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  • The Hero of Goats
    The Hero of Goats 11 minutes ago

    As rapey as dolphins are, it was most certainly into it - "Ooh, a new dom play?"

  • Global Atheist
    Global Atheist 13 minutes ago

    All Halftime shows suck and are completely annoying and a waste of time.

  • Aaron Boals
    Aaron Boals 15 minutes ago

    Funny kiv of all people would say that. I watch the tournaments and everyone uses the deep much that it gets old

  • Tyler Moreau
    Tyler Moreau 31 minute ago

    "Will grab for food/cash" Don't put that sign up, you're gunna get calls you don't want.

  • David Calman
    David Calman 34 minutes ago

    1:47 "Mount" Fumble is a no-nonsense titan

  • Bam 1234
    Bam 1234 38 minutes ago

    Milwaukee admirals?

  • Minato Namikaze the 4th (Yellow Flash)

    In case anyone cares, the place where the zoo was is now inhabited by Oracle. Sadly, I couldn't go to this zoo as a kid since I was too young when it closed.

  • Quinton Mack
    Quinton Mack 53 minutes ago

    Michael Irvin was a wild boi

  • John Philpot
    John Philpot Hour ago

    Favre got beat up. That’s why he made that ill advised throw..

  • UnitD77
    UnitD77 2 hours ago

    Never mentioned any learning stat. Go back and do Kiev's play now.

  • bongo155
    bongo155 2 hours ago

    Warriors decided to a real life season with 40 overalls

  • D A
    D A 2 hours ago

    Cheap ownership + bad coaching + terrible trades

  • SportsGamingCubing
    SportsGamingCubing 2 hours ago

    Idk why but I lost it at 21:56

  • S P
    S P 2 hours ago

    All he needed was a extra step and a spare inch.

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller 2 hours ago

    The illegal touching(or first touching) rule on punts. Basically means if the punting team touches the ball first(it normally gets downed there) but if the receiving team can get to the ball, they can do whatever they want with it.. field it, lateral it, return it for a td. Even if they end up fumbling the ball, it will just end up being spotted were the kicking team originally touched(downed) it. I think I saw a rams player return a TD doing this in the 90s. and in recent years saw a titan try making a play on a ball that the texans punted and threw back in play to try saving it from being a touchback. If you don't know the rule it looks stupid and risky, but if you do know the rule, its essentially a free play to try something wild as a receiving team.

  • Dollface
    Dollface 2 hours ago

    i’unno, grindcore has stayed untouched and unmonetized

  • drowzy1593
    drowzy1593 3 hours ago

    Every Knicks fan ever 🤦‍♂️

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 3 hours ago

    Madden 93!!!!! Aka the start of the franchise... And the best

  • proactivex
    proactivex 3 hours ago

    The way he uses his body movement and small fakes to tear open the defense is FN ridiculous. He’s not trying to beat the guy in front of him. That guy is already beat, it just hasn’t happened yet. Ben Simmons is looking past his guy and making the other defenders move around. He’s the puppet master. I watched him for five minutes and could tell he’s playing a different game. Chris Paul wrecks defenses with that same type of court vision. (Used to anyway. ).

  • Royce Thompson
    Royce Thompson 4 hours ago

    Imagine owning either of them in fantasy that year.

  • Breeze
    Breeze 4 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this.

  • jvadoptante
    jvadoptante 4 hours ago

    Ben is just there for celeb booty & paychecks. Has no hustle. Bet u didn't see that coming. He'll never even be an allstar. It's just a job to him, an obligation, a burden. Game plans are eating him up like vultures now.

  • Morgan Pyre
    Morgan Pyre 4 hours ago

    thank u SB Nation

  • Survival
    Survival 4 hours ago

    The 11 point rule is BULLSHIT

  • shangoat2008
    shangoat2008 4 hours ago

    so steve blake became head coach of the warriors after jokic was fired?.... also I want to see the scores of the finals games and the FMVP's stats please

  • Just think
    Just think 4 hours ago

    free agency killed the great teams of the 80's, and 90's. Al, Jones, the 49er's.

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young 4 hours ago


  • ZennerGOAT
    ZennerGOAT 4 hours ago

    Matt Patricia's approval rating is probably around 8% and he will probably be returning to coach next year too :/

  • zelexen Lizaola-V
    zelexen Lizaola-V 4 hours ago

    sounds like they sandbagged. they should be investigated. thats ridiculous.

  • Khalid!
    Khalid! 5 hours ago

    PLEASE do this for the NBA

  • Tim Rosencrans
    Tim Rosencrans 5 hours ago

    So the game is very accurate in regards to Lions managment.

    AMERICA'S TEAM 5 hours ago

    Yeah and the idiot Jerry Jones thought it would be a GREAT idea 2 fire Jimmy Johnson and hire switzer

  • ColHans
    ColHans 5 hours ago

    Pat Bev is a pathetic little toad

  • Jared Duddie
    Jared Duddie 5 hours ago

    Imagine being the second string mascot

  • Alex Kennedy
    Alex Kennedy 5 hours ago


  • Forever In Game
    Forever In Game 6 hours ago

    So how much do I have to pay to make this a weekly series?

  • Anthony Romano
    Anthony Romano 6 hours ago

    Love the SLU sweater

  • dēaþ
    dēaþ 6 hours ago

    So Skip has always been a douchebag.....

  • TowwerN3
    TowwerN3 6 hours ago

    Why does anyone else do these? Imhoff is the SB Nation Goat.

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 6 hours ago

    Yeah, emperors new groove and chicken little was... Well, not good and that's me being generous.

  • dēaþ
    dēaþ 6 hours ago

    The craziest thing is the NCAA's selective enforcement. If you're a Blueblood school like Duke or UNC, no punishments at all despite egregious infractions.

  • Hello -
    Hello - 6 hours ago

    How tf you make a video about the mane Bob 45 minutes

  • shellder11
    shellder11 6 hours ago

    What a pleasant story, thanks for doing a video on this.

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford 6 hours ago

    "Big game at the end" The equivalent of the effort of a last minute essay

  • A Shammas
    A Shammas 6 hours ago

    Who saw Dwight’s eye color change on the hornets pic

  • Fauxtool
    Fauxtool 6 hours ago

    what the f did i just watch. I hate football

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford 6 hours ago

    "The hornies"... ok, sure why not?

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 hours ago

    Is Mister Fumble also a play on Mr. Bungle?

  • Vasty Andrews
    Vasty Andrews 6 hours ago

    17:10 😂😂😂😂

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford 7 hours ago

    I watched this live. I litterly laughed and cried... Also I was scared about wtf I just saw.

  • Robert Hartman
    Robert Hartman 7 hours ago

    Great GREAT VIDEO...I was at the airport the day before the game and as luck would have it had a camera for a photography class. I’d send some pics if I could...Ended with an MJ Autograph and remember Sam Vincent laughing at me as I ran in circles around MJ taking pictures the whole time...To this day I still wonder if MJ would remember me and kinda think so considering what he says after hitting the “Shot”

  • Vasty Andrews
    Vasty Andrews 7 hours ago

    YAAAAAAAAS i forgot about this 😍😍😍

  • Myron Wanza
    Myron Wanza 7 hours ago

    Great synopsis of the rise of Jerry Jones and the subsequent and meticulous fall of the Dallas Cowboys franchise and organization, even today. Glimpses of the glory days w/o the consistency winning win it matters most. No NFC Title games no SBs. Jerry Jones has proven he doesn’t no anymore NOW than he did THEN. Oh others will say otherwise bc of their loyalty to Jones and the STAR, yet no significant Championships in over 20+ yrs. Great Story💯

  • Tim Besco, RN
    Tim Besco, RN 7 hours ago

    Who watched the whole vid? LIONS FANS! It was better than the real 2008 season. Hell, its better than 2019.

  • Drunk Gamer
    Drunk Gamer 7 hours ago

    I have gotten lots of safeties like that in earlier madden games

  • FLU
    FLU 7 hours ago

    2:22 tf kinda celebration is that?

  • Mike F
    Mike F 7 hours ago

    Solid vid bud.. Solid vid.

  • Sam
    Sam 7 hours ago

    jon bois is my president. he won a dang vote, it was tight, but he got it

  • John Guiliani
    John Guiliani 7 hours ago

    If Dan had stuck around for a couple of more years he could have gotten that ring. The dolohins finally had a shut down defense in the early 2000s.

  • Eric Kleinwolterink
    Eric Kleinwolterink 7 hours ago

    I've watched this like three times. It's hilarious. It's absurd and fantastic. It's intensity kind of sucks you in... It's self-aware but sincere in it's devotion to something silly that is actually significant in it's departure from the norm. That the culmination of millions of games of basketball created this formula that we've all come to know, and yet this aberration of a game is somehow unique and momentous... a monument to hilarity and absurdity. A perfect storm of insignificant one-offs borne out to their greatest lengths and so becoming an unbeatable record... until, godforbid, a more absurd day comes to be.

  • Johnny Travis
    Johnny Travis 7 hours ago

    10:38 is the most telling. A Rod is obligated to get the hell out of Jeter’s way. Shortstop has priority over any pop up in the infield. Jeter calls it, you move. The was no doubt a provocation in A Rod’s part and Jeter wanted no part of that bs. A Rod could go fetch the ball.

    THE HIDDEN MGTOW 8 hours ago

    by definition, it was also the best xfl championship.

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 8 hours ago

    It takes a very very special team to go 0 - 16.

  • Gakk 86
    Gakk 86 8 hours ago

    As one one does.

  • Adam Collier
    Adam Collier 8 hours ago

    Barry Bonds wins by doing nothing.

  • Miles Law
    Miles Law 8 hours ago

    “like during a game?" lol

  • Logan Vorderbrug
    Logan Vorderbrug 8 hours ago

    This reminds me of this years Cowboys

  • MYSTlC_2K YT
    MYSTlC_2K YT 8 hours ago

    Dwight Howard would've ... nvm

  • 1822138
    1822138 8 hours ago

    Y’all should do one on Napoleon Bonaparte vs Horatio Nelson

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 8 hours ago

    This series is really good so far. I look forward to seeing more of this.

  • TheApostleofRock
    TheApostleofRock 8 hours ago

    My God....nothing is more "chargers" than this video

  • Michael Nehme
    Michael Nehme 8 hours ago

    PK Subban + Brendan Gallagher

  • walker1984
    walker1984 8 hours ago

    Will there be a Patriots collapse eventually?

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis 9 hours ago

    I'll take it being our fault that the Lions won 3 games more than in real life.

  • Sam Schwartz
    Sam Schwartz 9 hours ago

    Season injury: bloody nose. Yeah that’s totally how it works, 2K

  • V8nix 8
    V8nix 8 9 hours ago

    My Grade 5 teacher was an AFL umpire and he has never talked about any of the rules.

  • mtallmen184
    mtallmen184 9 hours ago

    Please pick a Tony Hawk game that isn't Proving Ground for your desk, that one kinda sucks

  • Trevor McCoy
    Trevor McCoy 9 hours ago

    Lmao y'all are great hope this is still a thing 😂

  • Trey Grizzly
    Trey Grizzly 9 hours ago

    Mane , This is some b.s forreal lol I've won 5k this season already on a 5$ bet 20 entry max . Chill .

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King 9 hours ago

    That offensive line though!!

  • J C
    J C 10 hours ago

    Washington REDSKINS

  • ThatOneDev
    ThatOneDev 10 hours ago

    The thumbnail was by far my favorite quote ever.

  • Bryan Graham
    Bryan Graham 10 hours ago

    Do the islanders

  • Kavin Krishna
    Kavin Krishna 10 hours ago

    stephen a. smith v logical predictions

  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck 10 hours ago

    Well technically, it was also the best

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas 11 hours ago

    7:42 uh, PAUSE?

  • Gonzo Duke
    Gonzo Duke 11 hours ago

    Seth the sloth.

  • Richard Head
    Richard Head 11 hours ago

    farve the all time pick leader. you see him there crying -all good things must come to a end. now he cries because he played football. LOL

  • Kurt Wicklund
    Kurt Wicklund 11 hours ago

    I've only watched a couple videos of yours but I found them quite interesting. However in this one I have to disagree with you on all the one point. Most of what you label boring or bed is entirely subjective. Another person like find the same exact play thrilling. Specifically you conclude there's a problem because few kickoffs result in either touchdowns or being pinned very deep near one's own end zone. This is always seem to be the intended situation. Football is the contest of marching down the field. After a score it's logical that the other team is going to be faced with marching down the field as well. The fact that kickoffs give the receiving team most of the field to advance down is to me entirely desirable and working as intended. But I do agree with you though on the aspect of injuries specifically concussions. On this aspect of the kick-off I think you have demonstrated reason for genuine concern.

  • Stephen Dareau
    Stephen Dareau 11 hours ago

    28:33 Denver Nuggets are better the Golden State Warriors anyway....regular players or fake

  • Karl Valerdi
    Karl Valerdi 11 hours ago

    2019 Cowboys be like hold my beer

  • Ba-Donkin Donutz
    Ba-Donkin Donutz 11 hours ago


  • Nononom12
    Nononom12 11 hours ago

    Lol now Andre can hit free throws

  • toptenguy1
    toptenguy1 11 hours ago

    Did Dan Orlovsky run out of bounds behind his own end zone before making those passes?

  • Brother Malcolm
    Brother Malcolm 11 hours ago

    Juwan Howard rode the bench to two rings.

  • William Mccartney
    William Mccartney 11 hours ago

    Lions fan for life. We had Barry Sanders for years and still felt like we were suffering. Being a Lion’s fan is like drinking just enough poison to get sick but not die.

  • Eric Moses
    Eric Moses 11 hours ago

    More Dorktown please

  • Eric Moses
    Eric Moses 11 hours ago

    More Dorktown please

  • ZGryphon
    ZGryphon 12 hours ago

    In fairness to the people of Maine, a Republican became governor that year--and was re-elected four years later--with only anemic pluralities (the first time, less than 40 percent), because our state constitution is so badly written that a third-party no-hoper was able to split the Not That Guy majority twice. One does hope LePage at least bought that guy a fruit basket for handing him the governorship twice.

  • George Brewer
    George Brewer 12 hours ago

    Seems to bypass the cheating the pats did to the rams in the super bowl. That is what really started the downfall.