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  • The Menagerie
    The Menagerie 2 seconds ago

    These fuckin maniacs 😂

  • I hate niggers and faggots

    Why do people care so much about shors

  • 01bletsch
    01bletsch 50 seconds ago

    Masdival dresses like Tubbs from Miami Vice lol.

  • nathan woodley
    nathan woodley Minute ago

    Ben Askren" , can see dead people now!!!!

  • Goliath Lawrence
    Goliath Lawrence Minute ago

    Literally every second of this was entertaining.

  • Da God
    Da God Minute ago

    Been bumping gucci since 05

  • Kenneth Vance
    Kenneth Vance 4 minutes ago

    Yeah the way Drake & Ak say the N-Word sound cringy AF!

  • killswitch32
    killswitch32 5 minutes ago

    This was a great interview!

  • Alex Pennie
    Alex Pennie 5 minutes ago

    The fuck kind of household did DC grow up in thinking you can win Connect 4 that way???

  • Rau Met
    Rau Met 5 minutes ago


  • K !
    K ! 7 minutes ago

    One of the best UFC interviews of all time

  • ShizAudi
    ShizAudi 8 minutes ago

    Trash ass rapper. Quantity over quality. “I can make an album in 1 day.....” GTFOH smh.

  • jomama
    jomama 8 minutes ago

    He made a song with Marilyn Manson !!! Shit hard af

  • Sun Ra
    Sun Ra 8 minutes ago

    Rockhold could be gay no?

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 10 minutes ago

    My dream shoes are Off White Nike Vapormax the 10 white color way. Can’t afford them though

  • S DUBG
    S DUBG 10 minutes ago

    Dude actin like he's talking to his girl late night and he got school in the morning. "Mom! one more minute"

  • Pat
    Pat 11 minutes ago

    This interviewer is cringy and these questions and cringe

  • Jesus Suarez
    Jesus Suarez 11 minutes ago

    Lil Tecca said: ✌️👁👄👁✌️

  • OrganicAir 221
    OrganicAir 221 12 minutes ago


  • Camila C.
    Camila C. 12 minutes ago

    *"i love being scared."* omg fucking finally. She's my sagittarius twin.

  • Delaney Johnson
    Delaney Johnson 13 minutes ago

    Do something about it in the sport or personal 😂

  • jomama
    jomama 13 minutes ago

    Gucci made Atlanta what it is now beside the old RAPPERS.. he put East Atlanta more but the ppl had eyes on the whole ATL off Gucci .

  • Fatima Hamade
    Fatima Hamade 14 minutes ago

    Lmao these are great questions

  • Kwun Roper
    Kwun Roper 15 minutes ago

    Man Gucci looks magnificent 😨

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 16 minutes ago

    This was so awkward lmao

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller 16 minutes ago

    Nate loves tool and deftones like his brotha, dope

  • Terry Knight
    Terry Knight 16 minutes ago

    When Nadeska tired to speak for Akademiks and Akademiks said he didn't need her help she got mad and said that she was just "trying to help the motherf&%*er out" and both her and Joe said that Akademiks "s&%ted on her" but when a man tries to help out or speak for a woman she gets agitated or mad and says that she can speak for herself or can do things for herself. Just saying.

  • Online Identity
    Online Identity 17 minutes ago

    This fight has got me wetter than a dolphin in a swimming pool.

  • 100k subs Without any videos

    Nobody: Joe from complex: we’re going to see what he’s feeling what he’s not And hopefully we’re going to buy some sneakers

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz 17 minutes ago

    Lol Masvidal’s lil callout to Usman

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 17 minutes ago

    There’s already post Malone & Gucci mane song out

  • Batman 123
    Batman 123 19 minutes ago


  • Clap4TheMoment
    Clap4TheMoment 21 minute ago

    How yall get gucci???

  • Deegan Mason
    Deegan Mason 22 minutes ago

    I don’t like yachtys music other than him and Kyle but he a 😎cool dude

  • jean çive
    jean çive 22 minutes ago

    9:07 « yeah mother fuckers » 🤔

  • L.PhaChino
    L.PhaChino 22 minutes ago

    6:35 me to him, cuz he thought he did something 😂

  • Fulanito De Tal
    Fulanito De Tal 26 minutes ago

    Do something bout it Usman..haha... Jorge straight trying him!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 26 minutes ago


  • Tony Mui
    Tony Mui 27 minutes ago

    Don't worry I spoke to the Hot Ones team before the interview and they gave me the okay to use "Explain That Gram" segment... Sheesh some of y'all got really emotional over this lol!

    • C.E Nour mohamed
      C.E Nour mohamed 25 minutes ago

      Nate's part is edited and cut a lot .am I right ?☻🤓

  • live life
    live life 27 minutes ago

    Big DRACOO!!

  • jomama
    jomama 28 minutes ago

    All his 100ths mixtape were harder no cap

  • Marvin Azar
    Marvin Azar 29 minutes ago

    Wayno starstruck AF

  • Victor Arevalo
    Victor Arevalo 29 minutes ago

    My dude! Dont be jocking Sean Evans bro! The disrespect...

  • Terry Gaudy
    Terry Gaudy 30 minutes ago

    Calculated...but informative for the Jeezy, Juiceman or Waka questions...stuck to the script... evolution is 🔑. #7mile

  • Mell the Truth
    Mell the Truth 30 minutes ago

    We were the same size🤘🏾

  • Aiden Allen
    Aiden Allen 31 minute ago

    Kind of offended Nate didn't mention Tupac when talking about west coast rappers he bumps 😅

  • Mr. Bounty Hunter
    Mr. Bounty Hunter 31 minute ago

    Jorge and nate aren't trash talking to each other, shits lame. The build up is definitely not living up to the hype i thought it would.

  • Divy Jain
    Divy Jain 31 minute ago

    Who's the dude with the hat Jorge mentioned ?

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell 32 minutes ago

    What's up with the old ass interviews?

  • Reem Meer
    Reem Meer 32 minutes ago

    Why Gucci sound different his voice changed

  • Jaix 8533
    Jaix 8533 32 minutes ago

    Dressed like Toney Montana

  • TJ West
    TJ West 32 minutes ago

    We all remember when getting paid 70 bucks was ballin' outta control.

  • Ryan Pearl
    Ryan Pearl 34 minutes ago

    Matt stonie goes sneaker shopping

  • carlos rivas
    carlos rivas 34 minutes ago

    The interviewer omg, he doesnt deserve to be there with that godess

  • Elizabeth Barnes
    Elizabeth Barnes 35 minutes ago

    Nick should be so proud of Nate ❤

  • ooKYLEoo
    ooKYLEoo 35 minutes ago

    Who’s the lesbian?

  • Truly- jj
    Truly- jj 35 minutes ago

    For all the people saying juice wrld is going broke, he gets atleast 350k for one show, do the math!

  • marcelo martinez
    marcelo martinez 36 minutes ago

    Dana white is one funny guy!!!!hahaha!!!cool cat👍👍👍🇲🇽

  • jo snow
    jo snow 36 minutes ago

    Jorge Masvidal is a fucking Star!

  • Vtec49
    Vtec49 37 minutes ago

    Wayno dressed like Who's Wayno?

  • joe nugent
    joe nugent 37 minutes ago

    Jorge stole them tools bro 100%

  • Must apha
    Must apha 37 minutes ago

    No one loves this guy Even his parents

  • Marcos
    Marcos 37 minutes ago

    6:56 his eyes opened up so much lmao

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 38 minutes ago

    I can’t wait for the countdown for this fight

  • soid drone slayer
    soid drone slayer 38 minutes ago

    TOP GUCCI MANE albums/mixtapes Chicken Talk Chicken Talk 2 Trap House Ice Attack So Icey Boy Disc 1 So Ice Boy Disc 2 Hard to Kill Bird Flu (Southern Slang) No Pad, No Pencil Guapaholics (w/Shawty Lo) From Zone 6 to Duval The State vs. Radric Davis Wilt Chamberlin 1-5 EA Sportscenter Gucci Sosa Definition of a G (w/Yo Gotti) The Movie Bird Money Writing on the Wall The Burrprint (The Movie 3D) The Cold War: Part 1 (Guccimerica) The Cold War: Part 2 (Great Brrritain) Burrrprint (2) HD Mr. Zone 6 The Return of East Atlanta Santa Jewelry Selection Ferrari Music Free Bricks (w/Future) Trap Back I'm Up Trap God Trap God 2 Free Bricks 2 (w/Young Scooter) World War 3: Molly (w/Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital & Dun Deal) World War 3: Gas (w/808 Mafia) (2013) World War 3: Lean (w/Zaytoven, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Mike Will Made It) Diary of a Trap God Brick Factory Vol. 1 Trap House 4 The Oddfather Woptober Gucci Vs Guwop Big Gucci Sosa (w/Chief Keef) The Return of Mr. Zone 6 Everybody Looking Droptopwop

    • soid drone slayer
      soid drone slayer 7 minutes ago

      @Kwun Roper I had to do it bro he got so many classics Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 not enough....

    • Kwun Roper
      Kwun Roper 11 minutes ago

      soid drone slayer fam 👏🏾

  • leoisbad
    leoisbad 41 minute ago

    This is pink guy now, feel old yet?

  • McFaulkner 15
    McFaulkner 15 41 minute ago

    How TF you didnt know you put over a hundred projects Gucci huh? Especially if you the 1 who put in most if not all the work. Clone

  • emjay2d
    emjay2d 43 minutes ago

    LOL!!!!! Dana takes the opportunity to put every club on notice. DANA WHITE DOES NOT APPROVE OF JON JONES IN UR CLUB. VETO!

  • Raymond Diaz
    Raymond Diaz 43 minutes ago

    Oh Lord.

  • soakedbearrd
    soakedbearrd 45 minutes ago

    17:17 LMAO

  • Kwun Roper
    Kwun Roper 47 minutes ago

    Co cash is next up from Memphis, mudboy was so god awful. I really think it’s about time everybody stops saying nigga however because hip hop is history, and we cant undo our legends use of the word, anytime we listen to hip hop we’re going to hear it. Nobody needs to say the “hard R” like joe budden does 🙄 that’s my guy but i hate that. As an exception I think hip hop fans while in the context of rapping should be able to say nigga.

  • jomama
    jomama 48 minutes ago


  • Ethan Cowie
    Ethan Cowie 50 minutes ago

    Jorge low key dissed Colby Covington when they talked about fighters with no game👀

  • Peter T
    Peter T 52 minutes ago


  • Ryan Matson
    Ryan Matson 52 minutes ago

    Dude literally got hella skinny from being FAT. That’s crazy. Not a fan of the music but obviously have respect & know what he’s done for hip-hop. I’m 26

  • JrRanks
    JrRanks 54 minutes ago

    Dana White is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • challie may
    challie may 54 minutes ago

    Free ralo

  • Bobby Green
    Bobby Green 56 minutes ago

    Lavar is very disrespecting a lot of good people and i don’t really like kanye but saying I can sing too it’s just fuckin rude. Like the bitch expects everyone to just have 500 dollars to spend on his lame ass shoes

  • Chris Duckworth
    Chris Duckworth 56 minutes ago


  • OTW
    OTW 57 minutes ago

    Wish this could be longer

  • The Oddfather II
    The Oddfather II 57 minutes ago

    *Why don’t y’all upload at 1080p anymore???*

  • PlayMaker C
    PlayMaker C 57 minutes ago

    I'm fuckin glued ....💯💯💯💯🤯 Salute

  • Jenus Graham
    Jenus Graham 58 minutes ago

    Gucci is the GOAT, the time he was in prison, he released project after project, his work ethic is incredible, that time put gucci in GOAT status in my book...

  • Granth13
    Granth13 58 minutes ago

    sounds different

  • Eddie Ortega
    Eddie Ortega 59 minutes ago

    "Its Nick Diaz Army motherfuckers" 💪😎

  • Elijah Ugsang
    Elijah Ugsang 59 minutes ago

    Whole Foods is the spot huh😂

  • Graffitiz
    Graffitiz Hour ago

    Never expected Nate to listen to x raided or brotha lynch hung! this dude is a real west coast gangster !!

  • PrecisionAcc
    PrecisionAcc Hour ago

    YOOOOO why is the AM97 almost $250?! Flight Club be wildin

  • Uncle Nature
    Uncle Nature Hour ago

    Lmao! "That dude is no longer with us"

  • Shmoke Dogg bob
    Shmoke Dogg bob Hour ago

    AK most definitely asking the right questions 💯

  • My Univerz
    My Univerz Hour ago

    06:33 Nate: Do you know who snoop dog is .... Tony: Ofcourse Nate: in silence ....oh i thought you just know Gangnam style

  • Vesalu Puro
    Vesalu Puro Hour ago

    This is the only fight in UFC where I can't guess who will win ...

  • Eddie Ortega
    Eddie Ortega Hour ago

    Colby "The ◻" Covington 😂😂

  • Catherine Ann
    Catherine Ann Hour ago

    AK is so damn annoying and negative

  • Ann Sophiarobb
    Ann Sophiarobb Hour ago

    This is gonna be great

    • David
      David 50 minutes ago

      You're great

  • Dįâbłø
    Dįâbłø Hour ago

    0:37 that is some of the most relatable shit ever

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 Hour ago

    I Definitely don't agree with him and his take on Label CEOs rapping...or every rapper turning into a mogul. Those 2 don't Always coincide. You have to have a mindset for that bruh...and be Passionate about that particular thing. Plus some people can rap their ass off...but don't have that business sense and business mindset to run a record label...and that's cool. And of course vice versa...some people have that good mindset and shit to be a good business man running a record label or whatever...but they cant rap for shit. So why should they try to do that for?? That's just stupid and idiotic AF. Lol.IJS

  • asjah boldware
    asjah boldware Hour ago

    They was 🍆 riding Gucci the whole interview lol

  • UchihaObitoうちはオビト

    Im skinnier than tecca

  • Karl Birch
    Karl Birch Hour ago

    who was the best at video games thou?????