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  • Ashley Spires
    Ashley Spires 4 hours ago

    Well the ice cream machine at the McDonald’s I work at always works, so feel free to gimme some money 🤣

  • simas simas
    simas simas 5 hours ago

    20:07 like you pause and you can see the drone

  • PepperJackJags
    PepperJackJags 5 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back

  • YoUnG DaViD
    YoUnG DaViD 5 hours ago

    8 hours 48minutes

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett 6 hours ago

    bring itsyescientist back

  • Gus The Dude
    Gus The Dude 6 hours ago

    I thought he inhaled helium at the start of the video

  • Anthony Garitta
    Anthony Garitta 6 hours ago

    bring itsYeScientist back!!!

  • Brett Powell
    Brett Powell 6 hours ago

    Bring ItsYeScientist back

  • Lorenzo Rizzo
    Lorenzo Rizzo 8 hours ago

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  • TEHTEZ _
    TEHTEZ _ 8 hours ago

    Editor:How many ads do you want? Itsyeboi:Yes 😂😂

  • Randi Black
    Randi Black 8 hours ago


  • Aspect Edokim127
    Aspect Edokim127 9 hours ago

    Bring it’s ye scientist back I’m ov

  • Ruby Lopez Garcia
    Ruby Lopez Garcia 9 hours ago

    Love it

  • Francisco S
    Francisco S 9 hours ago

    What if you add flour into it

  • Cole Chamberlain
    Cole Chamberlain 9 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back!!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • slayer_yt 2003
    slayer_yt 2003 9 hours ago

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  • Angel  Garcia
    Angel Garcia 10 hours ago

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  • Elijahthecatlove Ultimate

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  • Yanely Adame
    Yanely Adame 10 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back. LOCE YOU SEAN, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 😀😁❤❤

  • Jayden Overton
    Jayden Overton 10 hours ago

    He woah boi

  • King
    King 11 hours ago

    Fam I watched this video 4 times and every time I watch it gets funnier

  • doubleoazn03
    doubleoazn03 11 hours ago

    i think diet coke works better for the mentos trick my g

  • Ryan Pareti
    Ryan Pareti 11 hours ago

    Aim ?

  • Varun RajeVerma
    Varun RajeVerma 11 hours ago

    the second one my grandma could have solved smh these guys are rlly dumb

  • Brady Odom
    Brady Odom 11 hours ago

    I wonder if he knows it supposed to be Diet Coke

  • William Noel
    William Noel 12 hours ago

    Whisk smarter itsyescientnce or itsyegeines

  • Doctor Doge
    Doctor Doge 12 hours ago

    That face 8:10

  • Eckon
    Eckon 12 hours ago

    pree that he already hydro dipped a duck

  • Colten Keller
    Colten Keller 12 hours ago

    bring its ya scientist back

  • Yung dredd
    Yung dredd 12 hours ago

    the ballon under water is basic science its filled with air when you blow air under water it goes up to the surface so it basically did the same thing

  • Jonathan Nieto
    Jonathan Nieto 12 hours ago

    Bring its ye scientist back

  • Dodo the Great
    Dodo the Great 12 hours ago

    i feel bad for you man. but nice vids fam

  • onestop
    onestop 12 hours ago

    This was boring

  • Abbas Mohamed-Saeed
    Abbas Mohamed-Saeed 12 hours ago

    Bring its ye scientist back

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia 13 hours ago

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  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 13 hours ago

    I know I’m a bit late but that doesn’t matter what does matter is YOU GOTTA BRING ITSYESCIENTISTBACK bro lol

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 13 hours ago

    BRING BACK ITSYE SCIENTIST or imma be cheeeesed fam.

    JK VLOG'S 13 hours ago

    BrInG iTs YeScIeNtIsT backkkkkk

  • shrek praise
    shrek praise 13 hours ago

    man just wants to flex the stone island

  • lauren smith
    lauren smith 13 hours ago

    It'syescientist 🤣😘

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy 13 hours ago

    Bring its Ye scientist

  • iTz Smokescreen
    iTz Smokescreen 13 hours ago


  • KsaBssam
    KsaBssam 13 hours ago

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  • DocD
    DocD 14 hours ago

    No wolfie or bongo

  • XML-_Happy _
    XML-_Happy _ 14 hours ago

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  • Waqeel Miller
    Waqeel Miller 14 hours ago

    Bring ItsYeScientist back!!

  • Lifes Great
    Lifes Great 14 hours ago

    Seems like your running out of ideas for your videos .

  • Ayaaz Gazi
    Ayaaz Gazi 14 hours ago

    Can’t you just buy food colouring

  • Grayson Fleming
    Grayson Fleming 14 hours ago

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  • TrAshy gAmeR
    TrAshy gAmeR 14 hours ago


  • Lovemonkey
    Lovemonkey 14 hours ago

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  • Nicholas Davidson
    Nicholas Davidson 14 hours ago

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  • the challenger
    the challenger 14 hours ago

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  • Danny Maldonado Jr
    Danny Maldonado Jr 15 hours ago

    Awesome. I've been watching ItsYeBoi for some time. I too was wondering if you were still an item. Great to see you are!

  • Taylor Foster
    Taylor Foster 15 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back

  • AidanGaming 67
    AidanGaming 67 15 hours ago

    making 2 rows with 1 coin is EZ

  • Cathaniel Marte
    Cathaniel Marte 15 hours ago

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  • Joanne Palmer
    Joanne Palmer 15 hours ago

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    IRTG2006 15 hours ago

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  • Bilal Chams
    Bilal Chams 15 hours ago

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  • David Moen
    David Moen 15 hours ago

    2:58 died

  • Devagya Khator
    Devagya Khator 16 hours ago

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  • Heath Vincent
    Heath Vincent 16 hours ago

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  • Nelly 23
    Nelly 23 16 hours ago

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  • Zack Rutter
    Zack Rutter 16 hours ago

    Let the guy speak how he wants to p.s wavy vibes

  • hafizah akhtar
    hafizah akhtar 16 hours ago

    Lol that donkey tho. I couldn't stop if u look like that when u laugh

  • junior hawks
    junior hawks 16 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back

  • 1000 sub goal ProX Haseeb

    Keep it up

  • SKARclan04
    SKARclan04 16 hours ago

    your supposed to do it with diet coke foo

  • Swag DuCk
    Swag DuCk 16 hours ago

    Yo why is ur size medium I am 13 years old and I wear medium shirts

  • Jacob Pinsk
    Jacob Pinsk 17 hours ago

    bring itsyescientist back

  • Curtis Family
    Curtis Family 17 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back

  • Flip Vidz
    Flip Vidz 17 hours ago

    I must hate to be this kids neighbor

  • Abbass Jaber
    Abbass Jaber 17 hours ago

    Did anyone else saw wolfie cheating by cutting the lime with his nail 12:58

  • Steven Limonoff
    Steven Limonoff 17 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the defender robot sound like r2 d2 when he goes forward

  • Shivasen Govender
    Shivasen Govender 17 hours ago

    When you hydro dip you supposed to use clean water

  • Shivasen Govender
    Shivasen Govender 17 hours ago

    5:10 colors don't evaporate in water buddy

    KINGSALSAL 17 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back😂🙏

  • Alexis Copenhaver
    Alexis Copenhaver 17 hours ago

    Fire extinguisher chemicals are not good for you, v toxic

  • becca lynne
    becca lynne 17 hours ago


  • Josh Mustafa
    Josh Mustafa 18 hours ago

    Bring ItsYeScientist back!

  • ida 99
    ida 99 18 hours ago

    Was nice to see you and your dad walking 🔥🥰

  • AramaicSuryoyo7
    AramaicSuryoyo7 18 hours ago


  • Miss Gen
    Miss Gen 19 hours ago

    YO! I wish I could motorboat those wrinkles on your forehead lol

    • Miss Gen
      Miss Gen 13 hours ago

      @ItsYeBoi I say that with the upmost respect! :)

    • ItsYeBoi
      ItsYeBoi 17 hours ago

      Loooool I’m crying 😭

  • Noble-Henco Plays
    Noble-Henco Plays 19 hours ago

    Bring It'sYaScience back!!!!

  • arbarjauham
    arbarjauham 19 hours ago

    Tht Godzilla was really cool

  • Mathew Vaughan
    Mathew Vaughan 19 hours ago

    Bring itsye scientists back

  • Joseph Tamayo
    Joseph Tamayo 19 hours ago

    How funny how they pretend! 🤣🤣🤣🙏🤣

  • keaton bray
    keaton bray 19 hours ago

    This channel is cancelled 💀🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ericaltm
    ericaltm 20 hours ago

    You should do more Coca Cola experiments!

  • Keira Mckenzie - Thompson

    Bring itsYescientitist backkkkk broooo lets gooo

  • Yakadoodledongywongy
    Yakadoodledongywongy 20 hours ago

    This hurt my brain.

  • Siraj Khan
    Siraj Khan 20 hours ago

    Bring itz your scientist back plz

  • Cameron Spangler
    Cameron Spangler 20 hours ago

    Bring itsyescientist back!!

  • Matt Longton
    Matt Longton 21 hour ago

    You guys should have filled the entire tank up with Diet Coke and had a bucket full of mentos and poured it in

  • Brad
    Brad 21 hour ago

    Why does he keep asking me if I am dumb?

  • Fab Stars
    Fab Stars 21 hour ago

    Bro. ItsYeFamily out here watchin the vidddssss

  • Adalia Rose
    Adalia Rose 21 hour ago

    Bring itsyescientist back

  • zia mohey
    zia mohey 21 hour ago

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  • Peter Gajdosik
    Peter Gajdosik 22 hours ago

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