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  • NPC
    NPC 6 minutes ago

    Yo who told you you could film at my place?

  • JtjH95
    JtjH95 7 minutes ago

    they should use those reservoir shade balls

  • supernpstr
    supernpstr 8 minutes ago

    Okay to grow cyanide in open, but put a cage around the cannabis.... Laws smh

  • Gary Douglass
    Gary Douglass 10 minutes ago

    This sort of pedantry is EXACTLY why we Americans threw all that tea in Boston Harbor in 1776 and switched to drinking coffee. (And did that whole rebellion thing).

  • Code: Marla
    Code: Marla 17 minutes ago

    Why have I only just discovered this, its great.

  • KopCam
    KopCam 17 minutes ago

    0-255 is 8-Bit color. Typically we use 24-Bit or 32-Bit color. Your claim of RGB only being able to be represented by 256 separate values for each color, is completely wrong.

  • iikk_a
    iikk_a 18 minutes ago

    It's almost 2020 now and people are getting outraged before anything even happens

  • thou bigoof
    thou bigoof 19 minutes ago

    What is that bush inside the monkshood plant circle

  • Hannah Rosman
    Hannah Rosman 20 minutes ago

    B-but why do kpop shows look just fine....,i mean confettis dont change the quality really bad

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz 21 minute ago

    Considering the water is practically battery acid, could they run an experiment to see it was able to generate electricity and power the pumps?

  • Blush
    Blush 27 minutes ago


  • 2lazy2p4now
    2lazy2p4now 27 minutes ago

    Hey I used to live in that town!

  • Lucifer YT
    Lucifer YT 34 minutes ago

    They use guns to scare the birds away... Can't get more American than that...

  • Nachiket Nalamati
    Nachiket Nalamati 34 minutes ago

    yo when does this guy breathe lmao

  • Adonnus100
    Adonnus100 34 minutes ago

    I tried a velar trill, I sounded like a velociraptor

  • essengeebee
    essengeebee 36 minutes ago

    Funny that, there’s also a toxic pit in California called Berkeley.

  • James DeWald
    James DeWald 37 minutes ago

    “What do you do for a living?” “I don’t shoot birds.”

  • clray123
    clray123 38 minutes ago

    On my shitty speakers I heard absolutely nothing.

  • Fredde
    Fredde 44 minutes ago

    Why did it suddenly got warmer? More direct sunlight??

  • blaze909
    blaze909 50 minutes ago

    Pit: toxic tourism Chernobyl: hold my toxic beer

  • Hertfordshire247
    Hertfordshire247 53 minutes ago

    Flash-Player was around in 2008.

  • vegas15879
    vegas15879 56 minutes ago

    WHAT ❓❗❓ What is the generals' solution to the problem???

  • jedigecko06
    jedigecko06 56 minutes ago

    "Sir, why do you need TWO semi-automatic rifles at a bird sanctuary?" "For when you absolutely, positively have to scare off 30-50 geese in 3-5 minutes."

    MAGNUS LOKKHORN 56 minutes ago

    The black nobility has been breeding perfect consumer/worker drones for ages, now comes the time to strip them of their human rights.

  • Jeramy Mayfield
    Jeramy Mayfield Hour ago

    Honestly, it's wrong how someone gave that other artist the pink paint.

  • Joey Calnan
    Joey Calnan Hour ago

    Love Butte - the downtown is a blast from the past.

  • Phill Robinson
    Phill Robinson Hour ago

    In america dollars are more important than pollution and wildlife.

  • Kirk Claybrook
    Kirk Claybrook Hour ago

    If you want to see a big hole visit the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. I was on the viewing platform once to watch a blast using 50 tonnes of ANFO. I braced as they did the countdown and it was only after seeing the little pops that resulted did I realise just how big the holes was. It messes with your senses it is so huge.

  • Sean Chang
    Sean Chang Hour ago

    How about balls made of recycle plastic to cover the lake?

  • harry s
    harry s Hour ago

    I have been watching your videos from few days but I just subscribed. This video was very informative regarding the content on Flash-Player.

  • StockStream
    StockStream Hour ago

    Okay, so we need to know where the incoming water is coming from....

  • Xakory House
    Xakory House Hour ago

    They put an admission to go to California now?

  • Rockin Rollin
    Rockin Rollin Hour ago

    Evil Kenevil should have jumped that .

  • Bri Ba
    Bri Ba Hour ago

    When I was a kid, we could enter and watch the giant mining trucks driving up and down, looking like ants at the bottom.

  • labobo
    labobo Hour ago

    I would feel the urge to take a swim just to scare the living souls out of the workers there.

  • nwil804
    nwil804 Hour ago

    Lets make loud noises to scare the birds and if that does not work shoot at them, why the phuck is the mine operators not being held accountable and being made to remediate the pit?

  • last shadow
    last shadow Hour ago

    wait until you go to argentina and see "El riachuelo"

  • Anton
    Anton Hour ago

    God save the Queen

  • sauce
    sauce Hour ago

    How old is this guy? He's been 22 for 10 years.

  • Jamie East
    Jamie East Hour ago

    Why not fill it with plastic balls ?

  • Alucard Helsing
    Alucard Helsing Hour ago

    The admission money should go to fund the maintenance of the pit.

  • Francesco Gorbechov

    His accent makes him sound so smart

  • I talk About stuff

    is it weird that I'm just waiting for something to happen?

  • roger jackway
    roger jackway Hour ago

    I wonder how much baking soda it would take to neutralize it to a safe level.

  • Mofar
    Mofar Hour ago

    Hey that's my grandmma's home.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Hour ago

    shooting at birds with automatic rifles so they won't die from a toxic pit that can be visited by tourists. it doesn't really get more american, hahaha.

  • PutinKills
    PutinKills Hour ago

    Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to cover the pit in Black Plastic balls like they do in the LA reservoirs.

  • Jezebel von Tex
    Jezebel von Tex Hour ago

    This is scary 😳

  • Andreas Hoppe
    Andreas Hoppe Hour ago

    reminds me of rainbow ride, super mario 64

  • ya boi
    ya boi Hour ago

    How American.

  • Sport and Health

    Wonderful example of business matters trump over environmental protection. Those who made money with the mine should be held liable to pay for protection now.

  • AlastrionaCatskill

    I didn't know you could pay $3 to visit America!

  • Eddie Dingle
    Eddie Dingle Hour ago

    I've played too much minecraft

  • Malachite Sardonyx Vasquez

    You could've used a normal bread... why always a garlic bread?

  • Manatee Man
    Manatee Man Hour ago

    None of those responsible will ever face consequences.

  • Robert Ri
    Robert Ri Hour ago

    Well they already have to pay people to keep the watwr in check and to scare the birds so why not and admision fee to help pay them? Briliant idea

  • Robert
    Robert Hour ago

    I wonder if whomever made bank excavating the mine is paying for the consequences.

  • Jennifer O' Really

    Ironic, isn't it? The "Utah Teapot" is world famous, and all the Mormons in Utah aren't permitted to drink tea.

  • אורלי י
    אורלי י 2 hours ago

    Inclusive/exclusive "we" is fine, but singular/plural "you" seems more basic to me.

  • Ernst de Roo-Straatemans

    Thanks for making us aware of this Tom. As I understand, for the rest of eternity water has to be pumped in and birds have to scared away for the sake of some bloody idiots who were not able to look further than their bank accounts. Shitty world we live in.

  • Amadeus Faigle Vicari

    Because... "It's TIME TO STOP!! . . . IT'S TIME TO STOP OKAY?!" Ahahaha

  • אורלי י
    אורלי י 2 hours ago

    Related to many languages, I still haven't figured out what indefinite articles are good for (a/an for singular nouns in English, and in other languages such as French also for plural nouns).

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine 2 hours ago

    There is also weeab syndrome when weeabs come to japan and realize there’s no subtitles or real life anime girls

  • U Tuber
    U Tuber 2 hours ago

    *This Is Not Edge Of Space* *Edge Of Earth only*

  • Franz Marcos
    Franz Marcos 2 hours ago

    As a Filipino, i can just say that this pit seems a lot like home.

  • Carpe Di Nerd
    Carpe Di Nerd 2 hours ago

    To be honest not only would i pay $3 to see the pit I want to go and pay $3 to see the pit

  • Matti Dobek
    Matti Dobek 2 hours ago

    Hollyweed sing

  • Øivin Fjeldstad
    Øivin Fjeldstad 2 hours ago

    Creating a toxic lake and shooting at birds with high powered rifles to save them from it. American problems require American solutions, dammit!

  • cat
    cat 2 hours ago

    How can wildlife protection specialists use archaic measures like feet and gallons? Makes no sense.

  • Sophie Shaw
    Sophie Shaw 2 hours ago

    Sooo young and nerdy! <3

  • Sam 1
    Sam 1 2 hours ago

    why not use the shade balls. or would they melt or something?

  • Disc737
    Disc737 2 hours ago

    Somerfield... damn that's a throwback

  • Bikerbish
    Bikerbish 2 hours ago

    I always thought the Germans to be a clever people .... shows how wrong you can be

  • Michael Winter
    Michael Winter 2 hours ago


  • Steven On
    Steven On 2 hours ago

    I "smell" some thing funny.

  • Sailing, sports and etc.

    My dad used to work at the mine

  • blairoutproject
    blairoutproject 2 hours ago

    Just another example of rip off Britain...

  • Aurealis Boretralis
    Aurealis Boretralis 2 hours ago

    I always have a moment of panic when I say "See you!" to mean "Goodbye!" but then realize that I will probably not see that person again, or at least not recognize that person if I were to see them again. I know it doesn't matter - they get the meaning - but it still feels insincere to me.

  • Angry Willy
    Angry Willy 2 hours ago

    Don't come to Paris anymore, i'm from it, this city is becoming an ugly shithole. Hopefully I will leave it soon.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 2 hours ago

    'What's your job?' 'I shoot birds with rifles'

  • N/ A
    N/ A 2 hours ago


  • epposcrap
    epposcrap 2 hours ago

    $3 is a bargain, show me anything that is £2 entry in england. England is capatalism

  • Jett
    Jett 2 hours ago

    The fact that it’s garlic bread...

  • Stan
    Stan 2 hours ago

    ok tom ok tom. ok, tom Ok Tom okee tom oooooook tom okkkkkk tom O K T O M oK tOm

  • psammiad
    psammiad 2 hours ago

    Emoji aren't words, they're ideograms. Words are units of speech, whereas emoji are graphical representations of non-verbal communication.

  • David Gaming Remastered

    Frozen, slightly radioactive garlic bread. My favourite.

  • Virgin Mary
    Virgin Mary 2 hours ago

    Go to the pink lake of Melbourne!

  • randomuploadsism
    randomuploadsism 3 hours ago

    I watched the whole.thing on silent autoplay

  • Locke Jawe
    Locke Jawe 3 hours ago

    Just watched one TomSka skit and this is where it gets me...

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan 3 hours ago

    More acid than my dealer.

  • O G Moustache Male facial companion

    Wow, guess I'll avoid water for the rest of my life.

  • Niklas
    Niklas 3 hours ago

    I really enjoy your videos and your wit, but calling dreams "a random firing of neurons that your brain is trying to interpret" seems a little too ignorant of a statement for someone like you.

  • mattbane4life
    mattbane4life 3 hours ago

    This is some crazy stuff

  • Lord Motorsports
    Lord Motorsports 3 hours ago

    When I read the title I thought this video was about my ex.

  • swingstylez
    swingstylez 3 hours ago

    Love your work. And your red shirt :)

  • R E Burdoc
    R E Burdoc 3 hours ago

    Brass chisels don't make sparks

  • William Chamberlain
    William Chamberlain 3 hours ago

    A bit like having to pay for a train ticket to Slough

  • Herdatec
    Herdatec 3 hours ago

    But the lead of the Bullets is bad for the water,.... Oh wait...

  • Julian Cavaleri
    Julian Cavaleri 3 hours ago

    1:32 Murica

  • Music Loverr
    Music Loverr 3 hours ago

    London: *wait that's illegal*