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I let them Escape!!
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Puppy had an emergency!!
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We might keep two..
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  • Ashley Nguyen
    Ashley Nguyen 4 seconds ago


  • Adilene Figueroa
    Adilene Figueroa 5 seconds ago

    You should keep yellow

  • kitty4 life
    kitty4 life 6 seconds ago

    Keep them all and if you don't keep them all them you must keep the little girl and teal

  • ZoeTran
    ZoeTran 8 seconds ago

    Pink and Teal of course

  • Jaelyn Cox
    Jaelyn Cox 8 seconds ago

    Pink or Red

  • Clyde Butler
    Clyde Butler 9 seconds ago

    teal and green or blue like if u agree 👇

  • Gabriella_100 labrada
    Gabriella_100 labrada 10 seconds ago

    Keep all of them

  • Crazy wolf edit gg
    Crazy wolf edit gg 10 seconds ago

    Teal and pink Because teal is your favorite in pink is the only girl

  • Sara Barlow
    Sara Barlow 11 seconds ago

    Blue and pink

  • rimona rolon
    rimona rolon 13 seconds ago

    this is dumb its ur life u should decided who yall keep

  • alayna zebra
    alayna zebra 14 seconds ago

    Teal and pink

  • madison & Kadance
    madison & Kadance 14 seconds ago

    You should keep pink🌸💕 she’s so sweet and if you were gonna keep two then her and teal you said that teal it like wolfie so then you can have another one like wolfie Bc wolfie is the best

  • Glaze Hecate
    Glaze Hecate 16 seconds ago

    Blue bear and Greenie boy are my favorites ,but honestly as long as it’s Teal and someone else (probably lavender, green, or red) then I’m good. I picked these guys because because teal is loved by everyone (especially Joey) and the rest are favorites of either Daniels mom or Daniel. We gotta think about them too guys~

  • Myah Macpherson
    Myah Macpherson 22 seconds ago

    I think you should keep Teal and Pink ( especially because of pink and Larks bond, as well as pinks health issue ). And I mean who doesn’t love Teal!!

  • Claire Marie
    Claire Marie 22 seconds ago

    Teal or Yellow

  • Dapandagirl808 Arai
    Dapandagirl808 Arai 26 seconds ago

    I think teal is the best boy

  • Kakudo Shimura
    Kakudo Shimura 26 seconds ago

    keep teal!!

  • Luz Pereda
    Luz Pereda 27 seconds ago

    I want you to keep Teal

  • Casey Kelly
    Casey Kelly 29 seconds ago

    Yellow & Teal

  • Trinity Jones
    Trinity Jones 31 second ago

    Teal and yellow

  • Sid The sloth Rocks
    Sid The sloth Rocks 34 seconds ago

    Sir red he is so cute

  • Samantha Welch
    Samantha Welch 40 seconds ago

    Pink and teal pleaaaaaaaassssseee ❤️

  • Marie
    Marie 43 seconds ago

    PINK!!! or teal

  • Joseline Filkins
    Joseline Filkins 43 seconds ago

    Pink or Blue

  • Slade_life 9365
    Slade_life 9365 49 seconds ago


  • Dawn Hathcock
    Dawn Hathcock 58 seconds ago

    Joey, please keep Teal! Please keep Teal! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Rose Newsom
    Rose Newsom 59 seconds ago


  • Tiffany Guilmartin
    Tiffany Guilmartin Minute ago


  • Janet Lim
    Janet Lim Minute ago

    Green, blue, pink, or yellow

  • felineoverlord
    felineoverlord Minute ago

    Teal and Yellow!

  • Kayla Contreras
    Kayla Contreras Minute ago

    I know teal,yellow,pink,green,red,blue allllll like if u agree

  • Kenley Barney
    Kenley Barney Minute ago

    Is lavender a boy or a girl because he says lavvy girl but when they were born he said I girl and the others were boys

  • Anaheed Hill
    Anaheed Hill Minute ago

    I think you should pick the one that would get along best with the other two dogs. But I have to say I do favor the idea of keeping Pink.

  • Tatertotsbabe
    Tatertotsbabe Minute ago

    Greenie bear ❤️ he's such a good boy :-)

  • nicole tv
    nicole tv Minute ago

    Pink ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Deeya Mistry
    Deeya Mistry Minute ago

    That's really hard, but I think Teal, Pink and Yellow

  • Sophia Garbarini
    Sophia Garbarini Minute ago

    Keep pink and teal pink is the princess that bonds with her mom teal is best pup

  • Lumine Wolf
    Lumine Wolf Minute ago

    I think ether yellow blue or teal but personally blue bear is my favorite 💙💙💙💙😊

  • Alienfrom Outerspace

    Green had always been my favorite 🤷 but i think it should be whoever gets along with storm and wolfy

  • odilia donaciano
    odilia donaciano Minute ago

    I think yall should keep either red or greeennnnnn or both they are tge best tbh👍😂 👇👇Like if u agree

  • sister time
    sister time Minute ago

    Keep all of them or pink or green or teal or red or blue!!!!! I like all of them😭💕 please keep them all

  • Storm Calysta
    Storm Calysta Minute ago

    Keep pink.

  • Cathy Buckley
    Cathy Buckley Minute ago

    Keep green and teal

  • Light_Bright _Playz

    Teal, pink and yellow!

  • Slime doctor with the two sisters

    Teal for sure and yellow

  • Abigail Leger
    Abigail Leger Minute ago

    Blue green pink or lavender

  • Kyla Padgett
    Kyla Padgett Minute ago

    Teal, pink and yellow

  • Maggie Wratchford
    Maggie Wratchford Minute ago

    Keep the puppies separate but visible and let Lark decide which one or two you keep

  • Amelia Thomas
    Amelia Thomas Minute ago

    You should def keep green! He is such an underdog I love him.

  • Raven Tanjoco
    Raven Tanjoco Minute ago

    teal and yellow like this if you agree

  • Jasmine B. Fabulous

    Pink or Lavy-Girl for sure!

  • cayden wilson4life
    cayden wilson4life Minute ago

    pink and bule

  • Eliza Li
    Eliza Li Minute ago


  • Megan Moore
    Megan Moore Minute ago

    But honestly pink is #1. She has the eyes and then you’ll have 2 boys and 2 girls. But then my second choice for you is red. But we all know they’re gonna keep teal

  • Janice Martin
    Janice Martin Minute ago

    yellow, red, green, teal! Any puppy, but I really want to see them interact with storm and wolfie, it will help us and you

  • Evan Kano
    Evan Kano Minute ago

    Pick yellow

  • ciana dion
    ciana dion Minute ago

    100% pink

  • Ambria Runneals
    Ambria Runneals Minute ago

    Green he’s the sweetest

  • Alia Nissley
    Alia Nissley Minute ago

    Teal, pink, lavender, blue, and yellow

  • Grecian_Goddess
    Grecian_Goddess 2 minutes ago

    Teal, blue and pink

  • Ravyn V
    Ravyn V 2 minutes ago

    RED is SO HANDSOME Please Keep him would love to see him grow!

  • brea gallo
    brea gallo 2 minutes ago

    Pink red or teal

  • Jocelyn Emily
    Jocelyn Emily 2 minutes ago

    For all the people voting Pink or are about to SHE HAS A HOME ALREADY

  • Elizabeth Fox
    Elizabeth Fox 2 minutes ago

    Pink just seems like she's meant to be yours. She is the only girl, and the only puppy with different coloured eyes. She seems very attached to Lark, and you bonded when you helped her through her illness. I know she already has a potential home, but I really think she would make a wonderful addition to your family. Although, at the end of the day, you know what's best. He or she will be your new baby. I wish you the best no matter what you decided.

  • Lilla's Life
    Lilla's Life 2 minutes ago

    Honestly, I think you should get Teal And Yellow Also did yellow get adopted because I didn’t see him.

  • Dae BTS ARMY
    Dae BTS ARMY 2 minutes ago

    Teal or Yellow

  • opie033
    opie033 2 minutes ago

    Pink Teal Green and Yellow!!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • kelsie baker
    kelsie baker 2 minutes ago

    Yellow, teal, pink

  • Kimmi Vlogs
    Kimmi Vlogs 2 minutes ago

    Pink should stay! that way your house will be even. Two boy dogs, two girl dogs lol

  • peachy babies
    peachy babies 2 minutes ago

    ok Health wise: pink Connection wise: Teal Who agrees

  • Lumii Lee
    Lumii Lee 2 minutes ago


  • Brit Haviland
    Brit Haviland 2 minutes ago

    Pink! 💜

  • Kelly Moran
    Kelly Moran 2 minutes ago

    pink and teal

  • Blueburry 1738
    Blueburry 1738 2 minutes ago


  • Marcy Racz
    Marcy Racz 2 minutes ago

    PINK she fits in so well with the family and shes such a sweet heart

  • Nevaeh Brewer
    Nevaeh Brewer 2 minutes ago

    pink, Teal, Greeen!!!!

  • Jules B The video game player

    All of them

  • KFC_Kenadie _
    KFC_Kenadie _ 2 minutes ago

    Teal seems like the one for you. You guys just bond so we'll ❤️ I think teal is the one for you

  • Ava and Adria
    Ava and Adria 2 minutes ago


  • Kaylee M
    Kaylee M 2 minutes ago

    Red teal green pink yellow lavender blue.

  • Jylian Buchert
    Jylian Buchert 2 minutes ago


  • Mackenzie Hanigan
    Mackenzie Hanigan 2 minutes ago

    I would pick lavender or teal their cute

  • Colton Mark
    Colton Mark 2 minutes ago

    Teal and Pink

  • Maley Munoz
    Maley Munoz 2 minutes ago

    You should keep teal and yellow please

  • IcyGamer 49
    IcyGamer 49 2 minutes ago

    Keep pink

  • Thebroomstickwitch
    Thebroomstickwitch 2 minutes ago

    You should pick yellow!

  • Maitee Norato
    Maitee Norato 2 minutes ago

    All they are all cute

  • MyHuyen Nguyen
    MyHuyen Nguyen 2 minutes ago

    Pink, Teal, or Yellow

  • Kerri McKay
    Kerri McKay 2 minutes ago


  • Naomi Gomez
    Naomi Gomez 2 minutes ago

    All of them

  • Judy's world
    Judy's world 2 minutes ago

    Pink 💖 Green 💚 Teal💙

  • Rachel Boucher
    Rachel Boucher 2 minutes ago


  • Morgan Hungness
    Morgan Hungness 2 minutes ago

    Green, teal, or blue

  • Phoenix 18180
    Phoenix 18180 2 minutes ago

    Red and Teal

  • Halle Wesley
    Halle Wesley 2 minutes ago

    pick pink and teal if u don’t i will die😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Jessica Delaney
    Jessica Delaney 3 minutes ago

    Definitely keep pink

  • Tammy G
    Tammy G 3 minutes ago

    Pink :)

  • Leah Cotter
    Leah Cotter 3 minutes ago

    Teal, lavender, and if a thrid then pink too

  • Savanah s
    Savanah s 3 minutes ago

    I honestly think Pink would blend the best in your Huskey pack and household. Her and Lark already have a bond and female energy is necessary.

  • Wolfy X
    Wolfy X 3 minutes ago