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  • Shawn J
    Shawn J 17 seconds ago

    Like here before 100,000 views Plz I want likes. Idk why

  • Khalid TGG
    Khalid TGG Minute ago

    If Howard Stark is a scroll so cap might be one to

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 2 minutes ago

    Venom you son of a btich!

  • Ashy slashy1101
    Ashy slashy1101 3 minutes ago


  • Meatball
    Meatball 3 minutes ago

    I farted into a shoebox, wrapped it and gave it to my friend for his birthday.

  • Ethan Lim
    Ethan Lim 4 minutes ago

    LMAO i thought it said carnage and shrek

  • Brian Ree
    Brian Ree 5 minutes ago

    the first prediction sounds like how toxin was introduced

  • DiamondCJ
    DiamondCJ 6 minutes ago

    If that first theory is correct flash could turn into Lasher or Carl Mach

  • Ghost
    Ghost 7 minutes ago

    you guys should write the next film.

  • Blue Python
    Blue Python 7 minutes ago


  • Blue Python
    Blue Python 9 minutes ago


  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson 9 minutes ago

    Idk I think Arthur and Thomas Wayne look a little similar

  • Sophie Saunders
    Sophie Saunders 9 minutes ago

    Love this very interisting! Subbcribed

  • Gianmarco Panta
    Gianmarco Panta 9 minutes ago

    I love hearing you guys talk about everything marvel !!

  • Cantordubs
    Cantordubs 10 minutes ago

    honey sounds insane does it actually wok

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 11 minutes ago

    Thought it said shrek

  • Da_ Gudz
    Da_ Gudz 11 minutes ago

    7 likes 5 comments 1 view

  • TheKing SwaggyG
    TheKing SwaggyG 12 minutes ago

    awesome vid

  • Mr. Reee
    Mr. Reee 12 minutes ago


    THEGAMINGBEAST !! 12 minutes ago


  • CullenFamilyFan10
    CullenFamilyFan10 12 minutes ago

    As soon as I saw the title, I let out the most grotesque gasp in my life..........

  • Jackson Vorholt
    Jackson Vorholt 12 minutes ago

    I keep hearing about “Don’t ask who joe is” but who is joe?!?!?!?!

    • VenomX-Aspect
      VenomX-Aspect 10 minutes ago


    • Iamiam 3
      Iamiam 3 11 minutes ago

      JOE MAMA

  • GirlOnTheHill Inc.
    GirlOnTheHill Inc. 12 minutes ago


  • shane jacobus
    shane jacobus 12 minutes ago

    notice me

  • Mtreece 23
    Mtreece 23 13 minutes ago

    Can i get top like?

  • Ibby BTW
    Ibby BTW 13 minutes ago

    This was a great vid I love all of your theories❤️❤️❤️

  • TheGamer 14
    TheGamer 14 14 minutes ago


  • J1ybl0x Gaming
    J1ybl0x Gaming 14 minutes ago

    The blue prison has been snapped out of reality by thanos

  • Egg with the most subscribers plz sub to me

    Write a good comment Eeeee

  • Barron Roosa
    Barron Roosa 14 minutes ago

    Number 93

  • Aaron Virdee
    Aaron Virdee 14 minutes ago

    "We are ... Spinom!!!" - Eddie & Peter

  • Victor H. Maldonado
    Victor H. Maldonado 14 minutes ago


  • ThirtyfourEC
    ThirtyfourEC 14 minutes ago

    pls don't ruin mcu

  • The Trivial Bonney
    The Trivial Bonney 14 minutes ago

    What the eff! I like it.

  • Gaming Melon
    Gaming Melon 14 minutes ago

    That's a good theroy

  • Robert Navarro
    Robert Navarro 14 minutes ago


  • SuperheroBuzz
    SuperheroBuzz 14 minutes ago

    I would love to see a crossover between the two, just down the road if it’s done right

  • Oscar Promoli
    Oscar Promoli 14 minutes ago

    hey hey! how you guys doing.

  • Blake LaBuhn
    Blake LaBuhn 14 minutes ago

    Epic win

  • Jacknetise B.O.Y
    Jacknetise B.O.Y 14 minutes ago

    Damn I've never been this fast

  • LJ Python
    LJ Python 14 minutes ago

    I saw this on your Instagram

  • Gerard
    Gerard 15 minutes ago


  • bax juzz
    bax juzz 15 minutes ago


  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 15 minutes ago

    Wait I don't wanna see a parasite...

  • Nicholas Borja
    Nicholas Borja 15 minutes ago


  • Madan Stoner
    Madan Stoner 15 minutes ago


  • Derek Gallardo
    Derek Gallardo 15 minutes ago

    Too earlier

  • Ashwin Kelly
    Ashwin Kelly 15 minutes ago


  • Game On!
    Game On! 15 minutes ago


  • TimmyTpickle
    TimmyTpickle 15 minutes ago


  • josephy gustafio
    josephy gustafio 15 minutes ago

    Where is his blue prison?

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin 16 minutes ago


  • Matthew Morales
    Matthew Morales 16 minutes ago


  • TimmyTpickle
    TimmyTpickle 16 minutes ago


  • Bryce Marciel
    Bryce Marciel 16 minutes ago


  • 31MikeyB
    31MikeyB 37 minutes ago

    So this is American Psycho with clown makeup?

  • John Atkinson
    John Atkinson 37 minutes ago

    Hey do you think the radiation from the snap will be used to bring in the Fantastic Four?

  • Nicholas Flay
    Nicholas Flay 39 minutes ago

    Anyone else think those bloody footprints didnt look realistic? Kinda makes me think it’s a figment of his imagination

    GABRIELA ACEVEDO 40 minutes ago

    When he stole the files and passed by an office that said Strange a nod to Hugo Strange

  • MarvelNerd 69
    MarvelNerd 69 42 minutes ago

    I might go since I live in NJ

  • Nicholas Flay
    Nicholas Flay 42 minutes ago

    Do you want to hear a joke? Jared Leto

  • digunder14
    digunder14 48 minutes ago

    *pops out of a time portal* Deadpool: "I'm back, bitches!" I could see that happening as it being he and the other fox marvel properties are now back with marvel in terms of film lisenceing

  • Rylee Yenson
    Rylee Yenson 51 minute ago

    The second saving Billy was mentioned I almost cried I’m still not done grieving yet

  • WARLORD op
    WARLORD op 52 minutes ago

    We need more films of humans vs. terminators rather than the usual past

  • MeteorGaming59
    MeteorGaming59 56 minutes ago

    5:34.....Rouge? I thought that Was a Sexy Phoenix

  • The Yeet Ninja
    The Yeet Ninja 58 minutes ago

    Sorry about being a nerd but Endor is actually a gas giant and the forest moon is just called the forest moon OF Endor not the forest moon Endor. Again sorry for nerding out!🤓

  • Black Dahlia
    Black Dahlia Hour ago

    Kenai went completely *insane* in the membrane *insane in the brain*

  • Mayor gumball
    Mayor gumball Hour ago

    5$ they get the phasma treatment and arent really that important as everyone thinking them out to be

  • JadeStaples
    JadeStaples Hour ago

    Avengers 5 The Era of Ultron

  • Laguy211
    Laguy211 Hour ago

    No Tony you snap out of it 😡

  • Jose Araiza
    Jose Araiza Hour ago

    You’re insane and I’m here for it 🍿

  • DatBoiJ_420
    DatBoiJ_420 Hour ago

    They should have left it at when he put the blood smile on his face

  • kuryamtl
    kuryamtl Hour ago

    Deadpool that is not R rated, is no Deadpool.

  • Eliude W T Cardoso

    Marvel: Can we just wrap em up and have these Oscars to go? Joker: Hold my smile.

  • Peter Kraegel
    Peter Kraegel Hour ago

    What is the point of a Joker origin movie that may not be true

  • Maria FERNANDA Sias

    Did anyone else have a weirdo in the movies laughing or trying to imitate the joker every time he laughed ? My bc and I were like “shiiiiiit”

  • Shane Graham
    Shane Graham Hour ago

    What if what he was laughing at was the joke he told at the end of the killing joke comic about the two Arkham Asylum escapees as a reference to the main source material of the movie

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams Hour ago

    That Was Not Rogue It Was Jean Grey

  • Thebigbasesolid
    Thebigbasesolid Hour ago

    Plot twist alfred told the story to Bruce and killed Bruce's parents...

  • MM1171248
    MM1171248 2 hours ago

    Riot took over a little girls body at the airport

  • Brad Sikkema
    Brad Sikkema 2 hours ago

    Jared who.?.?.?

  • Tritty Bitty
    Tritty Bitty 2 hours ago

    He actually only lost 15 pounds.

  • WyldeGi
    WyldeGi 2 hours ago

    can’t see the comments soooo 😂

  • Drew Kaider
    Drew Kaider 2 hours ago

    Who else has no idea where this story’s going

  • PUBGNoble _
    PUBGNoble _ 2 hours ago

    If they end up going with the idea that Deadpool needs to prove himself to the avengers they should call it Deadpool and friends

  • TheSeeker
    TheSeeker 2 hours ago

    I think that Black Widow helped Cap free The Avengers from The Raft with the help of Melina, Red Guardian & Yelena. They turn on Cap, Widow & Falcon for Ross which is why happy Cap at the end of Civil War is now grumpy Cap in Infinity War!

  • D4Real
    D4Real 2 hours ago

    STRANGER THINGS isnt really all that good anymore to be fair. I will watch it but I'm not as anxious for season 4 as I was for season 2

  • Stevies_Remote
    Stevies_Remote 2 hours ago

    Some of these were debunked by the creators.

  • amryth jayswal
    amryth jayswal 2 hours ago

    The time travel in Deadpool 2 and in endgame is very much different...

  • Kalkentros
    Kalkentros 2 hours ago

    Don’t forget him talking about how no one ever gives him notice and he’s not even sure he exists half the time, which in my opinion, validates the whole idea that no security or people noticed him and tried to stop him

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit 2 hours ago

    Didn’t Deadpool like at the camera and say it wasn’t a superhero movie

  • Baby jay
    Baby jay 2 hours ago

    Because eden didn't put the spell on it

  • Skinny Pete
    Skinny Pete 2 hours ago

    And I still aint said nothin to the feds!

  • bobfredwhatever
    bobfredwhatever 2 hours ago

    the story could be considered multiple choice

  • Curtis Craven
    Curtis Craven 2 hours ago

    So just a theory but I was thinking about this now that I’m remembering the knights of ren what if they stand for the dark version of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable because there are ruthless nights that serve with their own weapons and their armor is completely different from anyone else’s and he holds the only light saber in the group which could be Excalibur as the fame sword also if you look at his light saber it’s shaped like Excalibar

  • lps kittycat
    lps kittycat 2 hours ago

    Anna and Elsa's parents didn't actually die

  • Noa Miller
    Noa Miller 3 hours ago

    13:30 cinnamon toast ken

  • Jamie Newsom
    Jamie Newsom 3 hours ago

    I feel like they are gonna fudge this up fingers crossed and the word baseball had nothing to do with Wendy hitting Jack with that bat smfh....

  • IrCrafty
    IrCrafty 3 hours ago

    Im seriously thinking the only title they can have for Spiderman 3 is Homeless it can't be anything else I won't be happy if its anything else

  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer 3 hours ago

    Hes dead