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  • Jayden Nyarko
    Jayden Nyarko 26 seconds ago

    Why you decide to be kicker you got hand. And can kick probally beter than other football players

  • Uheina Vaipulu
    Uheina Vaipulu Minute ago


  • Canon Painter
    Canon Painter Minute ago

    Please go to Mcgill Tollen private school mobile alabama PLEASE there so good them and theodore highschool go to one of them i suggest mcgill thi but there so good

  • Ur local Humidifier

    Bru you got me at Facebook

  • Mohamed Algoud 2023
    Mohamed Algoud 2023 2 minutes ago

    you shoud teach how to kick like that

  • Bloom Clan
    Bloom Clan 2 minutes ago

    Steelers Bro. U look sexy in the black and gold 😤

  • Preston’s World 813
    Preston’s World 813 4 minutes ago

    Hope dem adidas laced tIgHt bOIiiIiIiiIiIiIiiI

  • Carsons Durbin
    Carsons Durbin 5 minutes ago

    What is your last name

  • Izayah Perez
    Izayah Perez 5 minutes ago

    Hope well middle school

  • Goated Yeudi
    Goated Yeudi 7 minutes ago

    That ain’t just work bro😂that’s god given talent + sum work at the beginning. As you can see AB was high as tf

  • Good Doggo
    Good Doggo 9 minutes ago

    Me coming to dees Chanel to she Danny

  • Canon Painter
    Canon Painter 10 minutes ago

    Maybe Ncaaf but heck No not the freakin NFL u trippin

  • Logantkdo7 Hines
    Logantkdo7 Hines 15 minutes ago

    Ok one thing deestroying how much try's did it take you to do that intro

  • BaBy Criminal
    BaBy Criminal 17 minutes ago

    Was the Coach's? name Mike Zimmer.

  • - Oswace
    - Oswace 20 minutes ago

    Why is there just a group of white kids in tha back🤣🤣

  • BaBy Criminal
    BaBy Criminal 21 minute ago

    Christan now plays in the NFL, that's amazing.

  • Lil Keegy
    Lil Keegy 28 minutes ago

    Did Antonio just fart

  • Hollie Nimmers
    Hollie Nimmers 31 minute ago


  • Joe
    Joe 31 minute ago

    He bought that house with the $9 million he got this year 😂

  • Joe
    Joe 32 minutes ago

    Worst decision of your life

  • Jamie Schad
    Jamie Schad 32 minutes ago

    Somebody tell me how many times he said ya ?

  • FaZe_Default Boy53
    FaZe_Default Boy53 34 minutes ago

    Who else heard all star playing while he was at the store

  • Jahan Watson
    Jahan Watson 34 minutes ago

    Awesome to see it seems like you’re really blowing up, you gotta be getting some workouts soon, hope it works out

  • TheCommercialGuys
    TheCommercialGuys 34 minutes ago

    10:59 *fart*

  • Ryan Wolff
    Ryan Wolff 35 minutes ago

    Dang dog you better than Justin tucker

  • king james
    king james 36 minutes ago


  • Colin Harvey
    Colin Harvey 40 minutes ago

    Good vid

  • nikedownboyy
    nikedownboyy 40 minutes ago

    invest in real estate

  • Go Vikings
    Go Vikings 40 minutes ago

    ab gonna be broke real soon

  • Ryan Wolff
    Ryan Wolff 41 minute ago

    Wow u good

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 41 minute ago

    Russell Wilson at the start omg me being a Seahawks and Deestroying asking to play for the Seahawks rlly got me hoping

  • Dominic Campbell
    Dominic Campbell 43 minutes ago

    I try to get 10,000 steps a day and this man just walks around his house and gets 20,000 steps probs

  • Colton McLean
    Colton McLean 43 minutes ago

    Your hair looks like the person who bullies me block head face. Basically it’s ugly.

  • WubbleUbbleDubDub
    WubbleUbbleDubDub 46 minutes ago


  • joeblow2589
    joeblow2589 47 minutes ago

    They might trash talk you now but you a proven athlete when they fail out of high school or college you can holler at them cleaning the bathroom at goodwill not that you need to go to goodwill

  • Kyson Patton
    Kyson Patton 52 minutes ago

    I play football and our team is in 2 nd place in are league

  • Trevor Deister
    Trevor Deister 54 minutes ago

    🥊 boxingmatch

  • afton0799able
    afton0799able 56 minutes ago

    I'm faster😏

  • Colin Xiong
    Colin Xiong 58 minutes ago

    The kid at the end was comedy

  • Peter Sykes
    Peter Sykes 59 minutes ago

    Just letting you know I would clap you in two hand touch football, basketball, and bowling

  • chase siefert
    chase siefert Hour ago

    That was like 200lbs

  • Jaden Roberts
    Jaden Roberts Hour ago

    Happy late b-day

  • Gregory Durrance

    People gonna ignore all these farts by AB

  • Deavante Hatfield

    Can you come to my game Saturday morning 11:30 grovetown high school field but 10u plz it will make my day I'm running back in geogia

  • Ashton Ochsner
    Ashton Ochsner Hour ago

    Come up to Illinois and see the best team in the state with multiple D-1 players, Lincoln Way East

  • Damion Allen
    Damion Allen Hour ago


  • Greatest Fan
    Greatest Fan Hour ago

    This album gone be 🔥

  • HoldUpThere
    HoldUpThere Hour ago

    Ya need to ask the cowboys.

  • Dawn Smith
    Dawn Smith Hour ago

    I’m a Giants fan who lives in New EnglandEvery like is one person who feels bad

  • Quadrian Smith
    Quadrian Smith Hour ago

    Come to my football game Saturday

  • Nightmare SDP
    Nightmare SDP Hour ago

    Is destroying in a gang? (Dang auto correct) deestroying*

  • Toxic Snipezzz
    Toxic Snipezzz Hour ago

    Y’all going to Ignore the fact he farted on camera loud asf

  • BCM Outdoor
    BCM Outdoor Hour ago

    Jesnsjsnj2294jsdjdmn okay I did smash my Head

  • Freeshavacadoo 13

    Ab *sits* Deestroyng:MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM That is super hard

  • Luke Boucher-zazzaro

    I love how you guys are still holding on to a deflated ball that really had no effect on a game

  • Mini Chmelnik
    Mini Chmelnik Hour ago

    His hair look like the ramen when u take it out the pot too early


    Did he rape u

  • Robert Irwin
    Robert Irwin Hour ago

    De we need you in Houston. Fairbairn sucks!!!!!!

  • Dallas Christensen

    You inspired me to play with a jammed wrist

  • Josiah Salazar
    Josiah Salazar Hour ago

    9:59 i think AB farted

  • UglyBoii Greedy
    UglyBoii Greedy Hour ago

    Antonio Brown just type that and you will find his youtube Channel pls sub make him Flash-Player famous

  • UglyBoii Greedy
    UglyBoii Greedy Hour ago

    😂 AB likes I just want make myself look nice where I can get sign again

  • Huskies fours
    Huskies fours Hour ago

    AB retarded

  • qtRapidzz
    qtRapidzz Hour ago

    *smash head*

  • chayce rife
    chayce rife Hour ago

    What contracts are signed on that table?

  • Jack Lyons
    Jack Lyons Hour ago

    9:58 did someone rip ass

  • Daniel Delariva
    Daniel Delariva Hour ago

    He said im good babe

  • Karan Davé
    Karan Davé Hour ago

    He was smoking weed in his office and that's why the air freshener was on. Lol.

  • Austen Hilton
    Austen Hilton Hour ago

    Ab was rolling lmao

  • Bradley Lowry
    Bradley Lowry Hour ago

    Deestroying your a good dude.

  • Kiva Hutton
    Kiva Hutton Hour ago

    This 2019

  • Heckfer
    Heckfer 2 hours ago

    Ab acts like a dick all the time 😂

  • chris vigil
    chris vigil 2 hours ago

    Billion lick

  • Michael McVey
    Michael McVey 2 hours ago

    No that cant

  • Jxcified
    Jxcified 2 hours ago

    Follow both of you

  • Logan Bond
    Logan Bond 2 hours ago

    Im here in 2019

  • vslime king845
    vslime king845 2 hours ago

    Hey bro I’m play kids football to

  • Brandon Patriots
    Brandon Patriots 2 hours ago

    I Love You Deestroying

  • John Keith
    John Keith 2 hours ago

    What's insane the dumbass shit he did to the raiders that's insane knowbody wants you AB absolute bullshit hell no!!!!

  • J R Crawford
    J R Crawford 2 hours ago

    Even he doesn't play on his team

  • Pyrho
    Pyrho 2 hours ago

    Basically it was faked

  • Tony Gomez
    Tony Gomez 2 hours ago

    my boy AB was stuck af lmao he walked out the frame at first 😭

  • Kaleo Salvador
    Kaleo Salvador 2 hours ago

    Troy high school


    If you spend 24 hrs with AB you’ll get farted on 48 times

  • Candyland_Spray
    Candyland_Spray 2 hours ago

    What is this song

  • David Samuels
    David Samuels 2 hours ago

    TESLA!!!!!!!!!! the smartest purchase

  • Bellow_ Average_
    Bellow_ Average_ 2 hours ago


  • ZombieKid_617 Aka Jayden Berube

    Yo dee is collabing with everyone

  • Nash
    Nash 2 hours ago

    His house sound like a mall

  • dlewis11380 L
    dlewis11380 L 2 hours ago

    Hard work pays off, this is straight motivation 💯💯💯💯👊🏽💪🏽

  • Lonny Ka-bal
    Lonny Ka-bal 2 hours ago

    Lit af boy!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Irish Dreamer
    Irish Dreamer 2 hours ago

    He kissed 30 million away on he makes free you tube videos. Not a good year mr brown

    NOC GAMING 2 hours ago

    hes fat now i probobly got a faster 40 time than him

    NOC GAMING 2 hours ago


  • Joey De La Cruz
    Joey De La Cruz 2 hours ago

    I followed both of u

  • Crusade BXD 101
    Crusade BXD 101 2 hours ago

    Teacher:Write it in your own words. Don’t write it how i wrote it. Teacher’s exam :Nobody: Deestroying:YO THIS PINA COLADA GOES HARD Commenters: Nobody: Not a soul: Deestroying: YO THIS PIÑA COLADA,YE IT HARD.

  • alijah worthy
    alijah worthy 2 hours ago

    Coliseum, it’s called a coliseum @6:15

  • itsmiguelyourboi 12
    itsmiguelyourboi 12 2 hours ago


  • Cowboy Blue
    Cowboy Blue 2 hours ago

    How you snag them ?

  • Ex Moneyz
    Ex Moneyz 2 hours ago

    King Troy? More like King Fumble