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I'm Back ...
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100 SHADES of Foundation ...
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Thank you ... xo's
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  • Luise
    Luise 38 seconds ago

    tbh it made me kinda sad when yu said that you had "grown out of" the phase of colourful makeup and hair, since my hair is always bright and i exclusively use bright coours on my eyes. I realize that its not the look that you prefer but there are still people who love that and do it really well, so i guess the implication that a toned down look is the evolution from colours kinda rubbed me the wrong way..

  • Jamaica Torres
    Jamaica Torres 9 minutes ago

    Tati, do a review on the waterproof make up!!!!!

  • Betty .F
    Betty .F 25 minutes ago

    this is a great brand! I like their brushes and also nail polishes in gel-look-finish. I also can recommend the mousse foundation. my mom's fave . fun watching your vids, subscribed :)

  • Erinw0178
    Erinw0178 29 minutes ago

    Do you know of a dupe for the guerlain gold primer?

  • Erinw0178
    Erinw0178 33 minutes ago

    Which halo product is best to try for acne?

  • Maria Meyer
    Maria Meyer 40 minutes ago

    its called matt because essence is s german brand and matt is german for matte

  • ANNA B
    ANNA B 50 minutes ago

    I am a huge fan,. Question- I use Estee Lauder double wear... do you suggested to use a moisturizer before placing foundation even for oil skin? Also should I use a blowing powder after foundation under the eye..? As a mature women.. I am 55. thanks! I drink 1 gal of water everyday and very healthy. Food for sure shows direct results on face. Thanks for your post.

  • Gabriella Rodriguez

    Love the explanations!

  • BakaXxXGirl
    BakaXxXGirl Hour ago

    Pleaseee use the ofra highlighters :) they are AMAZING

  • Eleonoora _
    Eleonoora _ Hour ago

    I can agree that the brow pomade pen is crap. Also that concealer is super bad too. I will get the liner next!

  • Alex Borysova
    Alex Borysova Hour ago

    So beautiful!

  • Dilyana Topalova

    Could you, please do a make-up look with the brand Focallure 😊 They have really pretty palettes and I would love to see you testing them ❤️

  • DeAnna Romero
    DeAnna Romero Hour ago

    Who had this kind of time????

  • Aditi singhal
    Aditi singhal Hour ago

    Hi v nice video..Loved your nail paint..which nail polish is this?

  • Joanna
    Joanna Hour ago

    I liked it very much i am very thankfull?

  • Stefania Rahn
    Stefania Rahn Hour ago

    you’re so beautiful tati i love your top but the spot where it’s twisted is bothering me

  • Aryana Rai
    Aryana Rai Hour ago

    please make a drugstore version

  • Angelina Nicole
    Angelina Nicole Hour ago

    Nobody : "Makeup school Tati " : BOOOOM !!!! ❤️😂

  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea Adams Hour ago

    Where is that black ring with rhinestones from!!?

  • AmeliaRose169
    AmeliaRose169 Hour ago

    The mascara in the like....turquoise tube? With pink writing - that one flakes on me like crazy. The dark blue version of it, the waterproof one, doesn’t but it’s kinda clumpy. I like to use it as a layered mascara with a different favorite of mine from revlon

  • Mischke Meyer
    Mischke Meyer 2 hours ago

    We in South Africa don't have a lot of choices really when it comes to Drugstore makeup. Essence is definitely a brand that I recommend to my clients that is absolutely beginners especially their brushes and eye shadows/mascara.

  • nice78 nice78
    nice78 nice78 2 hours ago

    Have you also got a real job?

  • Taylor Dorn
    Taylor Dorn 2 hours ago

    essence pure nude highlighter and the lash princess mascara are muy magnifique :)

  • emily mulcahy
    emily mulcahy 2 hours ago

    I am wowed by the stark contrast of difference between how flawless everything looks with studio and cameras vs phone realness, more of this please so we see the truth

    DOLL FACE 2 hours ago

    Random but Tati reminds me of Amanda Bynes before she went downhill lmao

  • Meriah
    Meriah 2 hours ago

    I don’t think 4 shades is a “wide range shade collection”

  • Danielle Methner
    Danielle Methner 2 hours ago

    I personally think that’s the best your brows have ever looked

  • m a n d y
    m a n d y 2 hours ago


  • Indigo Angel
    Indigo Angel 2 hours ago

    I have the synchro but will try the smashbox ☺️👍🏼

  • Debra McMurl
    Debra McMurl 2 hours ago

    I love watching her she is beautiful

  • emily mulcahy
    emily mulcahy 2 hours ago

    My hubby is a massage therapist, if you feel bad after a massage you are getting a bad massage, it shouldn't feel anything less than therapeutic and good

  • Chelsea Gordon
    Chelsea Gordon 2 hours ago

    They don't sell that lipliner anymore. I have never seen it outside your channel. Now #11 is Sucker for Grey

  • Indigo Angel
    Indigo Angel 2 hours ago

    I sell this brand and am loving this new foundation technology. Thanks to your video you have sent quite a bit of customers to my counter 🥰💋

  • Karin Cope
    Karin Cope 2 hours ago

    I just picked up the Maybelline #25 Stay Exceptional Superstay Ink Crayon and I am really liking .

  • Sarara R
    Sarara R 2 hours ago

    "Kiss the ..." lipsticks are so amazing. "Kiss the Black Sheep" is one of my holy grails. They're so underrated.

  • Megan
    Megan 3 hours ago

    Love the jacket, love the makeup but I didn’t love them together.

  • Ashley Speca
    Ashley Speca 3 hours ago

    This is insane

  • Sabrina Reyes
    Sabrina Reyes 3 hours ago

    When she said “hey Siri” my phone reacted and searched it 😂

  • Karin Cope
    Karin Cope 3 hours ago

    I get a deep tissue massage every Tuesday, I am in healthcare and it has helped my body , heel fasciitis and back, it is so worth it.

  • Kristi Marie
    Kristi Marie 3 hours ago

    Why does her face with out makeup trigger that uncanny valley feeling? Is it he lighting maybe?

  • Katarina Jansson
    Katarina Jansson 3 hours ago

    Please try a full face of thrive causemetics!!

  • Emely Aguino
    Emely Aguino 3 hours ago

    I love their lip liners 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Sonja L
    Sonja L 3 hours ago

    I love essences blushes, the new highligters, (sun, sand and rainbows 02 highlight shade best ever. And the pacman. 😍😍) lipstick and liquid lips are best. Salut paris palette is best. Short blender brush my fave.. Did i forgot something.... 😅

  • sophie nelson
    sophie nelson 3 hours ago


  • Angela DeSilva
    Angela DeSilva 3 hours ago

    I really wish she would zoom in so we can see close up I what she’s doing!

  • Rhiannon MItchell
    Rhiannon MItchell 3 hours ago

    Loved the tutorial and review. Knowledge drop on tone was very helpful. Glad i am not the only one praying to the Makeup Gods :)

  • escalosobre
    escalosobre 3 hours ago

    Really liked this video 😊

  • Destiny Alvarez
    Destiny Alvarez 3 hours ago


  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe Morris 3 hours ago

    I’m getting serious Victoria Beckham vibes with this look...

  • Sydney Morgan
    Sydney Morgan 3 hours ago

    I don’t even know who essences is🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jade Rorie
    Jade Rorie 3 hours ago

    I have an eyeshadow pallet I love that was less than $10 and their blushes are really good. The translucent matte powder is great as well as the nail polishes.

  • Herzensstupser
    Herzensstupser 3 hours ago

    Essence Nail polish is THE BEST

  • Marcia Rushing
    Marcia Rushing 4 hours ago

    Love the show,thanks so much.

  • Tipsy Ink
    Tipsy Ink 4 hours ago

    I like the essence mascara and their highlight, specifically the single pan ones from the pure nude line that you used the illuminating setting powder from

  • TheCindybaby84
    TheCindybaby84 4 hours ago

    Tati where is your tank top from?!

  • Madeline Mckinney
    Madeline Mckinney 4 hours ago

    Omg. This looks amazing. It's matte yet it has a radiant finish and looked even better at the end of the day!!!!

  • kanza malik
    kanza malik 4 hours ago

    Stop with the long descriptive intros.

  • T Fuller
    T Fuller 4 hours ago

    anyone know what jewelry brand she is wearing?

  • Britney R
    Britney R 4 hours ago

    Lmfoooooo if you’re face has a uti!!!! Freaking made me lol literally

  • A B
    A B 4 hours ago

    Tati you remind me of Meredith Grey

  • Christina Aguilar
    Christina Aguilar 4 hours ago

    i ❤️ color intensifying eyeshadow primer. I’ve repurchased like 4 times!

  • Lucie Žáčková
    Lucie Žáčková 4 hours ago

    i love the essence Get BIG lashes wolume boost (water proof), I've been using that for years!

  • Maria Tea
    Maria Tea 4 hours ago

    i feel majority of their products are amazing and sooooo underrated

  • Audrey Tortorice
    Audrey Tortorice 4 hours ago

    I loveeee their tinted brow gel (only 2 shades though) and their lip liners!

  • Grace Alexandra olivas

    Just Facetune your pores out

  • The Fifth World
    The Fifth World 4 hours ago


  • Nellie Does stuff
    Nellie Does stuff 4 hours ago

    Im iffy with essence foundation but i reach forthe matt concealer and their glossy lipsticks

  • Cynthia Baker
    Cynthia Baker 4 hours ago

    You are simply the BEST!! ❤️

  • Audrey Miller
    Audrey Miller 5 hours ago

    I been watching status videos consistent for two years, She’s my favourite makeup Flash-Playerr ❤️

  • Zahra Hussain
    Zahra Hussain 5 hours ago

    how is your chest area skin and shoulders skin sooo smooth and glowy??

  • Natalie Miller
    Natalie Miller 5 hours ago


  • london von
    london von 5 hours ago

    dimethcone clog pores

  • Megan Welty
    Megan Welty 5 hours ago

    Taylor is too relatable

  • Eva Stood
    Eva Stood 5 hours ago

    Only essence product I’ve used was their $2.99 Extreme lasting eye pencil in silky nude 06. Was great in the beginning but ended up drying up and impossible to sharpen👎

  • Vanessa Peterson
    Vanessa Peterson 5 hours ago

    Fav essence products: Lash princess mascara, banana brightening powder, nude highlighter, and lip liners!

  • Mary Camacho
    Mary Camacho 5 hours ago

    Don’t normally comment, but LOVE this look. Perfect, glowey, natural skin and sparkly eyes

  • Krysten Ashley
    Krysten Ashley 5 hours ago

    Something feels extremely off about this video. She dosen't seem like herself. Hope all is well Tati. Love you

  • Amy Nelson
    Amy Nelson 5 hours ago

    What is she cleaning off her brushes with in that tin??

  • Trabbit HP
    Trabbit HP 5 hours ago

    I clicked in here because I saw your eye in the little picture and it was really pretty 😂 I wanted to see what it is, but there’s nothing in the description box 😩

  • Lydia
    Lydia 5 hours ago

    The Essence "setting spray" with coconut water is actually a primer spray

  • Trabbit HP
    Trabbit HP 5 hours ago

    Tati, I wish you have listed the product you used in the description! I love your eye look, and wanted to know what you used for it. Would you do a video on that look please!!

  • TLC Beauty
    TLC Beauty 5 hours ago

    Love this look. I found essence foundation and bronzer at Ulta!!

  • Kristen Williams
    Kristen Williams 5 hours ago

    Can I just say I love this color on you!

  • Brittany Lavallee
    Brittany Lavallee 5 hours ago

    Love makeup school with tati 😄

  • Savitha Venkatesh
    Savitha Venkatesh 5 hours ago

    Is it ok to take the HSN and the Kiwi booster together?

  • Emelie Börjesson
    Emelie Börjesson 5 hours ago

    That eyeshadow palette looks like Shaaanxos🤔

  • Melissa Padilla
    Melissa Padilla 5 hours ago

    I love the essence pencil eye liners. All colors awesome!

  • Mommydeb Loves
    Mommydeb Loves 5 hours ago

    Love this format

  • Taylor Muth
    Taylor Muth 5 hours ago

    I’m OBSESSED with their false lash mascara!!!!

  • Emma Gorham
    Emma Gorham 5 hours ago

    I LOVE their metal shock liquid shadows!!! I don’t have the money to spend on stila so I bought those instead and love them so much!!!!

  • Joanna Wallace
    Joanna Wallace 5 hours ago

    I love their lip liner in the shade Big Proposal

  • Jana Kleinerova
    Jana Kleinerova 5 hours ago

    you are a makeup Goddess..truly

  • Caden Mann
    Caden Mann 5 hours ago

    Wait you know Fei??? YASS

  • kaela kaela
    kaela kaela 5 hours ago

    Need the info on the jacket !!!

  • Steph's Beauty05
    Steph's Beauty05 5 hours ago

    That essence palette is gorgeous! I still use it often and it's always on sale at Ulta😃😃

  • Erin Williams
    Erin Williams 5 hours ago

    Whyyyy is she getting such LOW VIEWS??? Wtffff has happened to this channel? :(

  • Stephanie Joseph
    Stephanie Joseph 5 hours ago

    Okay ... first of all not everybody understands all these chemicals you mentioned in your video. So if you can make it more easy for ppl watching and use easy language that’ll b great 👍

  • Shiela Sediarin
    Shiela Sediarin 5 hours ago

    well...this is awkward

  • Anakaren Banda
    Anakaren Banda 6 hours ago

    Your mom said she has used something to make her lashes grow! Can you ask her what it is???

  • Miranda Edwards
    Miranda Edwards 6 hours ago

    Essence lash princess mascara is my holy grail mascara for sure!