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  • Mindofagogetter
    Mindofagogetter 5 minutes ago

    Moral of the story: Never undestimate anyone! Never come out cocky!

  • Brenin Watson
    Brenin Watson 6 minutes ago

    Man gotta buy a new face 😂😂

  • Dennis Broeren
    Dennis Broeren 12 minutes ago

    Je bent nog steeds niet op zijn had gewoon geluk op het eind

  • Tanta Mount
    Tanta Mount 18 minutes ago

    The great days of Pride

  • Stoner Fourlife
    Stoner Fourlife 33 minutes ago

    Would've been nice to see that POWERFUL LUNGING RIGHT HOOK!!! Hahaha!!!

  • gangoso labarca
    gangoso labarca Hour ago

    Me da pena con romero la verdad , pero no saven que inventarce por tal de hacer fraude y diganme algo acaso no se dan cuenta que el director del ufc el calvo esta mesclado en todo este fraude con los asteroides , robos de mas de una victoria.exc

  • 420 LifeStyle
    420 LifeStyle Hour ago

    🇸🇷We Stand With You Brother🇸🇷

  • Not$urprised
    Not$urprised Hour ago

    VS Derick Levvis pls

  • Deridivis Star
    Deridivis Star Hour ago

    This guy Roisenstruk "leaves a message" after getting beaten for 5 rounds, but then lands a Ko, gtfoh

  • Grand Maul
    Grand Maul Hour ago

    Narrator, like overeem, under estimated rozenstruik. AO is overrated, hes never gonna get another title shot and should have retired years ago

  • Gilroy Joshua
    Gilroy Joshua Hour ago

    jairzinho gave Ovweeem a DOG LIP

  • Brent Daniels
    Brent Daniels Hour ago

    Why so serious?

  • magnetic480
    magnetic480 Hour ago

    Alien shooter!

  • мз с
    мз с Hour ago

    uhhh Aistair.. it seems that half your upper lip is missing

  • Ayrton Ralph
    Ayrton Ralph Hour ago

    Imagine how deep stipe buries this guy on the ground.

    • inohope
      inohope 36 minutes ago

      Stipe buries this guy on the feet as well, easily

  • DikkeKoelie
    DikkeKoelie Hour ago

    looks like Kimbo Slice ghost is in rozenstruik

  • Stats Redner
    Stats Redner Hour ago

    Tall dude arms were longer than the other dudes legs lol

    2SHAYNEZ Hour ago

    Lol all the dislikes and I know why.... It shows nothing. 👎

  • not-not iPhones Ka MaNsanas

    Va ngganou

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Let me say that i still think romero won that fight, and second i got ufc fight pass about a week ago( freakin awesome btw) but i watched this fight and it blatently shows the results after the fight. Yoel is the one that landed the 96 head strikes not costa. Costa did land more body shots. It was almost even between the difference of head shots to body shots between the two being about 40 difference from head and body shots. I still think that head shots are way more significant and the hit that costa got at the begining of the fight knocked yoel down but he got up and recovered within seconds.

  • Spiz D
    Spiz D 2 hours ago

    Less talking, more showing what we came for plz.. the finish

  • Roughe Mohamad
    Roughe Mohamad 2 hours ago

    Gefeliciteerd Bigi boiRozenstruik

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput

    Lol fakin look at that potato Head lol

  • It's Alright
    It's Alright 2 hours ago

    Good guy Conor making sure the Diaz camp are staying hydrated

  • kbkesq
    kbkesq 2 hours ago

    Wow full thickness lip laceration! No class to skip the glove touch too bad.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 2 hours ago

    Overeem dominated him for 20 mins of the fight to. I would watch a rematch.

  • Propps
    Propps 2 hours ago

    It's like a game show who can say Jairzinho Rozenstruik.

  • courrierdebois
    courrierdebois 2 hours ago

    Stamann got robbed by totally incompetent or bribed judges.

  • LightningVolt127
    LightningVolt127 2 hours ago

    Came here to see the highlight KO and was never showed😕

  • Cody Lopez
    Cody Lopez 3 hours ago

    I dont think hes the most talented fighter but seems to have some heavy hands. To call out Francis nganou is ridiculous lol that's probably the scariest man in the ufc

  • oliwimisis
    oliwimisis 3 hours ago

    Alistair needs to retire, he has taken too much punishment and I don't wanna see him all fucked up in the future

  • Angel Biswana
    Angel Biswana 3 hours ago

    Dies na gie sranang!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaáaah

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin 3 hours ago

    Why so serious?

  • Andrei Aquino
    Andrei Aquino 3 hours ago

    Dc will destroy this easily

  • john loa
    john loa 3 hours ago

    they didnt even show the fn KO yet yall still liked the video

  • Roberto Moreno
    Roberto Moreno 3 hours ago

    MAGA KAG 💪🏼🇺🇸

  • C. A. J.
    C. A. J. 3 hours ago

    Hell yeah Colby wearing the hat 💯

  • stephencarlsbad
    stephencarlsbad 3 hours ago

    The UFC BMF belt has got to be the cheesiest, most 2nd rate, fake, non-title ever created for fighters who don't seem capable of being the REAL BMF by winning the championship title in their weightclass.

  • Jason Lafagne
    Jason Lafagne 3 hours ago


  • Friendly neighborhood Crisis actor

    Recipient of the hardest knock and lip tear geez, dudes a warrior

  • Mick.T. Shaft
    Mick.T. Shaft 3 hours ago

    He said Overeem was out of his depth and not on his level yet he got mullered on the ground and only won with 4 seconds left, Overeem would've won on points!

    • inohope
      inohope 34 minutes ago

      He won because Overeem made a mistake in last 10 seconds, not because he was better fighter. He couldn't do shit whole match. Can't wait to see this dude knocked out.

  • Vitaliy Orlovskiy
    Vitaliy Orlovskiy 3 hours ago

    "Everyone hath a plan until they get punched in the mouth" mike tython

  • ftyr67 teddy uh hg fi uyhyt

    Overeem look like he been in a hatching fight and everybody had a hatchet but him

  • Mike Tee
    Mike Tee 3 hours ago

    Who’s here after he got his lip ripped 🤢

  • ItzBundz
    ItzBundz 4 hours ago

    Gonna be honest I didn’t even know overeem was still fighting😭😭imma dumbass

  • kroegbaas jolke
    kroegbaas jolke 4 hours ago

    Heet die vent nou serieus Rozenstruik😂

  • Lu Jitsu
    Lu Jitsu 4 hours ago

    Fake yawn typically means a lie.....usman is pissing hot, guarantee.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 hours ago

    Rozenfuck whatever his name is I’m not even gonna take the time to spell it. He got lucky and he’s fukin garbage. He has no idea what to do on the ground he’s clueless. He only won becuz Overeem is a dumbass let that happen with 3 seconds leftm

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 hours ago

    Rosenstrik is a fatass bum and got lucky. Overeem is a fukin dumbass

  • Avraham Greenhut
    Avraham Greenhut 4 hours ago

    Another one punch hype train getting ready to leave the station. All aboard!!!!

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 4 hours ago

    Anyone want to see Hardy vs Rozenstruik next? . . I bet Dana dosent want this to happen though.

  • Brigitte Lindholm's Armpit Sweat

    too much big dick energy in this room

  • Emitt Evans
    Emitt Evans 4 hours ago

    These all are my daughters

  • Safanja Dorff
    Safanja Dorff 4 hours ago

    GO GO SURINAME🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷!!!!😀😀😀

  • Ogami0Itto
    Ogami0Itto 4 hours ago

    Fucking bullshit narrating the KO.....bitch please

  • Idk -
    Idk - 4 hours ago

    The reason why white ppl run away from black ppl

  • Антон Морозов

    This was a bullshit strike actually. More like his opponent was acting and this was a fake ko

  • tim meijer
    tim meijer 4 hours ago

    Voice is is almost the same as skrillex 😂

  • Star SevenBG
    Star SevenBG 5 hours ago

    Conor decides to change Cerrones bum life.

  • Daniel Bridgland
    Daniel Bridgland 5 hours ago

    That was bullshit. The ref. fucked that up. Either stop the fight or let it go. There's no middle ground. Dont stop a fight after they get back up. BS.

  • Morena Mantije
    Morena Mantije 5 hours ago

    SURINAME 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • TwistedSh4dez
    TwistedSh4dez 5 hours ago

    He don’t have shit on BONES !!

  • Joe Ramash
    Joe Ramash 5 hours ago


  • Anderson Aldo
    Anderson Aldo 5 hours ago

    Garbage decision, a knockdown isnt a knockout

  • alexandreviol
    alexandreviol 5 hours ago


  • saiyaniv1
    saiyaniv1 5 hours ago

    snake oil much?

  • Aparecida Florêncio RIBEIRO

    2:24 very crazy caraca this cut 😳😳😳😳😳

  • Deej Sly
    Deej Sly 5 hours ago

    Send Francis for this guy lol

  • Chris Mclovin
    Chris Mclovin 5 hours ago

    Overrated Overeem

  • Francisco Matteson
    Francisco Matteson 5 hours ago

    You really didnt show it. Suck ass video

  • Isa ac
    Isa ac 5 hours ago

    "When you bring me out. Can you introduce me as Joker?" -overeem

    • Matthew Keber
      Matthew Keber 53 minutes ago

      Isa ac I hope this comment gets a ton of likes.

    • Gamer 4 life
      Gamer 4 life 4 hours ago

      Can this get more thumbs up

    • Isa ac
      Isa ac 4 hours ago

      @Fu Cuzo 🤣

    • Jacob Sælø
      Jacob Sælø 5 hours ago

      Haha that is baaaad maaan!

    • Fu Cuzo
      Fu Cuzo 5 hours ago

      Isa ac its two face stop reaching

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 6 hours ago

    Jona hill?

  • Martín Aragón
    Martín Aragón 6 hours ago

    Nunca pelearon

  • Jungleben Jungleben
    Jungleben Jungleben 6 hours ago

    bigi boi na best of best. k.o king links ogrie rechts wreigt

  • langhard1
    langhard1 6 hours ago

    skull splitter rozenstruik

  • The Rock
    The Rock 6 hours ago

    That's crazy surgery got stopped halfway

  • Patrick Lynch
    Patrick Lynch 6 hours ago

    This video honestly gives Rozenstruik too much credit. That lip bust was a desperation shot with 5 seconds left in the fight, and he’s very lucky it worked out. Had the fight gone to decision, Overeem wins no doubt about it.

  • Steven Sahadeo
    Steven Sahadeo 6 hours ago

    Thanks Jonah Hill for this recap! 😂😂

    • Jake Hattan
      Jake Hattan 5 hours ago

      Ha ha ha you're welcome 😂😉

  • Peka Hauhnar
    Peka Hauhnar 6 hours ago



    "Lets put a smile on that face" - Heath ledger

  • Christian Marzo
    Christian Marzo 6 hours ago

    At 2:27 Conor starts dancing

  • Josh Frost
    Josh Frost 6 hours ago

    Let’s be honest... we knew Overeem was losing this fight...he’s weathered and chin is forever damaged

    • Josh Frost
      Josh Frost 43 minutes ago

      Pointl Ess I feel that, but he should’ve played it safe and get his W. Now the loss sets him back AND gotta heal up after that cut.

    • Isa ac
      Isa ac 5 hours ago

      He was on the judge's cards. He should have Anthony Joshua'd that last round to secure the win.

    • Pointl Ess
      Pointl Ess 6 hours ago

      To be fair, overeem was going to win this fight. Those last 10 seconds with that last punch was out of nowhere

  • butta1080
    butta1080 6 hours ago

    That lip tho🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Kelvin Franco
    Kelvin Franco 6 hours ago

    Jonah Hill? Is that you?

  • GodofWarChuka
    GodofWarChuka 6 hours ago

    Nunes might give him a good fight, lol

  • Lelo Stimulous
    Lelo Stimulous 7 hours ago

    It wasn't a ko

  • Soggier black by Huskies have been

    Anyone heard of copyright? That’s why the knockout is not in the video duh

  • Mixey
    Mixey 7 hours ago

    Dutch fans disliked this video because Overeem got his ass handed to him

    • MrAfusensi
      MrAfusensi 2 hours ago

      @Da Truth off safety overeem is 50% Dutch by blood and Dutch by nationality, rozenstruik is 100% surinamese in both ethnicity and nationality

    • Sjenke3
      Sjenke3 3 hours ago

      @Sam Sam they wanna take credit for bigi boy's success even though bigi boy is full on Surinamese. Only thing the dutch ever did for him is lock him up.

    • Sam Sam
      Sam Sam 4 hours ago

      Dutch people are the biggest racists and haters, they hate everything and everyone thats not dutch..

    • Da Truth off safety
      Da Truth off safety 5 hours ago

      Neither of dem Dutch! Blacks live everywhere.

  • Anderson Sousa
    Anderson Sousa 7 hours ago

    Overeem mal conseguia se defender ou atacar

  • Romeo Lajh
    Romeo Lajh 7 hours ago

    thumbs down

  • Ricardo Uchamocha
    Ricardo Uchamocha 7 hours ago

    Que pelea tan aburrida, me dio sueño

  • Victor Singleton
    Victor Singleton 7 hours ago

    He’s like the kawaii of the UFC lol

  • John L Sullivan
    John L Sullivan 7 hours ago

    Dana is a Dick ,

  • No MaD
    No MaD 7 hours ago

    Nope nope nope that fight ain't good enough To call out Francis Ngannou.. He will destroy you

  • Vikugha Yeptho
    Vikugha Yeptho 7 hours ago

    I'm worrrried😂

  • Raoul Le Mans
    Raoul Le Mans 8 hours ago

    Happy it ended like this. If Bigi would hit another shot while Overeem was sitting on the ground with his back against the fence it could cost him his life.

    • Ololade Akinola
      Ololade Akinola 3 hours ago

      For real, I'm sure overeem was glad and Rozenstruik was cautious

    • dont@Me
      dont@Me 4 hours ago

      The reem was lipping about early stoppage

    • Morena Mantije
      Morena Mantije 5 hours ago

      Shut up 😏😏😏

    • X
      X 6 hours ago

      dont eat shit

  • Shipbuilding Expert
    Shipbuilding Expert 8 hours ago

    Overeem basically dequalified Rozenstruik.

  • Hasty David
    Hasty David 8 hours ago

    You're a liar Dana I can tell your lips moving side to side😊

  • Guilherme Panão
    Guilherme Panão 8 hours ago

    Do you wanna know how i got these scars? 😂

  • Kevin18035
    Kevin18035 8 hours ago

    “I clearly felt a flap.” - Alipstair Overeem