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The History of my Hair
Views 6M8 days ago
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Views 8M4 months ago
Locked out of my House
Views 13M10 months ago
Injuries & Being Sick
Views 21M2 years ago
Living with Ari
Views 22M2 years ago
Things I Feel Guilty About
Views 20M2 years ago
My Childhood Stories
Views 19M2 years ago
My Opinion on Traveling
Views 13M2 years ago
My Random Thoughts
Views 16M2 years ago
Parent Stories
Views 21M2 years ago
Happy Birthday Ari!
Views 16M2 years ago
My Strange Trip to Europe
Views 14M2 years ago
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
Views 11M2 years ago
My Instrument Experiences
Views 14M2 years ago
Things that Freak Me Out
Views 19M2 years ago
My Dog Stories
Views 21M2 years ago
Flirting & My Stories
Views 20M3 years ago
My Opinion on Halloween
Views 11M3 years ago
My School Stories
Views 19M3 years ago
New Member of the Family!
Views 10M3 years ago
Crazy Substitute Teachers
Views 22M3 years ago
The College Struggle
Views 11M3 years ago
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
Views 10M4 years ago
To the Moon (Piano)
Views 679K4 years ago
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
Views 634K4 years ago
How to be Stupid
Views 14M4 years ago
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Views 432K5 years ago
Dough D-D-Dear
Views 8M5 years ago
I Hate High Heels
Views 7M5 years ago
Hide and Pee
Views 8M5 years ago
Sneaky Advertisements
Views 7M5 years ago
JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.4M5 years ago


  • harry lewis
    harry lewis 5 hours ago

    Glasses are a hassle to remember in the morning

  • Kittylove_cho113
    Kittylove_cho113 5 hours ago

    If u get 700k make another gaming Pokémon vid on Pokémon Sun Or Moon

    SOURLEMONZ 7 5 hours ago

    Do an emerald nuzlocke or fire red

  • Bluy ellow
    Bluy ellow 5 hours ago

    Jaiden is talking about the drink while crazynes is happening Me:What the heck

  • Imran Shishir
    Imran Shishir 5 hours ago

    Bullsh*t. I'd flip in joy if i got a girl live you in my life. ;)

  • RickTickditch Ricky
    RickTickditch Ricky 5 hours ago

    Do drugs kids

  • ashley buttigig
    ashley buttigig 5 hours ago

    I'm dieing of heat strocke

  • 1nkl1ng
    1nkl1ng 5 hours ago

    Why was snom from sword and shield on the tv at 5:35

  • LunyLucky
    LunyLucky 5 hours ago

    I know their deaths were seriously sad and stuff but... "Onion, Corn, zipzapzop, squidward, Chad..." LMAOOOOO

  • CC K
    CC K 5 hours ago

    you humans seem pretty confused

  • ABV Kids Kohair
    ABV Kids Kohair 5 hours ago

    My birthday is 4-26-20

  • Stal's Corner
    Stal's Corner 5 hours ago


  • ollie uwu
    ollie uwu 5 hours ago

    I had undercuts to when my hair was long lol it also Help in the summer so much qwq I just dyed my own hair

  • ABV Kids Kohair
    ABV Kids Kohair 5 hours ago


  • Kobe Beef
    Kobe Beef 5 hours ago

    My hair grows up, and I need to get 1 haircut a month

  • ABV Kids Kohair
    ABV Kids Kohair 5 hours ago

    ArI looks fake

  • Chocolate Kitty
    Chocolate Kitty 5 hours ago

    People are Bootipul just the way they are.

  • Lewis Abbott
    Lewis Abbott 5 hours ago

    2:16 All I could think of is the endless staircase in super mario 64 before you have enough stars

  • Happy Geo
    Happy Geo 5 hours ago

    6:49 wow u got some skill maio

  • Yoshinoot
    Yoshinoot 5 hours ago

    The fish were the required sacrifices for the dog

  • Unicorn Number1
    Unicorn Number1 5 hours ago

    I don’t like the middle seat, but some people might like it because they don’t have to worry about falling? Cause if your next to the window you’ll go headfirst into a window? And if your on the aisle you’ll go all the way off your chair and onto the sidewalk? i guess? 😅

  • Filip Řezníček
    Filip Řezníček 5 hours ago

    I love this video! I cant even imagine how much work went into it, but I would love to see more pokemon stories. :)

  • Brandon Yee
    Brandon Yee 5 hours ago

    You are lefty?

  • Swaglife [Official]
    Swaglife [Official] 5 hours ago

    Jaiden: *left wallet at shrek's swamp* Shrek: *WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP* Wallet: *teleports to toilet*

  • The Doggos House
    The Doggos House 5 hours ago

    Your hair has layers so that means your hair are like onions and onions are like ogres so does this mean Jaiden’s hair is a onion to make the onion to a ogre also this is just a theory a who knows theory

  • PringleDingleNachoTingle :V

    my friend had her dogs hair pierce through the pink fleshy bit of the eye cover thing

  • FireBlock
    FireBlock 5 hours ago

    Me watching Flash-Player instead of learning to school

  • saba qety
    saba qety 5 hours ago


  • 권은미
    권은미 5 hours ago

    Drake:We have a tough team of dragon Pokémon Jaiden:We have a Blubby

  • Clyd3
    Clyd3 5 hours ago

    Plz do more

  • LoyLos MSP
    LoyLos MSP 5 hours ago

    I watched it yesterday and today I’m sick

  • What Even is This?
    What Even is This? 5 hours ago

    SNOM CAMEO!!!!

  • FireBlock
    FireBlock 5 hours ago

    Buy me a parrot

  • Frank W
    Frank W 5 hours ago

    I want to go to Japan!

  • ღ Savage Møøn ღ

    Jaiden, da heck My hair is exactly like yours Thicc as frick Gets everywhere *HEAVY* I still refuse to cut it

  • Lizette Lategan
    Lizette Lategan 5 hours ago

    Wait what I was also on September

  • delascroix
    delascroix 5 hours ago

    *make them say the F word*

  • Rissa Liew
    Rissa Liew 5 hours ago

    Poor roomie...

  • Susan Boardman
    Susan Boardman 5 hours ago

    YALL MY MOM IS ONE TOO... I.am.potato.

  • Cave rin
    Cave rin 5 hours ago

    Jaiden:we went to a florest... Me:oh no, not again

  • the real esper
    the real esper 5 hours ago

    I watch this video too much

  • Idiotic Icecream
    Idiotic Icecream 6 hours ago

    Hey jaiden since u have an undercut, do ya like to just swipe (or something) your finger on it? thats wut i like to do

  • The Breezy Big T
    The Breezy Big T 6 hours ago

    It's not (ree-you-ni-clus), it's (ree-you-nEEEEEEE-clus).

  • David’s Hologram
    David’s Hologram 6 hours ago

    I got a budgie yesterday and I love him, but I am having trouble bonding with him. Any tips on what to buy him, how to befriend him, or something I should know about him?

  • crapped computer
    crapped computer 6 hours ago

    I think jaiden's mom is a stand user Stand name:thicc style Stand user: jaiden's mom

  • Michewd
    Michewd 6 hours ago

    That uk boy kinda looks like me 😬

  • Titanix xD
    Titanix xD 6 hours ago

    You can get Aids by scatching yourself with a shovel when person with Aids did it too and you get contact with she/his blood

  • DAYTRICX Kenzo
    DAYTRICX Kenzo 6 hours ago

    who eatch this at 2019 ÙwÚ

  • Joe Average
    Joe Average 6 hours ago

    i have a bunch of hair strands pierced onto the top of my hear right now actually

  • First 2486
    First 2486 6 hours ago

    I've always been pushing myself and I haven't even improved I think I did but not much

  • Mathias Bedrossian
    Mathias Bedrossian 6 hours ago

    Ok lets be honest have you ever walked into a strangers car and only realized after its not an uber

  • Tepax Gamer
    Tepax Gamer 6 hours ago

    this should be a drama film

  • SparkleGamer playz
    SparkleGamer playz 6 hours ago

    3:30 MEGAADONOKI (Thats how she pronounced it

  • Lukalo24048 2
    Lukalo24048 2 6 hours ago

    "Pewds, i tried sneaking into youtube rewind 2019 with your chair but my dummy thicc hair keeps alerting the guards"

  • Bongo Boi
    Bongo Boi 6 hours ago

    Wait I can fool my mind.

  • Shadow The Miner
    Shadow The Miner 6 hours ago

    I KNEW MABEL FROM GRAVITY FALLS WAS GONNA BE THERE cause im a gravity falls nerd

  • kakashi *
    kakashi * 6 hours ago

    People are allowed to delete you off social media,delete your number,and just stop hanging with you..They dont owe you an explanation.If they dont like your energy anymore,you're toxic to them now,or you are affecting their mental health they're allowed to cut you off. Period.

  • Natalie Piedra
    Natalie Piedra 6 hours ago

    I didn’t have to do anything, my parents just sat me down and said we were going to get a dog

  • Chocolate Kitty
    Chocolate Kitty 6 hours ago


  • Flipped Matriz
    Flipped Matriz 6 hours ago

    It’s true you really won’t know who truly like you It’s not that I’m someone but my sister is So like they become friends then someone leaks that he likes my sister so now I distant my self to people who suddenly just talks to me Btw Love your channel I watched in Facebook first but learned its not really you so now I’m here make one in fb ty

  • pathfinder: forward scout

    My hair is just a birds nest

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 6 hours ago

    People who dislike this hate jaiden just because of how she looks and just don’t do that that is way to shallow for people and just open your eyes and just don’t judge people because of how they look

  • Earl Foote
    Earl Foote 6 hours ago

    Jaiden, while I've never had a people hair pierce my skin, as an avid lover of animals and having always had either a dog or cat or both around at literally every moment of my life, I have had a lot of times when I've had to attempt to surgically remove pet hairs from my foot that embedded themselves, broke off, then started to worm their way deep inside causing the same feeling you get from getting either a splinter or a shard of glass stuck in your foot. So, tldr; I know the feels of getting pierced by hair.

  • Archo246exep A
    Archo246exep A 6 hours ago

    What am I watching anymore 7:01

  • Zora Russo
    Zora Russo 6 hours ago

    I think u look pretty

  • Dank Spartanz
    Dank Spartanz 6 hours ago

    "its like falling from a tree" "it could be a nightmare, nightmare" "you need sunscreen, sunscreen"

  • Vanessa & Mitchell
    Vanessa & Mitchell 6 hours ago

    Woah, i don't know reading the comments while watching the video will kill my braincells

  • Ash Brigance
    Ash Brigance 6 hours ago

    (I’m on my moms phone) To all the people who disliked.. Who do you think you are?!? You disliking shows how stupid and pathetic you are! I don’t care if you get mad from my comment! She felt this way and you could have changed how she feels! I think it’s stupid! She almost cried a few times! I’m so sad and feel bad for her! My story is just like hers! I think it’s stupid.. how you people think bringing someone down who was drowning in her emotions is ok.. tsk.. pathetic Jaiden.. please.. Don’t give up.. live your life! Chase your dreams.. were all here for you.. ~Carly

  • Wadrib Rab
    Wadrib Rab 6 hours ago

    I got 99k problems and the comments aren't any of them

  • Moonlight MoonPlayz
    Moonlight MoonPlayz 6 hours ago

    now i know why my bf goes out to the salon every month since he has black hair fading into red and i did have a hair strand pierce my left leg and the hair is from my bf -^-

  • IMillenium
    IMillenium 6 hours ago

    Love it so much

  • The Aussie Legend
    The Aussie Legend 6 hours ago

    Who is Australian and wants to make a vid with me complaining about Australia ?

  • MarieYT Gaming&Music

    The only pet I've asked for is a Guinea pig. And my mom said yes. Because I have experience. And they help my anxiety. And were the only reason I went to school. Storytime: When I was in 4th grade my math/science teacher had Guinea pigs. I was lucky enough to be one of the Guinea pig caretakers despite never finishing the paperwork. I helped take care of them and got to take them home over Christmas break. When they had babies I asked my mom if I could get one and so we got two. Aspen and Violet. Although I dont have them anymore because we moved so we had to give them away. The move would've caused them a heart attack killing them. But I miss them everyday. Now I have a crackhead pigeon mix. Her name is Hope and she's a cat. But she acts like a crackhead and sounds like a pigeon. And she responds to crackhead. Shs also responds to Morgan. Hope responds to every name except for her own. So yeah.. crackhead cat.

  • Kids Nelson
    Kids Nelson 6 hours ago

    You are SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOIO good at drawing! Like seriously, how!

  • Gameverslaafd
    Gameverslaafd 6 hours ago

    I am dutch

  • Cranberry-Kitsune
    Cranberry-Kitsune 6 hours ago

    My hair is messy 1000% of the time

  • Its ROBLOX!
    Its ROBLOX! 6 hours ago


  • Smokegrenade 396 2
    Smokegrenade 396 2 6 hours ago

    Ari’s rich now

  • moonstone the youtuber

    I'm scared of loud flushing toilets to but I dash out of the room!!😂😂😂

  • S H U N N Y
    S H U N N Y 6 hours ago

    Did the title change?

  • The Aussie Legend
    The Aussie Legend 6 hours ago

    0:13 who raised their hand as well?

  • Slice Dice
    Slice Dice 6 hours ago

    My cousin taught me knees are ankles and ankles are knees I didn’t know until 2nd grade 🤦‍♂️

  • Kaye Barcenas
    Kaye Barcenas 6 hours ago

    wish I could talk to Misaki ♥

  • Im Gay
    Im Gay 6 hours ago

    How come you upload once a month

  • evie
    evie 6 hours ago

    i'm watching this a second time aND I ONLY JUST NOTICED DABI AND SHIGARAKI

  • Sammi Schroeder
    Sammi Schroeder 6 hours ago

    Om Igor! Adam, James, Rebecca, jazzy and jaiden!

  • Amiel Reginaldo
    Amiel Reginaldo 6 hours ago

    You're wonderful.

  • Pavan RVinod
    Pavan RVinod 6 hours ago


  • Im Gay
    Im Gay 6 hours ago

    Jaiden they get cute Me very cute Ari sees egg Also ari NOPE

    _SHINIGAMI_ TUTOR 6 hours ago

    I tried vegan meat before, my stomach went berserk at the toilet. I dont know why that happened

  • Flipped Matriz
    Flipped Matriz 6 hours ago

    Jaiden please make a Facebook page There is one but it’s not an official one So please please make one We really enjoy your videos pleaseeeee

  • kevinm 14 !!!!
    kevinm 14 !!!! 6 hours ago


  • Asiye Mete
    Asiye Mete 6 hours ago

    *jaiden sees sparkys level on 25* (jaiden) awwwww

  • Paula Kruger
    Paula Kruger 6 hours ago

    I did not mean to create a link I,m sorry

  • twenty one aliens
    twenty one aliens 6 hours ago

    when i say i cried-

  • dark
    dark 6 hours ago

    Me: *sees Spongebob is taller than Patrick* Also me: wait, thats illegal

  • Im Gay
    Im Gay 6 hours ago

    Half a day to shower what 😱😱😱😱

  • D Lim
    D Lim 6 hours ago

    Wait Did you steal the Steven universe Eyes?

  • Zeineb Taha
    Zeineb Taha 6 hours ago

    lol “opa” means grandpa in dutch hehe (im dutch :^) )

  • Puffweeb Pufferson
    Puffweeb Pufferson 6 hours ago

    5:11 is that a Jojo refrence...im sure of it