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  • Officially_Toby
    Officially_Toby 22 seconds ago

    Sad thing about it is Fitzpatrick would be so good if he had a good o line and some wide outs that could catch and not drop everything I say the saints pick him up to play instead of bridgewater and when drew retires he can be our starter or not just stick with taysom

  • Pony Jrekker
    Pony Jrekker 40 seconds ago

    Same old Jets doesn’t matter injuries no injuries this team is going one and 15 and the only one is the dolphins which means they’re gonna lose the other one against them. Terrible picking Adam gase to lead your team into the future when you had Mike McCarthy a Super Bowl winning coach with a history of winning I don’t care who his quarterback was.

  • FubaBuLi
    FubaBuLi Minute ago

    How can you not show a replay of the 2pt attempt??? I'm sure most fans would love to see the goal-line camera of the Fournette stretch...

  • Xristos 23
    Xristos 23 Minute ago

    Odell Beckham jr GOAT

  • Xristos 23
    Xristos 23 Minute ago

    Let's go Browns

  • Twan Smith
    Twan Smith Minute ago

    You really shouldn't underestimate the Jets' defense, especially the front 7 and DC Greg Williams.

  • unstoppablefenimore
    unstoppablefenimore 2 minutes ago

    Baker is getting there, give it another 2 seasons and he will be elite.

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker 2 minutes ago

    Hey man, I appreciate you guys uploading this video but the title is wrong. The title should read "Patriots, week 2 highlights". Thanks in advance

  • KLWeezy1
    KLWeezy1 2 minutes ago

    Both NY teams have the same problem. #26 on their respective teams is all they got.

  • NFZ BigDick
    NFZ BigDick 3 minutes ago

    Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I come back and watch this. One of the greatest defensive plays of all time.

  • Flippy 117
    Flippy 117 4 minutes ago

    Baker has a lot of issues. He doesn’t know how to use the pocket to his advantage. He drops a few steps too far back every play. He has terrible footwork and his feet are almost never set when he throws the ball. He has very inconsistent passing which is due to his poor foot work and inability to feel comfortable in the pocket. The man runs away from his blockers anytime a defender gets even moderately close to him. Never mind the fact he has poor decision making. Reminds me of a “Johnny football” tbh, more talk than game.

  • Nick
    Nick 4 minutes ago

    How can you give up that deep throw on 4th down? Seriously, that was just awful coverage. The ball had a hang time more than a punt.

  • Skull Crusher 47
    Skull Crusher 47 4 minutes ago

    So what i dont get is how is a team that can bet them lose big time but the colts browns bears can put a better fight and they where bad Edit even cam put up a fight

  • bbc
    bbc 4 minutes ago

    The road teams have more wins at MetLife this season than the Giants or Jets.

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 5 minutes ago

    Baker Mayfield will be the reason the Browns won't make playoffs. Guy looked like a walk-on QB last night. Try to play too much hero ball. He needs to learn how to develop drives

  • jake fritz
    jake fritz 5 minutes ago

    Robby Anderson toe tap catch on the sideline is Elite

  • christine signore
    christine signore 5 minutes ago

    I was at the game just seeing if I missed anything

  • Terelle Mackey
    Terelle Mackey 5 minutes ago

    freddie kitchens still calling passing plays they up 20 few mins left in game freddie is the worst 1 TD from baker in 2 games . pathetic. 2 TDs 4 picks honestly baker could have had 3 pics last night.

  • Ricky Plotner
    Ricky Plotner 6 minutes ago

    This needs to be on Pornhub - sincerely Eagles fan

  • BOBSAGET1010
    BOBSAGET1010 6 minutes ago

    The halftime we didn’t deserve

  • Blake Church
    Blake Church 6 minutes ago

    Okay....who cares about a game thats trash vs trash 🙄

  • Logan Myers
    Logan Myers 7 minutes ago

    Leveon...switch teams bro idky you left Pittsburgh

  • Young Colkie
    Young Colkie 7 minutes ago

    Mayfeild needs to learn how to work his way up in the pocket. I understand some of these are designed bootlegs but on plays that aren't I see alot of space where he can step up but he decides to roll out the pocket trying to make a play

  • Clarke A
    Clarke A 7 minutes ago

    These roughing the passer calls are kinda getting out of hand tbh

  • Terelle Mackey
    Terelle Mackey 8 minutes ago

    freddie kitchens needs to be fired immediately and baker need to stop throwing picks

    WHITE MAMBA TRUMP 8 minutes ago

    *and bell leads the jets as now he thinks he should of stay with the steelers*

  • Aaron Burns
    Aaron Burns 9 minutes ago

    Baker: lookin just decent. A little to much throwing on the run when it didn’t look necessary. Accuracy questionable?? ObJ: lookin nice glad to see him gettin his shine on Chubb: needs more touches Jets: Bell: was ballin out! gotta hold on to that ball tho

  • Samuel Muriithi
    Samuel Muriithi 9 minutes ago

    After seeing OBJ’s 89 yard TD last night against the Jets, this makes me respect and love what Amari did even more because his catch was in traffic, made a cut and left three defenders behind in chase mode. Moral of the story is: NYG, when you have a talent like OBJ as Dallas has with Amari, you find a way to keep guys that are that phenomenal.

  • brian versansky
    brian versansky 9 minutes ago

    As long as the Browns can keep healthy, and play good consistent football, they can win. It’s early in the season, so let’s just see what they have and can do then go from there

  • Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cowboys 9 minutes ago

    Dak is 3rd in passing after week 2.

  • Jose Florian
    Jose Florian 9 minutes ago

    Cam is looking off and out O Line was getting beat up. Smh

  • Gavin F.
    Gavin F. 9 minutes ago

    CJ Mosley doesn't play = Jets are trash

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 10 minutes ago

    God I miss this ravens team. But were looking great this year 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  • BigChiefer
    BigChiefer 10 minutes ago


  • Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cowboys 10 minutes ago

    Zeke misses camp and still balls out

  • Oziach
    Oziach 10 minutes ago

    Neither of the Patriots' pick sixes?

  • chad poliskey
    chad poliskey 10 minutes ago

    The jets need to give me the qb job that guys trash id complete and get out the pocket they need to give me #19s job contract R.s

  • Mia Duque
    Mia Duque 10 minutes ago

    That Miami Defense was soooooo bad.

  • Ralph Morales
    Ralph Morales 10 minutes ago

    I thought Wentz made two falling down passes because of the edit

  • frank castle
    frank castle 10 minutes ago

    Browns still suck

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry 11 minutes ago

    Top 5 most boring game ever

  • gazamidori
    gazamidori 11 minutes ago

    Brown will not make the playoffs if this all they capable of

  • spread7
    spread7 11 minutes ago

    The Jets reminded me of this:

  • Anthony D. Ortiz
    Anthony D. Ortiz 11 minutes ago

    baker look like a whirling dervish

  • Quixotic
    Quixotic 11 minutes ago


  • Toupen
    Toupen 12 minutes ago

    meanwhile, OBJ putting in workkkk

  • kyle knowshisgun
    kyle knowshisgun 12 minutes ago

    Bell is way to good for that team

  • Isaiah Woods
    Isaiah Woods 12 minutes ago

    Well we know who’s winning Super Bowl again. I keep my word.

  • Christopher Mccarroll
    Christopher Mccarroll 12 minutes ago

    Good job Cleveland, you beat a third string quarterback. Cancel the rest of the season, the Browns are your superbowl champs.

  • Pfisiar22
    Pfisiar22 12 minutes ago

    Browns are the worst coached team in the NFL by a large margin. Pathetic. And given their upcoming schedule, I would not be shocked if they end up 1-7 by the season's midpoint.

  • Jonny Sprague
    Jonny Sprague 12 minutes ago

    Go Browns!

  • PoPoPiiRaT
    PoPoPiiRaT 12 minutes ago

    i am a texans fan but wasnt founette across the line ? looked like it live

  • Martin Weier
    Martin Weier 13 minutes ago

    From Australia, the reason I am a Chiefs Fan, we always score and can always win

  • Noah Burkett
    Noah Burkett 14 minutes ago

    How long before bell leaves the jets lol

  • SKoRM
    SKoRM 14 minutes ago

    Is Dak really looking better than Mayfield at QB this season? Both have really good WR and RB

  • The Goat22
    The Goat22 14 minutes ago

    As a Oklahoma State fan and Seahawks fan you guys got you a good one

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly 14 minutes ago

    Mahomes is a dangerous man, and what makes it worse so is his entire offense lol good luck NFL teams that has to play KC this year

  • Miguel Swagero
    Miguel Swagero 14 minutes ago

    Lol the Browns are not going anywhere if Baker doesn't rely on that run game a little more. Mf is throwing too much. Looking like Eli when the Giants first got ODB.

  • David Chilin
    David Chilin 15 minutes ago


  • show stopper
    show stopper 15 minutes ago

    these announcers stink

  • BigHit User
    BigHit User 15 minutes ago

    They still not gonna make the playoffs

  • Wildan A. Nugraha
    Wildan A. Nugraha 15 minutes ago

    Did she just yeeted in the end?😂

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 16 minutes ago

    lets go Buffalo bills

  • Burton Hohman
    Burton Hohman 16 minutes ago

    As a gator, atta boy Eddie!

  • Alex MG
    Alex MG 16 minutes ago

    Falk look decent, give this dude sometime to learn the play book and he’ll do some damage

  • 2000 subs without any videos

    they know how to get wet

  • J Balsamo
    J Balsamo 17 minutes ago

    That Jets offense looking electrifying, A+, Well done

  • submission king
    submission king 17 minutes ago

    What in the world is wrong with goskoski lol

  • Cletis Smith
    Cletis Smith 18 minutes ago

    I hate the browns

    STOP IT SKIIIUUUP 18 minutes ago

    This was supposed to be a blow out! Mayfield is so dam overrated!!! I'm not impresses by this dude!!

  • esils
    esils 18 minutes ago

    What tf was 20 doing 8:15

  • uMADden
    uMADden 19 minutes ago

    Browns tried to run up the score like New England against Miami but failed 😭

  • David Anthony
    David Anthony 19 minutes ago

    I was so pissed off that day

  • Chris Ritchie
    Chris Ritchie 19 minutes ago

    wow, these announcers are terrible

  • Grady Musick
    Grady Musick 19 minutes ago

    Go Browns!

  • Darryl Mason
    Darryl Mason 19 minutes ago

    Just here to see if OBJ wore the watch...

  • pigs fly
    pigs fly 20 minutes ago

    Here come the Monday morning quarterbacks....

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt 20 minutes ago

    Yes browns won they were supposed to against a beat up team with a suspect line ,should have done that last week ,y'all celebrating wayyyy to early

  • Chris Zona
    Chris Zona 20 minutes ago

    Well we know one thing.. the Steelers didn’t absolutely make leveon bell. He’s one of the only good players the jets have

  • nicsandknacksandseans
    nicsandknacksandseans 20 minutes ago

    Man. Baker Mayfield really likes hospital passes don’t he. Hes gonna get someone killed.

  • scott horton
    scott horton 21 minute ago

    We need jazz furgeson back with dk.. And lockett in the slot... if anything dk will have to be double teamed

  • 6 3
    6 3 21 minute ago

    At least you got PAID right Bell? Enjoy being the richest guy in the cellar.

  • Big Truck Fitness
    Big Truck Fitness 21 minute ago

    Now you can do a video on touchdowns that where called back that the league said should have stood but the refs blew the call 😂💀

  • Cole Pratt
    Cole Pratt 21 minute ago

    What about Mariota spiking it on 3rd and 2?

  • Junk in the Front
    Junk in the Front 21 minute ago

    Yeah, the Browns looked like the Browns...against the Jets. SMH The Browns were awesome in the off season though.

  • Mort Dod
    Mort Dod 22 minutes ago

    I know the Browns won but I just gotta say Baker looks PEDESTRIAN this year

  • john KnowsSports
    john KnowsSports 22 minutes ago

    Steelers wish they offered LeVeon Bell real Guaranteed Money 💰 Bell wishes he’d taken 14m

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez 22 minutes ago

    J! E! T! S! Suck! Suck! Suck! #ChangeMyMind

  • Cerone 747
    Cerone 747 22 minutes ago

    Jets doesn't have a QB.

    • Cap One
      Cap One 16 minutes ago

      Apparently, that's before the game started.

  • Big Truck Fitness
    Big Truck Fitness 23 minutes ago

    Still waiting on my saints highlight touchdown oooooo Wait the referee called it back got dammit

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 23 minutes ago

    baker just needs to chill out and realize this is the nfl and you need to nickel and dime defenses... this is not the big 12 where everything deep works

  • Funnel
    Funnel 23 minutes ago

    Odell is the one handed king

  • Boxcar
    Boxcar 23 minutes ago

    Andrew luck has left the chat

  • savage Ramsay
    savage Ramsay 23 minutes ago

    Oh where's ad oh

  • Gavin Baldwin
    Gavin Baldwin 23 minutes ago

    yall is wrong

    SSJ4VEGITO100 24 minutes ago

    I’m really watching browns highlights

  • nicsandknacksandseans
    nicsandknacksandseans 24 minutes ago


  • rahkim0431
    rahkim0431 25 minutes ago

    Anyone else notice that play Paterson picked up over 40 yards that Charles Leno got his A** blasted by a saftey trying to block🤣 he a little too soft for my liking js

  • Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson 25 minutes ago

    I guess “cooking” means overthrowing open receivers, awful ball placement, five yard check downs, and not leading his receivers. He was trash last night, let’s be honest.

  • Kenshiro
    Kenshiro 25 minutes ago

    50% Minshew 25% Wide Receivers 25% Houston Texans useless D