The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • 84JLane
    84JLane 3 hours ago

    These clowns said "Canada is soft" in the 76ers Raptors series

  • Nathan Poulos
    Nathan Poulos 3 hours ago

    Kawhi barely even guarded Giannis. Did Colin forget someone named Siakam who was guarding Giannis for the most part while scoring over 20 a game. The whole Toronto team killed it. They won like 20 and lost 5 games total when Kawhi was out lol. Kawhi didn't dominate the league lol my god how people so easily get on a bandwagon. Warriors had 2 of their stars injured. Kawhi didn't beat no dynasty lolz also the spurs dynasty of 4 all stars beat a lebron heat team where it was a big 1 as Wade was injured with knee tendinitis. Wade played 50 games that season trying to get it better and it never came good also Bosh was a shell of himself and was basically finished. It was lebron doing everything as usual. So it took 4 hall of famers to beat Lebron and some role players basically... Yeh Kawhi really killed that superteam haha Colin flip flops more than Kardashians on a black athletes and rappers..

  • Raul Lopez
    Raul Lopez 4 hours ago

    You need more realistic scores Colin, good lord!

  • Zac Marvel
    Zac Marvel 4 hours ago

    You heard it jerry, call Meyer right now!

  • Lemmy Lemz
    Lemmy Lemz 4 hours ago

    At eh game of load management the Clippers will struggle, and not the Lakers. Lebron got enough shooters and Rebounders to dominate little teams without AD

  • Jt Talks
    Jt Talks 4 hours ago

    This is all correct in my opinion

  • Perfecto Ali Salaam El

    Collins Picks 1. Denver Nuggets 2. Utah Jazz 3. Clippers 4. Golden State 5. Lakers 6. Portland 7. Spurs 8. Mavericks

  • David Harris
    David Harris 5 hours ago

    Ppl actually think Kawhi alone stopped Giannis...lmao. How did they get a platform to speak on something they know absolutely nothing about. They zoned Giannis. Zone is designed to make opposition shoot jump shots. Similar to what Pop did to lebron 1st go rd

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 5 hours ago

    But I’m with the ravens. Hawks way too young to be going 6-1 lol

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 5 hours ago

    Colts Texans is hard. Giants are trash. Hawks ravens is hard

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 5 hours ago

    He picked some very very tough games this week. Cowboys eagles is impossible if I had to I’m takin Dallas at home. Philly hasn’t lost 3 straight

  • trent noble
    trent noble 5 hours ago

    Khawi Giannis Durant

  • Francisco Castelan
    Francisco Castelan 5 hours ago

    Lakers vs everybody .... let’s fucken say it already... let’s gooo

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 5 hours ago

    What about LaMarcus Aldridge & DeMar DeRozen? 🧐

  • JTrillZ BooFed
    JTrillZ BooFed 5 hours ago

    “Atlanta’s defense makes everyone comfortable” 😂😂

  • Daqwon Ferguson
    Daqwon Ferguson 6 hours ago

    He didn’t destroy the warriors they was hurt & that raptors team was a good team already they just needed that 1 super star stop the hype please

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 6 hours ago

    I wouldn't want to build a team around Leonard either. Spurs tried that and he flailed them miserably. I dont count that chip because they got there pretty much with out him.

  • Greg Marks
    Greg Marks 6 hours ago

    Urban Meyer is really the only coach that could turn Michigan into a legitimate power IMO. Unfortunately he won’t be coming here.

  • J Money
    J Money 6 hours ago

    These GM’s shouldn’t be asked these questions. It shows they just have money and don’t really know basketball.

  • Oi40ozCasualty
    Oi40ozCasualty 6 hours ago

    Got to disagree with the Seattle pick. I think the noise in that place is going to give Lamar a lot of issues. I think that lets Seattle come away with the win. Everything else is a good guess.

  • Politics scitilop
    Politics scitilop 6 hours ago

    I actually never thought of that Cut Brady career in half and it can still be argued he is the Greatest QB ever, or atleast in top 3 That's 1 for the haters They will have nightmares over that one😂😂😂

  • Arkadiusz Rogala
    Arkadiusz Rogala 7 hours ago

    In the dictionary: Tizzy, noun A state of nervous excitement or agitation “He got into a tizzy and was talking complete nonsense.”

  • Inderdeep Singh
    Inderdeep Singh 7 hours ago

    He doesn’t know if Danny green can stretch the floor 😂😂😂

  • The Lurchness Monster !!

    Description: "Former Michigan Head Coach Urban Meyer"... Oohh... That typo could get you in a lot of trouble in Ohio!!

  • Montray Brown
    Montray Brown 7 hours ago

    Lincoln Riley isn’t going anywhere shoot who would give up that job up complete control of the team at OU and you wouldn’t get that from Dallas trust me jerry is too much In his way and distracting.

  • Kremey
    Kremey 7 hours ago

    Looks like you were wrong about Lamar jackson lmao

  • dylan yates
    dylan yates 7 hours ago

    Meyer sure sounds like he’s selling himself for the call/ job! Cmon to Dallas!

  • serj zolfaghari
    serj zolfaghari 7 hours ago

    Cat mobley straight schooling colin !!!

  • Hunter Wolff
    Hunter Wolff 8 hours ago

    I’m watching this after the Illinois game so....

  • Ben Foshager
    Ben Foshager 8 hours ago

    The case for Kawhi not being chosen as the best player is that the Raptors were really good without him and one factor in Leonard winning is LeBron leaving the conference, which no one talks about.

  • nick jones
    nick jones 8 hours ago

    Kawhi has been in the right situation his entire career. Nuff said.

  • Ken Hayabusa
    Ken Hayabusa 8 hours ago

    I still think Patriots passing on Lamar Jackson will come back to haunt them. Anyways, a Patriots win over any team would be an upset cuz Patriots have the oldest QB. Keep doubting them so they can keep using it as motivation to prove doubters wrong. It never gets old. Dynasty lives on!

    YEOITSSKI 8 hours ago

    Colin is an idiot sometimes, both coaches have stressed how important this game is ?????

  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks 8 hours ago

    Utah is so Overrated

  • Will Martin
    Will Martin 8 hours ago

    Come to save the Dallas Cowboys .....we need a real coach! Please! I live in your town of Ashtabula, Ohio.

  • Landon Olson
    Landon Olson 8 hours ago

    His teams give up a massive number of points in the big 12... great offensive mind, tougher in NFL. Lincoln Riley’s mind against Tom and Bill, I’ll put my money on Tom and Bill... still.

  • Nelson Castro
    Nelson Castro 8 hours ago

    Don’t you think GMs might know better than you?

  • Joshua Nickerson
    Joshua Nickerson 8 hours ago

    This guy doesnt put the Rockets in the playoffs and doesnt have the lakers top 4 in the west, and hes trashing on GMs for not knowing basketball lmaoooo

  • Tobias Valasquez
    Tobias Valasquez 8 hours ago

    "They shouldn't get paid. It's a more pure game that way." - multi millionaire coach

  • Mister Paradise
    Mister Paradise 8 hours ago

    Let me aks you something 1:19 2:18 2:23 Who said it better? 2:29

  • nicolas cruz
    nicolas cruz 8 hours ago

    Covered thanks to Michigan, much more enjoyable watching this after the fact

  • Zachary John Gilbert

    I mean...the Chiefs won the game...decisively

  • Some Random Nerd
    Some Random Nerd 9 hours ago

    I played line on both sides. I respected other linemen. No one else.

  • 23
    23 9 hours ago

    And stone cold shattered the glass

  • NBA MegaMaster
    NBA MegaMaster 9 hours ago

    With that easy of a Patriots schedule the Pats will walk into the super bowl with the hardest challenge they faced all year and lose. Hopefully to the Bears or 49ers

  • Bk6346
    Bk6346 9 hours ago

    He’s going to beat the Chiefs again.

  • 12st Numbers
    12st Numbers 9 hours ago

    The moment pulls Joy in the convo I’m out

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin 9 hours ago

    We are about to win another one.

  • wîse
    wîse 9 hours ago

    Toronto best a injured GS team 🤨 If KD was healthy, it would’ve been over in 5

  • James DeBall
    James DeBall 9 hours ago

    KC has to play CHI and GB with Mahomes out

  • Mickey DeNicola
    Mickey DeNicola 9 hours ago

    Did he just say steph is one of the bests at hittin big game shots. What the heck

  • Tahreem Sheikh
    Tahreem Sheikh 9 hours ago

    Colin acting like Toronto is not a good team with a great coach, still taking kawhi over Greek freak tho

  • John Harrop
    John Harrop 9 hours ago

    Wright just hates Boston sports in general because they win

  • DannyG Studios
    DannyG Studios 9 hours ago

    Anyone win money from his predictions?

  • Marc Daniels
    Marc Daniels 9 hours ago

    @ & @ I have been a Chargers fan since one night in 1981 when I was 7 years old and I was watching NFL football for the first time with my dad and it happened to be the “epic in Miami”. I was watching from Westport, Connecticut and from that moment I was hypnotized by this electrifying team with lightning bolt uniforms, captained by “Air Coryell” and piloted by a bearded lumberjack named Dan Fouts. Before my dad passed away he fufilled literally a life long dream of mine and bought us (which was out of his league as a life long construction materials salesman) two field level tickets at the 50 yard line in Qualcomm Stadium to watch an NFL playoff game; when the Chargers played the New York Jets in I want to say 2007? This time Marty ball Schottenheimer was the captain and a liver spotted baby face named @ was the pilot and a darth vader dark visored @ as the lead gunner captivated my imagnation as a then 38 year old @ fan. Dad also bought the plane tickets from New York to San Diego (also over his affordability level) and the hotel room at the Super 8 (more like our family’s socio economic speed lol). The point is (I’m getting there, forgive me I’m a writer. A struggling writer as you can tell by the writing probably) the point is, my father wanted to experience our team (he became a @ over the years, my enthusiasm for the team was so infectious) play a playoff game at home, in San Diego California. He watched me growing up in Connecticut wearing my Charger jersey that when one of his builders who was going on vacation to San Diego; he gave him the 40 bucks or whatever it was and asked if he could get his son (me) a Charger jersey since on the East Coast in the 80’s it was not only mostly Jets Giants Patriots, but never, ever, under any circumstance would there be a store carrying San Diego Charger paraphernalia. That last sentence admittedly wonky as an Ed Luther pass to Bobby Duckworth, I’m confident the context and point came through. All of that back history now paved, when the @, my loyalty was tested to its fullest resolve. I thought maybe I’d just stop watching football because rooting for any other team but the @ just isn’t an option for me; plus my father had passed (2015). I truly loved the @, my heart was broken all the way across the country here in @. I have to admit it was only for @ that I was able to survive the move and remain an ardent @. So, and this is truly the final, main point I really wanted to make: The @ should be very worried about what is happening now in 2019 with the @ because with @ retirement in likely the next year or two; the last vestiges of “Charger Mystique” or “Charger Magic” that only other @ understand will be gone. Rivers is the last bond, the last tie to the @ @. Now with what I can only describe as totally humiliating these games that are being played by the @ in the completely demoralized atmosphere of the @ where last week the @ had 80% @ at a “Home Game” for the Chargers; I personally will be pulling my support of not just he @ but I will like I said, no longer be an @. They must move back to San Diego. Period. @ @ @

  • Rich Harrow
    Rich Harrow 10 hours ago

    This was great 😭😭....

  • N S
    N S 10 hours ago

    kawhi 28

  • Michael Padilla
    Michael Padilla 10 hours ago

    Kawhi didn’t end the heat🤣

  • Donald K. MacBaird
    Donald K. MacBaird 10 hours ago

    Urban Meyer was not the coach of Michigan his last place to coach was Ohio St.

  • Smitty J Enterprises
    Smitty J Enterprises 10 hours ago

    Steph is a horrible clutch shooter this literally has to be off shooting ability

  • Rohan Pattankar
    Rohan Pattankar 10 hours ago

    How are these guys analyst when they don't even know the roster properly...!

  • don trotter
    don trotter 10 hours ago

    Have you seen my man Puna Ford, colin? Remember Jaron Reed? Well they better plan for both them because that number 1 rushing attack is going to be throttled. Bobby, KJ, Kendricks, fast, long and mean. This is going to be a great exhibition of Seahawks dismantling another torpid team that relies on 1 player to do stuff. I really hate when you pick against the Hawks MAN! Burns my hide. Dont fall in the hype hole dude. Seahawks 42- ravens 20. fumble return, pick 6 and old fashion run and pass for the rest.

  • Jacobo
    Jacobo 10 hours ago

    As a cowboys fan, I hope the Eagles win. Whatever it takes to get that carrot head clapper fired.

  • Jacobo
    Jacobo 11 hours ago


  • Zane Duggs
    Zane Duggs 11 hours ago


  • nba_strictly _0
    nba_strictly _0 11 hours ago

    1.denver 2.lakers 3.clippers 4.warriors 5.rockets 6.blazers 7.utah 8.thunder

  • reciprocating social lobotomy

    This is beyond boomerism.

  • Abdul Hadarah
    Abdul Hadarah 11 hours ago

    He’s always been known to be a Stafford/Lions hater. I agree but let’s be realistic, the zebras robbed Detroit from that win.

  • Fred Boxer
    Fred Boxer 11 hours ago

    I love Lincoln Riley

  • kevin Garnett
    kevin Garnett 11 hours ago

    For Tom brady the who doesn't matter. But for lebron the who does it matter. Take a look how lebron playing always who? Wade/bosh, irving/love, now ad. So for lebron the who does it matter. Because if u remember the who wade got traded back to miami cause wade is "old" he cares only about winning tho.

  • Chillax
    Chillax 11 hours ago

    Ryan Pace is such a dogshit GM

  • Rob Cranston
    Rob Cranston 11 hours ago

    Andy doesn’t do the running game good? I think Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook, LeaSean McCoy, Jamal Charles, and Kareem Hunt would disagree. Andy gets away from the run sometimes but he pumps out pro bowl RB’s everywhere he goes.

  • do we still have sketties?

    One thing Green Bay did well is pay the refs

  • Spencer Page
    Spencer Page 12 hours ago

    This man’s analysis is garbage

  • Samolufemi
    Samolufemi 12 hours ago

    its crazy the first thing u say about giannis who is 6'11 and a freak athlete is oh can he shoot but zion who is 6'7 u dont worry he can't shoot also. This man is weird

  • Adrian Barnes
    Adrian Barnes 12 hours ago

    I swear these LeBron fanboys but what do you know what do you expect from LeBron fan if the Houston Rockets make it to the playoffs as the second seed Colin Cowherd bet not never never never never talked about any sport in the world

    EMPTY VXSSXL 12 hours ago

    Are we just gonna sit here and ignore the fact that kawhi couldn't have won the chip if kd and klay played the whole series...... Smh

  • Jason LeBlanc
    Jason LeBlanc 12 hours ago

    But he list... all hail Tom Brady

  • Samolufemi
    Samolufemi 12 hours ago

    this list is horrendous

  • Samolufemi
    Samolufemi 12 hours ago

    Colin the warriors got destroyed by injuries, what is he on didnt durant, klay and looney miss games

  • Samolufemi
    Samolufemi 12 hours ago

    I love kahwi, He has been imo the second best player in the league for sometime but why do we all of the sudden forget the type of defense toronto started playing on giannis, it just wasnt kahwi alone u could see three guys on him and everytime he kicked it out toronto decided lets leave bledsoe open every damn time 😆 cause they knew the result. Kahwi played good defense but it was toronto scheme with three dudes on one guy that won that series for them

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay 12 hours ago

    9ers at number one or two!

  • Adam Duvall
    Adam Duvall 12 hours ago

    Bro wtf is the deathstar desk hahahaha Colin I think you're compensating

  • Nate and Family
    Nate and Family 12 hours ago

    Nick is definitely biased.. we need him to go!

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis 13 hours ago

    I hope Arizona and the Baltimore can pull out wins.

  • Laser Games
    Laser Games 13 hours ago

    How is PSU above Clemson when they almost lost to Pitt? Oh and Klatt that "championship contender" Wisconsin lost to Illinois today. I know you're not supposed to pay attention to last year but the last 5 years have been nothing but Clemson and Bama destroying everyone and only being matched by each other.

  • The Dude Abides
    The Dude Abides 13 hours ago

    These are just on America. America doesn’t equal the world.

  • Kaleo Bastio
    Kaleo Bastio 13 hours ago

    lol wisconsinnnnnn

  • Brad Pirochta
    Brad Pirochta 14 hours ago

    Speaking on behalf of Browns, Lions, Jets, Buffalo, etc... fans. Telling someone who's team ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick that their team should have done more when a ref screws them over sounds condescending. Do you think its a coincidence that in 5 YEARS in NE, Flowers never got called for hand-to-face, then within the first 5 GAMES in Detroit he gets called TWICE?

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan 14 hours ago

    I said the cheifs were overratted And you are talking about the NBA like america cares about those communists anymore Labron is a traitor to democracy and human rights Sell outs

  • RC Knight
    RC Knight 14 hours ago

    Houston is not the same team that faced Jacoby faced three times. Houston about stun you all again.

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams 14 hours ago

    Here's the thing the officials didn't make calls when Staff and company were on offense like pass interference so it works both ways. Refs take away good defense and on offense refs allow stuff that should be called to pass thus hurting the offensive game then try to blame Staff for it smh

  • Alfonso s
    Alfonso s 14 hours ago

    He watches Urinating tree

  • Fletcher Seely
    Fletcher Seely 14 hours ago

    I sure hope you're wrong about the Seahawks, just like you were last week.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 14 hours ago

    Looks like he was wrong about Wisconsin lol

  • JHOT247
    JHOT247 14 hours ago

    38-34 the high octane eagles take the win in big D

  • Lamar Love
    Lamar Love 14 hours ago

    Yeah nick and with all that bull you just said,Patrick maholmes is injured and brady is healthy and undefeated and will win his 7th super bowl this year.

  • Delilah Puddingstash
    Delilah Puddingstash 14 hours ago

    Wisconsin ummmm, bye bye

  • Mikey Bee
    Mikey Bee 14 hours ago

    Everyone talking about his hair, I’m just happy he shared this story. Big fan of Colin, never understood why people don’t like him. He seems like a good guy

  • David Evans
    David Evans 14 hours ago

    The winner of the Cowboys, Eagles game will in most cases win the division. So both teams aren't good enough to receive the wildcard position, so "It is it". Like most ppl are saying.