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BUYING the NEW C8 Corvette!!
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Finally SELLING my Audi R8!!
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Meet the Giveaway Winner!
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  • Mohd Fariez
    Mohd Fariez 37 seconds ago

    Other people with supercar:Go to a fancy place Stradman: going offroad with a lamborghini aventador

  • SuperAce619
    SuperAce619 12 minutes ago

    Lol stop with the purple it's gone to far

  • God D
    God D 32 minutes ago

    Y is she blurred

  • Shoh
    Shoh 34 minutes ago

    Quick math 25 dollars x 674k = 16,850,000

  • Friso
    Friso 35 minutes ago

    James, what drone do you use? I am really curious because I love the camera shots you make with it! ✔️

  • juggernaut 1
    juggernaut 1 37 minutes ago

    Who did you pay to be in the Kermit green lambos passenger seat, how rediculous a clown purple gt40 how stupid

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 41 minute ago

    honestly if i was to visit hawaii it would be in a jeep or a ferrari 308 gts.

  • marvin elysee
    marvin elysee 47 minutes ago


  • KSL12
    KSL12 50 minutes ago

    Wow sounds great in the tunnel. Maybe better then my 458.

  • R Karaca
    R Karaca Hour ago


  • Luca Vescera
    Luca Vescera Hour ago

    Do the golf livery

  • Luca Vescera
    Luca Vescera Hour ago

    Don’t rap it purple

  • Randomness doer
    Randomness doer Hour ago

    Hey but aren't you rich since you own Lamborghini's

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez Hour ago

    If you going with purple wrap I think the heritage will make a bigger impact. I think for the sema show you were right to wrap all your cars the same with white wheels, it's like making your own brand, but I think that having all the cars looking the same it's a little boring. Maybe changing the gladiator wrap to another color to refresh the garage, also changing the wheels of the gladiator. It needs to look more sinister like the aventador, with the white looks a little funny. Go for the purple in the gt with the heritage I think it will look cool, but change one of the other cars. Also like the twin turbo for the gallardo even I go more for the naturally aspirated engine sound. Keep the good work strad, cheers from Puerto Rico.

  • Dustergraphy
    Dustergraphy Hour ago

    Get yourself tires with spikes for the Toyota and start drifting like a pro 😅

  • Tontsyy
    Tontsyy Hour ago

    Twin turbo dreams 😍😍😍😍

  • MEGA-_- Mustafa
    MEGA-_- Mustafa Hour ago


  • ConiahPlayz RB
    ConiahPlayz RB Hour ago

    Bugatti should do an n/a w16

  • zdomn
    zdomn Hour ago

    Has to be stripes in the ford gt

  • Härri Koltšuk
    Härri Koltšuk Hour ago


  • Yousef Nadim
    Yousef Nadim Hour ago

    Can you sell the Lamborghini Gallardo sorry if I spelled it wrong but sell it sorry but it is bad I hate it sorry about that

    HARINI RAMESH 2 hours ago

    Do you have to wrap

  • CJ Dogg
    CJ Dogg 2 hours ago

    Il drove the Bugatti Devo

  • spadgm
    spadgm 2 hours ago

    Congrats!, great pick up!

  • Global REI Delta 1
    Global REI Delta 1 2 hours ago

    I hate this white boy

  • Tom_h
    Tom_h 2 hours ago

    Now aventador, supra, Ford gt, gallardo and hellcat gladiator

  • Eivind Lid
    Eivind Lid 2 hours ago

    Are you kiding me!😂😂

  • batmajty
    batmajty 2 hours ago

    For me more interesting is that koenigseg then this hotel :(

  • Joseph Moorison
    Joseph Moorison 2 hours ago

    Tubby McBlubby. I'd buy it.

  • Gabriel Esdrelon
    Gabriel Esdrelon 3 hours ago

    Who’s the girl?!.!? Strand girl baha

  • SlushiLushiYT
    SlushiLushiYT 3 hours ago

    4:10 break it up is it weak or strong lets see the engine braces will break 2:15

  • SlushiLushiYT
    SlushiLushiYT 3 hours ago


  • SlushiLushiYT
    SlushiLushiYT 3 hours ago

    9:01 door dosent make noise

    CAR FAN 3 hours ago

    Please do not cut the roof. It would destroy this beautiful car.

  • SlushiLushiYT
    SlushiLushiYT 3 hours ago

    Who Drive the aventador when u ski

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 3 hours ago

    What the heck happened to the c8 corvette? Just wondering...

  • Mr.Donkeys
    Mr.Donkeys 3 hours ago

    See you in 5yrs when this gets recomended

  • T4BY is cracked
    T4BY is cracked 3 hours ago

    2019? Anyone?

  • Tevin
    Tevin 3 hours ago

    He really blurred her whole body

  • Ron Petallo
    Ron Petallo 3 hours ago

    The Gallardo without purple wrap and white wheels and also getting a twin turbo is the luckiest of them all 😂

  • mjtv 7
    mjtv 7 3 hours ago

    I love the Ford gt

  • enkhee erdenetsogt
    enkhee erdenetsogt 3 hours ago

    ahh my ears

  • Aziz Franca
    Aziz Franca 3 hours ago

    i would want a bmw m5 f90

  • Og Ghoulzz
    Og Ghoulzz 3 hours ago

    I honestly saw you driving I don’t remember were but I remember the lisens plate verde and I was like omg that’s an awesome car and here I am watching the same car on yt!

  • Og Ghoulzz
    Og Ghoulzz 4 hours ago

    I live in Hawaii too! The tunnels you went through were to Kailua right? And the shaved ice is from a place that is on the north shore too right? Maybe I’m not sure lol

  • JianM. YT
    JianM. YT 4 hours ago

    I want to drive TOYOTA MK4 SUPRA❤

  • ThePokerSurfer
    ThePokerSurfer 4 hours ago

    Why late to the party Ford GT ....... movie poser?

  • Datsun Robertson
    Datsun Robertson 4 hours ago

    James there are 2 of them

  • ThePokerSurfer
    ThePokerSurfer 4 hours ago

    Why late to the party Ford GT ....... movie poser?

  • KingFluffy
    KingFluffy 4 hours ago

    Me in my young 20’s: I’m so jealous of your energy. *yawns after 10 hours of sleep*

  • cringe overlxrd
    cringe overlxrd 4 hours ago


  • Waleed AL harthi
    Waleed AL harthi 4 hours ago

    Spotlight next

  • alex xander
    alex xander 4 hours ago

    watch closely look at the top mirror of the car 2:10

  • Craig Woodhams
    Craig Woodhams 4 hours ago

    Leave the GT white and do purple wheels and purple accents. Change it up but will still match the rest

  • Nighf
    Nighf 4 hours ago

    Don’t forget the corvette

  • That_One_M8
    That_One_M8 4 hours ago

    Are you always with your gal when you're driving or vlogging?

  • Noah Bretschneider
    Noah Bretschneider 4 hours ago

    more ford focus videos plzzz

  • unknown woman
    unknown woman 4 hours ago

    Stradman why you do us like this...let us see her

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 hours ago

    He really blurred out the stradgirl? lmao we need answers now

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 hours ago

    Im all for the GT content, good maneuver

  • CARS and potato gamez

    Who I that girl in the last and this video

  • Christxmas ar19
    Christxmas ar19 4 hours ago

    stradgirl will get revealed soon right @thestardman...

  • PennyRider Swag
    PennyRider Swag 5 hours ago

    Doesn’t show stradgirl because it’s probably your girl

  • glossom hyper
    glossom hyper 5 hours ago

    i'm hearing the Aventador is getting a twin turbo.

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 5 hours ago

    Who's the lady in the lambo strady

  • Joseph Jabez
    Joseph Jabez 5 hours ago

    James: no butterfly doors on gt cause they are $13k Also james: $40k Lambourghini mods

  • Garydos
    Garydos 5 hours ago

    I got my permit and I have such a heart attack but it's easy going

  • Esequiel Ortega
    Esequiel Ortega 5 hours ago

    Bro please please can I meet you I live in Glendale Heights Illinois

  • Muskie
    Muskie 5 hours ago

    why does he have so many friends who are under 18 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Jordan yt l
    Jordan yt l 5 hours ago


  • Matyáš S.
    Matyáš S. 5 hours ago


  • William Jakszewicz
    William Jakszewicz 5 hours ago

    Who was the girl in the lambo with James?

  • Patrick Lenard Dumaraog

    What happened to the ferrari?

  • Muskie
    Muskie 5 hours ago

    that hotel room is bigger than my house

  • Frank Mani Jr
    Frank Mani Jr 6 hours ago


  • Saud Ibrahim
    Saud Ibrahim 6 hours ago

    you lived in aloft hotel, right?

  • TractorMonkey Vlogs
    TractorMonkey Vlogs 6 hours ago

    I live here in chicago... tried to catch you at b rouge built multiple times but never got to see you... dm me what day and time ur going so maybe I can meet you ig @andrew.grosch

  • Arean Hossain
    Arean Hossain 6 hours ago

    Turbo-ing the Aventador would be much more exciting build

  • Wolf_ GamessYT
    Wolf_ GamessYT 6 hours ago

    Purple with strips looks more clean

  • Clayton Johnson
    Clayton Johnson 6 hours ago

    If stradman is twin turboing the gallardo who thinks it should be purple again? 👇🏻

  • Sean Jennings
    Sean Jennings 6 hours ago

    Purple with white stripes. Gonna look beautiful broski

  • Abdul Wasay
    Abdul Wasay 6 hours ago

    After twin turbo wrap gallardo purple

  • Bro Gaming
    Bro Gaming 6 hours ago

    A Ferrari

  • Ryan Santos
    Ryan Santos 7 hours ago

    White stripeee

  • Ravioli
    Ravioli 7 hours ago

    I thought when he said he had emotional new he was going to say he was selling the Gallardo and I almost had a heart attack

  • Exo Rev
    Exo Rev 7 hours ago

    hell yeah man, congratulations

  • Ryan A perkins reacting

    I would definitely choose the keonegseg agara rs Phoenix

  • Adam Parivat
    Adam Parivat 7 hours ago

    Poor girl

  • Jahreed Grandez
    Jahreed Grandez 7 hours ago


  • wil8115
    wil8115 7 hours ago

    check, fuk ontario. off the list.

  • ThatOneLankyGuy
    ThatOneLankyGuy 7 hours ago

    THIS is when I subscribed! I have always wanted a Lotus and back in 2015 I was debating on getting one so I went to Flash-Player. Found you and been subscribed since! Congratulations! Can't believe you went from this to "Views on views" You are my Flash-Player role model!! It was such a great feeling meeting you in person in Columbus, Ohio on the rally! Got a fist bump and a picture! I so badly want to hear your Ferrari challenge car in person!! 😂 😂 This comment is over! And I'm out!!!

  • Lil’ FlexibleBACONS

    This is 1 of the happiest youtubers I’ve seen

  • KamiRida Vlogs
    KamiRida Vlogs 7 hours ago

    1:04 the Ferrari ripped a nasty fart 💨

  • Karl joseph Buslon
    Karl joseph Buslon 7 hours ago


  • That one Bowling kid

    Who’s that?? Is that stead girl??🤔

  • lps Georgia
    lps Georgia 8 hours ago

    Me: can James do a figure 8 James: uhh yea of course * does a windey donut Me: geeat job 😁😐

  • TheOtherSteel
    TheOtherSteel 8 hours ago

    05:49 I may have liked the video immediately, but you calling yourself old right here is beyond ridiculous. I toss you my only-50-year old medical issues for one week. Then you get to talk about just beginning to be old, ya whippersnapper.

  • dmr0613
    dmr0613 8 hours ago

    Enjoy Hawaii and the green lambo. I am working late wrapping up a killer ASC606 technical memo and will drive home in my VW at 10pm. You make me conflicted about the entire profession and I can’t stop watching.....keep entertaining us the way you do.

  • user 182
    user 182 8 hours ago

    Bet you guys cant spot the F-RS/BRZ