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  • claire billingsley
    claire billingsley Minute ago

    I hope this gets done again this year!!

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 2 minutes ago

    I felt sorry for joker when he was walking up the stairs. I can feel that his tired and depressed 😢

  • Minefreak ._.
    Minefreak ._. 3 minutes ago

    This is didn’t respect Kurt very well.

  • Kristal Cooke
    Kristal Cooke 3 minutes ago

    Toronto slang! Not Canadian slang! I hear a lot of this slang in Toronto and not the areas around it.

  • grilledspaghetti
    grilledspaghetti 5 minutes ago

    Jessie should have hooked up with that Denny's waitress. Hubba.

  • Milo Bengtsson
    Milo Bengtsson 6 minutes ago

    If Keegan-Michael Keen says he's a 75-year-old English woman, I believe him.

  • Suspected
    Suspected 6 minutes ago

    si dice ''in bocca al lupo'' per augurare fortuna a qualcuno, questo deriva dal fatto che il lupo per salvaguardare il suo cucciolo lo porta in bocca, secondo me è il modo più bello per augurare fortuna a qualcuno

  • Pink Flower Girls
    Pink Flower Girls 6 minutes ago

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait

  • Milo Bengtsson
    Milo Bengtsson 8 minutes ago


  • Matty M
    Matty M 8 minutes ago

    So envious of that talent. 👏👏

  • Suspected
    Suspected 10 minutes ago

    vorrei sapere chi ha scritto le frasi in italiano ahahaha

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 14 minutes ago


  • Mighty_Crusier
    Mighty_Crusier 15 minutes ago

    "Jesse wants nothing to do with what he considers Blood money" Yet he steals Todd's money, which was probably blood money anyway.

  • Rice made Jackson hot
    Rice made Jackson hot 16 minutes ago

    I'll never in my life do this challenge even if you give me a million dollars

  • Cunt
    Cunt 19 minutes ago

    TammysonC137 - pretty sure that's a rick and Morty reference. The dimension of earth they are in is C137. #Aaron Paul is a legend.

  • Shelly Chandler
    Shelly Chandler 19 minutes ago

    Interviewer: do you floss everyday Gaten: my teeth..... no Me: EXPOSED

  • Kellie Vlogs
    Kellie Vlogs 21 minute ago

    dope af

  • Junie A
    Junie A 21 minute ago

    I saw the movie last night and it’s really good! Angelina Jolie is sooo beautiful! Maleficent 3 pls! 🤗

  • LDG 508
    LDG 508 22 minutes ago

    He says Jessie dosnt want anything to do with blood money but half the movie is about Jessie getting todds BLOOD MONEY so he can start a life in alaska

  • Milo Bengtsson
    Milo Bengtsson 24 minutes ago


    ZENDEX 31 minute ago

    Ричи урод

  • Fein Ray
    Fein Ray 35 minutes ago

    Real Dark Phoenix

  • Chris Kau
    Chris Kau 36 minutes ago

    4:38 When he says round guys with high voices, the look of genuine affection on his face is beautiful.

  • Clay FKN Brown
    Clay FKN Brown 37 minutes ago

    Kevin, you and Beto Orourke would get along, with your overly flappy hands....

  • I use Adblocker
    I use Adblocker 39 minutes ago

    He got black people lips

  • Yze AV
    Yze AV 39 minutes ago

    This needs at least 300 million more views...

  • Mae Auditore
    Mae Auditore 40 minutes ago

    I wish i have that kinda busy live. So busy i am out by the time i hit my pillow

  • Jenny Sheekey
    Jenny Sheekey 41 minute ago

    He looks like Donald Sutherland

  • Shade Bleu
    Shade Bleu 41 minute ago

    BS. Jesse took Todd's money.

  • Cuddlebug
    Cuddlebug 41 minute ago


  • Jimena Tangassi
    Jimena Tangassi 42 minutes ago

    part 3!!!!

  • Kevin Seward
    Kevin Seward 43 minutes ago

    Nobody says these

  • TokuNator X
    TokuNator X 44 minutes ago

    Whp wacted the movie befor tyis? Vuz i did in the cinama

  • Deady DeadSh0t
    Deady DeadSh0t 45 minutes ago

    Im just here for the walking dead theory.

  • MadMax382
    MadMax382 46 minutes ago

    In her Discovery of Freedom, Rose Wilder Lane said that the Israelites pressured Moses so much to give them rules to live by the he eventually, worn down, gave them the Commandments. Moses was a nation - builder. These people had been slaves in Egypt a long time. They wanted to be told, Do this, do that. So he structured it largely in negatives. Ayn Rand said that moral commandments are intrinsically contradictory: you can't command morals and obeying any is inherently immoral. Morals are chosen; your own free will is key.

  • 최민지
    최민지 48 minutes ago

    His forehead is going to cover eyes...

  • TubedFisch
    TubedFisch 51 minute ago

    While Aaron was talking about Michael Douglas I was just searching in the next tap for falling down memes literally. This broke my 4th wall.

  • User4356742
    User4356742 53 minutes ago

    they saw hope in her

  • Billies Avacado
    Billies Avacado 53 minutes ago

    The third one has been filmed. I'm gonna cry

  • Hannah Peebles
    Hannah Peebles 54 minutes ago


  • EskiFN
    EskiFN 54 minutes ago

    She said my name

  • Johanna Homlong
    Johanna Homlong 55 minutes ago

    Lin:Showmance is a romance that happens between cast members *Anthony and Jasmine behind camera smirking at each other*

  • Heather Stevens
    Heather Stevens 56 minutes ago

    The Royals has to change with the times

  • ßerrısırıs
    ßerrısırıs 56 minutes ago

    The Arrowverse exist within aswikiverse too. Jay was in an episode of The Flash.

  • aya hamze
    aya hamze Hour ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA “philesophy”

  • Sleya Raze
    Sleya Raze Hour ago

    i want part 2 part 3 .. of todd breaking down the Joker

  • Nastradamus Thango

    I loved the kitty kat paws in the movie too

  • Smoke The Joke
    Smoke The Joke Hour ago

    I'm pedo asf (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Thanos The destroyer

    The dude who said El Camino was a zombie movie must’ve taken an overdose of meth

  • Julija Nešković

    part 3??

  • Ani101x
    Ani101x Hour ago

    Omggffffffff she’s so cute!

  • Arylee95
    Arylee95 Hour ago

    I need maleficent part 3 ! I want to see between Fey and human fight with dark side creature ursula ! Hahhahaa .

  • Isaiah Walking_yt

    Bruh... like literally this guy's voice is so noticeable! 😂😂😂

  • aya hamze
    aya hamze Hour ago

    billie is so cute

  • Toby Cameron
    Toby Cameron Hour ago

    I love you Margot but "Fair Dinkum" doesn't mean "FAR OUT", it means that something is true, 42 year old aussie bloke here so I know all the slang meanings ;)

  • a s
    a s Hour ago

    I love that woman. She was great in Hook as well.

  • Morris Maze V
    Morris Maze V Hour ago

    Save the turtles

  • Jack Reed
    Jack Reed Hour ago

    Aaron Paul's real life "common mannn" sounds exactly like in the show i love it

  • Jasmin Smith
    Jasmin Smith Hour ago

    Maggie, you are so cool

  • Blue Barash
    Blue Barash Hour ago

    Is that a Sean Bean relative?

  • Nickmario
    Nickmario Hour ago

    1:21 well look at this byest son of gun

  • Depressed Soul
    Depressed Soul Hour ago

    *Still waiting...*

  • Alex Bird
    Alex Bird Hour ago

    What's funny about PYTHONHUNTER 42?

  • Ayane Elleanna
    Ayane Elleanna Hour ago

    this scene alone made me cry, 100% deserves an oscar

  • Cole O'Brien
    Cole O'Brien Hour ago

    He’s such a boomer lmao

  • Sebastian Kunze
    Sebastian Kunze Hour ago

    Yo something is wrong with this dude like is he on drugs

  • aesthetixeditxx
    aesthetixeditxx Hour ago

    Billie Eilish has texted Millie Bobby Brown. That information has made my day way better.

  • OutOfRocket
    OutOfRocket Hour ago

    have some respect and put Todd Phillips name in the title

  • msminmichigan
    msminmichigan Hour ago

    Kroll is good but Maya Rudolph is the real star of Big Mouth.

  • Samuel McCallister

    "Comedy always plays better in a wide shot than in a two-shot" I'm never going to un-see this now.

  • nickegofficial
    nickegofficial Hour ago

    These are two different people.

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez Hour ago

    It ended in 2013

  • Dame Frühauf
    Dame Frühauf Hour ago

    I'm still mad Hot Ones turned him away

  • Scarlet Moon
    Scarlet Moon Hour ago

    *Wtf with these pubg bots usernames*

  • AyPea
    AyPea Hour ago

    1:50 did these 10 seconds remind you of Unbox Therapy? No? Just me? Ok...

  • Яuяal Squiяяel

    So strange hearing Superman speak with a British accent (sorry, I didn't know).

  • Imma Marsia
    Imma Marsia Hour ago

    A movie with less CGI that make people feeling anxiety, speechless and can relate about the society things is the true masterpiece!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    ANEERZA IMIA 2 hours ago

    Aurora's character was insufferable

  • Loyal Philly fan
    Loyal Philly fan 2 hours ago

    Madea big happy family is a classic 😂 “Byronnnn”

  • GabStaR
    GabStaR 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like a ferrari-pitstop

  • Iridescent Noise
    Iridescent Noise 2 hours ago

    Jeez she looks different in just one year. Looks sadder, teeth are darker, curses way more, talks in a more ghetto drawl, darker clothes. Jeez what happened? Is being famous that depressing?

  • zh3r0
    zh3r0 2 hours ago

    Kobe: COGLIONE is.. COGLIONE is like.. Flula: mmm VITO COLLIONE I’m dead ☠️😂

  • Fanny C.
    Fanny C. 2 hours ago

    I love this woman, she’s a great source of inspiration

  • Lotte Mizu
    Lotte Mizu 2 hours ago


  • Immigrato clandestino

    As an Italian and a Kobe fan, he actually misinterpreted most of the slang lol.

  • Ruff Inc
    Ruff Inc 2 hours ago

    be kind to one another you never know what someone is going through. one compliment can make a persons day or save a persons life.

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair 2 hours ago

    What did Pat ever do to you?

  • Nathan Rener
    Nathan Rener 2 hours ago

    4:39 is my favorite moment.

  • Jerry Bergström
    Jerry Bergström 2 hours ago

    Happy news everyone Clerks III is (announced)

  • Carlotta Dolci
    Carlotta Dolci 2 hours ago

    3rd is coming soon🥺

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair 2 hours ago

    What I want to know is what’s a kunerchine/ kunerko/konerko 🤷‍♀️ jersey?

  • Carlos Solis
    Carlos Solis 2 hours ago

    Fan Theory* What If Walt Was Actually Just A Talking Tamale This Whole Time!

  • Elite Toxic
    Elite Toxic 2 hours ago

    Billie : 40.7 mill followers

  • Mizzofrizzo
    Mizzofrizzo 2 hours ago


  • blah blah
    blah blah 2 hours ago

    El camino was ok at best. Everyone needs to stop acting like it was the greatest movie ever.

  • that's me
    that's me 2 hours ago

    10:53 I can't imagine they're that rich and having this much fun 😂😂😂

  • TikTok Anybody?
    TikTok Anybody? 2 hours ago

    They say it's mango LAssi but it's actually pronounced ( mango - LAaasi )

  • Renan C. Maia
    Renan C. Maia 2 hours ago

    The real supermodel!!!!!!!

  • Stacktown Legends
    Stacktown Legends 2 hours ago

    Aaron Paul is wrong because in El Camino he goes and gets Todd's hidden money which is also blood money and then kills a guy for the rest of the blood money making it even more bloody money

  • Daydreaming Arina
    Daydreaming Arina 2 hours ago

    tired billie..