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Prisoner Drive Thru Prank
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we lost our baby.
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  • Lailah Rickert
    Lailah Rickert 14 minutes ago

    I did it

  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 34 minutes ago

    Tsunami girl do u like wanna be a dancer when u grow up u annoying girl

  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 42 minutes ago

    Just bc that tsunami girl did not get anything she acts so bratty

  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 54 minutes ago

    Family fizz is way better than u guys and family fizz deserve mire subscribers than u

  • Faze Mo Fofana
    Faze Mo Fofana Hour ago

    I ❤️ you

  • Faze Mo Fofana
    Faze Mo Fofana Hour ago

    I'm so sorry steezle

  • Faze Mo Fofana
    Faze Mo Fofana Hour ago

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  • Bibisha Maharjan

    IPhone 11 pro mix

  • Faze Mo Fofana
    Faze Mo Fofana Hour ago

    I unsustained that speaking how is ba and ma

  • Stephen Clemente

    Txunami can you please do a slime challenge with a twist

  • Loriel Joyce Contawe


  • Tracy Kennedy
    Tracy Kennedy 2 hours ago

    I did

  • Sihle Mngadi
    Sihle Mngadi 3 hours ago

    Hi diamonds My 3 children love your channel and it is going to be my child Nosipho birthday in November the third and she's always loved your channel ever since she was 4 years old and she's always wanted one of those prices but she still loves you

  • Rolyn Kyrels
    Rolyn Kyrels 3 hours ago

    Please spying Txunami and his crushh i hope you read this

  • Lina Youssef
    Lina Youssef 3 hours ago

    I love your vidios wery much your soch good youtyubers and I wich the best for your family

  • An drea
    An drea 3 hours ago

    Lucky kid

  • Lemas Alelewi
    Lemas Alelewi 4 hours ago

    aj want erpad aj love jo

  • zarah Wilson
    zarah Wilson 4 hours ago

    I done the bell and I done the subscrib button and done a like I love yous so much

  • Ayesha Shahbaz
    Ayesha Shahbaz 7 hours ago

    So sad 💔

  • Liza Curtis
    Liza Curtis 8 hours ago

    I love u guys 👉👈♢

  • Yamileth Hernandez nieto

    Omg cool prank 🤣💕

  • Fallon Pippin
    Fallon Pippin 8 hours ago

    I can

  • dhan kuwar
    dhan kuwar 9 hours ago

    L like your video is nice and you are buy many things super

  • Clemente Ramirez
    Clemente Ramirez 9 hours ago

    CAN i have the airpods?

  • Kimthedancer
    Kimthedancer 9 hours ago

    I have seen a lady walk around with a pomeranian but it's a bit big but you guys had said he's small but I hope this helps you I hope you find your dog :cuz I have lost my dog but we found him

  • Fox Master
    Fox Master 10 hours ago

    I love your mom

  • John Krause
    John Krause 10 hours ago

    I found your Flash-Player channel and it was my first time I was on Flash-Player and I clicked on it and ever sens I I'm watching your youtube channel

  • darren reid
    darren reid 10 hours ago

    I love you guys

  • Candy Chiverton
    Candy Chiverton 10 hours ago

    I feel bad 😔 I wish that I could look but I can’t 😢

  • Dr. Sweet
    Dr. Sweet 10 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for you guys I'm going to help your family

  • Unicorn Skit gang
    Unicorn Skit gang 10 hours ago

    Hey Diamonds you guys are the best youtuber

  • Little Unicorns
    Little Unicorns 11 hours ago

    IPhone 11pro to shaheen

  • Awesome Unicorn girl
    Awesome Unicorn girl 11 hours ago


  • Maribeth Delos Reyes
    Maribeth Delos Reyes 11 hours ago

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  • Jane Gonzales
    Jane Gonzales 11 hours ago

    can i have a give away because my phone has a virus thats why i always watch you guys because iwant to have a chance to get a give away sorry for my gramar because i am a fillipono 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sade Tahana
    Sade Tahana 11 hours ago

    Rose are red violets are blue I'm a diamond and should be too😊💎

  • Ciane Tungnung
    Ciane Tungnung 12 hours ago

    Pleas can I have the sout out watch pleas

  • Palesa Mbokazi
    Palesa Mbokazi 12 hours ago


  • Bianca  Easton
    Bianca Easton 13 hours ago

    You guys have the best channel it’s a really good channel and if I could meet you guys that would be the best time of my life

  • Seanna Davis
    Seanna Davis 13 hours ago

    Am the only one who thinks that tsunami has a closet full of crop tops I wanna do that I’m here age

  • Kickin’ it with Khloe


  • Jarrah Wright
    Jarrah Wright 13 hours ago

    I wish I could help but I can't bc I live somewhere

  • Liana Rodriguez
    Liana Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    I wanted it but I dident get it ugh

  • Liana Rodriguez
    Liana Rodriguez 14 hours ago


  • Rachelle Walker
    Rachelle Walker 14 hours ago

    I did it!

  • Cadie Marie
    Cadie Marie 14 hours ago

    Please I would love to win

  • Liana Rodriguez
    Liana Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    I love your videos so much so give me the AirPods I live in Mississippi

  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 15 hours ago

    OMG that big girl kept dancing to be honest for me she was just a show off and was annoying I don’t ever wanna watch a vid that includes her

  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 15 hours ago

    To be honest the big girl is kinda a show off because she was going to the mirror and kept dancing

  • Genesis Elizaldi
    Genesis Elizaldi 15 hours ago

    Those people are really just rude

  • doejo barr
    doejo barr 15 hours ago


  • Maryam Yay
    Maryam Yay 15 hours ago

    Well if we do not stay tune we can just read the title if the vid bc we r smart

  • Jenny Duong
    Jenny Duong 16 hours ago

    Little ranger fighting daddy

  • Jenny Duong
    Jenny Duong 16 hours ago

    Yr dad does not know english😂

  • Crystal Aviyonna
    Crystal Aviyonna 16 hours ago

    Oh my god! That's was really fun 😂

  • xX susanaharbona xX
    xX susanaharbona xX 17 hours ago

    she can’t even speak spanish... hispanic we don’t claim her 😔✋🏽

  • Tara Faamau
    Tara Faamau 17 hours ago

    To me pls

  • Maria DeLaRosa
    Maria DeLaRosa 17 hours ago

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  • Dolph’y The Dolphin
    Dolph’y The Dolphin 17 hours ago

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  • Rebecca Blake
    Rebecca Blake 17 hours ago

    Biggy Norris nuts has a crush on .............!!!!

  • Imaani Gayle
    Imaani Gayle 17 hours ago

    If you love the famillia diamond give me a thumbs up

  • Krystle Pickett
    Krystle Pickett 17 hours ago

    Im yo biggest fan i love y'all videos

  • Jesus Herrera
    Jesus Herrera 17 hours ago

    I like this vodeo

  • Allison And Radom things

    I did it

  • Elíseo Cartagena
    Elíseo Cartagena 18 hours ago

    Porque no me esCogieron por el iPhone de txunamy

  • parekiawhitu
    parekiawhitu 18 hours ago

    I would really want a apple watch

  • Barleen Beesla
    Barleen Beesla 18 hours ago

    I know how you guys feel, it's not a good feeling😢😢 My dog also got lost I literly sat outside waiting for almost 1 hour thinking he would come back I was only 7 at the time which means I wasn't aloud to go on the streets alone It was very cold and rainy so my parents told me to stay inside while they look for him

  • Ariki-john Cecil
    Ariki-john Cecil 18 hours ago

    I really love you guys so much

  • Franchesca Brooks
    Franchesca Brooks 18 hours ago

    I love you samaney

  • Franchesca Brooks
    Franchesca Brooks 18 hours ago

    Can you gave me the I phon please I love the dimensions

  • Daría Luis
    Daría Luis 18 hours ago

    Hi familia diamond

    GOYAS ALI MIAH 18 hours ago

    My daughter loves this channel❤️👧

  • Usman Gebi
    Usman Gebi 19 hours ago

    Txunamy you're the madest person in the whole universe stupid

  • Lilygachapotato 2009
    Lilygachapotato 2009 19 hours ago


  • eiza Martínez
    eiza Martínez 19 hours ago


  • Zoe Zoe
    Zoe Zoe 19 hours ago

    Familia diamond I am one of your first members of watching your videos

  • Lauren Sheehan
    Lauren Sheehan 19 hours ago

    I like your video in 19 october 2019 i sub to your vid in april 2016

  • Zoe Zoe
    Zoe Zoe 19 hours ago

    Familia diamond you r the best ok

  • Yeidi Pazos
    Yeidi Pazos 19 hours ago

    Wow that's look scary that happened do me one's if you scratch it will come off

  • Savage Tiger108
    Savage Tiger108 19 hours ago


  • Ruben Mendez
    Ruben Mendez 19 hours ago

    I'm your number one fan😚😙😆😄

  • Silvia Figueroa
    Silvia Figueroa 19 hours ago

    Yu or da best

  • Nadia Wolak
    Nadia Wolak 20 hours ago


  • Home Praslin
    Home Praslin 20 hours ago

    I liked the video

  • Elizabeth Tejeda
    Elizabeth Tejeda 20 hours ago

    I love you

  • Chelsea Ewing
    Chelsea Ewing 20 hours ago

    I did it

  • Lirah Pearson
    Lirah Pearson 20 hours ago

    I have a PS4 Pro

  • DoubleA Games
    DoubleA Games 20 hours ago

    It’s a sunburn that is peeling

  • ana's Creations-Mermaid

    loving it

  • Natalia Frederickson


  • Catarino Rural
    Catarino Rural 22 hours ago

    I subscribe

  • Safira Evita Verwijmeren

    Are you still in a reatation ship with biggy norris

  • Kahlai Tupuolo
    Kahlai Tupuolo 22 hours ago

    I’ve been a member like for 4 years and I still didn’t get anything but it’s ok

  • Indhiary Thomas
    Indhiary Thomas 22 hours ago

    I wish i could get a iphone

  • Kadie Jarrett
    Kadie Jarrett 23 hours ago

    I love you guys

  • Aneta M
    Aneta M Day ago

    You are me Favorit Flash-Playerrs I love you Familia diamond #diaminds

  • Chaw Yuen
    Chaw Yuen Day ago

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  • Alanisidore cometa

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  • Sterlyn Dominguez

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  • Brunella Kakesa

    Can you pls give me a prize a give away pls i never had 1