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Week 11 Power Rankings!
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  • Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun 41 minute ago

    Murray looks like „Create a player“ with funny measure on the old Madden games

  • erbgorre
    erbgorre 41 minute ago

    those PI calls against the cardinals defenders.. were literally all OPI by the 9ers receivers. what in the world was going on there?

  • shaabo Squeezy
    shaabo Squeezy 41 minute ago

    As a Ravens fan... That was str8 up pass interference on Hopkins on The Texans opening drive🤷🏿‍♂️ however it would not have mattered anyway #RavenNation

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 41 minute ago

    6:17 That was an absurd call against the Cardinals. Noam Chomsky must have spat out his tea when he saw that one and said get that ref to an optometrist!!

  • Yoni Maestro
    Yoni Maestro 42 minutes ago

    Eagles actually did great in this game.

  • Henry in NorCal
    Henry in NorCal 43 minutes ago

    Love to see more Richie James in the offense, used for both receiving and for those inside sweeps Shanahan calls from time to time. The man can fly and has already contributed some to the offense this year. More please. Much more than Marquise Goodwin has anyway. That guy has just disappeared, and right when the Niners need him the most with all the injuries. Such a disappointing season. It's so strange, in Jimmy G's first year as a Niner in 2017, Goodwin was his go-to guy and looked terrific. Since then his play has gradually diminished until his no where to be found.

  • Tayveon Washington
    Tayveon Washington 43 minutes ago

    I better see number 74 on the cardinals on ding productions no effort moments at the end.

  • Michael McCloud
    Michael McCloud 43 minutes ago


  • Noble Williams
    Noble Williams 44 minutes ago

    The only highlight of this game was Al Michaels talking about exploiting holes.

  • Ray Pratt
    Ray Pratt 44 minutes ago

    Im sorry but all u raven fans are overhyped,until jackson starts proving he can win gms with his arm against teams not named the dolphins or bengals then they ARE GOING to get beat,when a D is able to get pressure on him and he has to start running a lot,they will get beat,cuz im far from impressed with his accuracy or the velocity of his throws,u Watch if you've the gm a long time this dude is MICHAEL VICK,PERIOD!!Russ Wilson has proven he can win gms with his arm and big gms with his arm,and the thing is I dont see jackson getting to that point cuz his throwing mechanics are crap,slow wind up,slow velocity and inaccurate,once they face a team that can get around that very good Oline and create pressure its a WRAP!!and yes I know he can run and thats exactly what u would want him to do as a D,cuz thats when hes gonna make mistakes or get hurt,probably shoulda been a RB and I actually mean that!!

  • Dallas McQuarrie
    Dallas McQuarrie 44 minutes ago

    From first to worst in one off-season. If there was any doubt that the Bears were done for the year, its been confirmed. Giving up thier 2019 and 2020 first round picks, and their 2020 3rd round pick for Mack means next year will be rather bleak for the Bad News Bears too. The Raiders picked the Bears' pocket on that trade, and the Bears will be still trying to recover in 2021.

  • Doria Hernandez
    Doria Hernandez 44 minutes ago

    Lol I fall sleep when I was watching this game lol

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 45 minutes ago

    And in other Raider news, the Chicago Bears lost yet again. Khalil Mack didn't register a single stat in the game. lol

  • John Stanley
    John Stanley 45 minutes ago

    Lions going doen next wk come on skins!!!! Rally em Haskins

  • bjern757
    bjern757 45 minutes ago

    One thing about my 9ers names don't matter we fight to the END

  • thamonkaface999
    thamonkaface999 46 minutes ago


  • David Bowman
    David Bowman 46 minutes ago

    Why did this not make major news? When using Goggle it mentions other games but not this one, especially since the Ravens were not favored to win, Goggle sucks!

  • John Stanley
    John Stanley 46 minutes ago

    Proud of my redskins still fighting at the end! Haskins looking bettet in the 4th lets get them lions next wk!

  • Young Among
    Young Among 47 minutes ago

    I new quite understand the Titans they have a back like Henry in the backfield and they choose to use Mariota even tho they knew he wasn't quite up to pare they could of designed their offensive game around him after a couple of years of building him up you got a work horse let home work

  • Dominic Farabaugh
    Dominic Farabaugh 47 minutes ago


  • gor9027
    gor9027 47 minutes ago

    49ers probably going to finish with more wins this season than the Warriors.

  • stellar cubic beam
    stellar cubic beam 48 minutes ago

    8:11 Glitch in the reptilian matrix.

  • Mike Buford
    Mike Buford 48 minutes ago

    Xavier Rhodes must go!!!!

  • Robert G
    Robert G 48 minutes ago

    The Texans got thumped!

  • Tomáš Berecz
    Tomáš Berecz 48 minutes ago

    Man, Eagles fans must feel terrible. It's very difficult to watch the offense. So many drops, QB accuracy issues, RBs nowhere to be found. :(

  • Mike Buford
    Mike Buford 49 minutes ago

    Cousins did good but It's definitely time for the Vikings to draft a mobile QB asap

  • roast central
    roast central 49 minutes ago

    Idk why they’re not feeding cook cause he is a great talent

  • Malachi Vaughn
    Malachi Vaughn 49 minutes ago

    My Dad Said Carson Trash Get Foles Back He Won The Superbowl+MVP I Said Keep Carson For And Get Foles For Training

  • DieFlabbergast
    DieFlabbergast 49 minutes ago

    Why do they keep saying "it's a footrace!"? Do they expect the ball-carrier to suddenly mount a horse?

  • Barry Litchfield
    Barry Litchfield 50 minutes ago

    Garrett should be charged with assault and battery in criminal court. Just because he's a football player should not be a defense. Anyone who did this on the street would be jailed.

  • 7IAN
    7IAN 50 minutes ago

    5:55 Edelman Passing TD

  • Oliver McCall
    Oliver McCall 50 minutes ago

    Brady looking washed, he's on the edge of the cliff now

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 51 minute ago

    Okay, that was a crazy game. Almost like a script.

  • Logan Earp
    Logan Earp 51 minute ago

    John DeFillipo abandoned the run even when the game was close. I guess because Nick Foles is in and they have "chemistry"

  • SSJ Carl
    SSJ Carl 52 minutes ago

    God the lions suck ass.

  • Dry Rain
    Dry Rain 52 minutes ago

    At 8:46 why does that guy on the bottom left of the screen looks like he was edited there ? Lol

  • Andy Werling
    Andy Werling 53 minutes ago

    Jacoby Brissett is a top ten quarterback. Change my mind.

  • Ferdinand Herrmann
    Ferdinand Herrmann 54 minutes ago

    What are Those pi calls

  • jj Seth hunt
    jj Seth hunt 55 minutes ago

    How about them cowboys great win cowboys next up cowboys vs New England patriots should be a great game this weekend can't wait😎😎😎😎😎

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 56 minutes ago

    That last sequence was hilarious.

  • Kieron kieron
    Kieron kieron 56 minutes ago

    Even though brady not so good rn. Yow the receivers keep dropping the balls or having the ball taken away

  • mato TM
    mato TM 56 minutes ago

    Dat triceps .. jesus ...

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 56 minutes ago

    Pollard has been the opposite of zekes production this season

  • paul datteln
    paul datteln 57 minutes ago

    Falcons defense: exists Kyle Allen: I'm gonna boost this man's whole career

  • sodanomusic
    sodanomusic 57 minutes ago

    Damn. I knew I should not have watched this. Opens it up all again

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 57 minutes ago

    feel bad for the colts on Thursday....Texans are gonna be pissed after that beating...and I like the colts.

  • MattHDGamer
    MattHDGamer 57 minutes ago

    What a game

  • TheHuskyK9
    TheHuskyK9 58 minutes ago

    Before the game: "Two potential MVP candidates faceoff in an epic showdown!" After the game: "Just give Jackson the MVP already."

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley 59 minutes ago

    Foles is terrible

  • RSSS68 Camaro
    RSSS68 Camaro 59 minutes ago

    2:58 that play pissed me off with Jules...he didn’t even make a effort to catch that hit him right in the hand by accident

  • Mark Gross
    Mark Gross 59 minutes ago

    The Eagles tried to make a comeback....They almost had'em.😄😄

  • Billy Yates Jr
    Billy Yates Jr 59 minutes ago

    I'm a die hard Bengals fan but the Ravens are lookin damn good

  • Marco Hoehener
    Marco Hoehener Hour ago

    That PI on 59 of Arizona is a JOKE!!

  • David Gerstein
    David Gerstein Hour ago

    Thank God we're getting Isaiah Wynn back next week. Marshall Newhouse single-handedly makes our offensive line look absolutely terrible.

  • JTM
    JTM Hour ago

    Brady knows he needs one more ring to pass Michael Jordan as sports GOAT. If not Jordan will always hold the tiebreaker due to having a couple more Finals and regular season MVPs.

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie Hour ago

    Running QBs are a killer.. If you cant run you will DIE!!.. We will beat Green bay and New orleans off QB pressure alone... I'm calling it

  • Web. Strong
    Web. Strong Hour ago

    Wentz does not play like a franchise QB, let alone played like one. He does not have it like Nick Foles did. He does not throw with accuracy , and he doesn't get along well with his teammates smh.

  • Rob G
    Rob G Hour ago

    Kudos to the grown Redskins fan who took Anderson's TD ball from a small child.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith Hour ago

    Rhodes needs to hang it up he has become a huge liability for them.

  • Mason_Baller Videos

    Why did they replay Carr getting sacked twice?

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack Hour ago

    I stopped watching Broncos (and NFL) after team leader Von Miller joined in for that ridiculous and disgraceful America-hating/Cop-hating "take a knee during National Anthem" protest BS. However, it's hard to avoid NFL news on TV or the internet and it's comforting to know they've embarrassed themselves on so many other occasions in other ways as well.

  • Sundiata Jackson

    6:25 one of the worst PI calls in football history.

  • capricornmagic63

    They didn't lose because Brandon Allen.

  • erik puka
    erik puka Hour ago

    Eagles have horrible recievers and also horrible secondary

  • Joe W.
    Joe W. Hour ago

    The ravens are ready to blow the rams away. They look terrible. Goff will probably throw 3 interceptions that game.

  • TheBlueberry
    TheBlueberry Hour ago

    Anybody like how the Jags gave up after scoring

  • Nupe Ellington
    Nupe Ellington Hour ago

    New England's offense needs to step up to the plate.... They aren't exciting to watch, while Brady is constantly yelling, Hike!!! immediately followed by HELP!!!! That O-line is crumbling like a stepped on ant hill...

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis Hour ago

    Gawwd damn 8:40 lmao

  • SouthPaw82
    SouthPaw82 Hour ago

    49ers own the NFL this season OmG every game is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!!!!!

  • DRouwnt
    DRouwnt Hour ago

    Why are the 49ers gifted all these PI?

  • 定年ゴルファー


  • Veilded
    Veilded Hour ago

    Should have ran it

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator Hour ago

    Xavier Rhodes.....🙄

  • Bryan Cunningham

    That should've been offensive pass interference on Eddleman

  • Ishaddiah God's Chosen

    The age of great white qbs are over. TE and O line are their positions now.😂


    I am a Niners fan, but I feel you Vikings. Damn teams giving us heart attacks.

  • Dolla Billz
    Dolla Billz Hour ago

    Deebo's the man but Jeff Wilson is are secret weapon

  • Cookie Sniper
    Cookie Sniper Hour ago

    As it wasn't overtime, don't they kick the extra point at end??? Huge implications to bettors as spread was 10.5....anybody know???

  • All You Need Is Jesus Christ

    it wasn't pretty but a good defense always beats a good offense. even a questionable offense such as philadelphia's

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf Hour ago

    All credit to Dorsett for his runs too!

  • G Dogg
    G Dogg Hour ago

    Wentz was trash. Not on that last 4th down tho. On that play Agholor was trash

  • Tyrekus Jones
    Tyrekus Jones Hour ago

    Titan fan checking in 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Monique D
    Monique D Hour ago

    Let’s be honest, the rams only won because they score more points than the bears

  • sb
    sb Hour ago

    Cardinals took ass whooping number 8, the same ol Cardinals from 1892 they can't finish, they can't win the close ones it's the same story every single year. So what do they do the draft a midget for a quarter back and ignore Nick Bosa SMH can't get any more dumb then that.

  • Lroy Johnson
    Lroy Johnson Hour ago

    Bears need to fired there damn kicker

  • Lil Thane
    Lil Thane Hour ago

    Kearse stop game ending plays in back to back weeks CLUTCH

  • Jaedan Vaccaro_14

    I swear the entire 2nd half I was watching a punting video

  • Snoop Dawg
    Snoop Dawg Hour ago

    At the very end of the game can’t was DPI’ed 3 times but the refs didn’t call any of them

  • ALFredo C
    ALFredo C Hour ago

    If you’re an NFL Fan, it’s a MUST to watch the Saints in the Superdome. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

  • New Oddly Satisfying

    Loovvvvveeee. Yyyooouuu EAGLESssss no matter what

  • Sojo R
    Sojo R Hour ago

    Whisky Trubuisky = *BUST!!*

  • Rhett Ebert
    Rhett Ebert Hour ago

    Sweetest comeback since twinkie or CC '92...hella hella SKOL!!😈

  • Martin Brady
    Martin Brady Hour ago

    God bless Larry Fitzgerald. HOF. Great receiver. Great guy.

  • ernest murphy
    ernest murphy Hour ago

    Oh now the falcons are playing like a good team

  • James Mosher
    James Mosher Hour ago

    They beat the texans like they stole something

  • Stephen Salach
    Stephen Salach Hour ago

    Cam smoking that cigar😂

  • G Dogg
    G Dogg Hour ago

    How the hell is that a defensive PI at 6:30. if only it should have been offensive. Refs can‘t get these Pi calls right smh

  • sandberg31
    sandberg31 Hour ago

    You can't run an option if the quarterback keeping the ball ISN'T an option. You know Trubisky wasn't keeping that ball. You're not fooling anyone.

  • ARBJ85
    ARBJ85 Hour ago

    Clearly this year's M.V.P.

  • Allan Holmberg
    Allan Holmberg Hour ago

    2 team never making playoffs anyway :) who cares