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David needs your help.
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My apology to Carly.
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My big announcement.
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Who am I dating...
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  • Roberto leon
    Roberto leon 17 minutes ago

    No one notice David and Natalie asleep together in the same bed before the video start to shoot this his side piece liza is his main at heart

  • Dante Cestari
    Dante Cestari 25 minutes ago

    legit cant watch the whole thing because of jason's weird ass laugh.. :(

  • 48lilly
    48lilly 26 minutes ago

    Can’t wait! 🥳🎏🎉🎉🎊🥳

  • Babygirl95
    Babygirl95 28 minutes ago

    Dj Dima doesn’t sound too bad

  • Heaven Tutorials
    Heaven Tutorials 33 minutes ago

    patiently waiting for jason to surprise me one day

  • Lisha Begay
    Lisha Begay 39 minutes ago

    David "He sees me naked" 😂😂

  • Sauni Jayden
    Sauni Jayden 43 minutes ago

    Why can't david upload as often as Jason lol

  • Riya Ajith
    Riya Ajith 49 minutes ago

    Go on hating all Geminis becaus of your poor choices.

  • Dabs G
    Dabs G 52 minutes ago

    This guys so old who would watch this grandpa shit

  • Griffith Conrecode
    Griffith Conrecode 59 minutes ago

    Okay but did no one see natalie and david getting out of bed together?? why are we not talking about this?

  • Laavanya Wadhwa
    Laavanya Wadhwa Hour ago

    I love DILLON!♥😂

  • Prizie
    Prizie Hour ago

    what you guys don't understand is that David REEEALLY loves the house but he just can't be nice to anything lok

  • Augustine
    Augustine Hour ago

    Jason looks like Don Henley in original The Boys of Summer video.

  • Just Chillin
    Just Chillin Hour ago

    Wish I was part of the squad 😔. . . . lbvs.

  • madeinthegetto
    madeinthegetto Hour ago

    Should’ve linked his SoundCloud, and vlog the journey till his set in February like a Shane series 👀👀

  • Dionne Garcia
    Dionne Garcia Hour ago

    HOLY SHIIIIIIT!!! I JUST REALIZED JASON IS WEARING A UTRGV CAP!!! DUDES THATS MY SCHOOL!! 😭😭 Literally have never been more proud of my school! My feet went cold 😭 this isnt an over reaction, NOBODY above San Antonio knows about us! So this to me is BIG even if it is just a cap😭💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Lindsey Lepage
    Lindsey Lepage Hour ago

    I was smiling this whole video eeeeee

  • Eileen Conde
    Eileen Conde Hour ago

    Joe is a liar, I parallel park in New Jersey

  • Mrs StraightTalker

    Jason you’re such a sweet person! Your friends and family are so incredibly fortunate to have you in their lives. How anyone can dislike you is beyond me. Great video ❤️

  • Blake Leasure
    Blake Leasure Hour ago

    Dancing Queen ft. A narration of Jason’s failure of a life

  • Baniken SG
    Baniken SG Hour ago

    Didn’t David buy that? He just posted a video of him buying a lot of those and it might be possible that Jason just took some and giving it to people, claiming it that it’s his

  • Kyro Janke
    Kyro Janke 2 hours ago

    2:25 natalie got some cake

  • Corey j
    Corey j 2 hours ago

    Literal worst humans everrrrr. Maybe it was because your a dumb air head with too many lip injections

  • Reynaldo Guzman
    Reynaldo Guzman 2 hours ago

    Main reason why Jason's door don't open. Keys been dropped 30 times

  • AJ_NuGGz
    AJ_NuGGz 2 hours ago

    Hey Jason just wanted to say great vlog but can you change your intro because my dad thinks I am about to watch a porn video with a man in a bikini...

  • So What
    So What 2 hours ago

    JONAH 💗💗💗💗 he look great !!!!

  • Ebraheem Alaa El-Din

    The house doesn't seem small at all.

  • Soumik Barman
    Soumik Barman 2 hours ago

    What's the name of the song at the start of the video

  • TIffanyrose Angeles
    TIffanyrose Angeles 3 hours ago

    Jason,never thinks of himself always his fam/ friends all love ❤️❤️❤️❤️love you,Jason,for being YOU

  • adams eve
    adams eve 3 hours ago

    Omg Jay. I watched you try and use a wrench. Now I'm ready to kill myself

  • Victoria Huerta
    Victoria Huerta 3 hours ago

    Wow!! he was wearing a U.T.R.G.V. ( University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) 👏👏 Thanks for the support

  • adams eve
    adams eve 3 hours ago

    These ppl never drove in BOSTON MA. You become a master when you can make it through boston without getting lost or crash.

  • Elaina Szymanski
    Elaina Szymanski 3 hours ago

    dillion and you are sooo funny

  • Joseph Carlucci
    Joseph Carlucci 3 hours ago

    right after they showed howie mandel with the goop on his eye I got an ad for elmers glue

  • XxJasminexX _
    XxJasminexX _ 3 hours ago

    no one: my sleep paralysis demon: 8:51

  • David Dobrik
    David Dobrik 3 hours ago

    This is how many people would come to Dima's Emo Night Set ⬇️

  • Kate Williams
    Kate Williams 3 hours ago

    I really hate Trisha paytas but you’re such a weird old man for hanging out with young adults like you’re trying to fit in like that Steve bushemi meme. I really don’t like you or your weird lifestyle

  • CluelessPanda
    CluelessPanda 3 hours ago

    David surprising him with new car

  • richard Brough
    richard Brough 3 hours ago

    corinna has to be the stupidest person ever

  • theplourde
    theplourde 4 hours ago

    Is that Ian from Seatgeek on the couch in David’s room behind Dillion? 11:52?

  • Helper Bird
    Helper Bird 4 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this one

  • Ellis Kinsella
    Ellis Kinsella 4 hours ago

    if you find his house guys please dont go there let him be with his kids

  • Nuevxx
    Nuevxx 4 hours ago

    jason is so nice!!!

  • Christine Cardozo
    Christine Cardozo 4 hours ago

    I started listening to Dillon because of him being in the vlogs. Fuckin killer music for the gym!

  • Meghan Dvorak
    Meghan Dvorak 4 hours ago

    Dima and Carly look alike and I just noticed that.

  • JayK. Prod
    JayK. Prod 4 hours ago

    11:22 Jesus did u die?

  • Anna Baranovicht
    Anna Baranovicht 4 hours ago

    This is the last Jason Nash vlog I will ever watch. He is too cringe.

  • Jules Van Den Bossche

    Are David and Natulieee to geter

  • Mikey Wu Wu
    Mikey Wu Wu 5 hours ago

    Love it when people bless up

  • Appollo Xtra
    Appollo Xtra 5 hours ago

    Strong farts nìiiiiiiccc eee

  • Mae-lyn
    Mae-lyn 5 hours ago

    This is literally the cutest surprise ever. Jason you were really goofy giving the surprise.

  • Maria Rosario
    Maria Rosario 5 hours ago

    Jason has a great heart ❤️

  • Tjinta Maria Kwakkelstein

    Not enough scotty

  • Luis Castellon
    Luis Castellon 5 hours ago

    Can we actually use promo code Jason?😂😂

  • A. Daddy Andy
    A. Daddy Andy 5 hours ago

    To be in your vlog

  • Mia GT
    Mia GT 6 hours ago

    Do a mini series a la Shane Dawson staring Dima his road to DJing.. call it D and J.. or something more funny

  • I Draw Youtube Pets
    I Draw Youtube Pets 6 hours ago

    Timothy Jimothy is such a nice dude giving Dima a slot at emo nite. Also Dillon Francis chaotic good energy got me 😂

  • Craftdan
    Craftdan 6 hours ago

    In my opinion, I think it’s time for an intro change, Jason! You’ve transformed so much as a creator and are no longer that Vine personality. You do you though 😁

  • Paco Vega
    Paco Vega 6 hours ago

    Taylor is so cute

  • Duhkyuubi
    Duhkyuubi 6 hours ago

    I’m stoked for the Natalie and David sex tape to leak

  • OhNoNo
    OhNoNo 6 hours ago

    I thought Jason is dying 5:02

  • Bug
    Bug 6 hours ago

    He got connections everywhere broooo.. look at his new video. He is amazing

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 7 hours ago

    Dillion Francis is hilarious!! I love seeing him in the vlogs🤩

  • Oogie Boogie
    Oogie Boogie 7 hours ago

    bs he's 6'7 if vardan is 5'5 look at it when they go back to back there is a difference but not a massive difference

  • Sunshine Y
    Sunshine Y 7 hours ago

    What a awesome surprise! I love this!

  • Brock Edgington
    Brock Edgington 7 hours ago

    We need more Jason and Dillon Francis vlogs!

  • Kitkaylatte
    Kitkaylatte 7 hours ago

    Something about Dillon using the McRib synonymously with MCR to represent emo is my fave

  • Vincent B
    Vincent B 7 hours ago

    Why in the thumbnail He looked like David

  • chuggggggy
    chuggggggy 7 hours ago

    “Wow J, you got me. You got me good. Another prank in the bag.” -The Original Prankster.

  • Can’t Relate
    Can’t Relate 7 hours ago


  • Can’t Relate
    Can’t Relate 7 hours ago


  • Atharva Ramdurgkar
    Atharva Ramdurgkar 7 hours ago

    7:45 I hit the brakes too hard 😂

  • Jordan Otter
    Jordan Otter 8 hours ago

    great video!!!!!!

  • chuggggggy
    chuggggggy 8 hours ago

    Wow this "kid" might have Acromegaly

  • Peachy Scones
    Peachy Scones 8 hours ago

    I feel like David is a little intimated by jeffree for some reason.

  • OldSouls VEVO
    OldSouls VEVO 8 hours ago

    Today is my birthday and just finding out Jeff has the same birthday as me

  • Jelena Mis
    Jelena Mis 8 hours ago

    I love how at the end David says „Jason suprised me today...“ out of nowhere 😂

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 8 hours ago

    Good job Jason, you made a vlog I actually could follow through with and watch the entire thing! Loved it

  • Michelle Altice
    Michelle Altice 8 hours ago

    8:40 - 9:01 David talking to someone about his most recent vlog (about 1:44 - 1:50 in David's vlog) . If you listen closely you can hear Joe/Jeff say something to David and David responds "So it wasn't that bad? (So was it the __??)" They say "Yes" and David says "See that's so funny" and Joe/Jeff responds "It's funny but it's goofy that..." and you can hear the crashes from his vlog in the background. You know it's an edit because at 8:55, you can hear the "Get out of there" 3 different times because he's probably editing on a loop to make it faster ....you're welcome for that lil bit of David knowledge :)

  • RGwhat
    RGwhat 9 hours ago

    Still love your intro

  • Yooo Gohan
    Yooo Gohan 9 hours ago

    Why does Jason act like a crazy animal in David’s video but in his own video he’s extremely calm

  • A J
    A J 9 hours ago

    Dima: Jason we dont have the money for this !🤣 Jason's so sweet!

  • Stephanie Perez
    Stephanie Perez 9 hours ago

    Are we just all ignoring the fact that Natalie was in David’s bed in the intro and they looked pretty cozy. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Nicole Bell
    Nicole Bell 9 hours ago

    You both are in transition. You both need to mature and find you footing apart from anything else.

  • Lily Tv
    Lily Tv 10 hours ago

    2:36 me right now.

  • Emman Kay
    Emman Kay 10 hours ago

    This is the best surprise!! So sweet of jay 🥰

  • meganb1985
    meganb1985 10 hours ago

    no comments about natalie and david in bed next to each other?????????????????????????

  • konkelkent
    konkelkent 10 hours ago

    david and natalie in davids bed, with a glass of wine at Natalies side 👀 rite rite rite, maybe some late night editing 🤔

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung 10 hours ago

    Natalie lookin fine as usual

  • Gabriel Hanamaika'i
    Gabriel Hanamaika'i 10 hours ago

    Taylor is my dream

  • Night
    Night 10 hours ago

    He just taped a kinect for xbox 360 to an ipad and a selfie stick lmao.

  • Gaby Cowley
    Gaby Cowley 10 hours ago

    wow i love celebrity dj dillon francis

  • M A
    M A 10 hours ago

    You should give a present to Taylor next she deserves it!

  • Robert Herreras
    Robert Herreras 10 hours ago

    Dude honest to God you and David videos are honestly help me from being depression about life going on. Love the videos you and him make cause they make me laugh but when there's no videos up it's hard to fight my depression but no other Flash-Playerr makes me laugh. Only u and David lol💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😢😢😢💕💕💕💕💯 #jasonnash

  • CrazyGamerKid101
    CrazyGamerKid101 10 hours ago

    Best vlogger no cap!

  • tim
    tim 10 hours ago

    omggg a tana joke and he was talking about wanting to comment on her video something that would make trisha mad and this is on camera imagine all the times he'd mention tana off camera

  • AddyRose23
    AddyRose23 10 hours ago

    Ian from seatgeek is such a babe omgggg What’s his IG? 😭😭

  • tanisha haze
    tanisha haze 10 hours ago

    Dillon seems so nice & genuine, I’d love to sit down & have dinner with him. Even if the food isn’t nice, he would be

  • Cecilia Rivera
    Cecilia Rivera 10 hours ago

    Birthdays July 10th 1997