The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Rex Orange County: 10/10
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Angel Olsen: All Mirrors
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DaBaby: Intro/Really/Bop
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Carole King: It's Too Late
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Bastille: Bad Decisions
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  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 55 minutes ago

    A good guy

  • em jay
    em jay 57 minutes ago

    Who else bought Fly Like an Eagle when it first came out? That was my first Steve Miller Band album, followed by Book of Dreams. Ah, great memories!

  • The Dimond Family
    The Dimond Family 57 minutes ago

    Subscribe to our channel 📸🧸

  • Jason Zayakosky
    Jason Zayakosky 57 minutes ago

    Is anyone watching this when toys r us shut down

  • Matt Olson
    Matt Olson 57 minutes ago

    I didn't think it would be possible but the Roots make this song BETTER. And this is a classic ya'll!

  • Layla H
    Layla H 57 minutes ago

    I love stranger things! Its so cool! I love sein 1 2 3and theres going to be 4!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆umm i am 8 to

  • deme7063
    deme7063 58 minutes ago

    I don't know anything at all about The Roots , but them guys look and sound like they are in "The Zone"

  • Cécile Mahave
    Cécile Mahave Hour ago

    i wouls have been so embarrested

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo Hour ago

    I think fallon handled himself well.

  • Sofia Ric601
    Sofia Ric601 Hour ago

    I am here at 2019

  • Tan Jiee Yang
    Tan Jiee Yang Hour ago

    Omggggg she was so f great

  • Krystal R.
    Krystal R. Hour ago

    he’s so PRECIOUS.

  • Kirsten Smith
    Kirsten Smith Hour ago

    Love love love her.💖💖💖💖

  • Dj Kitty
    Dj Kitty Hour ago

    Guys you gotta see the bnha version

  • Kallie McLaughlin

    What did Joaquin want edited out?? When he was talking about his weight loss

  • Sean Allen
    Sean Allen Hour ago

    4:40 a genuine laugh from Jimmy

  • Ya Yeeted
    Ya Yeeted Hour ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing i fell of my freaking bed

  • Val Ramirez-Cruz

    his daughter fully spoke to him and manipulate him at 1.5 years old???? not buying it but i still love him


    Supreme beauty......

  • SlothySam
    SlothySam Hour ago

    These comments got me laughing like The Joker.

  • Lani Hadden
    Lani Hadden Hour ago

    That was blessed

  • Darren Schmidt
    Darren Schmidt Hour ago

    Miley seems to be channeling Karen Carpenter on this one

  • tylerpurrden
    tylerpurrden Hour ago

    I would happily donate my tax dollars to specifically getting Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon to recreate more 80s videos. the attention to detail is downright respectable (as is Paul Rudd's surprisingly good voice)

  • Beauty for Ashes


  • Marco A. Marcella

    This doughy fuck couldn't carry PRES. Trump's jockstrap.

  • Navaliden N
    Navaliden N Hour ago

    “Hanging the puppies on the mantel” I spit my drink out 😂

  • gh:st
    gh:st Hour ago

    Is he not just palming it at 4:04?

  • Santannie Smith
    Santannie Smith Hour ago


  • E Bza
    E Bza Hour ago

    Yoooo a RED M&M

  • Ericka Sarmiento


  • Soksy
    Soksy Hour ago

    I dont find her amusing at all

  • TK7 D
    TK7 D Hour ago

    W0W!!! Amazing?🔥🔥🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸🎸👊🏼🎶🎤🎤🎤🎹🎹👏👏✌️✌️

  • Kenny Dang
    Kenny Dang Hour ago

    When you see something You: THEY COME BACK

  • Bigg Papa
    Bigg Papa Hour ago

    Yea SHE HAS A BIG!! BOX!! FOR SURE!!! WHOA! Big girl right there!!!

  • Krezzy
    Krezzy Hour ago

    hella thic

  • Gabriel Rogers
    Gabriel Rogers Hour ago

    1:48 Ariana: i can't top that Couple seconds later Ariana: *Sings like a angel* Me: YOU CANT TOP THAT HUH!!!!

  • larissa marçal
    larissa marçal Hour ago

    man, i discovered Joaquin because of Joker and I'm loving this guy 😂

  • knaturalentity
    knaturalentity Hour ago

    I want a noname action figure/ hula girl

  • Sgt$yed
    Sgt$yed Hour ago

    4:18, I read that one! XD We made a lot of jokes about that back in Grade 4

  • yung sam
    yung sam Hour ago

    4:02 "fosho"

  • Clare B
    Clare B Hour ago

    Did Jared even look in the mirror,?

  • uret7
    uret7 Hour ago

    Came here for the comments about Dane's guys did not disappoint!

  • Myfaith love
    Myfaith love Hour ago

    omg They Had me Rolling I can't 😁😂😄👍👍👍❣❣❣ Love them both so Much They both did Awesome 👍👍👍❣❣😄😂😚😚

  • Alex R
    Alex R Hour ago

    I thought he was British. :)

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt Hour ago

    She is a genuinely good looking woman with a beautiful voice

  • pratik k
    pratik k Hour ago

    Josh in low voice "quiet dancing"

  • Gabriel Rogers
    Gabriel Rogers Hour ago

    She is so adorable in this outfit, and in general, unlike me.

  • Milissa Sultan
    Milissa Sultan Hour ago

    Oh no He's gonna shoot Jimmy right in the head.. . . . With hugs and kisses. ❤️😘

  • Kiwi Baby
    Kiwi Baby Hour ago

    I love me some Jimmy Fallon but they should of had Nick with Priyanka

  • Just a Pivot animator

    He said ppshhhh so many times🤣

  • Nutty Junno
    Nutty Junno Hour ago

    Omg 😂😂

  • Just a Pivot animator

    He said ppshhhh so many times🤣

  • cancr aiden
    cancr aiden Hour ago

    No one: My Flash-Player recommendations at 3am:

  • Celeste Boudreaux

    Let’s take John Mulaney to Jamaica

  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 Hour ago

    LOL all this documentation for my nachos... hilarious

  • Emanuel Pita
    Emanuel Pita Hour ago

    Ironically Joaquin could be a good comedians

  • Justin Hopper
    Justin Hopper Hour ago

    The media and celebs pushed her crazy corrupt ass on everyone. That says a lot about her because that usually never fails in an election...but good still trumped evil.

  • Haley Brown
    Haley Brown Hour ago

    Cardi: “you look British” John: surprised Pikachu face

  • Alistar Riaz
    Alistar Riaz Hour ago

    03:34 her laugh😂 sound of car hooonk😂

  • Tb1 Lewis
    Tb1 Lewis Hour ago

    "It's the Truf"😅

  • natilyfe
    natilyfe Hour ago

    Lawd have mercy...death by chocolate

  • Rob H
    Rob H Hour ago

    Its like Joaquin is really high, and jimmy is just messing with him. OR Jimmy is really high, and just cant get it together.

  • Siobhan Beatrice


  • janelle dunham
    janelle dunham Hour ago

    Ariana is so sorry lol

  • Luke Brehm
    Luke Brehm Hour ago

    Can I just say how much I like be these. OMG. He needs to do these for everyone. Please. Every actor. I want 50 of these.

  • jae marshall
    jae marshall Hour ago

    Joaquin: How bout another joke jimmy Jimmy: 😳

  • bella2019
    bella2019 Hour ago

    When you can deceive people to do things like that - it says a lot about private life but I like him as an actor - I went to juilliard as violinist and I know what he meant on that part

  • The Nonsense Buffer

    Perfect and Beautiful.

  • Win Jac7
    Win Jac7 Hour ago

    he had looks?

  • DominoPivot
    DominoPivot Hour ago

    Holy shit this guy is good.

  • jun’s lovechild

    1:20 - 1:30 reminds me of david and jason, this is where they’ll be in 20 years

  • Alin Chappell
    Alin Chappell Hour ago

    This interview vs the Jimmy kimmel interview makes you realize how much of a asshole kimmel is

  • Corpsey Fan
    Corpsey Fan Hour ago

    Cmon Like no.1 is Jules,Windu, and that dude that je played in goodfellas

  • karen
    karen Hour ago

    can armys go the fuck away i just wanna see comments about the KIDS

  • Three-nine Two
    Three-nine Two Hour ago

    First song's name plz?

  • angelsoft
    angelsoft Hour ago

    I haven’t seen her in years broooo and she got thickkkkk and is beautiful as always 💖💖

  • TheAirCombs
    TheAirCombs Hour ago

    He said, "Started from the Bottom now we here"

  • Manny
    Manny Hour ago


  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw Hour ago

    He's quite personable for a guy who was always so low key. Somehow I always thought he would be moody and brooding, but he seems like quite the normal guy.

  • MasterShiner
    MasterShiner Hour ago

    I fucking hate Ariana so goddamn much; she can’t sing for shit.

  • Monie Carlo
    Monie Carlo Hour ago

    awsome voice

  • F Mar.
    F Mar. Hour ago

    What a fucking creep.

  • Edward Dench
    Edward Dench Hour ago

    Good comedian, bad set. Pretty hostile territory, but he could work on his 5-minute act. Still good stuff, he just usually works with more runway

  • steve nightmares

    Princess Alison please re-record your masters I will buy all of them even though I don’t need them just to support our beautiful hearted princess

  • Jonah Busker
    Jonah Busker Hour ago

    Damn that’s epic

  • Eduardo Romero
    Eduardo Romero Hour ago

    This felt like a watered down Eric Andre skit 😂😂

  • jp dafiel
    jp dafiel Hour ago

    How about another joke, jimmy?

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Hour ago

    You best paid him bro as you have to do sound bites so wont even do the full challenge but want the hype from his show when you're a tv personality..

  • J Man
    J Man Hour ago

    One of my favorite songs is a little known song called “baby’s house” , it’s from Your saving grace album 1969

  • Rance Lockhart
    Rance Lockhart Hour ago

    Unfortunately her impressions just reinforces the fact that all of today's singers sound the same! No uniqueness at all!

  • Richar Richar
    Richar Richar Hour ago

    Passei pela Anittaaaaa

  • molly lakritz
    molly lakritz Hour ago

    The caption, we love the movie Get Out🙈

  • Dennise Danny
    Dennise Danny Hour ago

    She is flawless

  • Monkey 2.0
    Monkey 2.0 Hour ago

    Christina Aguilera impression was the best i had goosebumps

  • Ethan Payero
    Ethan Payero Hour ago

    Why does this song sound like it belongs to SpongeBob SquarePants?

  • Craig Hatton
    Craig Hatton Hour ago

    He likes jimmy fallon a lot more than he likes jimmy kimmel 😂

  • NiKki C.
    NiKki C. Hour ago

    Me and my bff making eye contact from across the sanctuary during the Sunday morning church service, getting called out by the preacher because when dad elbowed you to make you stop you jumped and then you laugh even harder cause now your bff just saw you jump crazily and you hear her wheezing and you have totally embarrassed your parents and youre getting the "horrible child" looks from the senior citizens which makes you laugh so much harder... Best laughing spell ever 😂😂😂

  • Regan Christensen

    3:03 idiot.

  • metalflameful
    metalflameful Hour ago

    Holy shit this was cringy

  • Taciano Souza
    Taciano Souza Hour ago

    Now we say Leno "joked" Conan and Letterman