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  • William Price
    William Price 8 minutes ago

    Ugly fight!

  • Pepen Ramdan
    Pepen Ramdan 11 minutes ago


  • Manfred Aurelio
    Manfred Aurelio 13 minutes ago

    Really stupid. Lol.

  • ken gaffney
    ken gaffney 16 minutes ago

    respect to anyone who steps into a ring,but its hard not to laugh id say his corner went mental

  • eric brufatto
    eric brufatto 16 minutes ago

    Awful commentary! These Aussie commentators sound very biased in favor of Maxwell.

  • Ariel Bagadiong
    Ariel Bagadiong 27 minutes ago


  • Julio Jose Relativo
    Julio Jose Relativo 38 minutes ago

    Addition to "When Cocky Fighters get Destroyed"

  • Flemonade
    Flemonade 39 minutes ago

    A true champion !

  • Flemonade
    Flemonade 43 minutes ago

    God’s plan God was with his side 😇🙏

  • El Debtor
    El Debtor 46 minutes ago


  • bandr
    bandr 48 minutes ago

    No one came out of this looking good. One looks like he just reached his level of opponent and has no ring cutting, decent footwork. Commentators saying very early that he looks to have the heavier hands, clearly had already decided that before the fight had started. Only time his hands were heavy were the last combination he threw. The other looks like a clown who thinks he gets paid by the round. Playing around, dropping Maxwell with ease and never finishing, and then getting starched in the final moments. Disappointing, hoped for better but sometimes limited fighters look excellent until they come up against better opponents.

  • Zavik 424
    Zavik 424 Hour ago

    He musta felt like a real dumbass after this 😂

  • peskywitlewabbit

    Ha ha idiot

  • Detskalldaltas
    Detskalldaltas Hour ago

    Welcome to the Cocky-club u nerd!

  • RJ TV
    RJ TV Hour ago

    I dont why i love seeing cocky fighters get ktfo!

  • em cee
    em cee Hour ago

    Yeah! But he's entertaining. Love it

  • nafoui shirya
    nafoui shirya Hour ago

    Stupid boxer ever showing off😅😅😜😜

  • Анатолий Петрович

    Не фиг выёживаться и превращать бой в клоунаду. Рад.

  • Jonalyn Lomboy
    Jonalyn Lomboy Hour ago

    Rank #1 of all idiot

  • ken the truth
    ken the truth Hour ago

    French fool gets a taste of karma..boy was liverpool lucky..😂😂

  • Imagination Is Power

    The scoring and the ref was completely corrupted in this fight to protect his unbeaten run. The ref was never going to allow him to get up and take a count. As soon as the ref could award the fight to Maxwell he took it. But it's showed Maxwell to be nothing to look out for, .

  • ken the truth
    ken the truth Hour ago

    French fool gets a taste of karma..boy was liverpool lucky..😂😂

  • Kakaroto Sama
    Kakaroto Sama Hour ago

    Over confidence lol

  • antonio montano
    antonio montano Hour ago

    Both fighters suckkkk !!!!

  • Rick Kilo
    Rick Kilo Hour ago

    Beast mode just knock in, lol.. oh so sweet!

  • Imagination Is Power

    Wee wee I'm the best I'm the greatest I can do what I want... BANG! O---l----< I surrender.

  • Mofo
    Mofo Hour ago

    Allah is blushing....😂

  • UNTOLD official YouTube


  • Big C
    Big C Hour ago

    Doesn't get said enough The ref in this fight was mint

  • Mariz Sicuya
    Mariz Sicuya Hour ago


  • KapalKilay Official

    One word *SATISFIED*

  • Caleb Auvil
    Caleb Auvil 2 hours ago

    0:45 fight shoulda been stopped. In MY OPINION. Or at least take two points away.

  • Bert Lacatan
    Bert Lacatan 2 hours ago

    The B**** got what he deserves.

  • Herb E. Vore
    Herb E. Vore 2 hours ago

    Finally the fat lady sung lol! Well deserved!

  • James Delaney
    James Delaney 2 hours ago

    He fast to be so tall it's a gift

  • Herb E. Vore
    Herb E. Vore 2 hours ago

    That's karma lol

  • Devon sampano
    Devon sampano 2 hours ago

    Just amazing!

  • Johnny Napalm
    Johnny Napalm 2 hours ago

    It's not over until the final bell. disrespect your opponent and pay the price

  • vijay singh
    vijay singh 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha This is simply. Justice. Never disrespect another fighter.

  • Scott Andrew Horne
    Scott Andrew Horne 2 hours ago

    That will teach him won't it. All that show boating when he was doing well in my opinion. Then wack Maxwell got the hump and who's out cold lol. Oh look who's on the deck it's old Bambi leg's lol. It ain't over until it is over. Good fight though bless both fighter's to entertain and not to be hurt in the sport of boxing. I pray all boxer's to be protected in the ring when boxing from any fatal injury's Amen. Rumour has it Bambi 2 is comeing out and there dressing up the boxer such was his good leg's like Bambi act. What a Wally doing that and then getting sparked out lol. Bet he learn't his lesson that evening

  • CutEmAll Jack
    CutEmAll Jack 2 hours ago

    How are all these Brown people who invaded Europe now called "English" and "French"? I'm a White guy and planing on moving to Japan. When I get there I will demand to be called Japanese.

  • Seniko Usenia
    Seniko Usenia 2 hours ago

    ~I Look For Post Fight Comments After Stuff Like This, , , ~F%&^ing "IDIOT!"

  • louis brown
    louis brown 2 hours ago

    Good on him

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan 2 hours ago

    Whit a character..... love the guy..... ! But if he ever backs up lineal champ.... I'll eat my hat.... ! Own show tho..... liking dat vibe!

  • SpareTelly
    SpareTelly 2 hours ago

    Ay dis out of order with what happened

  • Celestina Durden
    Celestina Durden 2 hours ago


  • Habib ur Rehman
    Habib ur Rehman 2 hours ago

    He was a bit too cocky? Prince naseem was like that too but he never was that cocky..prince naseem AHMED was a legend who backed what he did

    • Kenshiro
      Kenshiro Hour ago

      Habib ur Rehman until he met the Mexican Barrera who sent him back to Bolton with two black eyes

  • Rico Solis
    Rico Solis 2 hours ago

    Idiot clown, baby punch vs brother punch Brother comon hit me baby .. Baby, hit me brother.. K.O

  • Mike England
    Mike England 2 hours ago

    41-0-1 that last 1 being a draw against a guy who had been out the ring for nearly 3 years, so who are the other 41 exactly?....

  • pinoyakopre
    pinoyakopre 2 hours ago


  • Dark Cherubin wings
    Dark Cherubin wings 2 hours ago

    NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE..gets reward

  • Z R
    Z R 3 hours ago

    Should have stayed humble!!!

  • Thomas1345
    Thomas1345 3 hours ago

    Down to earth geezer!

  • Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli


  • Bremner's Ghost
    Bremner's Ghost 3 hours ago


  • Mr Crowley
    Mr Crowley 3 hours ago


  • Potato Racer
    Potato Racer 3 hours ago

    Sam was getting schooled 😂

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 3 hours ago

    Patience he's waited for that, left jab set that right arm a treat.

  • 3 hours ago


  • L O L
    L O L 3 hours ago

    This is old

  • Shower G
    Shower G 3 hours ago


  • Nicol Recalde
    Nicol Recalde 3 hours ago

    Isang halibwa ito ng "TALO NA NANALO PA"...

  • Captain Everyman
    Captain Everyman 3 hours ago

    I swear, he's got defense skills like Muhammad Ali did, no joke.

  • geraldo buenvento
    geraldo buenvento 3 hours ago

    Baby face killer

  • Justahumebeing
    Justahumebeing 3 hours ago

    Is there a rematch in the works.. The guy deserves one

  • Fitness
    Fitness 3 hours ago

    Tyson outboxed Wilder!! In all rounds!! So what if Tyson got dropped? He got up right away like he had just done a round of crunches!! The real champion is TYSON the world knows it..

  • Drasse iskold
    Drasse iskold 3 hours ago

    I LOVE this...

  • javier Saintz
    javier Saintz 3 hours ago

    This guys suck

  • albania albania
    albania albania 3 hours ago

    Florian marku ❤

  • sapiqalo ali
    sapiqalo ali 3 hours ago

    He may looks like cocky fighter, but he fight better in early fight, he may boring with the fight after several time his opponent got down, so he started to do something silly, thats make his match turn up side down.

  • your life is your fault.


  • Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa 4 hours ago

    Well done laa

  • Nick Trujillo
    Nick Trujillo 4 hours ago

    Yarde is a superstar in the making..he will come back better than ever after this fight

  • vtx1800 mxcol
    vtx1800 mxcol 4 hours ago

    The clown lost Their book tells them they are superior to everyone else thats why they are so cocky

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes 4 hours ago

    He's nothing like Hamed and wait until he faces someone that actually throws punches back.

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil Wilson 4 hours ago

    Any lessons learned here fella??

  • Luke Lynch
    Luke Lynch 4 hours ago

    😂 justice at its best ❤️🇬🇧👍🏻

  • Thomas Anslow
    Thomas Anslow 4 hours ago

    Click bait title. Trying to attract the 9 yr olds.....

  • Channel Brodes
    Channel Brodes 4 hours ago

    How many times are bt gonna upload this hahaha

  • judy seco
    judy seco 4 hours ago


  • Graphic Culture
    Graphic Culture 4 hours ago

    lol whats going on with European boxing lol silly!

  • Chris Weber
    Chris Weber 4 hours ago

    9:14 that scream though lol

  • Kieran Cho
    Kieran Cho 5 hours ago

    9:08 great shot lad🔥🔥

  • DAKS_Jude 150
    DAKS_Jude 150 5 hours ago

    Thats wat u get for cockyness

  • Ash R
    Ash R 5 hours ago

    Enjoyed these highlights. I do think the ref gave Maxwell a few more chances. Sadiri didn't lose the fight because of his boxing skill. He lost because of his ego and silliness. Hard to see how maxwell was ahead on two cards. But sadiri showed he had the energy, accuracy and punch power to hurt Maxwell. But for some reason he thought dancing around and making fun of maxwell would work

  • Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw 5 hours ago

    Hahaha good lad!

  • Baba14k
    Baba14k 5 hours ago

    Been watching too much Prince Naz.

  • The EAGLE
    The EAGLE 5 hours ago

    Why re upload this for real smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Carmine Smith
    Carmine Smith 5 hours ago

    Mcrory didn't lose for lack of heart, but I'd be wicked pissed at my coach for not teaching me basics. It is so easy to negate those body shots by using the correct steps, literally, with your feet, not your elbows. My first boxing loss came the exact same way. Man those liver shots hurt. That was the last time I lost to body shots. Spent an entire month fighting bigger guys going after my body in the gym. Learning the proper foot work opens up amazing offensive opportunities too.

  • TheNeighborNicky
    TheNeighborNicky 5 hours ago

    C'mon now, that was a fast count! It still doesnt excuse Saderi's douchebaggery tho.

  • Generous Benson
    Generous Benson 5 hours ago

    Take a knee , the cheek !!!


    Fairplay to the lad!

  • Ismail Chunara
    Ismail Chunara 5 hours ago

    Bollicks. He took a dive

  • A Guy Called Henry
    A Guy Called Henry 5 hours ago

    Sam Maxwell is a legend and one of the nicest people I've met in boxing - everyone go follow him!

    • Joseph Carey
      Joseph Carey 2 hours ago

      Very down to earth genuine person

    • Luke Lynch
      Luke Lynch 4 hours ago

      His heart said it all ,👍🏻🇬🇧❤️

  • Yakub Yusuf
    Yakub Yusuf 5 hours ago

    It was a very lucky punch he was out boxed all the way ....that's the way u should look at it🙄

  • The Comet
    The Comet 5 hours ago

    What a spanner 😂

  • Julius Raymond
    Julius Raymond 5 hours ago

    Talk about having the last laugh!

  • cashJOHNNYcash17
    cashJOHNNYcash17 5 hours ago


  • Bob Tob
    Bob Tob 5 hours ago

    Tojeet kig

  • Sulle
    Sulle 5 hours ago

    Another clown. Another internet meme.