ortan

  • ToxiKkTurtlee
    ToxiKkTurtlee 7 minutes ago

    Ric flair is the man and always will be

  • Gustavo Muñoz
    Gustavo Muñoz 7 minutes ago

    Where are those Meltzer believers? “LuKe HaRpEr Is NoT cOmInG bAcK tO wWe”

  • Andrian Maulana
    Andrian Maulana 8 minutes ago

    Rollins is the best💪

  • Pranshu Shukla
    Pranshu Shukla 8 minutes ago

    Koffi booooooooooooo

  • Givejordr
    Givejordr 8 minutes ago

    Imagine, a 5 way promo with Sami, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Miz, and AJ Styles

  • Josh Creepa
    Josh Creepa 8 minutes ago

    Charlotte claimed she doesn’t need her father, since she can make it on her own. Let’s see how far she would have gotten if she didn’t rub in the fact her dad is Ric Flair. She is soooo lazy she can’t find her own gimmick. And she is pushed like Reigns. Unbelievable. If she got the win, there might have been a public hanging. I think people might have gone to Stanford, Connecticut to try and blow up WWE HQ. Not saying I would do that, I’m not entitled like those snowflakes from One Night Stand 2006, but give Charlotte a new gimmick, one with NO coattail ridding, stop making her a Mary Sue in the ring, since that kills fan investment. People want to tune in thinking ANYTHING can happen. You hear someone enter a feud with either Charlotte or Roman, and you KNOW there is no way they would get a win over those two. That is the downfall of protecting booking, especially to those who don’t deserve it.

  • 《Đăřķ Wøłf》
    《Đăřķ Wøłf》 8 minutes ago

    All i know is...that Luke Harper just lose weight

  • zack wyatt
    zack wyatt 8 minutes ago

    So Seth can defeat Brock twice and Braun but not roode and wiggle SMH and they said Roman was over pushed

  • gerardo morales
    gerardo morales 9 minutes ago


  • Jacob Fanai
    Jacob Fanai 9 minutes ago

    For Me WWE Clash of Champion is Nothing. I think WWE loss its Fame.

  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage 9 minutes ago

    Bayley Is Awesome!!🔥😎🙏🙏

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 10 minutes ago

    if Miz did not had thrown the mic of Samy Zayn it would have been a boring match with Zayn's commentary.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 10 minutes ago

    Me encanto el video y verlos ablandó español 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Neetu Singh
    Neetu Singh 10 minutes ago

    boring match and coffee Kingston versus Randy Orton

  • Samsung Com
    Samsung Com 10 minutes ago

    Undertaker aya bhi chala bhi gaya

  • Givejordr
    Givejordr 10 minutes ago

    Honestly, HIAC has a lot of matches that could take place either inside the cell, or just hardcore matches in general. They can use multiple stipulations here

  • aj style
    aj style 11 minutes ago

    Kofi good speaking

  • Endless Roman
    Endless Roman 11 minutes ago

    WWE boran .Kofi win l unhappy.real winner randy Orton clash of campion.rematch randy Vs Kofi hell in cell

  • hands of justice
    hands of justice 11 minutes ago

    Please make a part 2 of this types video

  • MasterGaming // MG
    MasterGaming // MG 12 minutes ago

    The fact that the streak ended at 21! Still miss the Undertaker.

  • TheEVN7
    TheEVN7 12 minutes ago

    🤣 future classic I never forget Memes of wrestling 4 ever

  • Dante CashinOut
    Dante CashinOut 12 minutes ago

    That knee tho 😱😬

    MR AND MRS STELOME. 12 minutes ago

    "My bad Other Camella" R-TRUTH - 2019

  • Prince Bittu pandey
    Prince Bittu pandey 13 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Sunil Reddy
    Sunil Reddy 13 minutes ago

    kya rand chej hai yar

  • Josh Creepa
    Josh Creepa 14 minutes ago

    That was selfish. Good lord. Glad she didn’t get the strap. Would have sabotaged the match, which was already horrible.

  • nancy o
    nancy o 14 minutes ago

    Rematch at hell in a cell

  • Ultra Instinct Goku
    Ultra Instinct Goku 15 minutes ago


  • Ujjal sarkar apurbo
    Ujjal sarkar apurbo 15 minutes ago

    I like WWE summer slam.all event but class of championship is so bad event.i rated 2/5

    THE FIEND 15 minutes ago

    I *HATE* how they wasted food.

  • Harjit Singh
    Harjit Singh 15 minutes ago

    Wwe logics are stupid

  • Chai McCrary
    Chai McCrary 15 minutes ago

    Yhis is the only time I rlly liked tripple H

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master 15 minutes ago

    Kofi should of lost last night.

  • batman boi
    batman boi 15 minutes ago

    When alexa passes by Sasha and Bayley 😂

    TBZ TABLEZEBrA 16 minutes ago

    Oh!! Scorpion+Viper=?

  • s0ul zac
    s0ul zac 16 minutes ago


  • Thanh Tung
    Thanh Tung 16 minutes ago

    Hôn cái mà thằng em chào cờ mẹ rồi

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke 16 minutes ago

    Please tell Ne they keeping the belt on kofi so brock and squash him when smackdown goes to fox

  • Hassan Strike
    Hassan Strike 16 minutes ago

    Damn i give oscar for that performance

  • Sierra Vortec
    Sierra Vortec 16 minutes ago

    Back of the line again Braun! He can never do it when it counts

  • TheEVN7
    TheEVN7 16 minutes ago

    Congratulations Will Smith! SOS

  • Fazal Uddin
    Fazal Uddin 16 minutes ago

    Shield u r characterless

  • Sierra Vortec
    Sierra Vortec 17 minutes ago

    Erick Rowan just pinned Roman Reigns! Get this man a title shot for the US or IC title !

  • The Shield
    The Shield 17 minutes ago

    53:11 awesome

  • Aamer oyz
    Aamer oyz 17 minutes ago

    u suck!!!

  • Close Heart
    Close Heart 17 minutes ago


  • Jeff McGraw
    Jeff McGraw 17 minutes ago

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee want brock lesnar

  • A J
    A J 18 minutes ago

    I had braces for four years, I loved mine~

  • Joe Krolewski
    Joe Krolewski 18 minutes ago

    11:18 loved it!!

  • Zacarias Mouzinho
    Zacarias Mouzinho 18 minutes ago

    coffi vs a

  • Claudiu Olteanu
    Claudiu Olteanu 18 minutes ago

    I think we all saw the shadow when Braun was started to lift the ambulance :))))

  • Ali Bozkurt
    Ali Bozkurt 19 minutes ago

    Die kofi die

  • Brijesh bind
    Brijesh bind 19 minutes ago

    Maro sir ese

  • Emilio Cueto
    Emilio Cueto 19 minutes ago

    La chilidrina es Alexa