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  • sniperfury from yt
    sniperfury from yt 9 minutes ago

    1:40 use this as a the profile picture of your channel "pause it"

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  • Hazel Bautista
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  • Lupita Beauty
    Lupita Beauty 33 minutes ago

    That phone is iPhone XR (red) plus my mom has that kind of phone

  • Om Kothari
    Om Kothari 34 minutes ago

    Gravel Bedrock Gold Minecraft

  • Yvonne Catedral
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  • King Flippy Nips
    King Flippy Nips 48 minutes ago

    the fish are using larger calibre pistols these days

  • Leśny
    Leśny 50 minutes ago

    Please moore gold hunting !!! Good luck 👍

  • WacMo Productions
    WacMo Productions 58 minutes ago

    That’s a golden silk orb weaver spider

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell Hour ago


  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell Hour ago

    You cool bro

  • Worldman
    Worldman Hour ago

    "Gold-sucker"? Isn't that a synonym for "gold-digger"?


    Amazing video , glad you got to go diving with pauly and find some chunky

  • Thagan Jones
    Thagan Jones Hour ago

    You should name him Treasure

  • raeed Modak
    raeed Modak Hour ago

    It is from hindu relagion

  • Lisa Rageth
    Lisa Rageth Hour ago

    Yes pls we have a pond that is in the woods

  • raiken yukihara
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  • Free firee AMB
    Free firee AMB Hour ago

    O T W 10M GUYS

  • Luca Debono
    Luca Debono Hour ago

    Wow omg

  • Nuel Seay
    Nuel Seay Hour ago

    Im From is Indonesia 🇲🇨 I like you Vidio

  • Han Ha
    Han Ha 2 hours ago

    Your frend is more handsome than you

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  • Akmal Haris161
    Akmal Haris161 2 hours ago

    Naiseeee video dude

  • Mohammad Natsheh
    Mohammad Natsheh 2 hours ago

    why does the title say over 2000 worth of gold when you only got 200 dollars worth of gold.

  • Sweezy playzz
    Sweezy playzz 2 hours ago

    Look like u place them there

  • zEn
    zEn 2 hours ago

    can you scuba diving in bermuda triangle plssss

  • Reecebakervlogs ss
    Reecebakervlogs ss 2 hours ago

    I can also see other gold during your dive

  • Nelly Ge
    Nelly Ge 3 hours ago

    I love both of your channels you guys are the best man!!!! I asked pioneer pauly a thew weeks ago if he was from New Zealand because be was wearing a green stone necklace I think but I guess I was wrong lol it's crack up when he was at the river and then click's his fingers then he's back at home lol

  • M jaziee
    M jaziee 3 hours ago

    keren ni chenel dapat banyak harta karun.

  • Yel Serrano
    Yel Serrano 3 hours ago

    so you prank us too?

  • Dare Master
    Dare Master 3 hours ago

    I used to have a phone like that it is called Plantronics

  • kloadit
    kloadit 3 hours ago

    Find poop

  • Imaginary Wolfie
    Imaginary Wolfie 4 hours ago

    Your dog is so cute

  • Tudo sobre Hamisters


  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall 4 hours ago

    9:27 found vans i want it

  • Zap Crews
    Zap Crews 4 hours ago

    You have to think, if there are those small pieces of gold, it must have come from a much larger source. Somewhere in that river, is a ticket to richness.

  • believe your dream
    believe your dream 4 hours ago

    nice hunting

  • Jun Sparrow
    Jun Sparrow 4 hours ago

    nice team up

  • Warren Dunlop
    Warren Dunlop 5 hours ago

    Sooo, how does $230 = $2000?

  • Jocelyn Velazquez
    Jocelyn Velazquez 5 hours ago

    Scuba nuggetszzzz

  • Pete L
    Pete L 5 hours ago

    rubbish 2000

  • Ahmad Xortev
    Ahmad Xortev 5 hours ago

    Ada Yang Indonesia?? ?

  • Jericho Mascarina
    Jericho Mascarina 5 hours ago

    The cube from fortnite is amethyst?? (Seems legit)

  • mr. charle daregez
    mr. charle daregez 5 hours ago

    try to dive here in philippines sometimes

  • nathan hughes
    nathan hughes 5 hours ago

    Dallmyd: Helps turtle Turtle: m sleeping bruh Dallmyd: pull him up Turtle: runs Dallmyd finds a turtle again Turtle: i cannot reach Dallmyd: holds but to get him out.....

  • Kenzie McDonald
    Kenzie McDonald 5 hours ago

    Dallmyd is the best and most truthful youtuber ever he is the beeeeeeeessssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Gem
    Gem 5 hours ago

    Great content @dallmyd Ffs @Jericho outdoorsman stop advertising your channel on other yt channels

  • Kenzie McDonald
    Kenzie McDonald 5 hours ago

    3:50 to 3:52 he swore

  • KamuiPan
    KamuiPan 5 hours ago

    I liked the video because of the chill music in the background.

  • Simehong Tea
    Simehong Tea 5 hours ago


  • Hugo Luevanos
    Hugo Luevanos 6 hours ago

    I like every time I whatch a video of yours you make me smile because you smile in every video your positive and you never give up your always happy with family and friends❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jade Sheppard
    Jade Sheppard 6 hours ago

    I am a big fan 😄

  • BaKa ArîChî
    BaKa ArîChî 6 hours ago

    Hope you find mermaids some day bro for real

  • Salma Ruiz
    Salma Ruiz 6 hours ago

    Maybe the murder had the gun a killed some people and just decided to throw it in the lake and u guys decided to check that lake and now their kinda busted. LOL 😂

  • Holly French
    Holly French 6 hours ago

    Your dog is the cutest! CUTEST! Like this if you are a CRAZY DOG LOVER

  • its jenna
    its jenna 6 hours ago

    DALLMYD: **finds a human bone** DALLMYD: **puts it in his bag like a normal person** Me: wait what

  • Sliqslip S
    Sliqslip S 6 hours ago

    Pause at 9:03 he missed a huge nugget

  • Tri Yani
    Tri Yani 6 hours ago

    Goodluck bro 9 million:)

  • CJ KIDDO Acosta
    CJ KIDDO Acosta 6 hours ago

    We have to invent crystal detector ... I mean mineral detector

  • Baby Gaston
    Baby Gaston 7 hours ago

    Maybe sometime we could do some stuff togetherEven though I live in Australia

  • Ngo Loi
    Ngo Loi 7 hours ago

    Việt Nam

  • Baby Gaston
    Baby Gaston 7 hours ago

    Can I have some of the gold

  • joanne Tiongson
    joanne Tiongson 7 hours ago

    This is how many times he said tHiS iS tHe bEst oNe i fOuNd ⬇

  • Gary Greely
    Gary Greely 7 hours ago

    Your tool that you are using in the rocks sounds like a dentist working on teeth. At least you are finding gold. That is great. Keep up the great work.

  • French Dude
    French Dude 7 hours ago

    if you find feather falling iv boots give them to me

  • Birdwatching And More!

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

  • Charlyn Miller
    Charlyn Miller 7 hours ago

    Omg when Tristan started crying I cried that was so sweet!!!

  • Autumn Lewis
    Autumn Lewis 7 hours ago

    Pet alligator maybe?.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Bernel Sawyer
    Bernel Sawyer 7 hours ago

    Prank not funny...

  • Rodrigo Araújo
    Rodrigo Araújo 7 hours ago

    Parabéns , diversão e ajuda ao próximo.

  • Bernel Sawyer
    Bernel Sawyer 7 hours ago

    You guys are complete AH's. Not funny...

  • Mara Judy Tarenio
    Mara Judy Tarenio 7 hours ago

    A DIAMOND 🥰💎💍

  • Project Altima
    Project Altima 7 hours ago

    Dude you need to start filming in 4k. All these shots would be even more stunning.

  • Jabbie Soto
    Jabbie Soto 8 hours ago

    DOGGO!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

  • Karli Gogol
    Karli Gogol 8 hours ago

    Is Jake single? What an awesome human! World needs more men like this. Hit me up! haha

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 8 hours ago

    Been waiting for another video but why so sort

  • Gnarly Dude
    Gnarly Dude 8 hours ago

    He has Gold nuggets in his backyard 😲

  • cristian limendux
    cristian limendux 8 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I thought they found gold for real

  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith 8 hours ago

    hey he jinxed it, he said he didnt fall back there at the end but while he was saying it he fell over. Lol

  • Krazy Kanuck
    Krazy Kanuck 8 hours ago

    @DALLMYD I sure hope both you and Pauly have the required gold placer licenses for the province of British Columbia. Also contacting BC Fisheries to make sure you are allowed to Snipe for gold in the waterways. www.bcplacer.com/basic_rules.htm

  • Quinn Productions
    Quinn Productions 8 hours ago

    Dude i found my first one yesterday!!! VIDEO IS ON MY CHANNEL its dated back 1500-3000 BC Check it OUT!! Thanks Guys

  • Danielle Hipple
    Danielle Hipple 8 hours ago

    'I didn't fall....' Then falls... 😂🤦

  • Smithsgold
    Smithsgold 8 hours ago

    Great underwater footage !!!!

  • Becky Walters
    Becky Walters 8 hours ago

    i live about a half hour walk or so from that same river. it wouldnt suprise me to know somebody got killed and dumped in there. probably several someones

  • Autumn Taylor
    Autumn Taylor 8 hours ago

    Big boy

  • t s
    t s 8 hours ago

    Brandon is such a great sport!

  • Trapezoid Sangwich
    Trapezoid Sangwich 9 hours ago

    Wow your channel has really grown it feels like yesterday when you were at 1,000,000 subscribers. Great job. You deserve this love.👏

  • Lautaro Herrera
    Lautaro Herrera 9 hours ago

    I now it’s so weird and cool

  • abdul qureshi
    abdul qureshi 9 hours ago

    Why don't you come edmonton, Alberta right next to bc. I'll show you some lakes and ponds that are very good for scuba diving and finding things

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders 9 hours ago

    Poor Brandon.

  • Joven Moroscallo
    Joven Moroscallo 9 hours ago


  • Sofia Salas
    Sofia Salas 9 hours ago

    seven plus

  • david jones
    david jones 9 hours ago

    Is this a grown up or a kid shouting whooo. Sorry can't listen to that

  • Steve Stolarczyk
    Steve Stolarczyk 9 hours ago

    Kids these days...

  • Riley Batcheller
    Riley Batcheller 9 hours ago

    Big boy jake

  • mpgquan io god
    mpgquan io god 10 hours ago

    Nice video I subed

  • Mer2SkiTeam
    Mer2SkiTeam 10 hours ago

    When your thumbnail is showing a pan full of gold and what I get is a few grams... Not good...

  • Mike Berry
    Mike Berry 10 hours ago

    That was just great guys