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What's in Umtiti's case?
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  • Anghaka Khawlhring
    Anghaka Khawlhring Minute ago

    Let valverde put messi in first eleven.....

  • rudra Singh
    rudra Singh Minute ago

    Dortmund- 😱😱😱😱😱😖😖😣😫 🐐 is back

  • Net Lag
    Net Lag 3 minutes ago

    Is she single? Not that I have a shot. Just curious...

  • Hung Reel Lo
    Hung Reel Lo 3 minutes ago

    Frenkie bringing out the fresh white on whites 🔥🔥

  • selim khashan
    selim khashan 4 minutes ago

    I hate Barca I love Liverpool

  • Ái Tân Giác La Hoằng Lịch

    Messi, Messi, Messi

  • Barça Herb.
    Barça Herb. 6 minutes ago

    Messi 👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • juma fares
    juma fares 6 minutes ago

    5:00 Messi broke his ankles

  • Ariel Kalalo
    Ariel Kalalo 7 minutes ago

    0:11 Umtiti just like Ricardo Milos 😂

  • Zarif Pious
    Zarif Pious 7 minutes ago

    Messi ❤❤❤

  • Khairuz Zahro
    Khairuz Zahro 9 minutes ago

    Messi, Suarez, Griezmann...

  • Cheerios Flakes
    Cheerios Flakes 11 minutes ago

    I think messi won't play this game,he won't risk his injury but we will win with Griez and dembele and Suárez up front!

    • Jamieboss 0759
      Jamieboss 0759 10 minutes ago

      Dembele is even less fit then Messi he won't play till Granada

  • Tasif 10
    Tasif 10 12 minutes ago

    Can you answer.....? The word Messi - how many times people use that word till now....?

  • Pwnツ
    Pwnツ 13 minutes ago

    Messi:*comes back* Bvb:Ight imma head out .

  • lacamiseta
    lacamiseta 13 minutes ago

    my man abusing the far corner ahhh

  • Sergi Pereda
    Sergi Pereda 13 minutes ago

    Viva Messi ❤️💙❤️💙❤️🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Sulayman Bah
    Sulayman Bah 13 minutes ago

    Barca 2 borussia 0

  • Alfin Lifin
    Alfin Lifin 14 minutes ago

    Ayo sang kapten

  • shani shrestha
    shani shrestha 14 minutes ago

    2:51 spotted Nepal flag.

  • Alejandro Ursino
    Alejandro Ursino 14 minutes ago

    increible trabajo!!!! Pero qué ironía la de Gatorade! Mi amigo Gotardo le instaló toda la cocina de mármol carísimo en la casa del dueño de Gatorade en Colorado, USA y nunca le pago! Se ve que le sobro unos dolares para hacer esta animación.

  • Messi 10
    Messi 10 15 minutes ago

    Hope Messi plays against Dortmund

    JEETB 15 minutes ago

    Rakitic to play first 11

  • Saurabh Nair
    Saurabh Nair 17 minutes ago

    Messi back!!! BVB:Oh Shit!!!!

  • boubacar sadikh diallo
    boubacar sadikh diallo 17 minutes ago

    cool messi

  • Dipta Banik
    Dipta Banik 17 minutes ago


  • King 05
    King 05 17 minutes ago

    these boys aren't a match even to an unfit messi, goat

  • Moses Mahachi
    Moses Mahachi 18 minutes ago

    Messi Messi

  • Long Lê
    Long Lê 19 minutes ago

    Messi Messi Messi...👑

  • lirndevio
    lirndevio 19 minutes ago

    1 - 2 dort barca

  • Kristaps Jankovskis
    Kristaps Jankovskis 20 minutes ago

    Dortmund is my second favorite team. Will be fun to watch... tho i hope Barca will win.

  • Juan Estupiñan
    Juan Estupiñan 20 minutes ago

    Griezmann nunca la vida eso es un paquete cojones eso no sirve ostia

  • Josué calix
    Josué calix 21 minute ago

    B🔵A🔴 R🔵 C🔴A🔵

  • Juan Estupiñan
    Juan Estupiñan 21 minute ago

    O mesi fati y Carles Pérez

  • Juan Estupiñan
    Juan Estupiñan 22 minutes ago

    Mesi dembele y ansu fati la delantera de el barsa

  • o.b.m hd
    o.b.m hd 23 minutes ago

    Messi messi messi

  • Penda Akwaanyenga
    Penda Akwaanyenga 23 minutes ago

    Like for Barcelona to win Champions league

  • James Nnadiegbulam
    James Nnadiegbulam 24 minutes ago

    White messi 4-0 whiteout messi 2-0 barca win who is white me

  • Penda Akwaanyenga
    Penda Akwaanyenga 24 minutes ago

    Vamos BARCELONA and I hope Messi plays

  • najaf jaffery
    najaf jaffery 30 minutes ago

    I saw suarez doin so quick it's gud 😱😱

  • sonjoy roy
    sonjoy roy 31 minute ago


  • Negara Roy Bayu
    Negara Roy Bayu 31 minute ago

    Now change busquets to another player. Pique too.

  • jugal das
    jugal das 31 minute ago

    Unstopable messi

  • Bishal
    Bishal 32 minutes ago

    I would like to See Messi in 2nd half.. ♥️AS USUAL...BECAUSE AFTER 1ST HALF CHEERS WILL BE STARTED""MESSI MESSI"

  • Mo Beats
    Mo Beats 32 minutes ago


  • mppMas mppMas
    mppMas mppMas 32 minutes ago


  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 32 minutes ago

    Valverde assistant seems like getting fatter 😂

  • CR7 HD [R]
    CR7 HD [R] 33 minutes ago

    i like messi but my fav player is cr7

  • Bishal
    Bishal 33 minutes ago

    The Real champion "Messi" in training Session before Champions league debut!! HOPE HE WILL NEVER BE LOCKED IN INJURY SESSION ROOM♥️♥️🥰

  • Dhruv Tomar
    Dhruv Tomar 34 minutes ago

    Heja BVB!!

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 35 minutes ago

    Messi need to warm that bench If Barça struggle to score bring him in That's the plan

    • Angel Zavala
      Angel Zavala 22 minutes ago

      Utti Siseppe Even If we’re losing Messi shouldn’t be subbed in until the last 15 minutes or so. We can’t risk him when he’s not 100% fit.

  • suku kei official
    suku kei official 36 minutes ago

    leo messi🔥🔥🔥

  • Alinda Devina
    Alinda Devina 36 minutes ago

    Welcome cap Welcome neto

  • اس بي سبورت
    اس بي سبورت 37 minutes ago

    بتوفيق برشلونا وكل الاعبين اتمنا ان اكون معهم😗😗😘❤❤

    THE KNIGHT 38 minutes ago

    Barcelona ❤️💙

    THE KNIGHT 38 minutes ago

    Come on Messi

  • Kevin Zaka
    Kevin Zaka 38 minutes ago

    Neymar come back to barcelona with Messi and Suarez MSN PLEASE BARCELONA PLEASEEE BARTOMEU NEY COME BACK to barcelona pleaseeeee LEOOOOOO

  • Austin Samson
    Austin Samson 38 minutes ago

    Champions league is ours

  • Ameth Ndiaye
    Ameth Ndiaye 40 minutes ago


  • علي احمد_ Ali Ahmad

    Hi, I love Barca and I love Messi and Messi will be ready for Barcelona and Dortmund.

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - 42 minutes ago

    Music por favor

  • Tapas Bhandari
    Tapas Bhandari 43 minutes ago

    Change the coaching staff and manager please valverde we don't need you

  • it's Leooo
    it's Leooo 43 minutes ago

    My top 4 legends Bravo Puyol Iniesta/Xavi (same thing) MESSI ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤no one is in his level it's just him

  • Cikun Sports
    Cikun Sports 43 minutes ago

    Dembouz is back he will kill it this season mark my words

  • Midnight Gaming
    Midnight Gaming 45 minutes ago

    Like how can you dislike this

  • Jaime Santamaria
    Jaime Santamaria 48 minutes ago

    *MESSII GOAAT 🐐 🐐 😍*

  • Lets goo
    Lets goo 48 minutes ago

    dembele is fucking bad !!

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Patrick Mitchell 49 minutes ago


  • Willy Tv
    Willy Tv 51 minute ago

    Who's watching in 2019?? 👇

  • Radia Ahsene
    Radia Ahsene 51 minute ago

    Love Messi 😍 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😛😛😛😍😍😍😍

  • Uk Ul
    Uk Ul 51 minute ago

    O'zbekistonliklar bormi

  • Avi Srivastava
    Avi Srivastava 52 minutes ago

    Who is better Ansu fati-like Dembele-comment

  • Mr. Ultimate beast
    Mr. Ultimate beast 52 minutes ago

    Messi will not be risked against dortmund Plus Barca will face a very tough test at dortmund,their atmosphere is like Anfield And we know what happened there

    • Dhruv Tomar
      Dhruv Tomar 33 minutes ago

      There atmosphere is even harder to play under than Anfield.

    • Nyambe Glen
      Nyambe Glen 46 minutes ago

      Yes you're right man

  • Bishoy Essam
    Bishoy Essam 52 minutes ago

    بالتوفيق يا ابطال وإنشاء الله برشلونة تفوز على بروسيا دورتموند الألماني

  • Tasiu Muhammad
    Tasiu Muhammad 53 minutes ago

    I want to see fati play

  • Bellcala Music
    Bellcala Music 54 minutes ago

    👽 Messi is baaack.I know he is hungry.Goals coming ⚡⚡⚡

  • Lio Fariz
    Lio Fariz 54 minutes ago

    Dortmund : time to practice our corners Barca : i'll give you our G O A T

  • Hacker King
    Hacker King 55 minutes ago


  • Ananye Kamboj
    Ananye Kamboj 57 minutes ago

    3:13 Arthur and Frenkie

  • Cristian Abel Villarroel Torrez

    Porque siempre los toques y toques todo eso nomás entrenan 🤪😃

  • Crossfire The Hedgehog

    Please visit Singapore one day! Hopefully during the ICC 2020!

    ZEN ZEN Hour ago

    6:15 ...

  • Aymeric
    Aymeric Hour ago

    Draw tommorow : Ter stegen Semedo Pique Lenglet Alba Busi Dejong Arthur Messi Grizou Dembele

    • Cikun Sports
      Cikun Sports 40 minutes ago

      Yes man yes thank you aymeric

    • Nyambe Glen
      Nyambe Glen 42 minutes ago

      Is dembouz set to return?messi should be a sub we can't just throw him in like that

    • Aymeric
      Aymeric 53 minutes ago

      @Lio Fariz Fati will play in sub because of valverde i think

    • Lio Fariz
      Lio Fariz Hour ago

      Replace dembele with Fati

  • Mieed fala
    Mieed fala Hour ago


  • BLESS BILLY Officiel

    Arthur De jong Busquet 🔥😍

  • Cracksito10 C10
    Cracksito10 C10 Hour ago

    Entonces va a estar para el borusia

  • Aswathi Ammi
    Aswathi Ammi Hour ago

    We cant handle hige pressure and away crowd just because lord val wont open his mouth and he cant make them mentally strong

  • Robert hook London

    Leo leo Leo oh ..leoo nice one

  • Avi Srivastava
    Avi Srivastava Hour ago

    Who is better Ansu fati-like Dembele-comment

    • Barça Herb.
      Barça Herb. 33 minutes ago

      Bout are very talented youngesters and play for Barça 👌

    • Cikun Sports
      Cikun Sports 41 minute ago

      Fernando I agree but I hate when our own fans do what avi does

    • Cikun Sports
      Cikun Sports 41 minute ago

      What d3mbele and fati are our players you should be ashamed off your self I hate fans that treat neymar like a god but treat our own like shit fuck you

    • Fernando González
      Fernando González 43 minutes ago


  • Vikki Sunar
    Vikki Sunar Hour ago

    I love u messi

  • Kumba Deuba
    Kumba Deuba Hour ago

    welcome messi

  • Mohammad Darweesh

    Messi 👑👑❤️

  • BLESS BILLY Officiel

    Busquet de jong Arthur = tiki taka 🔥

  • Itz Salvador
    Itz Salvador Hour ago

    I feel for his team mates sometimes lool imagine having to play against him every day! - I mean it prob makes u a better player but still c'mon Leo these are grown ass men too! Lool hes got no chill🤣

  • Abdurahman jl
    Abdurahman jl Hour ago

    Visca Barca 🇮🇶

  • Satar Satori
    Satar Satori Hour ago

    Hgcggvvkvcggĝvgvvvgvbgĝcvirvfuvvvgghhf5 Ghggg

  • Inora Auguste
    Inora Auguste Hour ago

    Bonne chance barça

  • Ashish Limbu
    Ashish Limbu Hour ago

    Messi i want see this game 🔵🔴❤️✊

  • Arun nair
    Arun nair Hour ago


  • VaiUshnav Kp
    VaiUshnav Kp Hour ago

    messi will back always Hope will be back

  • Haseeb Ur Rehman

    Finally griezman and messi standing together.