Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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  • Zainal Sumali
    Zainal Sumali 5 hours ago

    It says in the title “Gordon behind bars”.How is he behind bars

  • Ag Ganguly.
    Ag Ganguly. 5 hours ago

    This time gordon avoids his 'fucking' words, may be he fears the notorious killers .

  • Sebastian Glück
    Sebastian Glück 5 hours ago

    When learning from other cooks I often get the feeling that they don't actually teach me the really important things. It pisses me off to be a hard working and passionate student but being hold back by the pride of my teacher. It's different with Gordon Ramsay. Learning from this man took my cooking to another level. I already cook better than most of the fast foods, takeaways, deliveries and even restaurants in my whole region. Yet I learned to enjoy it even more to eat out in some of the good restaurants. I am very grateful and full of respect.

  • Jerry
    Jerry 5 hours ago

    He's out of breath because he's on high altitude

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 5 hours ago

    my fellow kings

  • TheZombieKing52
    TheZombieKing52 5 hours ago

    Where can I find this recipe?

  • Loris Schmid
    Loris Schmid 5 hours ago

    Ich finde Gordon sollte mal Mehmets Döner probieren haha.

  • zaza raraedy
    zaza raraedy 5 hours ago

    If you want learn how to make a real rendang, you must go to west sumatera

  • Check Garrovillas
    Check Garrovillas 5 hours ago

    The classic olovol..

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 5 hours ago

    I hope y'all know 90 percent of the food you get in a restaurant is made by ex cons. FYI.

  • Capricosm
    Capricosm 5 hours ago

    Piss off gordon . Ya creep.

  • The Man in the Yellow Room The Musical

    gnocchi anche no...

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 6 hours ago

    Beautiful. No wonder the Americans are so fucking fat

  • J RA
    J RA 6 hours ago

    I think Chef Ramsay is low key flexing.

  • Bianca Fardoulis
    Bianca Fardoulis 6 hours ago

    I get dizzy from Gordon swaying so much

  • Killer Lamas
    Killer Lamas 6 hours ago

    2:33 no video

  • Andrew Grandma
    Andrew Grandma 6 hours ago

    Lol probably tastes like shit since gordon involved. Ruins the most basic recipes

  • Jessie Murkin
    Jessie Murkin 6 hours ago

    Cabig meme

  • Joshua Gall
    Joshua Gall 6 hours ago

    Sorry but 7:27 makes me laugh so much look at his face

  • Paz Perez Bautista
    Paz Perez Bautista 6 hours ago

    Donde aprendió a hacer esto, no se acerca a ningún huevo mexicano que conozco, Gordon Ramsay lo invito a darse una vuelta a México para que aprenda de comida mexicana!!!

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Lol he thinks we can afford this stuf

  • losguajesxixon 2
    losguajesxixon 2 6 hours ago

    Ok bueno

  • Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】

    The owner looks like the kind of person to wash her own clothes with her own feces because "it's more reusable and efficient. Can't have SHIT go to waste". So you reuse old bland cooked crap 6 months ago. She even looks like a hippie cat lady type 😂

  • Tim McDonald
    Tim McDonald 6 hours ago

    "Lightly flour the flour, so the flour doesn't stick to the flour"

  • Jim Mason
    Jim Mason 6 hours ago

    Never add olive oil to pasta water. Gordon!? If you want to avoid pasta sticking then you have to stir the pasta when you add it to the water and get the water quickly boiling again by putting the lid back on the pot. You want starchy pasta so the sauce will cling to it. Adding oil makes the pasta shiny and the sauce runs off. No serious pasta cook will ever add oil to a pot of water.

  • Areeba Aamir
    Areeba Aamir 6 hours ago

    Each egg equals to one fish , if you let them actually live ,you won't have to face this problem of not having enough caviar.

  • Daniel Daidouji
    Daniel Daidouji 6 hours ago

    3:59 Look in the background

  • Fridasatero
    Fridasatero 6 hours ago

    I thought the note said ”don’t take my penis, but your own”

  • Michelle Dean
    Michelle Dean 6 hours ago

    The subtitles 😂

  • Vergil1876
    Vergil1876 6 hours ago

    0:15 I honestly thought he is introducing Jamie Oliver

  • Emmanuel Maravilla
    Emmanuel Maravilla 6 hours ago

    So spontaneous. This is great

  • Fernando Sanson
    Fernando Sanson 6 hours ago

    Awesome Chef 👍👍

  • Hu Mh
    Hu Mh 6 hours ago


  • Sophini 88
    Sophini 88 6 hours ago

    Gordon has more excitement and passion in this 2 minute video than I've ever had or ever will have 😂

  • You're Welcome
    You're Welcome 6 hours ago


  • Purplepoppyanimator
    Purplepoppyanimator 6 hours ago

    It's nuts that people would be Suss about Prison-Made food that has been scanned and cleared individually, but without hesitation will walk down to McDonald's where you have no fucking clue what's in the pink paste they use to make Chicken Nuggets

  • leonie
    leonie 6 hours ago

    4:51 one of the greatest moment in television history.

    AMAN UPGANLAWAR 6 hours ago


  • Tamora P
    Tamora P 7 hours ago

    If they had been in Italy had Gino won but they were in England so Gordon won. Gino is very skillful too. I love his cooking.

    AMAN UPGANLAWAR 7 hours ago

    Khaycha ahe

    AMAN UPGANLAWAR 7 hours ago

    Mala pan

    AMAN UPGANLAWAR 7 hours ago


  • Michael H
    Michael H 7 hours ago

    Just wait until he finds out about the 45 year old soup...

  • Ardista Yolanda
    Ardista Yolanda 7 hours ago

    Salt pepper olive oil. 👍👍👍😂

  • jhoncena1111
    jhoncena1111 7 hours ago

    I can't believe the owner had the audacity to blame Gordon Ramsey for his chef fainting. I'm glad Gordon put that guy in his place. Such arrogance and disrespect should not be tolerated.

  • jackielynne76 Exaxtly

    lol...ME!!! That’s so you Gordon, Because you do know how❣️❣️❣️

  • Memes
    Memes 7 hours ago

    0:33 "mom said, it's my turn to use the x-box"

  • 24 sha
    24 sha 7 hours ago

    “JuEboos RuAnsherous”

  • Charlote Agari
    Charlote Agari 7 hours ago

    4:33 I like how they went for the egg instead of the worm

  • Tom
    Tom 7 hours ago

    Where is the ZOOM SAUCE?

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 7 hours ago

    Phoebe: I could never cook this. Gordon: Of course you can *takes her to kitchen to show how to make fried chicken* Phoebe: Doesn’t use a whole salt mine to season Gordon: COOK THE CHICKEN TO ORDER YOU SILLY COW!

  • Kris
    Kris 7 hours ago

    Nice but I like my meat actually cooked lol.

  • Mr. Adobo
    Mr. Adobo 7 hours ago

    Would be better to Cook another 15mins?

  • Michael L. Cook
    Michael L. Cook 7 hours ago

    The Best Chef... !!! In The World

  • Ag Ganguly.
    Ag Ganguly. 7 hours ago

    Who pulls fire alarm when it is about bacteria attack?

  • Soviet Doki
    Soviet Doki 7 hours ago

    Gordon: 69 Jack: *N I C E*

  • Unicorn O'Brien
    Unicorn O'Brien 7 hours ago

    It isn’t Salmon it’s crapmon

  • Alex Ockenden
    Alex Ockenden 7 hours ago

    As an Australian , yeah we like meat pies from the local bakery, a decent one for $4. Not that wank on a plate. We don't go to a RESTAURANT for one either xD

  • Alfred Angelou
    Alfred Angelou 7 hours ago

    Is the video on 2x speed or it’s just Gordon Ramsey

  • Dylan
    Dylan 7 hours ago

    I'm from penang and Malaysia's cooking is not that bad

  • Kadenang Hilaw
    Kadenang Hilaw 7 hours ago

    Youre so fucking stupid

  • Edie Beacon
    Edie Beacon 7 hours ago

    these fuckers think that because it taste good to them that everyone will like it

  • br18578
    br18578 7 hours ago


  • AnimuLuv
    AnimuLuv 7 hours ago


  • Corinne Jones
    Corinne Jones 7 hours ago

    The owner looks like a pedophile . He's FUCKEN Creepy And a fucking half wit . Eww 🤔 GROSS 😡

  • Anthony Ivanovic
    Anthony Ivanovic 8 hours ago

    I just feel like I wana punch this guy

  • Aqua Bikes
    Aqua Bikes 8 hours ago

    I didnt even know that mold can grow on carpet

  • Cory Basetti
    Cory Basetti 8 hours ago

    Some people just need a gag!

  • Rafael Henrique Lima da Silva

    Brasil here

  • z_ack
    z_ack 8 hours ago

    this is a male version of samy

  • SuperSunshinesue
    SuperSunshinesue 8 hours ago

    Mr Ramsey....thank you.

  • ken torion
    ken torion 8 hours ago


  • Ikee Dalumbar
    Ikee Dalumbar 8 hours ago

    they look southeast asian. fascinating

  • Nikita Lomas
    Nikita Lomas 8 hours ago

    Eating this with my eyes because we won't have a proper christmas this year xD It tastes fucking great even from here

  • assiram87
    assiram87 8 hours ago

    Basically it's pad see ew, but with olive oil. Because no matter what the recipe, GR's gotta have his olive oil.

  • ro.
    ro. 8 hours ago

    its my first time seeing Gordon this nervous, its so cute also that "agak agak" 🤣

  • Mc Soud
    Mc Soud 8 hours ago

    1:33 *Tastes it* *Chokes to death* NICE

  • Ep1X__
    Ep1X__ 8 hours ago

    Gordon Full Ramsay Episode

  • Ian Botnick
    Ian Botnick 8 hours ago

    Jesus these two women are so fucking dumb

  • MrRaziel25
    MrRaziel25 8 hours ago

    thankyou, finally easy to understand how to cook instructions. Thankyou gordan ramsay

  • SuperSunshinesue
    SuperSunshinesue 8 hours ago

    Love this guy......tough with a huge passion....and a ginormous heart....oh yes ...he can also cook !!!!!!

  • Jenni K
    Jenni K 8 hours ago

    Such a sweet little girl. Nice Video & Recipe. Thanks 😊

    SINGH 8 hours ago

    4:04 Meme

  • I purple you Bangtan

    "Fucking ugly" tangina. I felt that

  • Edie Beacon
    Edie Beacon 8 hours ago

    i don’t think he can beat his own self outa a wet paper bag

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 8 hours ago

    Too much turmeric "chef"

  • Tea Steel
    Tea Steel 8 hours ago

    its sushi!! ofcourse it's raw

  • K Mac's Kitchen
    K Mac's Kitchen 9 hours ago

    That garlic was burnt to shit

  • OkayEra MSP
    OkayEra MSP 9 hours ago

    the owner looks like the bald dude from the three chipmunks movie

  • aaydan collins
    aaydan collins 9 hours ago

    My mom is Jamaican af and she cooks everything fresh and everything bursts with flavor.

  • steven higdon
    steven higdon 9 hours ago

    This Hawaiian guy ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED it #miseenplace4life

    SINGH 9 hours ago

    1:59 She looks proud.

  • Righteous&Meed IDK
    Righteous&Meed IDK 9 hours ago

    Filipinos have entered the chat...

  • Mohamed Mujamil
    Mohamed Mujamil 9 hours ago


  • shamurevolt
    shamurevolt 9 hours ago

    Why does he call gnocchi 'knockey'?

  • John Allen
    John Allen 9 hours ago

    Fantastic branding by Gordon “PRISON FRESH SANDWICHES” “made by rapists ,armed robbers and/or burglars... not pedos” Gordon seems at home behind bars

  • masqarii
    masqarii 9 hours ago

    wasn't that guy the one that passed out?

  • Andrew Zeng
    Andrew Zeng 9 hours ago

    The moment when he grade the green papaya, I stop watching.

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 9 hours ago

    Zoom in more I can't see the atoms

  • Chalida Y.
    Chalida Y. 9 hours ago

    Gordon ผัดน่ากิน ดูเคลือบๆ วาวๆ ฉ่ำๆ ขอสักชิ้น