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  • Naked Mind
    Naked Mind 13 minutes ago

    That guy just got bulldozed into ashes lmao

  • Erron Black
    Erron Black 36 minutes ago

    I miss the bisping/rockhold wars. Good times.

  • crystal Henson
    crystal Henson 41 minute ago

    Quid pro quo

  • shallah777
    shallah777 2 hours ago


  • damia n
    damia n 3 hours ago

    Una bestia k orgullo que sea d nosotros

  • This is going to make me sound like a bitch but

    Only thing lopsided is your mothers ass

  • Alex Kealey
    Alex Kealey 3 hours ago

    Future film star.

  • Madara Got You Wet
    Madara Got You Wet 6 hours ago

    Aldo looks like a child

  • João Miguel Rissi
    João Miguel Rissi 6 hours ago

    Q bosta de decisão

  • Charlie ZzZ
    Charlie ZzZ 6 hours ago

    1:33 Holy shit

  • Jacob Debbarma
    Jacob Debbarma 7 hours ago

    Hey Brock your dream is coming true.

  • Morganna lefay
    Morganna lefay 8 hours ago

    I feel like this fight was "fixed" I am not saying I know how, but I feel like Israel is the new star they needed to promote and what about the fact Bruce Buffer let out a laugh when calling Whittaker " The Reaper" tells me they were up to something.

  • Dirk Swart
    Dirk Swart 8 hours ago

    Is this a video or a gif file on repeat?

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper 9 hours ago

    21:37 dc predicted the outcome of hissecond fight against Jones.

  • Steve
    Steve 9 hours ago

    Will we ever see Khabib and Tony fight?

  • facebook eugineferns
    facebook eugineferns 10 hours ago

    Love him or hate him Connor is 1 of the best fighters in UFC love from India.. hope to see u soon

  • Shere Khan the invicible fighter

    Would like to see Colby vs Nate

  • Shme
    Shme 11 hours ago

    The blonde hair person, has some really big hands. wtf

  • Shme
    Shme 11 hours ago

    Holy cow what a shit show. Who f ing cares, weed does not make you fight faster or harder or smarter. If anything Diaz was at a disadvantage for having consumed marijuana. This is the dumbest waste of time. I see no need for the people of this panel. Stupid.

  • Roshan Verma
    Roshan Verma 11 hours ago

    Conor McGregor is great fighter

  • iTyr Lifeafter
    iTyr Lifeafter 11 hours ago

    Connor: murmurmurmur Fans of him: wow what trashtalk!! He is genius

  • Kevin Castro
    Kevin Castro 12 hours ago

    Israel will have longevity like khabib and gsp due to their goals and values

  • Sherali Azamatov
    Sherali Azamatov 12 hours ago

    Конор натури петух поэтому он проиграл бой а Хабиб мужик и спокойно себя ведёт дай Аллах тебе здоровья и новых побед мы всегда с тобой салам из Таджикистан

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen 13 hours ago

    Amanda is the coldest yet warmest bitch in UFC. She oozes confidence and she has the heart to go to whatever round.

  • Sylvester Torp
    Sylvester Torp 13 hours ago

    "Do not think you're going to hit me in the head with you left leg" This aged terribly

  • Andi Maulana
    Andi Maulana 14 hours ago

    RIP...😩😩😩😩... RIP...RIP...

  • Tim Gingell
    Tim Gingell 14 hours ago

    Your channel is shit! Probably cause your a idiot!!!!!!

    BASQUAIT 14 hours ago

    Hey man there's a warrior👏

  • Tim Hannah
    Tim Hannah 14 hours ago


  • jagarnaut singer
    jagarnaut singer 15 hours ago

    Dc laughing his ass off

  • Mobarik Farah
    Mobarik Farah 15 hours ago

    These guy wants to make this bullshit fight again 😂😂

  • Darius Rdot
    Darius Rdot 15 hours ago

    21:41 i got goosebumps when he said that. scarily accurate prediction

  • Adam G.
    Adam G. 16 hours ago

    I don't know if he fight in UFC again.... I'm a UFC fighter. ...........

  • J Hamilton
    J Hamilton 16 hours ago

    Tito has said everything he learned about negotiating he learned from Dana who was his manager. Funny how Dana thinks these guys are idiots and in it for themselves when they want a bigger piece of the pie.

  • Sarah Willing
    Sarah Willing 18 hours ago

    Not cause he scared of your boring wrestling ass

  • Sarah Willing
    Sarah Willing 18 hours ago

    He didn’t fight cause he wasn’t offered enough money lol

  • Rinsa Saret
    Rinsa Saret 19 hours ago


  • Fabricio Lee
    Fabricio Lee 19 hours ago

    Silva sempre arrogante.

  • Cannibal Corpse
    Cannibal Corpse 20 hours ago

    Jon Jones interrupted Cris Cyborg just to fall out DC

  • Goran Radan
    Goran Radan 20 hours ago

    After first eye poke DC need to be out

  • godiegogo_88
    godiegogo_88 20 hours ago

    Dude has the cheekbones of an ancient war general

  • Jacob Mccombs
    Jacob Mccombs 22 hours ago

    Scared of the rematch khabib is a pussy

  • Asis Deula
    Asis Deula 22 hours ago

    I'm born ready love khabib words!!!!!

  • Sulaiman Douglas
    Sulaiman Douglas 22 hours ago

    He knock him out with his toe?? 🤔 wtf

  • Rahi P
    Rahi P Day ago

    Why that prostitute look like Michelle Waterson

  • aaron nassery
    aaron nassery Day ago

    Ariel asks the dumbest shit sometimes. Like questions that really make you want to slap him

  • Rashmith Suvarna

    That moment when Tony scared Dana white

  • Ferdie Magallanes

    More dislikes than dislikes.... Why?????

  • Thurston Howell III

    You'll note, of course, that Bader fled the UFC before he could get matched up with DC.

  • Luis Solorzano

    Here from WWE Smackdown

  • Hiphop for you T1

    This dude is like Joe Rogan always bad mouthin people im guttin Wesley snipes didn't knock rogans ass out to shut him up

  • California Hwy 1

    Francis is so fine!

  • Nate Skywalker

    POS Palhares!

  • Ahmad Al-Mejalhem

    Mahmoud Hassan's brain did a 360

  • thereal eht543

    Iseral really knocked him out twice

  • Rand McNally
    Rand McNally Day ago

    Chaels real name is Clarke kent


    Petrosyan win on One, Sakara win on Bellator and Vettori win on UFC. Italy rules 🙂🙂🙂

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger Day ago

    Michelle Waterson looked more and more Asian as the fight went on lmao

  • philly philly
    philly philly Day ago

    Rip monster

  • Rob H
    Rob H Day ago

    This is a recap? Thumbs down for this "recap"

  • Last Earthbender

    King's English 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dinkle Berg
    Dinkle Berg Day ago

    1:27 “Cara... bateu em mim o sapato” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Leon Pashe
    Leon Pashe Day ago


  • Michael Baugbog

    I can't wait khabib will destroy fuckin Tony's face👊

  • World Cinema Channel

    мне одному показалось что они все какие то неказистые , непропорциональные.??...

  • BPL Gym
    BPL Gym Day ago


  • Arvan Deril
    Arvan Deril Day ago

    Adesanya is nothing for Khabib..... make a fight between them.. and adesanya will cry when he fight with khabib😁😬🤔

  • zakhil mulya
    zakhil mulya Day ago

    Tato banyak gaya aja belagu , sini gua yg lawan.

  • Bato
    Bato Day ago

    Glass jaw rääättttttttt

  • Bradley Anderson

    I dont know , let's talk to the baby ! 🤭

  • Ryland Brown
    Ryland Brown Day ago

    I miss Conor

  • Mc Gregor
    Mc Gregor Day ago

    I think he ain't lying 💯

  • MD
    MD Day ago

    وفي النهايه انزغب ع بطنه

  • Jason Wee
    Jason Wee Day ago

    What's the point of looping the same parts? Your editing sucks ass man! If you don't have good footage, don't make frickin vids. Noob!

  • Thepr1ntGnome
    Thepr1ntGnome Day ago

    Wanted to see the fight, but max would get dominated like the rest of them.

  • Jorge Masvidal

    Stipe is the goat... Jon jones vs stipe.. Make it ufc

  • Ma Bu
    Ma Bu Day ago

    King of Trash talk, McGregor.

  • Mohamed Nur
    Mohamed Nur Day ago

    Khabib said IN SHA ALLAH which means (if Allah wills) that is dangerous state.

  • Bo Mal Patriote

    Nemkov is a Beast

  • Kidlat Bangis
    Kidlat Bangis Day ago

    Very idiotic video. Period.

  • Ben Reynauld
    Ben Reynauld Day ago

    McGregor has some major roid rage there lol

  • Zephaniah 1v3
    Zephaniah 1v3 Day ago

    Congratulations Dj.

  • Aurel Bicu
    Aurel Bicu Day ago


  • Larry Martinez

    Jorge masdival va israel

  • Thanos Clips
    Thanos Clips Day ago

    Khabib and Floyd Undefeated. Khabib and Floyd SAME WEIGHT OVER AND OVER AGAIN Floyd Runs, Khabib takes ground ITS SIMPLE AS 😂😂

  • Jakoo Sleman
    Jakoo Sleman Day ago


  • jacobo vargas
    jacobo vargas Day ago

    No mamen lo dejaron como tomate

  • slim sharry
    slim sharry Day ago

    Lol even khabib cant stop laughing 😂

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay Day ago

    This Jon Jones would open Izzy's face up like Tomato getting shot with a .308 within the first 3 minutes

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay Day ago

    A hungry Jon Jones is one scary son of a gun

  • ธนกฤต สุขวิน

    11.00 tell me name of song ?🤘🤘🤘

  • Zabi Arayyan
    Zabi Arayyan Day ago

    honestly i still believe santos won this fight but he did not. i think if santos knee was fine then he most likely to win and fucked up jones

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z Day ago

    0:24 That's all folks!

  • Delattre Ahlem


  • Luis Hernandez

    Good cocaine

  • Gangster of Love

    I'll be watching yair Rodriguez fight here after this weekend

  • Gangster of Love

    I'll be watching yair Rodriguez fight here after this weekend

  • The Spectosphere

    Company I work at aren’t authoritarians and don’t bow to them like Dana White. I’ll say wtf I want how I want.

  • Edge Snob
    Edge Snob Day ago

    Those belts are huge!

  • Jay Nix
    Jay Nix 2 days ago

    Congratulations Mighty 🐁!!! Proud of you. You looked great man.