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  • Antonio Adams
    Antonio Adams 10 minutes ago

    Ah yes, I see Funk Doc is also a man of culture. I to find motivation in big asses

  • ja ma
    ja ma 11 minutes ago


  • Steve Ray Killabru
    Steve Ray Killabru 12 minutes ago

    I thought that was Rob DYRDEK LOLOLOLOL

  • Sue Siino
    Sue Siino 13 minutes ago

    Andre is the coolest one on the Warriors team so calm and cool 😎. Always smiling never shows a mean look. He is awesome. 👍🤗🏀

  • G Fuck15
    G Fuck15 15 minutes ago

    Now I see why these players go overseas

  • no cap
    no cap 22 minutes ago

    If you can jadakiss on flex that would be big I swear

  • Steve breezy
    Steve breezy 23 minutes ago

    why they be looking so aggressive they better ease

  • jaguar662
    jaguar662 30 minutes ago

    She should consider porn, not politics.

  • Warren Goodson
    Warren Goodson 37 minutes ago

    How they still around

  • rxtsec1
    rxtsec1 39 minutes ago

    I'm a Lebron fan & he disappointed me and I agree there are Lebron & NBA haters who were waiting for this however that doesn't matter to me cause the ball was totally dropped here. Gotta be honest I think he just needs to shut up & dribble

  • Panthersprung
    Panthersprung 43 minutes ago

    why didn't mike plug griselda i know he listens to benny

  • frank harris
    frank harris 45 minutes ago

    This dude is privileged!!!!!! Father was a big dog.

  • Mazkebar
    Mazkebar 49 minutes ago

    Immortal Hood!

  • Vivica C
    Vivica C 53 minutes ago

    De Blasio is ass

  • ESP.Fitness
    ESP.Fitness 55 minutes ago

    Andre Iguodala is a sucker!

  • Khe Sizzo
    Khe Sizzo 55 minutes ago

    🙌🏿💪🏿BrickCity StAnD⬆️

  • gator1
    gator1 57 minutes ago

    Look at this imposter replacement ucci, it's messed up that he got you's fooled, they got you's fooled.

  • Ketch A. Body
    Ketch A. Body Hour ago

    "93 gangstas ya heard??"😂😂😂 YEAH ...WE HEARD JIMMY😂😂😂😂

  • andrae ivy
    andrae ivy Hour ago


  • daedal212
    daedal212 Hour ago

    Maleni and Laura look like fam, no?

  • Ming
    Ming Hour ago

    FYI, Our President is trying to work out a deal to continue doing business with China. Should we stop all trade with China because of Hong Kong?

  • Marvin Amankwa-Dei

    Hottest rappers of 2011; Drake, Wayne, Ross, Kanye

  • Miami u u miami
    Miami u u miami Hour ago

    30:00 😎

  • mic line
    mic line Hour ago


  • Frank P
    Frank P Hour ago

    Sin730 was here

  • Goopy Le Grande
    Goopy Le Grande Hour ago

    OMG Busta performed faster than audio

  • akim1000
    akim1000 Hour ago

    “The whole time you been hanging around a name dropping informant, that’s how it be for real really”- Starlito

  • frank harris
    frank harris Hour ago

    The big three... he almost got his ass kicked.. I'll bury your

  • Ush Yamamoto
    Ush Yamamoto Hour ago

    First battle rapper I had to replay they flex freestyle 🔥🔥🔥

  • Amarion Washington

    “Simple man like my women’s brown👸🏽, and my dollars blue💵🤝”

  • Ashen One
    Ashen One Hour ago

    The story about his name is amazing. We never knew it was that deep.

  • yunghazy
    yunghazy Hour ago

    This guy is one of the biggest haters and it shows in his appearance

  • Derrick Watkins
    Derrick Watkins Hour ago

    If Rosenberg would STFU, I would’ve enjoyed this more !

  • Udokanma Ogbonna

    There are many shows and they’ve changed the dates I feel

  • Rod S
    Rod S Hour ago

    Rewind fine there's more to find.

  • Bryanna Kelly
    Bryanna Kelly Hour ago

    how they gonna have this convo with no black women on the panel???

  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas Hour ago

    Why they so hard like a lil passive aggressive

  • David McInnis Jr


  • James Papzeey
    James Papzeey Hour ago

    Who said Latinos can't rap, homeboy this is Joel Ortiz!

  • Lewis Hurd
    Lewis Hurd Hour ago

    Funny how Hot97 got some much to say about lebron on the issue in China but y’all were cowards when it came to Jayz with his NFL deal 🛑 it

  • Tyriq Khalil
    Tyriq Khalil Hour ago

    Angela is *silent.*

  • Ryan Hutchison
    Ryan Hutchison Hour ago

    Thumbnail had me like "damn Rob Dyrdek is looking old af" then realized it was Rapaport lmao

  • Aaron V
    Aaron V Hour ago

    Never saw Rosenberg before. Thought it was Dave Attell.

  • Z Ro
    Z Ro Hour ago

    I think she was on drugs here?

  • Tony January
    Tony January Hour ago

    No Mikey your it a full Jew 🤣🤣! Your an imposter just like the rest of them ! The 2 cats that your sitting across from are the true Jews of Antiquity!

  • ROGZ
    ROGZ Hour ago

    wuaahahahaha dummy

  • Young Anton
    Young Anton Hour ago

    Gucci a real nigga that’s it

  • Devonte Jones
    Devonte Jones Hour ago

    For captain steez

  • S A H i B
    S A H i B 2 hours ago

    YO Ebro, U A BITCH for taking out the part where Iggy talks about how great CthaGod's book really is. Grow tf up 'old man'

  • jdspencer60
    jdspencer60 2 hours ago


  • Tyler Morrison
    Tyler Morrison 2 hours ago

    Why dont drake finally do a fucking interview

  • Technical TV
    Technical TV 2 hours ago

    3:57 look at nicki strip her shirt like if you see it and what do you think did she have bra?

  • Rochak Pandey
    Rochak Pandey 2 hours ago

    Top 3

  • Orange Drip
    Orange Drip 2 hours ago

    The 1st time I've chime n'

  • State College CONELRAD

    I wonder how many FCC violations they got

  • No Front
    No Front 2 hours ago


  • Kevin McDowell
    Kevin McDowell 2 hours ago

    The feds have a 93% conviction rating

  • Marco Belman
    Marco Belman 2 hours ago

    This fool sounds like a liar

  • Todd Ison
    Todd Ison 2 hours ago

    69 tatoo and jig saw tatoo all over his face, looking like a he just sucked off a rainbow unicorn but he's gunna hide in plain sight?!?! lol.. well maybe in Flordia he still can never mind.

  • Grant Jackson
    Grant Jackson 2 hours ago

    Kevin durant will never be a respected champion, he shouldn't even be a champion he just sold out so hard it was guaranteed rings, its like going to the gas station and buying some ring pops bro. his legacy will always be remembered for selling out and losing that 3-1 to then later join them

  • Cory Tolbin
    Cory Tolbin 2 hours ago

    Her bare ass is sitting directly on that couch.😂😂😂 Then again😈

  • Dirty Sprite Fam
    Dirty Sprite Fam 2 hours ago

    Flex look like a created player off nba 2k20 lol

  • knowthyself
    knowthyself 2 hours ago

    he did was he HAD to do to please those devils, or no return for Eddie

  • Majestic Dre
    Majestic Dre 2 hours ago

    This interview was so damn positive I love it! Shout out hot97 for this one 💯

  • josh1
    josh1 2 hours ago

    man i could listen to cas all day.

  • Salah eddine Taoufiki

    meek mill is the best

  • Flowdak Music
    Flowdak Music 2 hours ago

    That was smoke DNA 💥💥💥💯💪🙏 I like that 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay J
    Jay J 2 hours ago

    So 69 really 5-0 🤣

    REAL ONEStV 2 hours ago

    don't matter what nobody say , Michael rapaport is a light skin brotha , homie grew up in the heart of nyc during some of the best times of hip hop and culture , salute to this crazy mfka

  • King Tutankhamun
    King Tutankhamun 2 hours ago

    Set his beard on fire lol

  • King Tutankhamun
    King Tutankhamun 2 hours ago

    Culture vulture lol wackk

  • walter cozart
    walter cozart 3 hours ago

    East St Louis and glad she represents our City

  • Yama Popal
    Yama Popal 3 hours ago


  • Annie Chettri
    Annie Chettri 3 hours ago

    Oh she hotter than many niggas out there

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly 3 hours ago

    Funny thing is..... These idiots literally don't even know why they "hate Trump" 300 billions dollars was just pumped into the inner cities of America from tax cuts. The median income of married parents is higher than it's ever been in the history of America, and unemployment is the lowest it's ever been leading to 4 millions americans off food stamps

    ILLUMINATHAN79 3 hours ago

    He tweeted it because Daryl has close friends in HK. Great job morons, you played yo self.

  • HKim0072
    HKim0072 3 hours ago

    Iggy is my favorite Warrior during this run. Dude has been the prototypical team player.

  • Arleen Thomas
    Arleen Thomas 3 hours ago

    I enjoy listening to your Video I agree with you 310000 Nipsey Hussle Legacy will continue and the marathon will continue Nipsey Hussle music will continue on to the next generation REST in peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.🙏 N ,H , 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Stone pony
    Stone pony 3 hours ago

    Great show 👌!

  • crimeboss theowner
    crimeboss theowner 3 hours ago

    The respect Gucci have now !!!!!!

  • IXIRob_MarleyIXI
    IXIRob_MarleyIXI 3 hours ago

    50 scared to check Ebro?? 😆😂🤣 cmon Ebro ... stop it ... you ain’t even on anybody’s radar my guy

  • jari uronen
    jari uronen 3 hours ago

    That is stupid.. I dont Like G.I Joe budding but I feel this one

  • caper087
    caper087 3 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of meek either ... jada Kendrick and the rest are underground

  • Derek Casanares
    Derek Casanares 3 hours ago

    Iggy is the man!!!

  • H B
    H B 3 hours ago

    15:47 ... Rosenberg wants to make it clear that Ebro has the bloodline of racist slave owners loool

  • Forever Queen Aquarius

    I’m so happy for them. Mr. & Mrs. Samuels with a beautiful babygirl on the way! 💞 #LoveWins 👑✨

  • Limar k
    Limar k 3 hours ago

    Rest Easy Slim Dunkin, Bankroll🙏🏿

  • brookwest
    brookwest 3 hours ago

    His brother is delayed maybe not slow!!!!! Disgusting!!!! Apparently he wasn't that close!!!!!

  • DeAnna Byrd
    DeAnna Byrd 3 hours ago

    I always loved 50. He has always been real to himself. Stay being you 50!

  • Bando
    Bando 3 hours ago

    Gucci for president..

  • Jay_em2
    Jay_em2 3 hours ago

    Name of first instrumental ?

  • Javante Mcqueen
    Javante Mcqueen 3 hours ago

    Lmao they ain’t got no content

  • Limar k
    Limar k 3 hours ago


  • deic18
    deic18 3 hours ago

    I m ok don´t ned that shiet my love its make a rap.rsrsrrs for real ,only because it´s famous i dont care linda besos

  • cashmo71
    cashmo71 3 hours ago

    Wow 🔥

  • korill mac
    korill mac 4 hours ago

    DNA got it man

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris 4 hours ago

    Iggy is an interesting dude that BALLS with Best they All know who he is ..Here's an excellent example of a role model especially for young men coming in to the NBA. STAY STRONG FOLKS

  • Nathan D.
    Nathan D. 4 hours ago

    That 'Diced Pineapple' Wale is just something else though....

  • Sounni Yassine
    Sounni Yassine 4 hours ago

    Dna no hate but you don't fit in those kind of clothes/jewelery .. You don't need no distractions when you rap like that..

  • Brandon Vecchio
    Brandon Vecchio 4 hours ago

    Why doesn’t Gucci get with TI and Killer Mike and get black ownership & entrepreneurship back in Atlanta?