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Troy Ave - So True (AUDIO)
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Fetty Wap - 2030 [FMF IV]
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Fetty Wap - FMF 4 [FMF IV]
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Skooly - Freestyle (AUDIO)
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  • Lil Home State
    Lil Home State Minute ago

    If you dislike this track your listening to the wrong music

  • Calese Medina
    Calese Medina 5 minutes ago

    This song is the most slept on in the century smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Andrew Leonard
    Andrew Leonard 6 minutes ago

    Stupid hard!

  • Tamarre Thompson
    Tamarre Thompson 13 minutes ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 shit flames

  • Berwyn Stone
    Berwyn Stone 16 minutes ago

    All he need is some club bangers and he in the game

  • John Sousa
    John Sousa 19 minutes ago

    I just found this guy tonight and damn this hits hard. 👌

  • Ken Cook
    Ken Cook 19 minutes ago


  • Awl 2018
    Awl 2018 20 minutes ago


  • Steph Hardy
    Steph Hardy 24 minutes ago

    1:35 - 2:04 you don’t understand the flow 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🔥🔥🔥

  • beast 788mode
    beast 788mode 26 minutes ago

    Did yall realise he made changed this song to the other version on spotify? Wtf😕

  • H W
    H W 29 minutes ago

    Don Trip is the hardest since Project Pat.. His lines are too hard and complex for the industry !!!!!!

  • KingCo Anderson
    KingCo Anderson 42 minutes ago


  • Dee Wright
    Dee Wright 44 minutes ago

    Aye man shaq been told yall t.w.i.s.m. look it up and listen to shaq diesel and shaq fu..... been spitting hot shit

  • Marshmallow Ice cream
    Marshmallow Ice cream 51 minute ago

    I showed this to my crush She liked me

  • Marianna Chavez-Kelly
    Marianna Chavez-Kelly 52 minutes ago

    Here are the lyrics from a website Nah' I don't usually smoke, but the night feel right And I don't usually drink, but the lights so bright But I'm scared of too much, but that'll light this place She said "You can get it", so you know the right price Lotta' time babygirl, could be somebody you love They're really tryna' move slow, she told me "Nah', I don't rush" I threw them dollar in the air, but I know I can't touch I let 'em know champagne I'm ashamed of the the thing that we know is lust But I need it by tonight Bottles, it rainin' so slowly But it doesn't matter, I'm in too deep, and I know I come this far, I can't fuckin' complain I get the seats with the desk on the plane Parts of my past I'm not proud to admit So I will confess, there's no truth in the name Nigga I'm King Kong to these Snow Whites These eyes can adjust really good in the low lights I been around 'em my whole life Thank Jesus, a nigga never turned to a low life Still fuckin' holy, drugs in the crown moldin' Still feelin' like I'm Pac when I'm rollin' Money is the motive, gotta' tell them what the mode is Hopin' I can stay alive in the moment Still got my mind made up You don't wanna' see the fuck I'm made of Brought up in the Miami area This is the beginnin', only lookin' at the beta Never settled down, nigga never go slow Ride or die nigga, need my own GoPro Gotta' feed the fam', this is all I know Love for my niggas, these are all my bros And all I fuckin' know is the risk Ain't' talkin' money, then they ain't' don't exist My intuition is follow the vision First you caught a wave, but then you went adrift And I came from the dirt, but I'm oh so vain Started from the block but I'm on Kobain I do not say this shit just for display I pray you don't give me reasons to pray And no better, baby, I'm right up Too late now they can't save us Ain't' never felt nothing liver Just the way that the dream made us Bottles, it rainin' so slowly But it doesn't matter, I'm in too deep, and I know

  • Dwayne David
    Dwayne David 55 minutes ago


  • King Mello
    King Mello 56 minutes ago

    Beat sounds like a JD beat no lie

  • Victor Etuk
    Victor Etuk Hour ago

    Still got it

  • Gene Boogie
    Gene Boogie Hour ago


  • Gene Boogie
    Gene Boogie Hour ago


  • Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

    My bitch conceited My niggas Is Evil 😈

  • G0AT3D
    G0AT3D Hour ago

    Better than lil tecca

  • Reido S
    Reido S Hour ago

    Im the closest thing to the goat heard or unheard

  • Khalil Okera Boyd

    Woah, this is actually pretty solid

  • Lance Lor
    Lance Lor Hour ago

    Lol fan of fetty but this just reminds me of the indian version😂

  • Tyrin Xavier
    Tyrin Xavier Hour ago

    She still 🔥🔥🔥 af

  • Alleen de Fam 2
    Alleen de Fam 2 Hour ago

    This that fool ya flow

  • 951base
    951base Hour ago


  • zzzenix
    zzzenix Hour ago

    I love Wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet pussy😍🥰😆🤤

  • brandon gordon
    brandon gordon Hour ago

    All hail the goat🙌🙌🙌

  • Pretty Jane
    Pretty Jane Hour ago

    Everybody who liked this vid is amazing ❤️

  • Patwikk
    Patwikk Hour ago


  • Polo G
    Polo G Hour ago


  • Greatness 564
    Greatness 564 Hour ago


  • megatron ha.
    megatron ha. Hour ago

    🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖😈💖💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥🔥 chosen.

  • J
    J Hour ago

    C’est une reprise

  • Justin Morton
    Justin Morton 2 hours ago

    They gone need my heart to feel me 🦅

  • CAC_ ice
    CAC_ ice 2 hours ago


  • Doug All day
    Doug All day 2 hours ago

    Damn you yelawolf for being the only hater...or was it Klever?

  • Nicholas Vanella
    Nicholas Vanella 2 hours ago

    The type of song you listen to when fighting with guns in Vietnam.

  • BigHitMan
    BigHitMan 2 hours ago

    One of favorite rappers 💯

  • Andre Castello
    Andre Castello 2 hours ago

    This is remix to Ultimate Gangsta by Giggs ft 2 Chainz

  • Let’s build fam
    Let’s build fam 2 hours ago

    His voice is what I imagine Jesus would sound like

  • Lalaa M
    Lalaa M 2 hours ago

    This was a whole year ago!? Where have I been lol

  • Shevon Marks
    Shevon Marks 2 hours ago

    Only the realest will recognize this

  • killahkimmyx
    killahkimmyx 2 hours ago

    Lyrics [Verse] Well, tonight I found my price to the spender And she cried about our life to the listener And she asked me for advice, so I pimped her Turn that chicken head to a chicken tender In a Wraith, in a Wraith, out of state license plates I got yay an AK and a temper In a Wraith, in a Wraith Don't know how I'm drivin' straight I sipped a lake of that grape, thirst quencher, oh Girl, fuck with him and get your money You fuck with me, you missin' money, then you miss your molly I get the money, spend the money, then I miss the money But it come right back, right back, right back That's that Frisbee money That's Santa climbin' down the chimney, money with the duffy It come back, run around the gang, yeah that's some dizzy money The Humpty Dumpty, she get on that dick, she's very comfy I put a Rolie on her wrist, she used to wear a scrunchy Party times, Tunechi wise Wifey's size, truly lies Booty, thighs, bougie pride Gucci slides, moody, tired Woozy, high, movie night Jacuzzi time, ooo-ee, ahh Dinner, prime; sushi, wine And for dessert I have the cutie-pie Lied about the price to the spender And I lied about my height on Tinder And if I hit it one time I won't remember But can't forget it if she bring another member Double date, double date In a Wraith, in a Wraith Bitch, I'm eatin' full plate like November In a Wraith, in a Wraith In a different mind state Let her sniff some snowflakes and call her Winter (yah) Fuck with him and get the money Then come fuck with me and split the money I'll fuck her when she with her buddy She guzzle dick and kiss her buddy She said I love you when he send some money I said I love you give your pimp some money And she don't ask how much she just come dump it And I don't ask how high I just start jumpin' You ain't know I kiss below the button, what Girl close your eyes and let me show you somethin', what And if you ride me like the road is bumpin', what I leave my key in and the motor runnin', what Oh my god I hope they kissin' cousins If they not it's gon' be consequences, repercussions Woah, I just count a hundred thousand hundreds And I told my babe ride the wave, Cowabunga Lied about her night to her nigga Her vagina 'bout to cry me a river If she ask me for advice and I igged her But she know it wasn't me, it was the sizzurp Gotta wait, gotta wait 'Til I wake, 'til I wake I wake up and tell bae how much I missed her She looks straight in my face then start pointin' to the space Where she want it on her face, she's particular

  • kennyTWT
    kennyTWT 2 hours ago

    this it fr 🔥💯

  • ■□○🔥EL PELBE🔥○□■


  • demetrius carter
    demetrius carter 2 hours ago

    Still rolling on g

  • Princeton P
    Princeton P 2 hours ago

    *This a Chicago thing*

  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams 2 hours ago

    Repeat replay restart re re re tf. I feel like a kappa stripper robot zombie.. no capitalization.. periodically

  • Rebeca Campos
    Rebeca Campos 2 hours ago

    So bumppppp😭😭❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 2 hours ago

    This sound a bit different from the prototype, I need this bass boosted as well

  • Frank White
    Frank White 2 hours ago


  • LegendofVII
    LegendofVII 2 hours ago

    lil wop ruined the 2nd part

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 2 hours ago

    🦌Exit-42... I fuck with it 🔥🔥🔥

  • itsParadise
    itsParadise 3 hours ago

    Why the producer never get the credit?

  • Stoned One
    Stoned One 3 hours ago

    Az came in with the butter verse 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bruno BüDjê
    Bruno BüDjê 3 hours ago

    So much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LaDonna Williams
    LaDonna Williams 3 hours ago


  • Aj Serna
    Aj Serna 3 hours ago

    This that shiiiiii!!!🏚♨️

  • Reggie Noble
    Reggie Noble 3 hours ago

    Beat fiha

  • thank u next
    thank u next 3 hours ago

    thank u next Ariana PERIODIANA

  • Prayes Khadilkar
    Prayes Khadilkar 3 hours ago

    *yeah he’s gAnGsTa*

  • southside unk SK CUZZ

    My favorite song on hea I'm locc 6ut color blind on 🎷 if I fucc wit it I fucc wit it 🖕

  • Reginald Harper
    Reginald Harper 3 hours ago


  • Hoover Kane
    Hoover Kane 3 hours ago

    Dame nice!

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 3 hours ago

    It’s important to trust Yeshua. Sin of Wedlock makes people bastards and that’s deadly. Bastards Deuteronomy 23:2 ESV / 43 helpful votes “No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord. Hebrews 12:8 ESV / 23 helpful votes If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons. Get married 1st can always repent

  • Que Que
    Que Que 3 hours ago


  • R Jacksn
    R Jacksn 3 hours ago

    Juice never disappoints💪🏾

  • PepsiZombie 23
    PepsiZombie 23 4 hours ago

    Why didn't more people listen to this?

  • Tramaine Mason
    Tramaine Mason 4 hours ago

    Actually Bobby V recorded this jam in the studio while doing his electrik album last year but for some reason it wasn't on the album. I heard a snippet of this song on his Facebook before his album even dropped. I searched his album for this song before even listening to his other tracks and I was pissed that it wasnt on there. A year later here it is. Lol.

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 4 hours ago

    So happy for this guy Chris brown and yella as well man.. has to be a great example of overcoming obstacles. 1 of my fav songs

  • Taylor Playzz
    Taylor Playzz 4 hours ago

    The length of this song is the same as pie 3.14

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 4 hours ago

    Another timeless classic

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 4 hours ago

    Lo never disappoints me

  • Jerry Rice
    Jerry Rice 4 hours ago

    Its ironic how that dog put ya on ya toes💯💯💯👌

  • tonywood25
    tonywood25 4 hours ago

    1 thing is facts...2019-20 is gonna be a hard year for the Portland Trailblazers. "Good luck this year." 🤣

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris 4 hours ago

    Chief hit us with a new banger.... wahhhhhhhh juuuuugggg

  • ƘƖƝƓ ƠƑ Ꮶɨռɢʐ 87

    This is cool n all but Lillard sound like every run of the mill thus generation rapper Shaq was raping with wutang n holding his own nuff said

  • Bennie Sheffield
    Bennie Sheffield 4 hours ago

    He murdered this shit! Can't even front

    JELLY BEAN 4 hours ago

    My New Jam 🎸

  • Evon Davis
    Evon Davis 4 hours ago

    fuck up kept a silence

    RASTA GOD 4 hours ago

    Jeremih better than chief

  • Northern Frost
    Northern Frost 4 hours ago

    wasnt bad but no need to remix already fire songs.

  • Tee Glo
    Tee Glo 4 hours ago

    Sosa 🚦

  • Rafael Barboza
    Rafael Barboza 4 hours ago


    OG ATAK 4 hours ago

    He ain’t touching shaq

  • Da-Vontae Johnson
    Da-Vontae Johnson 5 hours ago

    Bow wow !?!? Boooowwwww wooowww !? Yes nigga bow wow biggest come back facts.

  • Albert Colon
    Albert Colon 5 hours ago

    O.G KILLED HIM... Those youngins need 2 learn respect

  • KG Frosty 67
    KG Frosty 67 5 hours ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago


  • ChUp4c4Br4
    ChUp4c4Br4 5 hours ago

    This is a banger

  • Merch
    Merch 5 hours ago

    KING ZOO dropping this month!

  • Eric Lorenzo
    Eric Lorenzo 5 hours ago


He say he the GOAT, I come for his body
Platinum 'cause he bought the copies
Should've just passed me the torch
I got no remorse, I beat him like Rocky
I fill the tank up with Diesel
You jealous of me and I see you
'Cause on this day, originals just can't fuck with the sequel
I'm new school, got new hits
Space Jams, not Blue Chips
Hangman, yo' shoe's shit
Dame 6, I'm too lit
Big name, got big bread, but you corny
Gift bags get purchased every time you get horny, then they repo'd
Loved you when you was in beast mode
Lowkey thought you was a cheat code
Know that you shoot for the cheap hoes
Shooting need work like your free throws
Know you see my pockets deep so
Your flexing ain't really your thing bro
We both could be working at Kinko's
And Kobe won you them rings though
Ole nursery rhyme spittin', small car sittin'
Ole Icy Hot poster boy, TNT snitchin'
You big man hatin', mad at my existence
Had a song with Bad Boy
Well I'm Jordan to the Pistons
Still getting to the chicken
This ain't nothing new to me
I've always been the chosen one
Nothing you could do with me
This what Rich look like, before the dough and jewelry
I'm from where Tom Hanks from, but no tomfoolery
Do it for the fam, ain't no Magic, no Kazaam
Ain't no flexin' for the gram, I'm for real
I promise you don't really wanna meddle/mettle with me, Steel
All yo' personalities, real characters could get revealed
We could've did a track together, just pass the torch
It's lit without you brother, I was bussing off the porch
Call 9-11, ha, dusting off the Porsche
Look inside that statue at Staples and find a corpse
Confused at why you barked up the tree, 'cause I'ma do ya
Versace on my body, you finally gon' meet Medusa
Don't know if I address you as Shaq, or Shaq-Fool-Ya
Old head can't see me, he blinded, Slick Rick The Ruler
Pride all in the way and you know it, you big cocky
Heard my rhymes and quickly turned into a diss jockey
Nigga wanna play with the monster, you Big Papi
Was mad at Steph's Unanimous trophy, you sick probably
It'd be wise to move on Aristotle 'cause this a gimme
All the money in the world, but traded you for Penny
Recorded with the legends of your time, I get with plenty
Never run from smoke, I'm the type to climb up the chimney
Was really feeling threatened, at least enough to diss me
Should've knew this was a shootout, I could never let you zip me
Said that max was little, that 250 million crispy
Can't recall you getting that when I was cruising on the 10 speed
This a different era, you the past and you the past
Said yourself that I'm a Tesla, no longer need diesel gas
Kinda like the Cavs ain't really need Diesel ass
And even in Miami, won that on the strength of Flash
You had a moment OG, you the pioneer
But I done reached the top at this point and the climb is clear
All my bars is colder than any climate that's near
So if you looking for the stop to the reign you could find it here
Feel me!

  • Brandon Dinero
    Brandon Dinero 5 hours ago

    Imagine he said " this lil herb not g herbo so don't get it twisted" 🔥🤷‍♂️

  • Merch
    Merch 5 hours ago

    GOAT 🔥

  • Smoove Homie
    Smoove Homie 5 hours ago

    Whole tape 🔥. Played this shit on my way to the💈. After i got my fro lined & tapered up, i cut this shit on. Had the windows rolled down, this shit had me feelin myself 😎 #JetLife

  • Eric Lorenzo
    Eric Lorenzo 5 hours ago

Yo, the sun gon' shine forever
All my statues and retired jerseys, I'ma live forever
Better now or never, kill Damon, my pleasure
We see you lose every year, nobody do it better
Yeah right, weak ass bars, you ain't tight
So when you spit somethin', make sure you spit it right
Don't make a ass out of yourself 'cause you're losin'
The Diesel's known for bruising, what is you doin'?
You know that I'm Hall of Fame above you, Damon
Hug you, Damon, I'ma make you love me, Damon
Talkin' crazy ain't gon' get you nothin' but smoked
Like when we see you in the Playoffs every year and you choke
So the only thing left now, kill these cats
Soft ass baller, I'ma kill these cats
Already won, I'm too smart for these cats
While you spittin' metaphors, I'm spittin' up facts

In the commission, I don't need no permission to hit him
I'ma fuck him up, even if McCollum is with him
See this lil' dude can't take defeat
He don't even believe that corny bullshit he speak
That little Kobe comment you said had me grinnin'
Three times MVP, Dame, at least I'm winnin'
First of all, little boy, you see this ain't beef
You just a bitch talkin' while I'm hittin', call it a queef
Tryna act like a superstar, in Portland, you're local
Same cadence in your last flow, switch up your vocals
I can tell in your flow that you rattle
How you a battle rapper? In your real job, you ain't win no battles
See, you rap 'cause you need to, dog, I do it for sport
When you run, I see that tampon string in your shorts
And you shoot too much, dudes on your team hate it
Keep talkin', make a phone call, get you traded
You probly chose 0 'cause you thought it was hot
You ain't hard 'cause in real life you dress like a thot
First spanking that I gave you, son, I meant to
I'm so mad, even God or Allah can't help you
Cash rules every thing around me, C.R.E.A.M
Gollum lookin' ass boy, I'm the Lord of the Rings
Clout chase, who? You? You ain't got what I want
Why would I clout chase a dude with a camel toe in the front?
I'm in your ass now, Damon, ain't gon' ever lay off
Sittin' at the desk, watch you die in the Playoffs
Things I don't need is attention and money
Attention for what? Ten commercials runnin', you dummy
Can't wait 'til you lose this year
Dr. Diesel gon' bring you in for your annual pap smear
Bring that ass over here, you can't walk away, [?]
You gon' walk shoulders down lookin' lost and defeated
Put some respect on my name, put some respect on my game
Put some respect on these flames, I'm the big LeBron James
You can never come close to the GOAT
Barely make it every year, cry complaining 'bout them All Star votes
See, you dropped that second track in a hurry
How you gon' rest your case when I'm the motherfuckin' judge and the jury?
You said my Shaq shoes are cheap
Well, why when I walk in these bitches, boy, I can't be beat?
See, you got the millennials fooled
How you rep Oakland but went a Alameda catholic school?
Sittin' in a church, friendly casual facility
Writin' rhymes don't give your ass no street credibility
Okay, I see what you did, yo
Alameda's south of Oakland and east of San Francisco
If you were so great, they would have retired your jersey at Weber State
But they didn't 'cause they know you a fake
The world gon' see you fall
Lyrically, I'ma do to what you Rondo did to Chris Paul
I'ma leave your ass dead and stankin'
Why'd they put you low on ESPN or your Bleacher Report ranking?
Think I really care if you speak?
You just mad 'cause your whole salary, yo, I make in a week
You losin', Damon, we can see it so blatant
Dr. O'Neal operatin' on a patient
You know I got a PHD
That stand for "Put His ass Down", you nothin' but a scrub to me
We can keep this goin', keep on flowin'
Shaq is worldwide, Dame D.O.L.L.A. don't know him
What, you think I wasn't gonna respond?
Droppin' little grenades, I'm droppin' them nuclear bombs
Everybody gon' hear this ether
I don't like your ass, I don't like Charles Barkley either
Lyrically, I'm 7 foot 5 from the waist up
Tell you one more time, Dame D.O.L.L.A., shut your face up Outro
You're nobody 'til somebody kills you
You're nobody 'til somebody kills you
Now it's time to die
Good luck this year, hahaha

  • Heryla Club
    Heryla Club 5 hours ago

    This feels like a mix of paper bond and this plane imo and i love it