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Taylor Swift - Lover
Views 70M2 months ago
Taylor Swift - Delicate
Views 388MYear ago
Taylor Swift - Style
Views 603M4 years ago
Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Views 2.5K5 years ago
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
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Taylor Swift - Red
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Taylor Swift - 22
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Taylor Swift - Begin Again
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Taylor Swift - Ours
Views 86M8 years ago
Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly
Views 66M8 years ago
Taylor Swift - Mean
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Taylor Swift - Mine
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Taylor Swift - Fearless
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Taylor Swift - Fifteen
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Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw
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Taylor Swift - The Best Day
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Taylor Swift - Change
Views 47M10 years ago


  • Duru Çağlak
    Duru Çağlak 2 hours ago


  • Good good
    Good good 2 hours ago

    Harry Styles indirectly gave us 1989 Thank Harry everybody🙏

  • CJ Sprouse
    CJ Sprouse 2 hours ago


  • CJ Sprouse
    CJ Sprouse 2 hours ago


  • utech symposium
    utech symposium 2 hours ago

    Anyone here in October of 2019??? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • CJ Sprouse
    CJ Sprouse 2 hours ago


  • CJ Sprouse
    CJ Sprouse 2 hours ago


  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 2 hours ago

    This is a cool as one of her many great songs . Great beat puts you in right head space

  • Klp Lko
    Klp Lko 2 hours ago

    Only one part :are you ready for?!+×

  • Alex scoth
    Alex scoth 3 hours ago

    More and more iconic and memories

  • pink panda
    pink panda 3 hours ago

    2019 ?

  • Kimberly Origenes
    Kimberly Origenes 3 hours ago

    the first Maleficent is here......

  • Natalie Sekhri
    Natalie Sekhri 3 hours ago

    Katy and Taylor wow 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺😮👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍❤️

  • جُوج
    جُوج 3 hours ago

    ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه بخصوص الي لابسين اكعاب وراها

  • DJ Rutherford
    DJ Rutherford 3 hours ago

    Has anyone ever heard "Love Song Requiem" by Trading Yesterday. I like it better than this song.

  • Suryajit Singh
    Suryajit Singh 3 hours ago

    Lyp singing

  • kimi meme
    kimi meme 3 hours ago

    Some time you have to lost to find yourself, I remember these words after watch this video😕

  • serifa Taric
    serifa Taric 3 hours ago

    To ti si mi idol

  • Bangladeshi mom Marzia

    Dear brather oshongkho dhonnobad Khub VLO laglo stay connected

  • Jasper Bañaga
    Jasper Bañaga 3 hours ago

    more of urie and taylor pls ❤

  • xy.h xyh krlc
    xy.h xyh krlc 3 hours ago

    Happy 15 birthday to everyone who listen to this !!!❤🎁

  • oyun
    oyun 3 hours ago

    2009: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2010: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2011: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2012: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2013: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2014: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2015: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2016: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2017: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2018: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2019: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2020: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2030: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2040: “ this song is so beautiful “ 2050: “ this song is so beautiful “ After a thousand years : “ this song is so beautiful “

  • vibhuti mehta
    vibhuti mehta 3 hours ago

    No 🌑🌑one🌑🌑cares🌑🌑what🌑🌑time🌑🌑or🌑🌑year🌑🌑u🌑🌑listen 🌑🌑to🌑🌑this🌑🌑song 🌕🌕

  • carol flores
    carol flores 3 hours ago


  • Ciru Karago
    Ciru Karago 3 hours ago

    "Heartbreak is the national anthem we sing it proudly" This has been running through my mind.

  • music lover
    music lover 3 hours ago

    Cool that you put the old carakter again in your video I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Murat Meşe
    Murat Meşe 3 hours ago

    so soft im crying

  • Mimew Wattanasirang
    Mimew Wattanasirang 3 hours ago


  • Frangel Ship
    Frangel Ship 4 hours ago

    After how many years this song is still great

  • Chumatok Tok
    Chumatok Tok 4 hours ago

    Okay before this week's Thursday it should be 1billion 😘😋

  • LilStem 1
    LilStem 1 4 hours ago

    Realizes Taylor made I kissed a girl: me:wait is she les

  • MigsssKyut
    MigsssKyut 4 hours ago

    LGBTQIA+ Thereeeee ? Are ya okaaaaay yeah we're okaaaay !

    GOLDEN OX 4 hours ago

    Great bit of songwriting. Bravo Taylor.

  • Emanuella Fotmota
    Emanuella Fotmota 4 hours ago

    My Love🤣😀

  • when we're together
    when we're together 4 hours ago

    Taylor Swift you will belong with me !!

  • Charliiieee Broowwnnniee

    Oof zayn❤

  • Nil Ezgi Karsan
    Nil Ezgi Karsan 4 hours ago

    Seems:1.3b Omg

  • Daks B.
    Daks B. 4 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds makes the video.

  • BTS bias
    BTS bias 4 hours ago

    Any army here??? Why didn't i think of this before Jungkook is 22

  • Giselle Reosora
    Giselle Reosora 4 hours ago

    Iloveu taylor. i do!

  • Sandarra Park
    Sandarra Park 4 hours ago

    its really nice song

  • Huynh Cam Vinh
    Huynh Cam Vinh 4 hours ago

    998.000.000 views go

  • Leo Arciaga
    Leo Arciaga 4 hours ago

    You deserve the best man

  • Leo Arciaga
    Leo Arciaga 4 hours ago

    Love you

  • ananda bangladesh
    ananda bangladesh 4 hours ago


  • Carol Curry
    Carol Curry 4 hours ago

    Talour your the one whos being loud no afence

  • Imtheone Yeah
    Imtheone Yeah 4 hours ago

    In the sixteen seconds of this song, she mentioned 16. Incredible!

  • The Vũ
    The Vũ 4 hours ago

    1B views is coming

  • Hide on bush
    Hide on bush 4 hours ago

    Fly with me !!!!

  • ももさん
    ももさん 4 hours ago


  • Andreja Ketiš Radič

    Have you noticed that all the songs Taylor wrote herself are much longer than others which were written in collab with other authors ... (Cornelia Street, Daylight) I think that's because Taylor put all of her emotions and feelings into them without having to compensate her writing style with anyone ... she just wrote another amazing story.

  • Oorja Malik
    Oorja Malik 4 hours ago

    # love Taylor'

  • Eugene Gallagher
    Eugene Gallagher 4 hours ago

    Taylor Swift: Like 💙 Ariana Grande: Comment 💜

  • Shw Lve
    Shw Lve 4 hours ago

    “And you’ll seve all your dirtiest jokes for me” and the song’s name is “lover” I’m getting Richie and Eddie vibesss

  • Sapoula Siep
    Sapoula Siep 4 hours ago

    Who's listening October 2019

  • snitch bitch
    snitch bitch 4 hours ago

    Anyone else before 1B

  • Sapoula Siep
    Sapoula Siep 4 hours ago

    Who's Listening Monday 20 October 2019

  • Μιχαέλα Τσόη

    The girl is so beautiful!!

  • A lonely kid
    A lonely kid 4 hours ago

    Childhood radio song marathon, anyone?

  • Simon Ibarra
    Simon Ibarra 4 hours ago

    i want them to make a movie out of this

  • Shreya Thanki
    Shreya Thanki 4 hours ago

    Was that zendaya?

  • thien duong
    thien duong 4 hours ago

    1B 🇻🇳❤ taylor

    JAWAD UL KABIR 4 hours ago

    So like the studio version. She's awesome

  • Deeboi Darealest
    Deeboi Darealest 4 hours ago

    True beauty

  • E Eea
    E Eea 4 hours ago

    Taylor ama çok yükseklere çıkıyosun ben söyleyemiyorum o kadar ince of :(

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 hours ago

    Typical cheesy swift song

  • Jerome Español
    Jerome Español 4 hours ago

    October 2019?

  • Ahmad Syarif
    Ahmad Syarif 4 hours ago

    Love from Malaysia.. 😍🇲🇾

  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez 4 hours ago

    Witch singer is better? Taylor Swift Or Es Sheeran

  • Jen Ning Lum
    Jen Ning Lum 4 hours ago

    any shadowhunters fans here?

  • Divya
    Divya 4 hours ago

    Hey Mr. A.. I like shiny things, but I'll marry u in paper rings 💍 ahan😉😘

  • Gabrielle Dimayuga
    Gabrielle Dimayuga 4 hours ago

    October 20,2019..

    BATOOL or ALITA 4 hours ago

    1.1 billion 🔥🔥

  • Aung Nay Lin
    Aung Nay Lin 4 hours ago

    Taylor is the best

  • Aung Nay Lin
    Aung Nay Lin 4 hours ago

    Let stream to reach 2.6 billion

  • pegy p.o
    pegy p.o 4 hours ago

    taylor swift who give swifties hope.and love🧡💜❤

  • Aung Nay Lin
    Aung Nay Lin 4 hours ago

    Keep stream

  • Its cleo!
    Its cleo! 4 hours ago

    I still think Reputation album is the best album of all other Taylor's album......

  • Simran Gupta
    Simran Gupta 4 hours ago


  • Aung Nay Lin
    Aung Nay Lin 4 hours ago

    Road to 1billion

  • Jerick Cordero
    Jerick Cordero 4 hours ago

    Not only for Us as Swifties but also the world needs to hear this. How powerful the song is. This must be the next official single after Lover.

  • Ruby Mae
    Ruby Mae 5 hours ago

    harry styles has entered the chat

  • Ravneet Kaur Bhamra
    Ravneet Kaur Bhamra 5 hours ago

    I want it to hit 1 Billion even before Halloween ! ❤️

  • Елізавета Матвійчук

    Really cool song!

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore 5 hours ago

    no one: Taylor and her gang: *wears five inch heels into battle*

  • Sakura_ Satsuki
    Sakura_ Satsuki 5 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: My ears: *you are my, my, my lever*

  • Clyne Dragneel
    Clyne Dragneel 5 hours ago

    Road to 1 Billion Views 997 M

  • 5nn nn5
    5nn nn5 5 hours ago

    3:30 who ?

  • Nic Ji
    Nic Ji 5 hours ago

    I love TS forever and ever!!! 😍

  • Savannah Joyce Libay

    It's been so long I see some comments who says " who's watching this song on 2019"!! :)

  • Cat Valentine
    Cat Valentine 5 hours ago

    When I was 6 years old(2012) I always watch victorious and i love Cat Valentine. And when i was a 7 years old i always watch Sam And Cat (cat valentine is "ariana grande")

  • Charity’s World 2
    Charity’s World 2 5 hours ago

    0:36 The caption is a reference

  • Hoang Duy
    Hoang Duy 5 hours ago

    5 year :)

  • حشداویه صاکه


  • Arti
    Arti 5 hours ago

    733 K comments

  • Olivia Olivia
    Olivia Olivia 5 hours ago

    Ellen made my day

  • Joaquín Fiscal
    Joaquín Fiscal 5 hours ago


  • Swiftie Directioner
    Swiftie Directioner 5 hours ago

    Love from a Swiftie ..from Philippines😍😍🥰🥰😘

  • David VnG
    David VnG 5 hours ago

    Who came here from Bart Baker's parody??

  • bastian wolfan
    bastian wolfan 5 hours ago

    recien llego de 1000 kilometros de distancia donde fui porque me pidio la chica que me saca todas las cuentas , y paga internet y esta pendiente cuando voy abrir la cuenta , me dijo textual yo quiero usted sea mi padrino de casamiento , y le dije como va a dejar a su papa de lado , y me respondio el me ha dicho que se lo pida , esta bien no es lejos en 1 hora y 30 minutos llego pero esta el caso del karma que tengo con los matrimonios todos se pueden casar menos yo el proximo mi hija el 29 de diciembre , o sea no tengo animo para nada hoy