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How to Clone your FACE
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10,000 Pixy Stix In One!
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Making a 100LB Snow Cone!
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Instant Canoe from a CAN!
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Flavor Swap??
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Don't Mess With Calli
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Making Our Skin Hydrophobic
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Testing Fire Resistant Safes
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Music Straight To The Brain?
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500 Packs of Fun (Dip)
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To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
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Thank you, Grant.
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4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!
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HUMONGOUS Wax Bottle Drink!
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Hydro Dipping Nintendo!
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Vacuum Packing Humans
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Dropping a 40 lb Bouncy Ball
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How Good Is Smoked Cake?
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Reenacting The FOOD FIGHT
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This Made a Mess
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Can You MELT Magnetic Putty?
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  • Unknown Specimen

    My therapist: Plastered Cali doesn’t exist, she can’t hurt you Plastered Cali: **insert this whole video**

  • Oreo Bitz
    Oreo Bitz Hour ago

    Can you make a sword blacksmithing

  • Jaydia Simmons
    Jaydia Simmons Hour ago

    Can you make those thick liquids glow? I bet that would be pretty. Especially if the lights are turned out or they're shot out at a dark background at high-speed.

  • Ava 's Hobbies Pet's Art's Friend's Ect

    Why don't you dry the coke then make cotton candy. And you should make cotton candy into cotton candy. And mix cotton candy with another candy

  • BonkerBunkers
    BonkerBunkers Hour ago

    You know what this reminds me of??? Venom. As in, the Venom symbiote, or symbiotes in general in DC.

    GOLD CATS Hour ago

    Nintendo 64 is my favorite game smash bro’s is great

  • Emmi S
    Emmi S Hour ago

    Pls freezedry mangos MANGOOOOOO GANG PLSSSSSSSS

    • Emmi S
      Emmi S Hour ago

      Other suggestion: freezedry strawberries

  • Christian Andersson

    Can you drink the water that is removed from the water melon? will it be tasteless, or will it have some watermelon taste?

  • jae maria
    jae maria Hour ago


  • Gelai And Audrey Kawaii channel

    I have a wrong thought that collins key die.. because of the comments heheheh.. but still r.i.p

  • this guy
    this guy Hour ago

    Are they not friends outside of videos? I noticed they were listening to music or whatever when they were doing it, rather than talking and being mates

  • Beth Cohen
    Beth Cohen Hour ago

    Nate: a little bit, probably about ONE HUNDRED degrees

  • M'n'M
    M'n'M Hour ago

    10:26 *Bath Bombs*

  • Panda Lover 16
    Panda Lover 16 Hour ago

    Calli looks so sad, very brave girl. You know how scared i am of the dark even if i know i am closing my eyes

  • Awsomeguy101 xyz

    Can you freeze dire mentos and then put them in Diet Coke

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan Hour ago

    That’s the longest she has ever gone without saying something.

  • rosamonie Van der veen

    This guy was my childhood, So sad he passed away 😭

  • Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi

    The freeze dry taffy looks like a lemon

  • Rylee Holmes
    Rylee Holmes Hour ago

    Jello in freeze dryer goes BOOM!!!, Like so they can see this

  • Krayth
    Krayth Hour ago

    Try lemons limes and grapefruit

  • Canyu Li
    Canyu Li Hour ago

    make a giant ball with starbursts burn it freeze-dry it freeze it and then bounce the ball of starbursts

  • Kings 2day
    Kings 2day Hour ago

    Aw man mountain dew voltage is the best mountain dew

  • Broin Broin
    Broin Broin Hour ago

    You should make a squidward nose

  • Farm an Garden
    Farm an Garden Hour ago

    People think of the darnest coments

  • Logisches heyho
    Logisches heyho Hour ago

    Make the biggest cotton candy on one tick

  • Beta Rockwood
    Beta Rockwood Hour ago

    Broccoli cotton candy?

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller Hour ago

    Have Callie and Nate switched personalities?

  • Mylez Gaming
    Mylez Gaming 2 hours ago

    Imagine if a person who got their tooth removed by the same guy recognised one of the teeth in there and it was theirs

  • Maggie PRATT [07N15M]

    the yellow is musturd and my fav colour aghh

  • George Garside
    George Garside 2 hours ago

    7:44 is what you came for

  • Sophia Stanberry
    Sophia Stanberry 2 hours ago

    Do acid or glue

  • DDragons 936
    DDragons 936 2 hours ago

    Does Cali have a twin

  • Mystic Magic
    Mystic Magic 2 hours ago

    Can a stench really melt something?

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago


  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago


  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago


  • Christian Andersson
    Christian Andersson 2 hours ago

    The water that is removed, is that collected? what would it taste when drinking it ?

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago


  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago


  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets please

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets please

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets please

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try frying ketchup and soda together then put it in the vacuum chamber and then put it in the freeze dryer

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets please

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Please melt down magnets

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try melting lollipops and putting it in the vacuum chamber

  • Liam Foley
    Liam Foley 2 hours ago

    Melt down magnets please

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try making a fire rocket

  • CordzyJR _
    CordzyJR _ 2 hours ago

    U had 2 make a whole new 1 2 make the thumb nail??

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try making edible glass

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try making a gummy looking pineapple

  • Mollie Coons
    Mollie Coons 2 hours ago

    Can you put silicone in liquid nitrogen????? please!!!!!!

  • Mr Brown Jack
    Mr Brown Jack 2 hours ago

    At least UK Sockets are safer

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try putting dry ice on hot lava:Nate and Calli

  • dejoey
    dejoey 2 hours ago

    At 0:50 her neck is a tiny bite of centred and it’s triggering me alot

  • Scott Simpson
    Scott Simpson 2 hours ago

    I wonder if a mobile phone could survive the power of blendtec

  • Taran Evan-Morrow
    Taran Evan-Morrow 2 hours ago

    A scoch egg is an egg with unknown meat and it is breaded not batterd

  • Anna Renkhoff
    Anna Renkhoff 2 hours ago

    From who is the baby?

  • Blade
    Blade 2 hours ago

    so im on a watchlist now?

  • Joen Sumagingsing
    Joen Sumagingsing 2 hours ago

    Someone saw the spark? 1:48

  • Adeniyi Afenifoto
    Adeniyi Afenifoto 2 hours ago

    Try spilling lava on dry ice and see if it works

  • Isabelle Huang
    Isabelle Huang 2 hours ago

    Can you see if pixie stix makes cotton candy and if the flavor is still there?

  • gold cube
    gold cube 2 hours ago

    U could just hook up 15 9v batterys together to get the power for it and if u hook up 300 hundred of then u can get 2000+ volts if u need just dont hurt yourself

  • Wyatt’s Channel
    Wyatt’s Channel 2 hours ago

    Is it a tea pot

  • Stuart Macrow
    Stuart Macrow 2 hours ago

    Miss u mate 😥😥😥

  • pokemon with Pranjal and harsh

    Beat way to show you got beat up Just put bandage where you have to show

  • Oshki3 15
    Oshki3 15 2 hours ago

    When thanos snaps himself

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry jello?

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau 2 hours ago

    Rip I feel bad for calli

  • nancy ngetha
    nancy ngetha 3 hours ago

    How about glass

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman 3 hours ago

    Boil oil with dry ice

  • Natp9 Natp9
    Natp9 Natp9 3 hours ago

    Did you make this video to buy and eat pizza?

  • Slr Zues
    Slr Zues 3 hours ago

    Freeze dry an orange

  • TheRock_14
    TheRock_14 3 hours ago

    Can you guys make a giant working match stick and safely use it?

  • pikachufan25
    pikachufan25 3 hours ago

    How About Shrek?

  • Cats_With_ Tophats
    Cats_With_ Tophats 3 hours ago

    Hello, can you please make Pixie Stick cotton candy?

  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga 3 hours ago

    Excuse me, wtf is snow cone

  • Gracie 23457
    Gracie 23457 3 hours ago

    That game is like 7 deadly sins

  • coolnegative
    coolnegative 3 hours ago

    The elf ears look perfect on Callie!

  • Anubhab Dey
    Anubhab Dey 3 hours ago

    9:26 Antifreeze Nuggets

  • Mr0987654321abcde
    Mr0987654321abcde 3 hours ago

    I'd love to be sent the broken one that was put in liquid nitrogen 😊 or just any of the liquid nitrogen ones!!

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman 3 hours ago

    Try acetone and dry ice

    HERETICIAM 777 3 hours ago

    They shouldve used Liq nitrogen to powderized those coke crystals

  • Makenzie Walsh
    Makenzie Walsh 3 hours ago

    0:17 thought you said that you had kids up for sale in your shop

  • Jacob Lucas
    Jacob Lucas 3 hours ago

    Everyone please go and watch Face Off, It was a TV series on SYFY dedicated to this stuff and is amazing

  • marinerenewable
    marinerenewable 3 hours ago

    The lids of the mason jars will act as the hole and rubber if you don't over tighten them initially.

  • The backyard Bushcrafter

    Is no one going to talk about the fact he was wearing a white belt that was meant to look like a Hermes belt

  • Joselle Nicholl
    Joselle Nicholl 3 hours ago

    try and put gumballs in slime

  • Coppersoldier 992
    Coppersoldier 992 3 hours ago

    I miss him where is he

  • chandra sekhar
    chandra sekhar 3 hours ago

    It has been already in Rural India for decades

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 3 hours ago

    Do a collab with Jazza and he could paint it like he did his

  • manoj jangra
    manoj jangra 3 hours ago


  • NJ’s World
    NJ’s World 3 hours ago

    PLEASE Can you freeze dry and egg I want to know what will happen

  • Noflik
    Noflik 3 hours ago

    Calli really needs to learn to let others speak.

  • Silly Sierra
    Silly Sierra 3 hours ago

    With the leftover eggs You can test with different tools or stuff what breaks them easiest

  • hailey jones
    hailey jones 3 hours ago

    What if u freeze dried sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner , body lotion, hand soap, would they still work after? Would be great for hiking