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  • Sara Choi
    Sara Choi Minute ago

    PLESE READ ALL And I can do a ponytail and braids and a bun!this was also fake!i have short hair up to the shoulder.i have short hair and it’s not tangled

  • Gacha Moonlight
    Gacha Moonlight 10 minutes ago

    3:49 Yea thats me when i go to bed EARLY AF(10PM) JUST TO NOTICE ITS A HOLIDAYYY

  • Tiago Monteiro
    Tiago Monteiro 11 minutes ago


  • Yashashree Hajare
    Yashashree Hajare 17 minutes ago

    You guys are really funny actors

  • Maya Zraika
    Maya Zraika 19 minutes ago


  • Kavita Jain
    Kavita Jain 25 minutes ago

    This creative idea where you get from 🤔🤔

  • Nayli GachaGurl
    Nayli GachaGurl 27 minutes ago

    Im confused, in 3:46 is she Maya or Mia?

  • Umair Waheed
    Umair Waheed 27 minutes ago

    ;n. .yū

  • Seth Soard
    Seth Soard 27 minutes ago

    6:25 how many ft . and in. Is Sofia sense you said she’s short

  • hanger brunei
    hanger brunei 30 minutes ago

    Gavin u need to see one of pipers video’s piper went on a date with walker u gotta see the video

  • Jaira vlogs
    Jaira vlogs 35 minutes ago

    If Vicky knows that the soda was spilling off then why did she opens it more

  • JiMaNs JaMs
    JiMaNs JaMs 44 minutes ago

    Vicky is my fave

  • Amruta Mukhedkar
    Amruta Mukhedkar 45 minutes ago

    Be careful with your hair

  • Roaa Layth
    Roaa Layth 47 minutes ago

    this school not a party 😠

  • Mamatha Aneesh
    Mamatha Aneesh 53 minutes ago

    These food is a bad thing

  • Christopher Alegre

    Hi shout out for family Alegre and Tiquio family

  • Spongey Spongebob

    11:35 and then you see her skin still there OMGGG 😳

  • Robot gamer 597
    Robot gamer 597 Hour ago


  • qing yang tan
    qing yang tan Hour ago

    Short hair win 5 points Long hair 4 points

  • Leria Puspita
    Leria Puspita Hour ago

    Ingat yaaaaa kita tidak boleh jahil .walaupun itu hanya bercanda atau prank.tapi vidoe nya lucu kok

  • Seemab Khan
    Seemab Khan Hour ago

    7:10 hows the makeup on😕😕😕

  • Nayli GachaGurl
    Nayli GachaGurl Hour ago

    4:53 that’s definitely a face that i’ll never forget! 😂

  • Erma Pakar Coway

    You are all f##king ugly

  • Kaden Boncan17
    Kaden Boncan17 Hour ago

    I like hair hacks please😇

  • Manish Mahajan
    Manish Mahajan Hour ago

    In my school 🏫 makeup is allowed because I am in a high school 🏫.

  • Kaden Boncan17
    Kaden Boncan17 Hour ago

    HAHAHA Helly's teeth

  • Manish Mahajan
    Manish Mahajan Hour ago

    I am Ladybug 🐞 super hero 🦸‍♀️

  • Brandon Hodgkinson

    They switched phones on the last one

  • Syafira Alyssa
    Syafira Alyssa Hour ago

    If you have tall struggle like me . Make the thumbs up button blue. But if you have short problem, comment. Also if you are just the right size a.k.a average. Comment too~

    ALL IN ONE Hour ago

    If u don't have curly still watching hit like

  • Hans Mic
    Hans Mic Hour ago

    0:48 lesbians 2:36 lesbians 2:45 lesbians 4:00 lesbians 6:06 lesbians 6:36 lesbians 6:56 lesbians 7:14 lesbians 7:43 lesbians?

  • joemar dizon
    joemar dizon Hour ago

    123 go like troom troom comment lets see who wins

  • Aaminath Mohamed

    Wear is Sofia's eyebrows👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Aaminath Mohamed

    You are like me Oliver. In Reality

  • C. Butterfly
    C. Butterfly Hour ago

    I’ll just choke and die. Oh don’t worry about me. Tee hee

  • J MINE's
    J MINE's Hour ago

    We have an aloe Vera plant in school but our teacher wouldn't let us do it like Sophia's doing right now😂

  • Sandhya Bardia
    Sandhya Bardia Hour ago

    My favourate is vicky

    SHEKHAR JOSHI Hour ago

    Nice one

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Hour ago

    Your hair so long and you are also beautiful from himani

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Hour ago

    इसमें जिसके बाल बहुत लंबे हैं वह बहुत क्यूट लग रही है

  • Amy Pelesasa
    Amy Pelesasa Hour ago

    Hey hon sorry I’m sorry to w to wme wowy you know you have had to be paid for nothing but you don’t want to go home 🏡 day you so late to no no stopping for your money me me me please 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎👎👎👎🏿👎

  • Elizabeth Glasby
    Elizabeth Glasby 2 hours ago

    We try to fit in coz humans judge each other

  • Kohinoor Khurshid
    Kohinoor Khurshid 2 hours ago

    I have short hair

  • Choong Yu Yang
    Choong Yu Yang 2 hours ago

    This isn't real. Just saying. It most applies for both, and the first one is totally FAKE.

  • Amaira Mowar
    Amaira Mowar 2 hours ago

    You are very bad

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar 2 hours ago

    Who dips french fries in vanilla ice cream ? Thats how far i watched. No one is super etiquette conscious in public and neither is one a neanderthal at home. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Stupid video.

  • Belinda Mellick
    Belinda Mellick 2 hours ago

    I have short hair and bed hair is not a problem for me because I ordered a function of beauty Bottle of shampoo and conditioner are snot that big of a struggle

  • jojo rivera
    jojo rivera 2 hours ago

    the bloopers is so funny and 123go is funny

  • jojo rivera
    jojo rivera 2 hours ago

    the bloopers is so funny and 123go is funny

  • Vilas natalkar
    Vilas natalkar 2 hours ago

    123 go is best

  • My Cats
    My Cats 2 hours ago

    Ist funny

  • Tba
    Tba 2 hours ago

    Caan you teach me that pj thing

  • hajar hussain
    hajar hussain 2 hours ago

    I love Vicky and 123 go my friends hate 123 go now one of my friend likes 123 go one down two more to go

  • Anushka Naik
    Anushka Naik 2 hours ago


  • Xyrus Mc Haleeyah Tagalicod

    I love you 123go

  • Selenna Lee
    Selenna Lee 3 hours ago

    When you are Early and don't know what to write:)-

  • Micosa twins
    Micosa twins 3 hours ago


  • super KJ
    super KJ 3 hours ago

    Troom troom

  • Thi Le
    Thi Le 3 hours ago

    Hey I do one of your pranks

  • fnaf toy bonnie bunbuns

    6:19 hahahaa

  • Dindeelicious fun world

    Hokshuwixjbxjsi. Hahahahaha

  • Radhika Kulkarni
    Radhika Kulkarni 3 hours ago

    I like. Vicky mia

  • Suzanne Bramich
    Suzanne Bramich 3 hours ago

    What about boys.not everyone is a gir

  • Terrance 0978
    Terrance 0978 3 hours ago

    Why not you spend

  • Jeffrey Macalisang
    Jeffrey Macalisang 3 hours ago

    123 GO bobo at gago at titipepe

  • Terrance 0978
    Terrance 0978 3 hours ago

    Are you awake could you map does and and you didn’t and you daring is caring and you aren’t Gary

  • Selenna Lee
    Selenna Lee 3 hours ago

    When you are so fast and don’t know what to comment 😂😂😂

  • Princess Zoe Zhang
    Princess Zoe Zhang 3 hours ago

    I really like your videos they are awesome

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 hours ago

    The bed is on LAVA!! who is to lazy to move 😂 (Im not asking for likes)

  • Crow蒼
    Crow蒼 3 hours ago

    Hello,I am Japanese Is this true western girls?!

  • Princess Zoe Zhang
    Princess Zoe Zhang 3 hours ago

    Do a bottle flip challenge🍾✅

  • Lila_ NTD
    Lila_ NTD 3 hours ago

    Man, if this ain't shits and giggles 😂😂 #cringe

    • Lila_ NTD
      Lila_ NTD 3 hours ago

      @Jasmine I don't take this video seriously lol. This is mostly just for laughs and cringe. 😂

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 3 hours ago

      This is not funny right?

  • Airi - chan
    Airi - chan 3 hours ago

    Wow breakfast, i dont have breakfast every morning only barely

  • Martian74
    Martian74 3 hours ago

    This is so weak, how is this on Trending? One step away from using a laugh track the whole time.

  • Mamta Pundir
    Mamta Pundir 4 hours ago

    I have long hair but I just make a bun and sleep well when I wake up my hairs are not tangled at all

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 4 hours ago

    Lol everything hot glue

  • Pradeepa Dhamodaran
    Pradeepa Dhamodaran 4 hours ago

    Not good

  • liz doera
    liz doera 4 hours ago

    At the 🍕 the pizza was so big because the 🍕 cut into so many pieces not like the usual pizza we always see

  • rajesh mishra
    rajesh mishra 4 hours ago

    4:44 Is it u nikki

  • dannica Mangahas
    dannica Mangahas 4 hours ago

    School? Makeup ? Lol

  • Hayleys Gaming world

    i have short hair and it dosnt go crazy in the morning

  • Latte's Life
    Latte's Life 4 hours ago

    2:19first of all that bitch isnt even looking where she is cleaning 2nd why is she washing someone else's shit

  • Floranda Krenzi
    Floranda Krenzi 4 hours ago

    5:45 somewon said bitchy

  • Ivan Funes
    Ivan Funes 4 hours ago

    How dare you cut mr teddy

  • Latte's Life
    Latte's Life 4 hours ago

    Btw the beggining why is mia so bitchy about sophia having the doll and she has the damn teddy -_-

  • Sis
    Sis 4 hours ago

    I act like I'm at home when i go public lmfaoooo

  • ameneh Rocks
    ameneh Rocks 4 hours ago

    I have really long hair but I'm going to be cutting it today

  • wan __
    wan __ 4 hours ago

    I don't love pranking cause I ended pranking myself

  • tyler lewis
    tyler lewis 4 hours ago

    This is fucking stupid, women are women, strong bold, polite or wild. To say they act different or fake in front of others is total bull shit. I'm not sure where you're getting your info but it's time to up date, women eat fast and some times sloppy in public especially if they are on break during lunch i.e. my cousin who's a lawyer

  • Gemma Goodey
    Gemma Goodey 5 hours ago

    I love you but no it was not good😁🎭

  • タクワン1号
    タクワン1号 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that only believes 123 go?

  • Robyn da Queen
    Robyn da Queen 5 hours ago

    In the first one, when I had long hair it was always tangled up, and when I decided to cut it short it is so much easy in the morning. Short hair is easier by far. I have experience with both.

  • Eunice Bautista
    Eunice Bautista 5 hours ago

    i do like fries dipped in ice cream

  • keep_it_simple
    keep_it_simple 5 hours ago

    Im triggered of the grammars in the comments....(no hate)

  • Aamera Aiman
    Aamera Aiman 5 hours ago

    I like your videos I videos. I am Your subscribe Video Read More ☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁☁☁ ☁😊😊😊😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁

  • Matumelo Ntobaki
    Matumelo Ntobaki 5 hours ago

    I love you soooo much

  • Murray Bennett • 28 years ago

    This is the worst thing ive ever seen

  • Jayden Chan
    Jayden Chan 5 hours ago


  • Clara Balagtas
    Clara Balagtas 5 hours ago

    Good video