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  • Jess B x
    Jess B x Minute ago

    Dies Cristine choose where her ads go? As soon as she said Ad revenue there was an ad

  • Charlotte Hoareau
    Charlotte Hoareau 3 minutes ago

    Is eating lava cake with icing sugar *laughs and blows it everywhere*

  • XxRulerxX
    XxRulerxX 6 minutes ago

    The science behind finding things satisfying is both physiological and psychological (I was in an ap psychology class and an ap anatomy and physiology class 2 years ago and I don't remember sh*t but I have notes somewhere but this doesn't help you 😂)

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 9 minutes ago

    Where's the link to where I can get the iridescent flakies polish waaaaa!!??

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske 15 minutes ago

    4:48 i DiEd

  • Jiny
    Jiny 17 minutes ago

    You see, i was curious because sometimes (wait- btw i dont believe in like the future predictions or lucky stuff really) stuff about my personality and other traits some things were very off but somethings were spot on so somehow i discovered like sub-divisions apart from your main sign the other ones were called ur moon, ascendant and mid-haven(?) sign which depending on your exact birth time and date, everyones is different which provides more accurate information and each sign specifies on different subjects and that was really interesting and eye opening for me, i had always figured that there are only 12 types of people and all their traits are the same, well this was supposedly why. it's very interesting, you can find out ur naval chart on like a website and u can search up things about a lot of different categories like e.g. pisces moon sign traits. um apparently ur sun sign represents the core of yourself, the moon- inner self and rising sign- outer self, also like i tink specific signs indicate like for example aspirations, career, romantic stuff, personality/feelings, what u see in encounters and everyday aspects, attitude towards people. i quite hope u read this, although i cant force u to believe anything i think it'd be fun to and interesting to see into the specific sub divisions.

  • Ruzica Milosavljević
    Ruzica Milosavljević 21 minute ago

    Next video: "We made a holo car"

  • Britney Ronda
    Britney Ronda 24 minutes ago

    NAIL ART Cristine: what's that never heard of it

  • Holiday Pup
    Holiday Pup 28 minutes ago


  • Samantha Lofthouse
    Samantha Lofthouse 31 minute ago

    What made you like holo soooo much

  • KanaKookieなぜ
    KanaKookieなぜ 35 minutes ago

    Cristine, I went to a nail polish store and they had no base coats or topcoats 😔

  • KanaKookieなぜ
    KanaKookieなぜ 39 minutes ago

    3:52 Sis- I looked at my Horoscope and it said that a Libra is my best choice as my best friend.

  • Katt and Pupp gaming
    Katt and Pupp gaming 43 minutes ago

    I’m a Virgo ♍️ (September 3rd)

  • Tiffany Player
    Tiffany Player 44 minutes ago


  • comey2610
    comey2610 48 minutes ago

    My horoscope says get a damn life.

  • Aimee The turtle
    Aimee The turtle 57 minutes ago

    Happy birthday Ben! Only 1 year and five months late. Who else is watching in 2019?

  • ash S
    ash S Hour ago


  • milkypjm
    milkypjm Hour ago

    6:25 Sis im shooked😶

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske Hour ago

    Just a time stamp 5:17 5:17 5:17 5:17

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske Hour ago

    Menchie is sooo pretty, like god. If I was that pretty tho...

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske Hour ago

    Menchie is so pretty, like god. If I was that pretty tho

  • Leo Surname
    Leo Surname Hour ago

    8:56 omg song?

  • at me
    at me Hour ago

    Petition for Cristine to change her nail peely bag lol (not a new bag, just a new zip lock)

  • Amitraashini vk
    Amitraashini vk Hour ago

    Is there someone who is seeing this video on 2019 like me😜

  • ash S
    ash S Hour ago


  • Erin McNamara
    Erin McNamara Hour ago

    We have the same birthday - oct 17th!! 🎉

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Hour ago

    The order was still wrong😂😂

  • Shania Cummings
    Shania Cummings Hour ago

    Anyone else notice how she didn't even try, to make the end result look more shit, using shitty products?

  • Alena Vikernes666

    Put some JS lip scrub on your nose and it should help with the dryness!

  • gabriana cruz
    gabriana cruz Hour ago

    Cristen, you should try doing Halloween nails... but scary movie themed! Like IT, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, movies like that!

  • Hermione Gangeur

    How to shape your nails even if they too short to even have a length to start with

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske 2 hours ago

    99% comments: PANIC! AT THE DISCOOOOO! 0.7% comments: this is so old Me: Omg no liquid latex, no Cristine the science queen and just that SHE’S DOING DAIL ART AAH

  • the draculah
    the draculah 2 hours ago

    What a -chef kiss- MWAH delicious roast. 👌

  • Tammy Altes
    Tammy Altes 2 hours ago

    omg in the thumb nail you look a lot like the emoji girl lol

  • mika nakagawa
    mika nakagawa 2 hours ago

    Ben is turning into cristine 😂

  • mika nakagawa
    mika nakagawa 2 hours ago

    We got this gross blue icing and the goldfish looks like it’s dead... i can’t stop laughing

  • Jessy messa
    Jessy messa 2 hours ago

    CRISTINE You have to go to holo mountain HOLO MOUNTAIN

  • TildaMoon !14!
    TildaMoon !14! 2 hours ago

    Lisa koshy who Love 😍 you both

  • Totally Pony
    Totally Pony 2 hours ago

    I'm aquarius and I do spill water on a regular basis so mine is accurate.

  • BalancedEra
    BalancedEra 2 hours ago

    Damn, I wish my girl had just done a birth chart.

  • Soph Mercer
    Soph Mercer 2 hours ago

    I thought she was wearing champion for a second

  • BalancedEra
    BalancedEra 2 hours ago


  • julezzxmua
    julezzxmua 2 hours ago

    BUT CRISTINE!!! I just discovered your channel and I have to out myself as a HOLOsexual too so PLS SELL THEM AGAIN!!!! <3

  • Soraya Kamarullah
    Soraya Kamarullah 2 hours ago

    I vote for Dad.

  • Manorama Gupta
    Manorama Gupta 2 hours ago

    It is obvious that there is favouritism among your kids cristine. You like menchie more than zyler 😂

  • Nicky G
    Nicky G 3 hours ago

    Garlic actually works😏

  • Softpawslimes
    Softpawslimes 3 hours ago

    “Whoreoscopes” 😂😂

  • anna marie
    anna marie 3 hours ago

    I know this is literally years late, but they make kitty claw caps to prevent them scratching furniture and stuff, but they make colored ones too!

  • Diamond
    Diamond 3 hours ago

    2:17 over beyyyns left shoulder you can see hydro flasks Skskkskskssksksksksksksskksksksksksksksksksksksks

  • Jana Novakovic
    Jana Novakovic 3 hours ago

    Is it weird that I'm doing my math homework while watching this?

  • Emma McCabe
    Emma McCabe 3 hours ago

    Hello one year late

  • Taylor Black
    Taylor Black 3 hours ago

    22:09 *danielle cohn has entered the chat*

  • Dorothy Neuhring
    Dorothy Neuhring 3 hours ago

    When she was talking about adsense It cut her off with an ad. It must be my sleep deprived self but that was really funny to me 😂😂😓

  • Rachael Phillipson James

    Gotta love that intro

  • Wolfcat 675
    Wolfcat 675 3 hours ago

    There are new dates, your actually a virgo

  • Rainy day
    Rainy day 3 hours ago

    From a person who also watches Wengie Lol I found the commentary super funny!

  • Elim Yang
    Elim Yang 3 hours ago

    woohoo!! fellow libras unite!~

  • jesslol930
    jesslol930 3 hours ago

    I watch/listen to your videos before I go to bed and as soon as I dimmed my salt lamp the peel porn music started playing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 7km7 Gacha AJ
    7km7 Gacha AJ 3 hours ago

    TEA FREAK hit me with your best pot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I follow you on snap)

  • Ela Karamela
    Ela Karamela 3 hours ago

    How many times did she said "the average person"

  • yousif al-nassery
    yousif al-nassery 3 hours ago

    This was the first video I watch now I'm obsessed

  • Feeling Infinite
    Feeling Infinite 3 hours ago

    I saw Being and Nothingness and wanted to cry. Why must you remind me of that confusing as all hell book

  • Michal Radoff
    Michal Radoff 3 hours ago

    i aint yo mamma

  • Succulent Beans
    Succulent Beans 4 hours ago


  • Harry peashooter
    Harry peashooter 4 hours ago

    I wank 3 likes

  • Loko’s Cookies
    Loko’s Cookies 4 hours ago

    I do wanna grow mah channel tho...

  • Maria Padilla
    Maria Padilla 4 hours ago

    The 100 dollar bill smells more like Maple syrup

  • Eclypsa Queen
    Eclypsa Queen 4 hours ago

    Lol that line is as straight as me .

  • Haily Johnson
    Haily Johnson 4 hours ago

    Cristine: wow, its almost like they know that ad revenue increases around the Christma--" AD: plays Me: i see what you did there

  • Laura-White James
    Laura-White James 4 hours ago

    No way I'm a lebra 2

  • LovelyIKnowx
    LovelyIKnowx 4 hours ago

    What’s the purple holo she used for the balance sign?

  • Lucas Not Lucas
    Lucas Not Lucas 4 hours ago

    I cut out masking tape and use that as a "peel off basecoat" :x

  • James White
    James White 4 hours ago

    The only thing I have a problem with is when someone judges me for believing in astrology while their like wearing a Jesus chain.

  • mika nakagawa
    mika nakagawa 4 hours ago

    Cristine, react to BTS!

  • stpugs 78
    stpugs 78 4 hours ago

    Wow u really dropped so many hints of ur toe nail painting experiment and we didn't even notice

  • Amber G
    Amber G 4 hours ago

    Can you do a series where you do nails based off other zodiac signs? :)

  • Evie Sherman
    Evie Sherman 4 hours ago

    I don’t bite my nails, but I tear them off. I can grow my pinky nails super fast, but my other nails grow super slow, and I always accidentally tear them subconsciously😂