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Trying to learn ANYTHING new.
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Sound Pillow
Views 1.6M5 months ago
Basically EVERY Fox main.
Views 1.5M7 months ago
Challenge Failed?
Views 620K8 months ago
Challenge Accepted.
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Super Human Interview 2
Views 4.6M9 months ago
How I fix snoring
Views 753KYear ago
I hate porta potties.
Views 519KYear ago
When your knees weak.
Views 550KYear ago
You got five dollars?
Views 2.3MYear ago
If your shoes talked.
Views 2.7MYear ago
How taxes do you.
Views 1.7MYear ago
Your whole funny bone.
Views 1.4MYear ago
I hate delivery
Views 1.3MYear ago
Testimonial commercials
Views 964KYear ago
The 'Essay'
Views 929KYear ago
Catch these hands
Views 818KYear ago
This is Black Friday
Views 725KYear ago
Its not enough.
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  • Credible Jumper
    Credible Jumper Minute ago

    You're both villains πŸ˜‚

  • flame mover
    flame mover 4 minutes ago

    I watched this so many times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΆπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • GrimZ Salad
    GrimZ Salad 4 minutes ago

    Nice video with king vader

  • ephlox
    ephlox 23 minutes ago

    2:23 theres a bug/spider on the ceiling

  • AmazingDork777
    AmazingDork777 32 minutes ago


  • Pablo Quintana
    Pablo Quintana 52 minutes ago

    β€œMust have been nothingβ€πŸ˜‚that’s real shit manπŸ˜‚

  • Diana Peresi
    Diana Peresi Hour ago

    I am that person with a million alarms. Muhahahaha

  • Rocco Mannott
    Rocco Mannott Hour ago

    He got on his game that fast No startup

  • Jadon Crawford
    Jadon Crawford Hour ago

    Two people on camera at once?! What is this dark magic?!

  • CoolChicken_1213

    Why did Caleb smashing my computer :(

  • haloharry97
    haloharry97 Hour ago

    100k, 2 years later, he now has over 2.11M

  • D.L.C.
    D.L.C. Hour ago

    Think about all the sacrifices he made

  • x_ItzKillerx
    x_ItzKillerx 2 hours ago

    3:51 😭😭😭 That singinggggggg 😭😭😭

  • WI FI
    WI FI 2 hours ago

    "It's water"

  • Nugget
    Nugget 2 hours ago

    jif vs skeppy

  • Adnan Demir
    Adnan Demir 2 hours ago


  • Pvt. Prinny
    Pvt. Prinny 2 hours ago

    Haven’t yet seen any baggage handlers beating my stuff with a baseball bat, guess i’m one of the lucky ones

  • the perfect bros
    the perfect bros 2 hours ago

    " i don't read subtitles "

  • JAugust
    JAugust 2 hours ago

    Bruh I’m literally the guy with the million alarms and Damn is this accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Diaod
    Diaod 3 hours ago

    Anybody seen longbeachgriffy video lol?

  • sunset glimmer
    sunset glimmer 3 hours ago

    Friend: What's up? Me: I'm good how about you? Friend: ... Me: *I'm so stupidt*

  • Ava Meyers
    Ava Meyers 3 hours ago

    What am i doing in life...

  • Danial
    Danial 3 hours ago

    0:56 getting knocked down in fortnite

  • RCX cuber
    RCX cuber 4 hours ago


  • Lil Invader Zim
    Lil Invader Zim 4 hours ago

    What’s the tannish hoodie?

  • Thabang Sibanda
    Thabang Sibanda 4 hours ago

    Plot twist: he's hitting himself!

  • Amy Tai
    Amy Tai 4 hours ago

    no one: Caleb: *WATSALLDAT*

  • Officer Cops
    Officer Cops 4 hours ago

    Cashier: hi welcome to e Me: i wanna return the letter e Cashier: do u have a receipt or card? Me: *Forgot it at home* Me: uhhh no, lemme speak to the manager Cashier: Ok Manager: What is it? Me: I want to return the letter e Manager: Do you have a card or receipt πŸ€” Me: uhhhh get me head manager Manager: but hes bus- Me: GET ME THE HEAD MANAGER Manager: ugh fine Head manager what is it? Me: I WANT TO RETURN THE LETTER E AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK Head manager: Do you have a card or receipt? Me: Get me.......the police Head manager: ok Police: whats going on? Me: I WANNA RETURN THIS LETTER! Police: Do you have a card or receipts ? Me: πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ GET ME, THE SWAT TEAM Police: But they are dealing with a very dang- Me: JUST DO IT Police: oml fine SWAT: whats going on here Me: I WANNA RETURN THIS LETTER SWAT: card or receipt? Me: I WANT THE POLICE CHIEF! SWAT: Ok Police chief: What is it? Me: I WANNA GET RID OF THE LETTER E Police chief: Do you have a card or receipt Me: THATS IT, GET ME THE FBI Police chief: Ok FBI: Whats going on here? Me: I WANNA RETURN THIS FUCKIN LETTER FBI: first u need a receipt Me: MOTHERF- GET ME CIA FBI: FINE FFS CIA: Oh what now? Me: I WANNA RETURN THIS SHITTY E CIA: First of all, you need a receipt Me: GET ME THE MAYOR Mayor: wtf is it? Me: LEMME RETURN E MAYOR: I SAID RECEIPT ASSHEAD ME: GET ME THE GOVERNOR Mayor: fine asshead Governor: yes sir? Me: So I wanna return this e Governor: u need a receipt u nub Me: LEMME SPEAK TO THE VICE PRESIDENT! Governor: Which one? Me: THE USA! GOVERNOR: OK FINE Vice president: what is it? Me: I wanna return this shitty e Vice president: receipt? Me: GET ME, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Vice pressidentn: ITS HARD TO CALL HIM Me: I WANNA CALL HIM Vice president: here have it Me: GIMME PHONE! Uhh mr president? President: yes and how u get number Me: So I wanna return this E and they keep asking for receipt President: Rece- Me: *Hangs up* Me: FUCK!

  • Ishy Walker
    Ishy Walker 4 hours ago

    πŸ˜‚skyrim af

  • Thunder RiverSky
    Thunder RiverSky 5 hours ago

    This is like Brooklyn 99's Halloween Heists

  • Admiral Catface
    Admiral Catface 5 hours ago

    as a dude with longer legs than most people i can confirm this is true

  • TsyChun
    TsyChun 5 hours ago

    reminds me of the JoJo torture dance lmao

  • Takia Lanza
    Takia Lanza 5 hours ago

    I would let RBC rob my house

  • Takia Lanza
    Takia Lanza 5 hours ago

    Allergies left the lobby. Common cold left the lobby. CANCER HAS JOINED THE LOBBY

  • leo joy
    leo joy 5 hours ago

    I Love your theme song in the end man.

  • Takia Lanza
    Takia Lanza 5 hours ago

    Could be John wick.... Could be one punch man.... Could be any overpowered main character in anime history.... Or it could be shrek. No excuse

  • GPY cat
    GPY cat 5 hours ago

    why is the TV in my pocket

  • Takia Lanza
    Takia Lanza 5 hours ago

    I main greninja

  • Takia Lanza
    Takia Lanza 5 hours ago

    I asked who Obama's last name was..... I'm so S T U P I T

  • Eli Neiman
    Eli Neiman 5 hours ago

    The first guy was trifulger law from one piece and the move was shambles

  • Lilith
    Lilith 5 hours ago

    Can't for the next season of "I'm your wife, husband, cousin, sister, grandma and greengrocer"

  • Bilal Reis
    Bilal Reis 6 hours ago

    Your acting is superior

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 6 hours ago

    This is why people shoudn't have the ability to time travel... Or have flying cars... Or have any power at all...

  • NoobieSnake
    NoobieSnake 6 hours ago

    Nailed it!

  • Gabetron
    Gabetron 6 hours ago

    For honor lmao

  • NSC 1
    NSC 1 6 hours ago

    How the Crip dance became

  • jenki221
    jenki221 6 hours ago

    0:48 that’s when I’m thankful for microwaves that have the β€œquick minute” feature πŸ˜‚

  • NSC 1
    NSC 1 6 hours ago

    Someone give this man a record deal

  • Steven Bowser
    Steven Bowser 6 hours ago

    The joke had nothing to do with his friend being poor. It was just about how funny that car was

    XxDELFROxX 6 hours ago

    Bruh why did caleb turn to the door like that🀣🀣🀣

  • NSC 1
    NSC 1 6 hours ago

    Diss bout the fyest diss track ever

  • meesum zaidi
    meesum zaidi 7 hours ago

    Forgot where it's from, but someone said that the first person to make carbonated water was like: "I wish drinking water hurt"

  • ∞ Woof
    ∞ Woof 7 hours ago


  • Lord LichKing
    Lord LichKing 7 hours ago

    Interstellar in a nut shell 0:30

  • Heart Earth
    Heart Earth 7 hours ago

    some one remake this vid but with giornos theme song

  • Legit Assassin
    Legit Assassin 7 hours ago

    I can create darkness but i have to close my eyes

  • Felicia Taylor
    Felicia Taylor 7 hours ago


  • Mr.Death
    Mr.Death 7 hours ago

    I clicked before reading the Title and watched till the end and noticed β€œIsn’t this the case in Almost Ever Anime Ever?”

  • Felicia Taylor
    Felicia Taylor 7 hours ago


  • Unleashed Gaming
    Unleashed Gaming 7 hours ago


  • Sebastian Sanchez δΊ€


  • Sapphire DCw
    Sapphire DCw 8 hours ago

    I like how they bleep out the f word but not the n word lmao

  • Joseph Faultersack
    Joseph Faultersack 8 hours ago


  • Grabbearjet
    Grabbearjet 8 hours ago

    I really hate this video but I'm giving it a thumbs up to support my fellow black ppl makin money. Good fucking job Caleb. Wait... your name is Caleb?? Whatever, you look black to me. FIST and a THUMBS up

  • Icky
    Icky 8 hours ago

    Im just concerned for the other Caleb's back

  • Mer Williamson
    Mer Williamson 8 hours ago

    I felt this spiritually

  • Mer Williamson
    Mer Williamson 8 hours ago

    Ain't nothing common bout that cold...ears and eyes too....damn

  • ajasioux bea
    ajasioux bea 8 hours ago

    your hearing is outrageous

  • Mer Williamson
    Mer Williamson 8 hours ago

    The Introspection is always goldπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Adam Sunderland
    Adam Sunderland 8 hours ago

    Its really like this. "Oh you play 4 instruments on a professional level?" .... .... .... .... .... "But... Can you sing though?"

  • poop 4ever
    poop 4ever 8 hours ago


  • Zacattak 48
    Zacattak 48 8 hours ago

    Wtf i have that exact same bed sheet set and mario kart wii pillow case lol.

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX 8 hours ago

    i would’ve gotten out of the car LAKSLDD πŸ˜‚

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 8 hours ago

    when your teacher is omniscient type beat

  • JuicyDrop
    JuicyDrop 8 hours ago

    *Wakes up at **5:59* DAHH Not enough sleep

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 8 hours ago

    Great episode of Death Note! I was wanting a season 2 for so long!

  • Diego Jaimes
    Diego Jaimes 8 hours ago

    We just gonna ignore this man harmonizing ?

  • Jolt of Lightnin
    Jolt of Lightnin 8 hours ago

    Npc: *ZA WARUDO!!* Caleb: _yare yare daze_

  • cMuted
    cMuted 8 hours ago

    The only reason this video was made was because Caleb got stung by a wasp.

  • The trAsh Master
    The trAsh Master 9 hours ago

    Why is the song actually fire tho

  • m-azin emerald
    m-azin emerald 9 hours ago

    Who else feels like this some of the best he's done. There not as much good content out there.

  • Arya M
    Arya M 9 hours ago

    Atleast he’s better than 6ix9ine

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J 9 hours ago

    Why does the song slap tho

    • Joseph J
      Joseph J 9 hours ago

      I had to re watch it 10 times Bc it goes hard

  • Wolfang Strike
    Wolfang Strike 9 hours ago

    That outro sauce?

  • Jayisthename
    Jayisthename 9 hours ago

    I like the errie music

  • Icky
    Icky 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that heard the I don't care about orfans

  • Dest Edits
    Dest Edits 9 hours ago

    looking at the comments before watching the video will confuse the shit outta you

  • J V
    J V 9 hours ago

    Underrated Channel...

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 9 hours ago

    The way he says no, like obviously the guy gonna say no like wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Joshua Abole
    Joshua Abole 9 hours ago


  • Seaside Scott
    Seaside Scott 9 hours ago

    Tinnitus in a nutshell

  • Dest Edits
    Dest Edits 9 hours ago

    β€œwhat am i even doing here.”

  • Keneval
    Keneval 9 hours ago

    My dude, have you ever heard of a detailed athletic game called... QWOP?

  • Vicinitrix
    Vicinitrix 10 hours ago

    Me when eating a hotpocket instead of just pizza.

  • Jamir Quently
    Jamir Quently 10 hours ago

    what the fuck did this nigga say at 1:09

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 10 hours ago

    When Satan Had A Twitter Account and said this Satan: Spoiler: Everyone Dies "In the end the world when we Started world War 80th" "Me Drinking A Huge Wine bottle" Me :

  • TheN00b623
    TheN00b623 10 hours ago

    My bowser main is safe :)))

  • ExcaliburnII
    ExcaliburnII 10 hours ago

    Kirby is life change my mind πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Malakai's Cover Cluster

    "That's crazy how you told you to not play me."

  • BulbaWhat98
    BulbaWhat98 10 hours ago

    Looks like you really can die from drinking water lol